The Fast Lane Car
The Fast Lane Car
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  • Mike Mullay
    Mike Mullay 3 hours ago

    60K for a Jeep. Not gonna happen!!

    JOSH BOSH 3 hours ago

    2 completely different vehicles

  • Scott Helmann
    Scott Helmann 4 hours ago

    Jeepers your videos are wordy......

  • Vasek Cekan
    Vasek Cekan 4 hours ago

    I can also walk away from my Civic and the doors all automatically lock so I don't care about a button

  • Vasek Cekan
    Vasek Cekan 4 hours ago

    Nobody needs to play limbo getting into the back.of my Civic hatchback. And, I can actually use all of my hach space.

  • Frankie boleros Rosado

    Folks!!! Almost done paying off my 1989 Fj62, 390, 000 plus miles and still going( treats me like gas is free). Next will be 2020 Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. 🤗

  • BBQ Nut
    BBQ Nut 4 hours ago

    Just think boys, that 89 Mustang you had in High School made 200 hp and they were fun. Now a Ford Taurus makes that and some with a standard V6.

  • VanquishedAgain
    VanquishedAgain 4 hours ago

    One voided ford warranty. Everyone knows the rules

  • House of Diesel
    House of Diesel 4 hours ago

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!

  • Presa Jo
    Presa Jo 4 hours ago

    SEDAN if you have familia, COUPE if you're single, chilling, enjoying life!

  • ap5170
    ap5170 4 hours ago

    First off, a Diesel engine should’ve been an option decades ago. Second: $60k and only in four door? Yeah...good luck with selling those.

  • The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)

    Why does Tesla not use the "standard" plug? Damn stupid.

  • John Volt
    John Volt 5 hours ago

    Non-Tesla public chargers are a nightmare. Every charger you find is run by a different company, requiring an account set up. Like EZPass everyone charges your card $20 off the bat, and you may use 2 bucks and never charge there again. You have to have a Tesla and only stop at Tesla Superchargers. That’s the reality.

  • T L
    T L 5 hours ago

    Twin scroll does not mean there are two compressor wheels. It means that the turbo bathers exhaust from pairs of cylinders in an alternating sequence.

  • Eahab Ibrahim
    Eahab Ibrahim 5 hours ago

    Miles of range is a meaningless metric. You have to measure in power consumption

  • Flukeskipper 527377
    Flukeskipper 527377 5 hours ago

    Why has no one said all this slow driving is bound to clog the EGR diffuser and cause a regen in the mouintans and cant be cleared... modern diesel problems. What's next it's a jeep thing to run out of DEF LOL

  • TriK Fox
    TriK Fox 5 hours ago

    what about a jeep trackhawk?

  • Conner McGarrah
    Conner McGarrah 5 hours ago

    Now off roading is a different story...

  • His master's voice
    His master's voice 5 hours ago

    Plug-in hybrid is the better solution compared to an e-vehicle. To carry 600 kg of lithium ion batteries with me is simply inane. So fully electric cars are crap.

  • Geoff Shelley
    Geoff Shelley 5 hours ago

    What about RExEVs.

  • Tim Wood
    Tim Wood 5 hours ago

    Every car you guys test has the running lights blinking and it's driving me crazy!!! WTF? Is it just the camera, please tell me

  • joeviking61
    joeviking61 5 hours ago

    Holy Shit !! I might drive down from New York, to visit these guys...

  • LiquidmoneyTV Gang
    LiquidmoneyTV Gang 6 hours ago

    🤦🏽‍♂️ the track hawk will DOGGG WALK ANY SUV 😂🥱

  • tortue71
    tortue71 6 hours ago

    americans and disbelief of proper winter tires.... always funny readings the comments. I don't care about your 4x4 or locking diff. All seasons tire are always shit in the snow or ice PERIOD. As for the cost , well you now have two sets of tires to wear so it even out.

  • time traveler are we there yet

    you remeber when u were a kid and it was xmas eve....and you had that kiddy i cant wait feeling to get up the next day an open your presents. well i swear to god as a grown man i get that same feeling for getting up and going to work every morning. then i find myself doing more research every day trying to learn as much as i can about the car. i cant wait to drive my porsche boxster every chance i sick but its the i find my self volunteering to go on my wifes errans just to drive my porsche around lol soooo much a dude thing....and the porsche community is awsome!!!. get one..... a good one.... you will never ever regret it. only thing left to do is find your self an honest mechanic......then your home free. BUT FARE WARNING!!!!!! one you start driving these you wont wanna DRive anything else......period. cayenne suv for winter. im already looking 4 one.

