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The Portable Xbox!
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Motorola Razr 2019 Gaming!
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Galaxy A80 Gaming Review
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  • Darryl Davis
    Darryl Davis 3 hours ago

    Use this as a "It disconnects often button"

  • The Castanza007
    The Castanza007 4 hours ago

    Good info however we have to address something. Saying there is "no input lag" with xcloud is false advertising and will set people up for disappointment. I 100% agree Xcloud is better is every way buuuutttttt lets not set it up for failure with high expectations. I have 200mbps down and 50mbps up internet with 50ms ping and have input lag bad enough I can't stand it. The base technology is amazing and promising but it just isn't at a console experience yet.

  • Action Kids Club
    Action Kids Club 5 hours ago

    rog wins i guess as far as i know its better cause it have 120hz screen while note 10 and plus doesnt!

  • Ab. Su.
    Ab. Su. 5 hours ago

    I am sorry. But i think its bullshit. Stadia works and looks amazing on Chrom Cast Ultra + LAN Connection, i use a 500Mbits Highspeed Connection. On a TV with Inputlag under 15ms (LG OLED 2019).

  • Mr X
    Mr X 5 hours ago

    Tekken 7 runs extremely well on xCloud to my surprise. I tried to look for any input lag while testing Akuma and I couldn't find any input lag when I was trying to do a 10-hit combo.

  • Darren Bakewell
    Darren Bakewell 5 hours ago

    Good review question... I’ve read many reviews about hiss. I’ve watch a couple reviewers about hiss. Did you notice any hiss. Also would you say your ear would pick up hiss if there was any? Hope to hear back.

  • Ehrenoasch Nahui
    Ehrenoasch Nahui 6 hours ago

    Pls dont this music 🤣

  • HydraV 56
    HydraV 56 6 hours ago

    I'm about to switch my phone, and the red magic 3s is one of my choices. After this video and the comments, I'm probably getting it!

  • random_ user
    random_ user 9 hours ago

    If this can hit 70-80 FPS at 720p ultra/very high settings in games like the division 2 and destiny 2 I’m sold.

  • Edson Armenta Hahn
    Edson Armenta Hahn 10 hours ago

    Can I use the OEM license Windows 7 for Windows 10?

  • Crash Gaming
    Crash Gaming 10 hours ago

    You are terrible playing using controller.

  • Pistolpeter 1911
    Pistolpeter 1911 11 hours ago

    Great video. Very informative

    SANGAMESH H 13 hours ago

    Your voice is not understandable,,, you need to speak properly

  • Vulcan2675
    Vulcan2675 15 hours ago

    My experience with Stadia has been pretty decent. I like the fact that I can access my games from either a laptop, phone or even on TV with my chromecast....I actually have 2 and both work well. When I'm away I hotspot from an iPad to my laptop and have very minor pixelation issues during peak hours. Other than that, I cannot complain other than the game catalog being small. But this is its infancy and I'm sure it will become a robust platform in the future. 😎🤙

