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  • Gary Seal
    Gary Seal 26 minutes ago

    Not in a million years would I have thought about the level of detail and control involved in the processing of these samples. Very cool.

  • Alfred Allen
    Alfred Allen 29 minutes ago

    Yeah blender is used for everything.

  • Brant Matlock
    Brant Matlock 30 minutes ago

    I think gamers would pick up on this quicker than most. Especially gamers from the N64 era plus.

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears 33 minutes ago

    Technically people can survive through a sound wave impact. A small one

  • Michael Sears
    Michael Sears 36 minutes ago

    Water dome mosquito net, your daughter's science project was legit, and can you sustain something in mid air with turbulent flow (air) . Like levitation with sounds

  • Rony Francisco
    Rony Francisco 41 minute ago

    Why don’t they just make the center in which it has to reset a bigger area

  • Ashley Nash
    Ashley Nash 48 minutes ago

    Tina fey ?

  • stevenwinsir
    stevenwinsir 51 minute ago

    I cannot believe I just watched this video 11 years later since he uploaded.

  • agam payama
    agam payama 55 minutes ago


  • RayRay aintmylastname
    RayRay aintmylastname 56 minutes ago

    In the 1970's I *WORKED* on the Burroughs 3500 series MAINFRAME computer systems. Install & maintain. They had 30K Core memory 'stacks'. EXTREMELY reliable. Note: in real life there were many, not just 2, wires that ran though each core. The X and the Y current lines, each carried only 1/2 the current necessary to 'flip' a core. These ran in a matrix 'diagonally' across the core stack. Only the chosen core got both currents (enough to cause a flip if it wasn't already in that state). Then the sense line, it ran though all the 1's or 2' or 4's, (etc) and would sense if ANY bit in that plane flipped. Then there was the X and the Y 'Inhibit" lines that ran diagonally across the stack and ran current in the opposite direction to the X and Y lines, in the bit planes not to be sensed to prevent the other bits from flipping in that bit plane. That's 5 wires though EACH core! 1st computer I was the maintenance engineer on had 180K of 'system memory', 6 'stacks'. It ran an entire Air Force base, about 40 terminals plus batch processing on many programs in the computer itself. In 7 years of running 24 X 7, about 4 systems (you add up the hours) I only had 1 failure, and it was a matrix transformer that fed current though one of the inhibit wires. BTW, the inhibit lines ran at 26 volts. It's amazing what they did with so little.

    • RayRay aintmylastname
      RayRay aintmylastname 25 minutes ago

      One more thing: The wires that ran though the cores, EXTREMELY fine (must have been easy to break during assembly) were insulated by a fine film of 'varnish'. If this was scrapped off during assembly then the current from one wire could short over to another. The women who did the assembly, ... incredible skills!

  • Scientific_Mind
    Scientific_Mind Hour ago

    Georgia Tech ♥️

  • Tommy Kula
    Tommy Kula Hour ago


  • Phillip Pasteur
    Phillip Pasteur Hour ago

    1100 km? Dumber every day...

  • Charlie
    Charlie Hour ago


  • Dawson Lear
    Dawson Lear 2 hours ago

    Foley artists are amazing

  • CJA1* SalesForce
    CJA1* SalesForce 2 hours ago

    What a Gimmick - Common science being misrepresented to gullible public as some Gravity converts to Light. Real shame on you guys trying to promote and market a Dynamo ( A DC Generator )product that produces Light. The real conversion happening is - not by Gravity. Gravity used just as an aid to rotate the the generator - which actually provides EMF Voltage for illuminating LED. And of course - You Never can achieve Perpetual control. Somebody needs to restore weights back to top - so as to have it drop again and thereby spin generator. Instead - you can simply put the mechanical spring loaded Timer ( used in old Washing machines) to do same. Why such cumbersome pulleys and Weight Loads. Making Fools out of innocent people. STOP your Fake Innovation.

  • HairlessWookie OfHoth

    Maybe the reason the tip of the whip follows the shockwave is because directly behind the shockwave is lower air pressure

    • HairlessWookie OfHoth
      HairlessWookie OfHoth 2 hours ago

      I have another cool experiment ive always wanted to try with a hollowed out baseball bat, a spring, and a lead weight.. You know how when u flip and pull your legs in you spin faster... Imagine that with a baseball bat hollowed out with a weight.. If the weight and spring could be triggered by the swing of the bat, maybe it would swing faster??