  • Chris Van Bekkum
    Chris Van Bekkum 6 hours ago

    O.k, so it takes hours (at best). To recharge?? Oh, and you can only go a short distance ??? Good luck!!!! , I,ll stay with my true and tried.

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall 6 hours ago

    Now try the jeep srt8 or track hawk and then tune the jeep...

  • Finn Campeau
    Finn Campeau 6 hours ago

    the toyota will out last all those cars

  • J.D. Matthias
    J.D. Matthias 6 hours ago

    The Wrangler is popular because of Barbie and the Military. Basically a giant road legal UTV, now is priced heavier than uncle Scrooge's room of gold.

  • Simple Mechanics
    Simple Mechanics 6 hours ago

    Shame these cars won’t hold up in the 10 year test. Way too many computers and cars are built like crap and impossible to work on now a days.

  • Jace Detweiler
    Jace Detweiler 6 hours ago

    I may charge my rivian with a generator when I'm way up in the mtn

  • Crow Zero
    Crow Zero 6 hours ago

    You wouldn't have that problem with with a Toyota

  • Todd Cory
    Todd Cory 6 hours ago

    coal powered vehicles solve nothing.

  • Vermont Life 802
    Vermont Life 802 6 hours ago

    Looks like shit! Last years was way better looking..

  • Sumedha Pussegoda
    Sumedha Pussegoda 6 hours ago

    Honda Fit is terrible as well.... in fact the high beam on the Fit is worse than normal beam......

  • wilson speed and performance WSP

    they should put the srt grand cherokee out there... much more compairable then the huge durango...

  • Hyper Sarcastic Avocado

    Now test what happens when you crash them!

  • Jimmy Ray
    Jimmy Ray 7 hours ago

    These millennials kill me..."it came with too much oil". Dear God man, read and measure. Oil is sold in quarts

  • K B
    K B 7 hours ago

    Is the twin turbo motor available in a base suv ?

  • Jimmy Ray
    Jimmy Ray 7 hours ago

    2200 watts is only about 18 amps @120v

  • Jimmy Ray
    Jimmy Ray 7 hours ago

    120v level charging is a joke. Your generator needs to output 240v at 32 amps at least to get a decent charge.

  • Archer
    Archer 7 hours ago

    Absolutely, the new Touareg is just a money hemorrhaging machine for suckers.

  • Poogan123
    Poogan123 7 hours ago

    Is this the same 3.0 Ecodiesel in the RAM that snaps crankshafts just outside of warranty?

  • Christopher Giles
    Christopher Giles 7 hours ago

    Dodge tuned VS Tahoe Tuned

  • Pat B
    Pat B 7 hours ago

    I would not have the patience, if you drove around boulder for work and the places you had meetings at had the charges it may work but then you are leaving your vehicle with the cord hanging from it. Around here I would need to haul a generator running on gas to charge the car.

  • Lindel Easley
    Lindel Easley 7 hours ago

    When you run out of engine and torque, you re-gear.

  • Yis
    Yis 7 hours ago

    The editor just flat out quit

  • Pasechnik
    Pasechnik 7 hours ago

    Right from the beginning the generator was working like crap... surging hunting for throttle. You simply need a GOOD generator and not this POS... Even my cheap HF 2 kw inverter is running much better and I load it up with my skill saw instantly... instant load instant off and in ECO mode...

  • Len P
    Len P 7 hours ago

    Living in the same region the traffic eats up enough of my time, the buy in costs, time / planning trip to eat a burger and charge a car seems like too much of a hassle for point a to b travel. For me, I will stick to a Ford Focus even though EV's are interesting.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 7 hours ago

    What about the trackhawk?

  • Travis Ware
    Travis Ware 7 hours ago

    Seems like a waste of tech.

  • Beakerzor
    Beakerzor 7 hours ago

    2:12 never heard of Sinclair or Maverick before, lol. I've heard of Shell. Good video!

  • Goodstuff Garage
    Goodstuff Garage 7 hours ago

    So if you ad a chip and get an extra 100 hp than it will be faster than it was before the chip... lmao... clowns.

  • Affan Kaji
    Affan Kaji 7 hours ago

    Jeep trackhawk?