    JAY KUMAR KAHAR 16 hours ago

    Windows 7 product key is required for win 10

  • Pedram Fattahi
    Pedram Fattahi 17 hours ago

    Free downgrade to win 7 oh oh go to pirate bay 😂😂😂

  • Martin Moripek
    Martin Moripek 19 hours ago

    This is just pure advertising. and this Video must be sponsored again or will be in the future. plus its an affiliate link. For most people who already have the CRG9, like myself. it is nonsense to get the new G9. I can tell you guys why: 1. 1ms Refresh rate --> nobody is talking about, if it is GtG or MPRT. CRG9 has 4ms=GtG. I strongly believe that the G9 is 1ms MPRT and this time they chose this response time just because of marketing reasons. There will be no real difference in my opinion. 2. 240Hz --> I have a 1000$ graphics card and I rarely reach 120Hz with the highest resolution and highest settings (don´t forget, you are playing on a 5120x1440 monitor!! It is not just a QHD, or Full HD). Currently and probably in the next 2 years. It is going to be almost impossible to reach even 160Hz with full resolution and High graphics settings. So it is basically useless to have 240Hz if you consider that you have to pay so much more for that. 3. 1000R curve --> If you play ONLY games, maybe you will like this extreme curve, but if you sometimes want to edit some videos or photos, you dont want such an extreme curve. it is just bothering to see each line as a curve! think about this! This monitor is also great for work and multitasking, and I dont think that anyone of you will use this monitor just purely for gaming and nothing productive. The curve of the CRG9 is perfectly fine. It is already much better than the one from LG for example. 4. G-Sync and Free Sync 2 --> I have a Nvidia card and the CRG9 already supports G-Sync. So this is just marketing ! its the same ! both monitors support both standards! 5. HDR 1000 for both monitors ! 6. Design --> Yes the G9 looks sexier on the back, with white and the bigger RGB LED. But seriously, you will never ever see the back of this monitor. for 95% of the people the back of the monitor will face a wall! And the light will not be strong enough to reflect on the wall to make your room shine bright and cool. It is just a simple light for its own design. The front looks the same and black! 7. Price --> you can get the CRG9 for already 1000$. the G9 will be at least 1600$. Is it worth paying 600$ for features that do not really make a difference. And especially for video/Photo editors maybe the older Version is even better (and cheaper). Save the 600$ and get a better graphics card later! This is all just marketing. It is basically 90% the same product. They just optimized their marketing message and increase the price! My honest opinion. Greetings from Austria :) PS. The video where you showed the CRG9 was nice and informative. I liked it, but it was really annoying to have every second day a new youtube channel popping up showing the same video. I dont know, if you do this to get more clicks on the affiliate link, but pretty unprofessional.

  • T ijs
    T ijs 19 hours ago

    Also, the G9 has a 1000R curve, which is much better than 1800R curvature of crg9.

  • RazerOfPain
    RazerOfPain 21 hour ago

    You can use Bluetooth controller with stadia

    • ZenAlpha
      ZenAlpha 20 hours ago

      Yes any bluetooth gamepad via Chromium browser, Go to Google Chrome and search for Chromium on Stadia and on the first link you'll find a jump to file download links on the first result if not come back and I'll assist you matey.

  • De1usionsofGrandeur
    De1usionsofGrandeur 22 hours ago

    Guess they are going to have to support apple even though there products are junk millions of people still buy there crap every year

  • Veson Douangmanilay
    Veson Douangmanilay 23 hours ago

    Are you not going to mention anything about how Samsung doesn't support Dolby vision. Yes, I know they have HDR+ also not gonna mention anything about Apple Airplay 2 . Some people may not care but I think that's added benefits the LG has in its court.

  • Marshy Marsh
    Marshy Marsh 23 hours ago

    I’ve had this headset for years, honestly don’t buy it. It breaks stupid easy and mic quality is trash

  • Crew TheAftermath

    ... thing is .. i dont have to open my current phone to use it. Its flat already...... But love the video! good job man. But again. My flat unfolding phone is pretty accessible. POOP! day later.. I forgot to hit SUBSCRIBE ! Did it ! lol. :) !!!

  • Avinash
    Avinash Day ago

    Iphone 11 vs note 10e

  • Marco Túlio Pires

    You can also use wireless controllers with Stadia, including the Xbox One and PS4 controllers. The Stadia controller should be wired for now, but an update within the next couple of months will make it wireless too. Also, Stadia offers 1080p on mobile. If you have an Xbox and are invested in the platform, go with XCloud. If you don't, and don't plan to, Stadia is the better product and it will get even better when the free plan comes out in the next few months.

  • Marlowe Woodring

    Make a portable psp

  • Robert
    Robert Day ago

    people please if you have windows 7 laptop that you got in 2011 or before do not install windows 10 not all the drivers all supported you will have problems later....but if you have windows 8.1 laptop that you got on 2013 or 2014 then you are safe .on windows 7 you can install windows 8.1 its has updates till 2023

  • JuanBagnell
    JuanBagnell Day ago

    Great look man. Kinda reinforces how I felt about Stadia. Google showed off a great tech demo "proof of concept" and then a real gaming company would take this idea and do it right.

    • ZenAlpha
      ZenAlpha 16 hours ago

      Not really when Xcloud is using Onlive's tech from 2009 which is why it's 720p30 and expierencing lag compared to Stadia 1080p60.

    • Day ago

      Thanks bro! I think this would have benefited greatly from a public beta period to understand what gamers kind want and like. Plus help secure more games at a better price point

  • Abdul NJ
    Abdul NJ Day ago

    How can you compare a 720p mobile only platform to all screen 4k console replacement platform?

    • ZenAlpha
      ZenAlpha 18 hours ago

      @André Sosa it's a biased review I wouldn't bother with opinions, he left out resolution on purpose to favour Xcloud

    • André Sosa
      André Sosa Day ago well, technically no one is paying Stadia Pro right now. i think they gave us those 3 months just for that reason.

