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My Car: 500HP Lexus GS300
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USA vs Canada Firecrackers
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Mega Match Experiment
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Coin Contest WINNERS!!!
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FREE Airsoft Gun Hack +FPS
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Antique Cap Gun WINNER
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  • Mintlastkings Forever

    Sounds like rice gum but with a deeper voice

  • Wooden Heart
    Wooden Heart 7 hours ago

    Bruh do you still play toys lmao

  • Omar Syaahim
    Omar Syaahim 8 hours ago

    Clearly he was a school shooter

  • Sgt Corgi
    Sgt Corgi 9 hours ago

    This shoots better than a UKarms gun

  • Valery van vlaender
    Valery van vlaender 12 hours ago


  • DKM_Gaming
    DKM_Gaming 13 hours ago

    Do I need a actual fire arm permit for these

  • Talip Çoban
    Talip Çoban 15 hours ago

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad 20 hours ago

    Does it come with a hop up?

  • Glitchy Glitch
    Glitchy Glitch 22 hours ago

    Ooof, ain't that a bit too crude? I was thinking you could have done something similar to a Gyrojet, where the hammer basically hits the front of the round, and the back of the round where the primer is gets hit on the firing pin. CO2 cartridges are very similar so you could have maybe done even a semi auto mag fed version.

  • Mr AutismO
    Mr AutismO 22 hours ago

    toys in the US

  • Uroboros
    Uroboros Day ago

    What a waste of time.

  • Dark Voidz
    Dark Voidz Day ago

    all i wanna know is how do you get a 2 dollar BB gun!!

  • Luka Skelin
    Luka Skelin Day ago

    Its idiot

  • Arty
    Arty Day ago

    So is it black powder or smokeless?

  • Brendon Taengwa

    Got it from the doller store but paid 2 dollers

  • Ron Berisha
    Ron Berisha Day ago

    Too many haters no good nice video

  • Carter Thurman

    Tell me where you found a dam 2 dollar BB gun

  • hassan jakir
    hassan jakir 2 days ago

    it's very funny video I like it

  • Crooked Intelligence

    You jam the ball's in too Oh Okay then!

  • Your Best Friend
    Your Best Friend 2 days ago

    Canucks been on RU-clip for 8 damn years and don't even have 1million subs that's what happens when you shit talk Americans we don't forget

  • Your Best Friend
    Your Best Friend 2 days ago

    fucking Canuck got nerves to talk shit on America on the internet but not in real life that's why Canada is full of pussies and queers no shit, don't go to canada

  • Lucho Crocco
    Lucho Crocco 2 days ago

    In Argentina this gun price is 320 pesos Argentinos,because the dollar in argentina is so the price in dollars is 6$

  • Holden Ayers
    Holden Ayers 2 days ago

    It says 3+ WTF.

  • Mr. Chubbs
    Mr. Chubbs 2 days ago

    To truly win an airsoft game just bring a real gun and shoot them

  • Augusto Wang
    Augusto Wang 2 days ago

    *PETA is A N G E R Y*

  • VallerO 760
    VallerO 760 2 days ago

    Thanks very much I was about to buy one..

  • xLight Shadow
    xLight Shadow 2 days ago

    "...please hit that subscibe button down below" *points finger on the dislike button*

  • David K
    David K 2 days ago

    why is the gun not iced out?

  • The RPG Pianist
    The RPG Pianist 2 days ago

    100% Made of paper What you need... Paper Beads Tape Pen Pencil Scissors

  • Patrick Hobart
    Patrick Hobart 2 days ago

    Diddnt need to prime it again. You flooded it

  • Lucas Manuel
    Lucas Manuel 2 days ago

    It’s not a boob gun it’s an airsoft gun

  • Jannes 22
    Jannes 22 3 days ago

    Spring shoe level: russia

  • Elias Sanchez
    Elias Sanchez 3 days ago

    Is a Civic Si

  • tabiscoolandcute die potato

    How did you get a gun and knife (in the multi tool) in to schools

    • Noah Andrén 8A
      Noah Andrén 8A 2 days ago

      they not cheking in Europa fam, we kan bring everything in school, like Knife guns drugs but some times the popo comes to the school