  • Safton
    Safton 3 hours ago

    Lethal Weapon 4 brought me here.

  • L C
    L C 3 hours ago

    If facebook is censoring our content, and gives 50 million dollars to code. Are they funding future citizen censorships?

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green 3 hours ago

    6:33 Looks like jello

  • Raise
    Raise 3 hours ago

    go watch your first video. is that you or is that someone else?

  • Bobby Girl
    Bobby Girl 3 hours ago

    Did you try dyslexic people?

  • Warren Mallick
    Warren Mallick 4 hours ago

    Surface tension I would guess

  • Jennifer Piper
    Jennifer Piper 4 hours ago

    That was fantastic! Thanks for the knowledge and experience share. Very well articulated!

  • cupido4amor
    cupido4amor 4 hours ago

    That my friend is really a thin spider web.

  • Μιχάλης
    Μιχάλης 4 hours ago

    3:33 why censorship victims gotta be the bad guys? I mean sure here you're talking about Qtards, but in general?

  • weeble dweeble
    weeble dweeble 4 hours ago

    Now i just see 2 full grown men in a military position lining up with a bunch of 5-10 year olds for swimming lessons

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 4 hours ago

    I love the mole under his lip

  • King Krimzon
    King Krimzon 4 hours ago


  • STACKED_Studios
    STACKED_Studios 5 hours ago

    Your son has a higher iq than my 6 year old cousin. He can’t even ride a regular bike

  • WitherWolf33
    WitherWolf33 5 hours ago

    5:28 The cat steals the show.

  • Dreamer Ballena
    Dreamer Ballena 6 hours ago

    1 Like = 10 New subscribers

  • fergal farrelly
    fergal farrelly 6 hours ago

    An amazingly smart man with amazingly smart family.

  • Terrance Wiechel
    Terrance Wiechel 6 hours ago

    Not really what I want to see this evening lmfao

  • Alex Atudor
    Alex Atudor 6 hours ago

    With sensors from robot protesics they will know the intention of one and make predictions for the platform, also the acustic problem can be solvet with protection pasive and active. Good ideas,no?

  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis 7 hours ago

    Wouldn't load for me. Played evey other video except this one. They already know I love manipulating pattern analytic tests. This is very similar to those. I see patterns in everything natural or man made I've been doing this since before I heard that algorithms were used to manipulate what content I was being given access to. Before algorithmic analysis using computers. Tests and surveys were designed to ask a series of questions in which the same question was asked in several different ways. By recognizing this it was then easy to answer each version of the question with a different answer. This effectively nullified the results. You can also manipulate the outcome to steer the results in whichever direction you desire.

  • RowdyRides
    RowdyRides 7 hours ago

    Canister shot coming your way would be terrifying

    EDI LOPES 7 hours ago

    Adorei o video.

  • Ayawoke
    Ayawoke 8 hours ago

    What material exists that can withstand such extremes in temperature? Rings are usually made of rubber.

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 8 hours ago

    You guys need to patent this!

  • Your Spiritual Rock Raquel

    How bizarre. I tried several times to share this to FB and it wouldn't post. Had to do another way. Great stuff.

  • KnightWolf
    KnightWolf 8 hours ago

    <Insert Linus Dropping Joke Here>

  • Florida Bear
    Florida Bear 8 hours ago

    Fake bs

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 8 hours ago

    Science teacher: use an oscilloscope to blah blah blah blah blah These guys: let's make cool music and pictures!

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 8 hours ago

    September 20th, Area 51 raid. This is what we find 3:07

  • Strothy2
    Strothy2 9 hours ago

    I love how he slowly loses his mind and when he animates those sinus curves he loses it xD

  • Strothy2
    Strothy2 9 hours ago

    Wheeeeee this when you on acid... blizz :D

  • Edna Velasco
    Edna Velasco 9 hours ago

    That's so hard dang


    Can we say that surface tension plays role in this experiment?

  • det Bits
    det Bits 9 hours ago

    What's that in metric?

  • MetaView7
    MetaView7 9 hours ago

    Learned something new today (y) I am smarter today.

  • giuseppe valencia
    giuseppe valencia 10 hours ago

    This is great.

