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Galaxy A80 Gaming Review
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Best Handheld Vacuum???
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  • mason reiss
    mason reiss 41 minute ago

    Takes 1hour n 5 minutes for my note 10+ to charge, not worth getting 45 watt at all, thought it would've taken half n hour to charge

  • I'm Jonny
    I'm Jonny 43 minutes ago

    I like how the AOD charging status on the Note 10 just wobbles around so that the display does not suffer burn in.

  • luis ramirez
    luis ramirez Hour ago

    Oh man my unit just got the Android 9 update a few days ago

  • Ricky Roma
    Ricky Roma Hour ago

    Wheres this guy from i hear Nigerian,English and American in him.

  • Vivek Anand
    Vivek Anand Hour ago

    105 degree LOL u jst boiled those phones😆😆

  • hernan alonso
    hernan alonso 2 hours ago

    Still using it? how it hold after 4 years?

  • Brandon Lafortune
    Brandon Lafortune 2 hours ago

    Wow samsung did really improved the charging speeds of the note 10plus. It's a very good device

  • Wistbacka
    Wistbacka 3 hours ago

    What I still dont know after three months is: how is it connected to the PC and or xbox? Do they use both bluetooth and microsoft proprietary wireless connectivity? Or is it by bluetooth only? Do I need to purchase a wireless dongle separately for the PC? Because bluetooth has that latency I dont want.

  • San Sovanrith
    San Sovanrith 3 hours ago

    I think the camera isn't better than Note9 r 8!😒

  • TheReal McCoy
    TheReal McCoy 4 hours ago

    So the 45w charger is only 5-8 mins faster then what you get in the box. Ya I'll just stick with my 25w one thx

  • Joe Clinton Singarayar

    Whether it will work for cracked version of windows 7 ultimate

  • Rich Ellis
    Rich Ellis 4 hours ago

    Still my favorite headset of all time

  • BizarreGaming
    BizarreGaming 4 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that when you play a game for to long a blue pulsing light appears on the bottom of your phone's screen? I played pokemonGO for 2 hours straight and the blue pulsing light appeared on the bottom where the home button is. What does it mean? Then again my phone was heating up, could that blue pulse mean its activated the water vapor cooling system??

  • Death Scythe
    Death Scythe 5 hours ago

    Dude that rog 2 is a FUCKING MONSTER COMPARED TO THAT $1000 PLUS PIECE OF SHIT.. plus a metal body lol

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 5 hours ago

    I prefer extreme ROG 2 overall but Samsung speakers are best tuned in sound terms , Samsung note10= the most premium phone for all kinda users ROG 2= everything just for gaming.

  • Youngblood68
    Youngblood68 8 hours ago

    I cant find that spiderman you have on Dex wallpaper ?? thanks

  • thula
    thula 9 hours ago

    samsung s11 click on the link to see

  • Flat Twin Frog
    Flat Twin Frog 9 hours ago

    Great video, I'm confused though, so the number of megapixels doesn't necessarily mean the photos are better? Also, in practical terms, would all the power of the ROG mean better phone signal / GPS location quality? Cheers.

  • Peter 99
    Peter 99 11 hours ago

    They should make it 21:9 next year

  • MidasGoldKing
    MidasGoldKing 11 hours ago

    Thanks for video first, but bro, something wrong or misleading with your charger test for Note 10+ because i got my N10+ charged from 0 to 100% in 1 Hour with 25W charger, how could 45W charger do same? I confirm twice: with 25W charger my Note 10+ was charged in 1 hour from 0 to 100%

  • Jesse Tetteh
    Jesse Tetteh 12 hours ago

    I wanna see the slow mo test

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63 14 hours ago

    Is it just me... Or does it seem like the audio on the ROG Phone 2's audio seems more balanced? In gaming anyways.

  • AG
    AG 14 hours ago

    Pubg mobile 60fps?

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali 14 hours ago

    Poor quality video! Not very informative too! You need to improve man.

    COZY TEDDY BEAR 15 hours ago

    The galaxy note 10 plus is available on ebay for $899 us dollars

  • elgaen555
    elgaen555 16 hours ago

    This comparison was unprepared, get the facts straight before making the comparison video, please. Let me help, iPhone Pro Max overall is the superior device.