    • Day ago

      I am not comparing the resolutions, but the services, one is a a beta providing beta service for nothing promised. the other is a paid service that is providing less than promised. It's that simple

  • Justin Jackson

    Everyone forgets about PS Now, and it's a great streaming service. They are currently leading the market.

    • ZenAlpha
      ZenAlpha 19 hours ago

      Unfortunately not matey they have been around longer than most but Sony are not pioneers either. Google's tech is much more advanced and regardless of what this video says which is click bait to earn the RU-clipr money Stadia is much better at resolution and latency not as many games though yet which will take some time, 120 announced for 2020. :)

  • Vinamr Mahajan

    Sony is just killing it!!

  • Теодор Тодоров

    Yes I have 1 more user

  • Thomas Herfen
    Thomas Herfen Day ago

    For me Stadia-Experience ist best with ChromecastUltra on my TV with Controller.

    • Ab. Su.
      Ab. Su. 5 hours ago

      Same here. Dont know wath he talks, i habe test on mobil/ pc/ tv and best its on TV 100%;

  • Pierre Andersson

    Screen is a plastic O-LED (P-OLED).

  • Joseph Kelly
    Joseph Kelly Day ago

    I've tried several times but mine gets stuck on 46% when "getting updates" . Just can't go further. I don't know if you have a way around that?

    • Robert
      Robert Day ago

      try windows 8.1 on your machine a clean format install not upgrade windows 7 devices are very old for windows 10

  • Gary Bolel
    Gary Bolel Day ago

    Trying to upgrade from Windows7 to Windows 10. Keep getting the same message below after going through all the steps numerous times (approx 4hrs each time) in the past month: “We can't tell if your PC has enough space to continue installing Windows 10” Even tried after deleting all data on laptop.

  • Xnx Gaming
    Xnx Gaming Day ago

    I subbed to this man's channel, JUST BECAUSE of his accent....

  • Miles Jazz
    Miles Jazz Day ago

    I use shadow,perfect for me. Next to no lag and runs anything comfortably.

  • Senior 187
    Senior 187 Day ago

    Do they have voice feedback?

  • ToonAhri
    ToonAhri Day ago

    I'm in a huge state of shock that something like this is possible! Like if you really think about it, this product can be play on a monitor and even on the go, it has attachable and comfortable controllers, not to mention that its a PC which means it would have like an infinite amount of games and other things to do straight out of the box! With all of this packaged together, this could truly be.....The Ultimate Gaming System! (unless the pricing stinks)

  • Travis Dupree
    Travis Dupree Day ago

    I got an error code 0x8007005 - 0xB0003 why????

  • Rajeev Kirpalani

    Awesome video as always. Wait is that Bob Ross on your t-shirt?

  • sammy negron
    sammy negron Day ago

    🖐 I choose the $ 89.00 there is none for which I have to pay with the tax as almost $ 300 😳.

  • Anthony Williams

    Can this be done with out a installation disk?

  • Nielsf2704
    Nielsf2704 Day ago

    If this thing will cost as much as last year’s Idk why people would ditch this monitor in this price range. It’s insanely good and packs everything you need for a monitor. Color accuracy, HDR 1000, super fast refreshrate and response, 1440p resolution. You wouldn’t even get such deal with two non ultrawide monitors.

  • wussie
    wussie Day ago

    I'm trying to decide between this, the asus 49 which is a lot cheaper, and then an AOC that supposedly has the same specs as this, all 49 inch. The Asus is only 1080 pixels high however.

  • Mo7med 708
    Mo7med 708 Day ago

    Does echo buds have latency or audio lag ??

  • Richard Newell
    Richard Newell 2 days ago

    Free giveaway!!?... sounds like he's getting rid of the trash.. lol No both are good, Stadia has so much potential but vs xbox idk..

  • Mahdi Devilz
    Mahdi Devilz 2 days ago

    Sumsung note 10

  • Chelsea 90
    Chelsea 90 2 days ago

    Link for the wallpaper pls XD mirio!😍

  • Modfather 3
    Modfather 3 2 days ago

    The t7 looks futuristic

  • Rapha R
    Rapha R 2 days ago

    Mine asked me to enter cd key...