  • Kim McCoy
    Kim McCoy 10 hours ago

    I live in the Huntsville area and am an engineer and I have judged several science fairs. Wow!!!

  • Jesse T
    Jesse T 10 hours ago

    Max Air Speed of a chinook in 170 knots. This is not a rotor speed limit its an airframe speed limit.

  • MLB Hyper
    MLB Hyper 10 hours ago

    My man is so famous he met the (former) president

  • Lars Tenerife
    Lars Tenerife 11 hours ago


  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller 11 hours ago

    Thank you

  • David Estep
    David Estep 11 hours ago

    Never heard of Water Tension?

  • Ralph
    Ralph 11 hours ago


  • Nathan Stoddard
    Nathan Stoddard 12 hours ago

    Oh yeah... Facebook is just great and totally trustworthy (Dustin's totally not being a propaganda shill in this video)... /s

  • Tristan Mauer
    Tristan Mauer 12 hours ago

    I'm so proud to be austrian right now. I found Jerobeam a while ago and fell in love with that music. I never realized he was from my country

  • Nathan Stoddard
    Nathan Stoddard 12 hours ago

    This is intense... I think I really like it (but I'm not sure - I'm very conflicted)... The "intellectual dark web" is a powerful resource for debating ideas... sometimes Deston comes off as an "alt-left" mouthpiece, but this video makes me think that maybe it's because he's so focused on his bubble that he just hasn't "really" thought about the topics/issues at hand, and maybe he hasn't given the criticisms a true measure of attention. I still enjoy this channel inspite the perceived shortcoming.

  • Some Other
    Some Other 12 hours ago

    Not sure this is an appropriate analogy for bias. It is a great demonstration of muscle memory. Few are aware of the multitude of muscular contractions continually taking place while riding a bicycle. Once the newly initiated have embedded the patterns within the subconscious, this is when bicycle riding becomes "second nature". The rider no longer has to analyze and react to functions like balance nor pedaling, but is freed to focus on navigation, jumping, etc. The difficulty experienced isn't due to bias, but rather due to established training which yields a successful result. With the reverse bicycle, the proven methods have been perverted and the rider struggles with a system which defies logic and observed evidence. When the rider turns the handlebars to the right, the wheel goes left instead of right which is the antithesis of the expected or natural behavior. You then invested significant time to learn the unnatural way and program your subconscious to accept and process the illogical. Yet, even in so doing, the demonstration shows the extra effort and mental double processing - "I want to go left, but this bike is backwards, so I must turn right to go left" vs. "I want to go left, turn left". If you want to make a social comment on your experiment, the more accurate statement would be something along the lines of "you can adapt and function in an illogical system through great effort and sacrifice." This applies very well to a number of today's issues...

  • Samwisegamgee The Brave

    Hahaha, in true telly land style " we used oranges to get the tomato sound" love it.

  • Flood Family Skits
    Flood Family Skits 12 hours ago

    Hello this was a great video. I'm new to RU-clip. I'm from Baltimore MD where there is so much violence. In my city people are fatally shot everyday. My dream is to make it on RU-clip so I can remove my family from this city. I'm not trying to beg for subscriptions but if you guys can find it in your hearts to Subscribe to our Channel please Subscribe. Thank you with all of my ❤️ heart.

  • Paul Bunyan
    Paul Bunyan 12 hours ago

    You have some excellent content in your feed, but this may take the cake for me...

  • Ronan Tremoureux
    Ronan Tremoureux 12 hours ago

    The water ???? She is unusable after..i love this kind of science ecperiences but this is poluting thr water...

  • TimandTeresa Butterfield

    You remind me of one of my dorky cousins. This is a good thing... thanks for the video.

  • Peter Hares
    Peter Hares 13 hours ago


  • CUBED 360
    CUBED 360 13 hours ago

    2:06 *_tetris.exe has stopped working_*

  • Stay Enthused
    Stay Enthused 13 hours ago

    I still have my OG science educators like you who thwart the trash content from my feeds.

  • Rubbish Ambush
    Rubbish Ambush 13 hours ago

    Intel is best for running single applications at a time. AMD is best for running multiple applications at a time. If your a game streamer, Ryzen is for you. Single app productivity, Intel is your best option.