  • dirk digler
    dirk digler 16 hours ago

    Always too notch analysis

  • Alexander302
    Alexander302 17 hours ago

    Great vid where you get that joker wallpaper and strom Tropper 🔥🔥a must have 👍

  • Royal Boyle78
    Royal Boyle78 17 hours ago

    Great video. If you don't mind, what level if your screen brightness on? Thanks

  • Dodi Mendoza
    Dodi Mendoza 17 hours ago

    aside from using a 18w for a rogphone 2 it has a 6k mah. you should have use atleast a 30w for the rogphone 2

  • Jim Dinwiddie
    Jim Dinwiddie 17 hours ago

    Last time I looked my Note-10+ had 4 camera's on the back.

    BLISSEcstasy GAMING 17 hours ago


  • Gear Wave
    Gear Wave 18 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed this years S-pen is a bit smaller in size and diameter? I think I prefer the larger S-Pen on the Note 8 and 9 as well as the tri-color scheme and SAMSUNG branding.

  • NinJazz Rhythm
    NinJazz Rhythm 18 hours ago

    I wouldn't recommend fast chargers but instead buy the batt pack. Fast charging wears out the battery faster and battery pack is more convenient. Thats why i prefer phones with capable of interchangeable batteries. You can just switch battery and back to 100percent after a minute

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 18 hours ago

    I like it! A lot

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 18 hours ago


  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 18 hours ago


  • gabriel morales
    gabriel morales 18 hours ago

    Hi, Please, do a comparison between the 45 and 25w.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 19 hours ago

    Nice Thanks BatPower UL Listed 120W 90W PD USB-C Car Charger *will this work for 45w fast charging the Note 10+ ?*

  • showstoppa01
    showstoppa01 19 hours ago

    Is it worth upgrading from a Note 8 to Note 10 plus?

    • aravind r
      aravind r 15 hours ago

      Yes but if you can wait one more year,get the note 12.Note 12 will have better camera hardware, maybe a 90hz display etc.

    • 17 hours ago

      I would say yes

  • ngartola
    ngartola 19 hours ago

    Overall the Note 10 plus is better value but IPhone is the better all around phone. IMessage, Airdrop, years of software support, wearables, better optimized applications, and probably best camera and battery life. Just pre-ordered the IPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB in midnight green 😎

  • Jayson El Sayegh
    Jayson El Sayegh 19 hours ago

    I want the background in your thumbnail pleaseee:)

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez 20 hours ago

    But you are an isheep

    • Robert Ibanez
      Robert Ibanez Hour ago

      Jason Rodriguez no he’s not. He’s a big Sammy fan

  • Francisco Butte
    Francisco Butte 20 hours ago

    Note 9 is better. Waiting for Note 11.

  • xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx 20 hours ago

    Honestly, if I was an Android fan, I would probably go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. I was really considering to upgrade from my iPhone 7+ to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But after Apple showed what it really is, I opted to hold off and upgrade next year to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I _really_ hope that the 2020 model is the one that really is a "Pro" version and has things like: * USB-C * Pro Motion, 120 Hz display * Apple Pencil support * 4500 mAh (at least) * UFS 3.0 storage

    • xxnike629xx
      xxnike629xx 5 hours ago

      @aravind r I hope that Apple doesn't disappoint next year with the iPhone 12 series. I think it's just about time for me to upgrade, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max just wasn't it for me.

    • aravind r
      aravind r 5 hours ago

      @xxnike629xx agree

    • xxnike629xx
      xxnike629xx 9 hours ago

      @aravind r ​ Exactly. But I know I won't get a _perfect_ phone per se. But, I want something that is enough of an improvement from my iPhone 7+ & includes (as mentioned before): * USB-C (like most flagship model tech these days) * Pro Motion, 120 Hz display (like iPad Pro) * Apple Pencil support (like the Note series) * 4500 mAh give or take (like most flagship smartphones these days) * UFS 3.0 storage (like most flagship smartphones these days) If Apple wants to call it a 'Pro' version, and still charge that roughly $1500 MSRP, they should include these things & maybe also consider taking a profit loss/not charging as much to remain competitively priced compared to its competition (Samsung, LG, ASUS, Razer, etc). Apple really cannot afford to keep slapping on a premium price for not-so-premium offerings. They have to really accept why people are not buying iPhones every single year like they used to. People are sick & tired of seeing very little change with each iteration while Apple insisting that prices are kept at that $1500 range for a flagship model.