  • Bill Bivin
    Bill Bivin 7 hours ago

    OK. Now let's tune a Durango.

  • C N
    C N 8 hours ago

    Rubicon diesel should top out at less than $42k (Go anywhere and haul nothing with you). I'll go with the landcruiser, 4Runner, or pay up for a 2020 Defender first.

  • Barry Ward
    Barry Ward 8 hours ago

    I was embarrassed for nailed him.

  • German R
    German R 8 hours ago

    Let me just show up with my Tesla

  • Johnny lor
    Johnny lor 8 hours ago

    Finally, a test on cars with oem tires. Every other test use snow tires like eveyone put on snow tires just for winter. This is a more realistic test of snow handling since majority drive with OEM tire all season.

  • Alex Puente
    Alex Puente 8 hours ago

    I Carly

  • Cody Preston
    Cody Preston 8 hours ago

    You have to upgrade to fully self driving for its to change lanes with the indicator

  • Pat Lefebvre
    Pat Lefebvre 8 hours ago

    This video should have been called, all-season tires vs winter tires. Because in the snow this is going to have an extremely significant impact which will render any other comparison completely meaningless.

  • See Nomore
    See Nomore 8 hours ago


  • Copisetic 1
    Copisetic 1 8 hours ago

    TRD pro is underpowered, overpriced, a have a crappy 5 speed trans that is never in the right gear because it only has five. And don’t try a tow a small trailer with it unless you want to scream the engine everywhere you go.

  • Ryan Stage
    Ryan Stage 8 hours ago

    All this and EV's are only about a 50% reduction in your carbon footprint as contrary to Nissan Leaf's "zero emission" sticker they still use fossil fuels. No your rooftop solar doesn't change that as 99% of the people don't have their car plugged in at home during peak sunlight hours. So a hybrid like a Prius that gets well over 50% better fuel economy then our nations average of ~25mpg actually has a lower carbon footprint then any of the EV's on the market and the tank range is 500+ miles.

  • Seth Hayes
    Seth Hayes 8 hours ago

    When is it going in the jt?

    MUTANT X 8 hours ago

    Electric and Hybrid cars will end up huge flops in the is inevitable. As soon as your Government learns how to screw you over even more, Electricity and Fuel will become so EXPENSIVE that it will no longer have any value, to drive these vehicles.

  • marcustheboxman
    marcustheboxman 8 hours ago

    Now put the generator in the trunk and charge the car while driving

  • Legion 16
    Legion 16 9 hours ago

    Personally am a Toyota fan..but with these 3 vehicles..i like the Honda..because of the space.. I am not going offroading..will not go offroading...and should I deciding to start offroading..i will go for the runner or better yet land cruiser

  • Paul Wood
    Paul Wood 9 hours ago

    What damage does super/fast charging do to the battery? Same question for trickle charging overnight every night. In a few years there is going to be a waste battery mountain for snowflakes to freak about.

  • Kumbaya kumbaya
    Kumbaya kumbaya 9 hours ago

    "The reason people want SUV's is because they want to go off road" WRONG the real reason people buy SUV's is because they are FAT

  • Legion 16
    Legion 16 9 hours ago

    Bottomline is it looks good in the all black like most cars can also buy a regular RAG 4 in color black and get aftermarket wheels in color blac k and you have a cheaper same vehicle

  • C. M.
    C. M. 9 hours ago

    Whats the tire size on the Touareg?

  • Erik Ulloa
    Erik Ulloa 9 hours ago

    21psi?! Matt from Winder Towing will gladly take you out when stuck. 9psi all the time!!

  • Θέμις themis
    Θέμις themis 9 hours ago


  • Soo What
    Soo What 9 hours ago

    Watching that video was a wasting time :(

  • daniel villarreal
    daniel villarreal 9 hours ago

    Yes it's possible to spin the tires on ice up to 30mph and say you are going 30 when in fact you are still standing still.

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z 9 hours ago

    I like the Wranglers, but holy crap are they trendy! Everyone here in Vegas has one and the majority of them are "Bro'ed out", like they just came off the set of Mad Max. I mean, its a little ridiculous to where people are only buying them because everyone else is. Then, they blow all their money on hooking them up thinking theyre "so cool" while attempting to "one up" everyone else, but yet theyre just being like everyone else, so theres nothing different or unique about it. Then again, Vegas is a very different city which is all about image, so when I go to other cities (like So Cal, Colorado, Utah) you dont see it as much. Regardless, I do like the Wranglers but its definitely not something I would buy.