  • Jesus Christus
    Jesus Christus 13 hours ago

    haha they greet you by your Name and the first Thing you say is your Name xD

    HAVOC 13 hours ago

    I needed this visualization when doing trigonometry in high school!

  • trueblue
    trueblue 14 hours ago

    I remember going to Nasa and standing next to saturn v rocket - got great pics with my wife standing at the end with the giant five rocket engines - it was an amazing site -one I will never forget - - I"ve always liked the americans -but seeing this made me realise what a capable the american people are - as a Brit they have my total respect - -

  • aztek man
    aztek man 14 hours ago

    Destin has fallen into the "trap". Google/RU-clip has been brainwashing people for years. Just like Government, there is a time and place for Government to step in and start regulating. Unfortunately, we allow the Government to step in too often. We should expect RU-clip to, at most, flag information but not remove it or demonetize it. .

    PRAKHAR GUPTA 14 hours ago

    Wouldn't it before great if it is shot from above?

  • lukesxxxx
    lukesxxxx 15 hours ago

    can be part of ironman arsenal

  • Dan Howell
    Dan Howell 15 hours ago

    More tax dollars pissed away on uselessness.

    • Dan Howell
      Dan Howell 7 hours ago

      @seigeengine Totally disjointed response. Focus. LOL

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 8 hours ago

      Yeah, keep bitching about the pittance that gets devoted to productive science, and ignore the trillion a year that gets thrown into the military with no real oversight.



  • mojo rojo
    mojo rojo 15 hours ago

    Daft punk is happy seeing this.

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 15 hours ago

    I am l earning to program PLCs. This vid is awesome

  • *KNIGHT*
    *KNIGHT* 15 hours ago

    Somebody please tell me why this guy can't go to the Olympics

  • David Yacoub
    David Yacoub 15 hours ago

    Have you tested this on a non cordless saw? The saw powered by battery will brake on its own when let off the trigger and I wonder if that assist your “turning off” idea.

  • the F.R.E.E. J.
    the F.R.E.E. J. 15 hours ago

    This is very cool and also very ironic in that he is trained to believe in all this space and heliocentric stuff and needs to be untrained from that untruth.

  • Major Kramer
    Major Kramer 16 hours ago

    Everytime you walk into someone's residence it looks like your walking in with a hidding camera. Lol..Why?

  • Leiki Dragon
    Leiki Dragon 16 hours ago

    i snickered at you, then realized the details I have were from this video

  • Matteo Minellono
    Matteo Minellono 16 hours ago

    Destin & Linus together? I WANT MORE VIDEO OF YOU 2 GUYS!!!

    POVIDLO ET 16 hours ago

    Обэмэ нахуй

  • Lucas Karatzas
    Lucas Karatzas 16 hours ago

    Byron is using am American longbow...not a proper British one. As you can see he has a cutout and a the archer’s paradox is less than an original longbow where you rest the arrow at your finger and the bow is fatter, and the arrow has more deflection.

  • Santtu Kähkönen
    Santtu Kähkönen 16 hours ago

    All you have to do is cross your hands to see how crazy hard this is, I'd think most children have tried this at one point or another. There is no need for special gears for it, or if you want to drive this, just cross your hands, it works

  • Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learning

    What does alien music look like on this device?

  • Hitesh Patel
    Hitesh Patel 16 hours ago


  • Ben Beno
    Ben Beno 17 hours ago


  • Jordan Nellessen
    Jordan Nellessen 17 hours ago

    I saw this happen yesterday while opening a can of Highlife. There was a sphere of beer sitting stationary inside of the can for several minutes. It slowly shrunk in size until it finally 'popped' and joined the rest of the beer. I've seen this in several different times in my life but this was the first one that sat still. I've always thought a temperature difference between the liquid might be involved. Time for thermal high speed camera.

  • D Schulz
    D Schulz 17 hours ago


  • Bijesh Shrestha
    Bijesh Shrestha 17 hours ago

    Finally found jerrobeam fenderson

  • Elvar Helgi
    Elvar Helgi 17 hours ago

    Joooooo i live there

  • dildic
    dildic 18 hours ago

    So only NASA has laser to see reflection.

  • ActionJackGaming
    ActionJackGaming 18 hours ago

    Did we ever discover if dominoes fall at different rates depending on their colour?