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson 3 days ago


  • Just Ordinary Everyday Life

    I would not have given up there, I would have sent the blade through the deck at some point... I can see you are much more smarter than me😉

  • Jelle Meeuwissen
    Jelle Meeuwissen 3 days ago

    I europe they check your homework in america they check if you brought your gun

  • J’onn J’onzz
    J’onn J’onzz 3 days ago

    in germany that gun cost just 1 euro

  • Coreyon Wimberly
    Coreyon Wimberly 4 days ago

    Video starts at 9:18

  • ChanMan 2802
    ChanMan 2802 4 days ago

    Why would you take the parts off a supra of all cars?? Couldn't you have just ordered a part or something instead of possibly trashing the car?

  • bayareaguy415
    bayareaguy415 4 days ago

    Stupidest video ever

  • Ferdp 18090
    Ferdp 18090 4 days ago

    This turbo is too big

  • John Mark Smith
    John Mark Smith 4 days ago

    There might be some things wrong with this video but none that can’t be overcome by over 4 million views.

  • MagnaCarge
    MagnaCarge 4 days ago

    4:24 he already felt the kick.

  • Robi
    Robi 4 days ago

    6:05 nice ASMR :D

  • Asher Raphael
    Asher Raphael 5 days ago


  • Barun Singh
    Barun Singh 5 days ago


  • Mic Jubba
    Mic Jubba 5 days ago

    Pile of crap

  • Lourdes Chargualaf
    Lourdes Chargualaf 5 days ago

    Thanks I tried this and it worked out perfectly

  • Answer The question

    Laimly cool 🤣♾

  • CH Customs
    CH Customs 5 days ago

    A perfectly good twin turbo setup from a Supra wasted on a mower.. why lmao

  • afrobear1554
    afrobear1554 5 days ago

    I don't see whats so special about a normal civic type r lol.

  • Rayeedhz
    Rayeedhz 5 days ago

    Does the gas run out quicker if you do this modification?

  • Physio- Polemicist
    Physio- Polemicist 5 days ago

    'Ight, Reese...

  • Pattonmacarnold Tacoma

    Looks delicious.

  • Stefan Nieuwoudt
    Stefan Nieuwoudt 6 days ago

    You are a disappointment to me.


    where my socioptahts at

  • chalo colina
    chalo colina 6 days ago

    I was interested until actually actually actually actually actually coroplast. Then all of a sudden I didn't have the time for it.

  • SheltieShangriLa
    SheltieShangriLa 6 days ago

    I wonder if something like this would work to scare away black bears. Certainly scares away chickens, lol.

  • Sawyer Thompson
    Sawyer Thompson 6 days ago

    What’s the turbo from?

  • rolko
    rolko 6 days ago

    Fp3 is polish

  • Scotty
    Scotty 6 days ago

    My TT mower does 7 second acres

  • Narendra Gunawan
    Narendra Gunawan 7 days ago

    You serious? I could make this for under 20 dollars not friggin 60 you can get an actual full metal professional good quality airsoft grenade launcher and not just a caulk gun, pvc and very little effort

  • MountainBikeATV QC
    MountainBikeATV QC 7 days ago

    Wtf why im watching this at 12:10 am 😂

  • FlameShockTV
    FlameShockTV 7 days ago

    Refilling it would be a pain

  • Kolton McCallister
    Kolton McCallister 7 days ago

    Ct26 was also used in the celica gt4 lol

  • strale gaming
    strale gaming 8 days ago

    I alredy hzve pre manifactired loud cap gun

    RAPITZAA 8 days ago


    RAPITZAA 8 days ago

    Its not airsoft bbs their to weak to shoot

  • Gaiia Love
    Gaiia Love 8 days ago

    what do you mean at the end when you say you wish you could do long distance because " i bet it would pick up more power" know that the speed of the pellet is at maximum when fired and as it travels through the air it looses momentum becoming slower there for less powerful