  • cmair77
    cmair77 9 hours ago

    I’m guessing the next evolution will be designing inductive charging into our roadways, when we get there I’m in

  • Vladz99
    Vladz99 9 hours ago

    Not even talking about possible reliability issues... If a technology doesn't allow a manual gearbox use, NO THANKS.

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony 10 hours ago

    Dodge is trash lol

  • Wyatt Dahle
    Wyatt Dahle 10 hours ago

    So we just going to ignore that the new explorer look like they crashed tested it than rolled it into dealer ships

  • Brian
    Brian 10 hours ago

    Jesus what a pain in the ass... I will stick with my Hyundai Santa Fe... 2 minutes and I have 350 miles of gogo juice!

  • brewtownonesix
    brewtownonesix 10 hours ago

    Way to jump the light

  • William Switzer
    William Switzer 10 hours ago

    Thank you for this list. I would like to add one hot garbage mechanical nightmare no one should ever be plagued with: the Acura TLX equipped with the ZF 9 speed automatic total garbage transmission. Not only I have had so many countless annoying issues with this junkyard scrap, but it lost 41’000 CAD$ of its initial value of 59’000 CAD$ over 3 years and I only put 50’000 km on the counter. My mention was so maybe it could help someone avoid this kind of extremely disappointing and financially disastrous situations.

    M3RKINFINITE OFWGKTA 10 hours ago

    I guarantee that the tune is destroying the Explorer faster than expected. All of Fords products are terrible

  • Thomas
    Thomas 10 hours ago

    This wasnt a real review, only tuned and expod the ford tf.

  • Appu
    Appu 10 hours ago

    4Runner or Prado which one is best ?

  • I am The one NF
    I am The one NF 10 hours ago

    A tone was required so automatic lost

  • DWTV
    DWTV 10 hours ago

    i have and 2008 Nissan pathfinder the V6 4x4 i love my suv

  • Scott McIntyre
    Scott McIntyre 10 hours ago

    Some old TJ for ... $6K....Cummins RePower for $10K......hell toss in another $10K.... $26K... helllo HELOC.... And I'll flip it for $42K in about a week.

  • no name
    no name 10 hours ago

    thunk? expresso? Fix your tongues. To think people get paid for such crap.

  • Steve Winslow
    Steve Winslow 10 hours ago

    "And its not the reason you think!" I feel like charging is EXACTLY the reason that everyone thinks EVs might suck. For people with no way to charge at work or home, your points make sense. If you can charge somewhere that your car sits for long periods of time anyway, an EV is infinitely more convenient than a gas car and you'll never have to deal with any of this. You just plug it in every day, like you would with your cell phone, and its charged up when you leave. There's like 5 seconds of effort a day and your car is always charged and you don't even have to think about it -- much nicer than having to watch your gas level and actually making a special trip to the gas station to fill up. Level 2 chargers suck and take forever. My home charger charges at 10kW, so its almost twice as fast as the chargers in this video. In a year, I've used superchargers 13 times (almost all on one road trip across the country). Average time at a supercharger for me is 23 minutes (not much longer than you'd stop at a gas station to grab some snacks and use the restroom while re-fueling an ICE on a road trip). The only times I've used level 2 chargers is when I happen to see them at locations I'm going to be at anyway (hospitals or malls) and only if its free. In those cases, its nice to get some free "gas" and its worth dealing with the app. You're going to hate your EV if this is the only way you can charge though.

  • johny walker
    johny walker 11 hours ago

    On highlander you should have used snow mode rather then traction control

  • Abnormal Gamer
    Abnormal Gamer 11 hours ago

    put anything against a subaru and I think we know the answer lol

  • Graham, King of the Britons!

    the porsche taycan charges at 270kw, and is technically capable of 350kw (locked by software)

  • Buzz Pedrotti
    Buzz Pedrotti 11 hours ago

    Wrangler is impressive. You should ask Mercedes to put on 18 in K02s. What can the G wagen do?

  • Glenn S
    Glenn S 11 hours ago

    The price is shameful!

  • Solex Symphony
    Solex Symphony 11 hours ago

    I was excited about replacing my 2011 Ranger 4X4 until the price was announced.

  • Devin Kim
    Devin Kim 11 hours ago

    Battery powered cars are a stop gap measure. Hydrogen powered cars are the future