    • Rapha R
      Rapha R 2 days ago yes I put in the key that wa son the sticker of my dell tower it's in and it says this key is invalid or something

    • 2 days ago

      Is your windows 7 key legit

  • ronda zonda
    ronda zonda 2 days ago

    Any idea if this method will still be available the next couple of months? Also if I upgrade windows and then want to replace the hard disk with a SSD after a while, will be able to do a fresh install on the SSD or I can only clone it?

    • Bill Alexander
      Bill Alexander 22 hours ago

      @Robert my pc is only 3 years old! It's a gamer i7 6700 k running at 4.5Ghz water cooled, nvidia GTX... High end ASUS MOBO

    • Bill Alexander
      Bill Alexander 22 hours ago

      @Robert upgrade because I have programs I need to keep using

    • Day ago

      @Robert depends on your machine. Basic you Grover's are there. My Dell latitude for instance has a GeForce 720m Nvidia drivers are available for them

    • Robert
      Robert Day ago windows 10 has no drivers support for windows 7 graphic cards and other devices you know that right ?

    • Robert
      Robert Day ago

      @Bill Alexander you did upgrade or clean format install ?

  • MisterUrbanWorld
    MisterUrbanWorld 2 days ago

    Stadia Pros: Instant Gaming, launch games from app instantly to tv, can play on pc, 4k Higher Resolution, can handle more players in multiplayer than competition, Q1 all android phones will work, free 1080p, Uplay Plus & 120 Games coming soon. Stadia Cons: Not enough games, expensive games unless you join pro for discounts Xcloud Pros: Better games, works on multiple devices. Xcloud cons: low 720p resolution, only branded microsoft xbox one controllers work, however ps4 and google stadia controllers work

  • xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx 2 days ago

    I think it's great that Microsoft still has the upgrade program where Windows 7 users can upgrade to Windows 10. However, I think if you have a Windows 7 laptop/desktop, it might be better to buy a new laptop/desktop entirely. 3:35 Propers for that nice ルミリオン (Lemillion) wallpaper. FYI (for those that don't know), he's from the series 僕のヒーローアカデミア (Boku no Hiro Akademia/My Hero Academia). It's a great anime & manga series.

    • Pedram Fattahi
      Pedram Fattahi 17 hours ago

      xxnike629xx yeah thats what I do. I feel new os are tryimg to slow down the pcs.

  • Ineededanewname ok
    Ineededanewname ok 2 days ago

    ***Cough cough*** Torrents

  • Turk Tech
    Turk Tech 2 days ago

    Motile performance laptop or jumper ezbook x3 pro or Lenovo s145 16gb ram laptop

  • Umar Abid
    Umar Abid 2 days ago

    Thank You I will try this one I get my old windows 8.1 instaled again.

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    You could always install Linux on your old machines just to try it out.

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    There was some audio sync issues with your video in the middle, but the beginning and end was fine.

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 2 days ago

    Once you have confirmed all necessary information is still there use disk cleanup tool to remove the Windows.old directory. This will free up some much needed space you lost during upgrade.

  • eSmart TRENDING
    eSmart TRENDING 2 days ago

    Is windows now free?

  • kbalaz
    kbalaz 2 days ago

    And then go into apps and uninstall all the unwanted apps and games Microsoft installs on its own

  • Jiyeon Park
    Jiyeon Park 2 days ago

    Do I need my windows 7 product key?

  • georgiios36
    georgiios36 2 days ago

    Does this work with Windows8 aswell?

    • Robert
      Robert Day ago

      @georgiios36 sorry for misunderstanding 🙂 the thing is some people are forcing windows 10 on 8 year old machines which is crazy

    • georgiios36
      georgiios36 Day ago

      @Robert yea sure, I know it has more support than Windows 7. But that was not my question, Robert.

    • Robert
      Robert Day ago

      windows 8/8.1 has more support than windows 7 cause your devices were released later than windows 7 ..its all about device compatibility and common sense windows 8.1 was released 2013 ..

    • georgiios36
      georgiios36 2 days ago

      @JonnyIT great, thanks for answering!

    • JonnyIT
      JonnyIT 2 days ago

      georgiios36 yes I’ve tried it work windows 8 or 8.1 works

  • Raja Padala
    Raja Padala 2 days ago


  • Deadheart X
    Deadheart X 2 days ago

    What game were you playing? c:

  • Tanjid Ahmed
    Tanjid Ahmed 2 days ago

    Samsung galaxy s9 plus vs s10 plus vs note 9 note 10 plus speaker test

  • MissHannah2036
    MissHannah2036 2 days ago

    Oh and what ear pods for this one, don't want to pay premium for Apple. The phone doesn't seem to have Speaker phone function, I'm assuming it's because everyone wears ear pods these days ? I've come from iPhone so was used to loud speaker phone mic....