    • xxnike629xx
      xxnike629xx 9 hours ago

      @Tony Biyi Of course I have money saved aside. I mean I'm still using the iPhone 7+, and I regularly put money into savings and also regularly set aside extra spending money (on top of savings). I only buy the things that I _really_ want and I don't really spend money on 'luxury' purchases like buying coffee; not that I drink coffee at all, but if I did, I always have coffee at home that I can make myself and put into a thermos (for example). You'd be surprised to see how much money anyone can save just by budgeting better. One way you can do that is by putting on an Excel spreadsheet literally every single bit of money you spend over the course of 1 week. You're very likely to find things you can cut out from your weekly spending. That expense you cut out easily saves up into a lot of money.

    • aravind r
      aravind r 15 hours ago

      I want to buy iPhones but still waiting for that perfect phone

  • Scarlet Red
    Scarlet Red 21 hour ago

    .50¢ at yard sale had sound only in one side the plug had some type of what looks like black paint I used alcohol and my nail to remove now both sides work.

  • One 2 Infinity
    One 2 Infinity 22 hours ago

    Do one plus 7 pro vs note 10+ 45w

  • The X Hearts Xam
    The X Hearts Xam 23 hours ago

    LG G8X thinQ and LG V50 thinQ battery test against samsung Galaxy note 10+

  • paschaDE
    paschaDE Day ago

    Much smoother than on my s10+ exynos 😣

  • Shawn Friday
    Shawn Friday Day ago

    How do it get them

  • Retlaw
    Retlaw Day ago

    Hi bro, awesome review, i just got my rog 2 phone tencent version but it was not able to launch game lobby at armory crate, i saw u have game lobby launch pls advice thks.

  • Howard Osborn
    Howard Osborn Day ago

    Ill get the 3rd generation fold its better

  • Tito Lopez
    Tito Lopez Day ago

    Can you do a xperia 4k vs note 10 plus

  • The JJtao
    The JJtao Day ago

    does anyone else suffer from delays

  • L.E.S Samuray
    L.E.S Samuray Day ago

    "Not every function on a device is for you" all users should take note of this. Great review.

  • Curtis Shaw
    Curtis Shaw Day ago

    At the 2:58 minute you can use the translate app on the Note 10! Just saying... I'm a Note fan


    What is your favorite Note 10+ feature?

    • Patrick Francis
      Patrick Francis 6 hours ago

      The software in combination with hardware. The features that One UI offers truly improve quality of life.

    • Shobhit Pal
      Shobhit Pal 11 hours ago

      Note 10 + vs iphone 11 pro which one would u choose if u have to only one

    • Mohammed Dharvesh
      Mohammed Dharvesh 16 hours ago

      S pen

    • hiddlesme
      hiddlesme 19 hours ago

      I can't just name one! 💯

  • kishona69
    kishona69 Day ago

    Does your Tencent version of the ROG Phone give you the option to choose between the ROG and Classic theme during setup? Thanks in advance.

  • Touness69
    Touness69 Day ago

    Since you've tested both the global AND the Tencent version, could you tell us what's the differences, if there's any, in performance due to the reduced ram in chinese version ? Thank you in advance

  • Rubén Gabriel Valdivieso Machicao

    What do you prefer? The Note 10+ or the ROG Phone 2?

  • D tan
    D tan Day ago

    Hands down the galaxy note 10+ is the phone of the year 2019 and also the most features pack phone out there.

  • K Lynch
    K Lynch Day ago

    It's simple: if you want a great gaming phone, get ROG 2. If you just want a great phone that does everything well, get a Note 10+

  • Кирилл Пешко

    Нихуя не понял, но спасибо за обзор.

  • M Morales
    M Morales Day ago

    No, it's not that great specially with how tight competition has become. Look at that Asus ROG 2 for example a frickin 6,000mah battery, powerful front facing speakers, SD 855+, 120hz Amoled display, HEADPHONE JACK... Those sound like the specs the almighty Note should have considering the ridiculous pricing. Get an S10+ for cheaper that has 98% of the features and hope for a real Note next year.