  • psyfi
    psyfi 8 days ago

    Well over verious times throughout history Great Britain has conquered and owned many parts of France and France many parts of Great Britain. It's fairly obvious that inventor719 elude to this to spark the inspiration of historical learning among his viewership. Well done to you inventor719. Haters gonna hate bro. It matters not as after Brexit France will no longer be a part the The British isles and we'll have to go back to eating only porridge GRRRRR. Damn you David Cameron.

  • Peter Swinkels
    Peter Swinkels 9 days ago

    Microwaves don't produce heat. It's the radiowaves' interaction with certain substances. Nice video btw.

  • Patrick Ryan Agapito

    You need a sprinkler valve to easy operate

  • That one german
    That one german 9 days ago

    Lmaooooo on the sidewalk

  • Dr. BoB
    Dr. BoB 9 days ago

    It didn’t fucking work do the video over again

  • Pigly Dave
    Pigly Dave 9 days ago

    “ I didn’t wanna break the mircorwave” Puts fire work 4 grams of gun powder and a handful of matches

  • Heather Lynn
    Heather Lynn 9 days ago

    I love this video!! It's the greatest I've EVER seen!!!

  • FC Voetbal
    FC Voetbal 9 days ago


    FALLOUT 9 days ago

    New AirPods???

  • Бирсен Събев

    Mada faka youu

  • ?.??.?
    ?.??.? 10 days ago

    Hes big on pcp and buff

  • ?.??.?
    ?.??.? 10 days ago

    This for felon big brother

  • neil brown
    neil brown 11 days ago

    Lol,,,I've just fitted a turbo to my lazy left eye an I can now see straight...

  • GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy 11 days ago

    Imagine mowing your lawn and instead of getting rid of the thing that is blocking your blades, you add a turbo so you break it and continue.

  • MaseFace71 McCulloch

    Do you know how many 8 shot caps I have!!!!!!! Flipn’ 600!

  • Nathan'sLife
    Nathan'sLife 12 days ago

    "At school" modifying a bb gun at school to shoot harder😂 Bro ur a legend

  • Ruarai Taylor-Smith
    Ruarai Taylor-Smith 12 days ago

    Uk France hmmmmmmmm

    GAMING WITH JIBRAN 12 days ago

    Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda it slows the burning rate and comes smoke more

  • Zombie Bot
    Zombie Bot 12 days ago

    Thanks buddy I'm gathering ideas

  • 2fast4me
    2fast4me 12 days ago

    wtf are these crappy firefarts with the gay usa writing on them. they get only to 100 dB / 2 meters. Come to Romania to show you 100 gram flashpowder bangers or carbide cannons. they are at least 160 db / 10 meters loud :)

  • Frank Gonzales
    Frank Gonzales 13 days ago

    Fucking stupid

  • Jaiden Seward
    Jaiden Seward 13 days ago

    Jk dont do that

  • Jaiden Seward
    Jaiden Seward 13 days ago

    Uh i messed up and im in prison because i used it on a cat ..................... It ded

  • BMW M3
    BMW M3 13 days ago

    Look, a honda civic!

  • Rajan Gill
    Rajan Gill 14 days ago

    He’s at college guys

  • Kenny Noble
    Kenny Noble 14 days ago

    Unless you have 1 of those cheap 15-25 lb bows, an arrow alone would be more effective.

  • Mustang D best220
    Mustang D best220 14 days ago


  • masturskater
    masturskater 14 days ago

    I'm no professional francian

  • Mark Povtarev
    Mark Povtarev 14 days ago

    .........couldn’t find a bigger turbo

  • R6boi _jm
    R6boi _jm 14 days ago

    Throws away supra but puts supra turbo on lawnmower