  • MissHannah2036
    MissHannah2036 2 days ago

    Prettiest phone, can't beat that crystal holographic look. The case is ordinary but great that it is clear to show off the effect will order better quality online. Also stick a pocket socket thing on it, makes the world of difference (needs to be about $15.00AUD some times pops off but you can feel it in your hand at the time and just resticks), rests nicely in your hands to reach all the apps and keyboard options, just took it off my iPhone to use on the Huawei, I bought the phone for the camera. So disappointed with iPhone 6 then iPhone X. Mobile phones have come a long way since I bought a crappy Nokia phone 6 years ago. The notifications don't really stand out but I'm not going to stop breathing if I don't check my FB likes, IG likes and notifications. Only my second day with phone so we'll see. Got some nice pics for Australia Day so I'm happy.

  • Jedi Mojo Jojo
    Jedi Mojo Jojo 2 days ago

    Is there a way to play 2 player local like Tekken 7 on Xcloud?

  • OfficialBlueLemon
    OfficialBlueLemon 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that the thumbnail says Huwei?

  • HentaiAnimeArt
    HentaiAnimeArt 2 days ago

    My money goes to Xcloud!

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron Day ago

      Stadia can give away a ton of free games they can just take all the old rpg that are on mobile app like final fantasy games and put them on there platform

    • ThepurposeofTime
      ThepurposeofTime Day ago

      @Luna Grace if Stadia phases out it won't be free. Xcloud is their weapon, they give loads of free games because their servers are 11 years old

    • Luna Grace
      Luna Grace Day ago

      ThepurposeofTime Free for now since its in beta. Everyone is guessing when it’s fully released it will be bundled with ultimate gamepass. But we will find out sometime this year.

    • ThepurposeofTime
      ThepurposeofTime Day ago

      thought it was free?

  • diRiG
    diRiG 2 days ago

    The future is bright for us gamers!!

  • christopher patrick

    I have both XCloud and Stadia. My Honest opinion Stadia is better by far. The input Lag for Stadia is far less than Xcloud. Graphics are better on the Stadia. Xcloud has the bigger library of games but I don't play half of them anyways. Stadia has a way higher ceiling.

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron 13 hours ago

      Well stadia is not in beta xcloud is and if you make the argument that both are in beta well one is free and it also does not cost you a thing outside a sub fee. What xcloud is new as well and it’s better costumes service then stadia which is you to paid for these games which we flat out lied about

    • christopher patrick
      christopher patrick 2 days ago

      @ZenAlpha facts. I have tried GeForce, Shadow, Vortex, and XCloud. No Doubt Stadia is leagues above them. People need to realize that Stadia is completely New Platform and not an existing one like Xcloud. GeForce/Shadow pulls from PC platforms. With Stadia being a new Platform it gonna take time to develop.

    • ZenAlpha
      ZenAlpha 2 days ago

      These console fanboys are lieing to themselves and trying to say 720p30 is better than 1080p60 and 4k. Latency is noticeably better on Stadia.

  • Bobby Bobbito
    Bobby Bobbito 2 days ago

    I'll save you some time. XCLOUD is the clear winner.

    • ZenAlpha
      ZenAlpha 16 hours ago

      @Bobby Bobbito stadia runs with 720p60 1080p60 and 4k to work with any internet. Stadia under the same conditions run smoother than Xclouds 2009 old old tech

    • Bobby Bobbito
      Bobby Bobbito Day ago

      Yeah 4k if you have a nice internet and you have to pay more lol

    • Bobby Bobbito
      Bobby Bobbito Day ago

      Abdul NJ did u really watch the video? I'm just summarizing what he said in the video.

    • Abdul NJ
      Abdul NJ Day ago

      How a 720p mobile only platform better than all screen 4k platform?

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 2 days ago

    It's odd, but my experience is completely switched. xCloud service is very choppy and Stadia is nearly always running well. Sure I get the 4k complaint, but at least their trying on big screens. One question. If your using Xbox game pass those games have to be played via the streaming option, correct? Or do those titles get added to xCloud as well?

    • ZenAlpha
      ZenAlpha 2 days ago

      @Daniel Cook it's better matey because Xclouds tech is 2009 and Stadia tech is much newer 2019. It's gonna be interesting to see what Amazon brings to the table they are being awfully quiet about their cloud gaming plans.

    • Daniel Cook
      Daniel Cook 2 days ago I am also running Google Fiber, Google Router and Google Mesh WiFi. I suspect the reason Stadia may be better in my situation is packet prioritization at either ISP level or the WiFi level. Basically it means the G overloads are giving their services priority. Only speculation haven't vetted this out.

    • 2 days ago

      Hmm interesting your experience is different. Gamepass games currently are streamed from your xbox. They will be updated to stream from the cloud once xcloud becomes official. At least that is what I think

  • ImLostSoulz
    ImLostSoulz 2 days ago

    Damn I want a note 10+ bad.. cant wait till I can save up.. hard cuz of bills.. anyways great vid..

  • stephen hoult
    stephen hoult 2 days ago

    For me when thinking about both cloud services is what games of 2020 are coming. Having a huge library doesnt really interested me when looking at new tech or services. Though I am happy that gamepass and xcloud exist

  • Ninjassasin 744
    Ninjassasin 744 2 days ago

    Xcloud is clutch because I don’t even have a console at the moment yet I can still access all the games on the service with my saved data on them. iOS support is going to be a game changer

  • Illuminator
    Illuminator 2 days ago

    Who else hates everything except Google? I do lmao

  • TheRealAirplane99
    TheRealAirplane99 2 days ago

    Streaming sucks and we shouldn’t support the future of it to be honest I don’t like the idea of it

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas 2 days ago


  • David Forsyth
    David Forsyth 2 days ago

    Some iff thise ganes i all ready own si i would nit buy them again and no one who owns them shoukd have to pay again

  • iSkySharpGaming
    iSkySharpGaming 3 days ago

    Can you review it again when stadia is free to see if they accomplished there promises?

    • André Sosa
      André Sosa 7 hours ago

      @Cullen Diethron Stadia Base means you don't have to pay a subscription to use the service, where as in Stadia Pro you have to. that's what free means. and it's good for the people who don't play very often and would be wasting their money with a subscription they barely use.

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron 13 hours ago

      Lol I was just using that as a example but you failed to beat the point and stadia requires you to buy the games this complete true stadia free version is not really free because you still have buy the games before you can play them. Which means stadia has failed compared to even psnow.

    • Cullen Diethron
      Cullen Diethron 13 hours ago

      Garett no you don’t both psnow and gamepass you don’t buy the games you paid a sub fee and you can play all those games. Sorry you don’t understand the business model this the core reason why stadia has failed

    • Gareth Griffiths
      Gareth Griffiths 21 hour ago

      @Cullen Diethron You have to buy the games on any platform though, right?

    • André Sosa
      André Sosa 23 hours ago

      @Cullen Diethron btw, I too wish Google brings some sort of Gamepass to Stadia.

  • OrthodoxTrueFaith
    OrthodoxTrueFaith 3 days ago

    If don t write on the soundbar lcd Dolby Atmos's not real dolby atmos

  • Honeysuckles In winter

    Could you edit videos on this? would you recommend this over the hp xspectre 360 15?

  • deshun grant
    deshun grant 3 days ago

    Love your videos bro wish u made more...

  • Play station
    Play station 3 days ago

    Bro what kind of note 10+ you use here 216 gb or 512gb because in pubg in some video at HDR frame extreme is not exit please bro answer me quick I want to buy a note 10+

  • House Station Live .com

    Xcloud only working with google phone os. How ironic is that ?

    • House Station Live .com
      House Station Live .com Day ago

      @Manas Choudhary but windows phone is dead and there is no alternative to google technology for them.

    • Nishith Joshi
      Nishith Joshi 2 days ago

      @Manas Choudhary staida's goal is to be on every screen possible. A guy played tomb raider on Kindle.

    • Manas Choudhary
      Manas Choudhary 2 days ago

      That's what Microsoft's goal is. Expand the Xbox ecosystem to every possible device.

    TRU_ RACER_YT_ 3 days ago

    And xcloud is still in beta and IMO much much better than Google stadia

    • Nishith Joshi
      Nishith Joshi 2 days ago

      Bruh, the gaming experience is objectively better on stadia than on xcloud. Only thing is, xcloud has many games, then again, stadia is adding 120 new games this year

  • Chris Romberg
    Chris Romberg 3 days ago

    Nice. I will buy it! Thx for the vid. :)