    • M Morales
      M Morales Day ago

      @whitetigergrowl I'm very aware of that but go watch MKBHD video about the Asus phone then think about it for a second. For the money, how powerful and big Samsung is they could've done way better than this and to make it even worst the S line exist which is basically everything the Note is but the Pen. The Note is good but not like it used to be were it was the best in almost everything. Biggest battery, best camera, best display, best SoC... Now it's just an S series with a Pen. Heck even the regular S 10 is a better deal than the regular Note 10 given it has an SD card, 1440p display and a headphone jack.

    • whitetigergrowl
      whitetigergrowl Day ago

      M Morales better specs in some areas doesn't make it better. Some people think better specs automatically means a better phone and that's farthest from the truth. It's a matter of how a company uses those specs and what limitations those specs have. You can have 12GB RAM in a phone and still not have it perform as good as one with 4GB of RAM. You can have a 12 MP camera identical to another phone with a 12MP camera and still not take as good of pictures. It can have 4K video as an option but the video only looks as good as one with 1080P on another phone. A bigger battery doesn't mean it'll last longer than one that has a smaller battery. Specs on Android are generally useless and almost meaningless for many reasons.

  • Cary M
    Cary M Day ago

    Although I enjoyed the video, your title is far off. You really never did anything or nentioned the m15. Maybe next time ill subscribe.

  • Dragon Ballzzz Deep

    The killing joke!

  • Perrygunner876

    Did you say it's not good for Pubg mobile???

  • Jonathan Casey

    Great video! I love the Note 10+ easily one of my favorite phones I’ve ever used. Thanks for the feature bro!

    • Day ago

      Thanks for hoping on bro. good insight on video editing with the Note 10+

  • Desmond Lim
    Desmond Lim Day ago

    Great review. But feels like you are selling rog 2 phone a little short on battery life and gaming. Esp when gaming long hours on rog 2 vs note 10 plus. So this is the rog 2 tencent edition? From Amazon?

  • jason Wiltjer
    jason Wiltjer Day ago

    I completely understand why you don’t like the hole punch in the middle. But I’m not a mobile gamers, imo it’s so much better in the center lol. Hope they keep it there.

  • Isaiah Robinson

    I want to pick Project Xcloud😇🎓❤.

  • Gee
    Gee Day ago

    If we're gonna describe Note10+ in one word, it would be "Swiss Knife". Ok, that's two words but you get the idea.

  • Maan Brai
    Maan Brai Day ago

    Thanks for the awesome video !!

  • andyH_England
    andyH_England Day ago

    The N10+ is a good phone but I must say I was underwhelmed, though I am not an s-pen user so the way I look at it is from a different perspective. When I see the Mate 30Pro and the Pixel 4 I get more interested and yes, I do not care about bezels or notches. So the N10+ may have a short reign as the best phone of 2019, I did not believe that at launch, I preferred the OP7P, but a month later the price has already fallen by £150 in the UK and by the time the Pixel is out I suspect it will be a relatively forgotten phone and slow sales = big discounts, so with time the N10+ will become more compelling as long as the other releases do not trump it with added value features. Still waiting for the ROG Phone 2 as that will be my upgrade this year. It offers what i want more than the Note 10.

  • Leena Rai
    Leena Rai Day ago

    Absolutely fabulous video !!

  • TeacherTeacher

    I could care less how "loud" each speaker is. I'm more interested in the sound quality.

  • johnny te
    johnny te Day ago

    How about the heat issue. Of note 10 plus?

    • johnny te
      johnny te Day ago

      Please try playing games like mobilenlegend. Note 10 plus getting warm or hot. In my experience

    • Arjun U
      Arjun U Day ago

      johnny te It has none.there is a large vapour chamber inside the note by d way...


    Excellent presentation, it worked 100%

  • Note10Plus IsBoss

    I'm very happy I own the Note10Plus easily the best Galaxy ever made.

  • Holly Hsieh
    Holly Hsieh Day ago

    the s pen translate is the best for student who study in other country

    • Zane Miracle
      Zane Miracle 21 hour ago

      I just wish it had an auto feature but it's good enough

  • Shuaibu Usman Ahmed

    It's funny how Samsung now makes the most beautiful phones 🤯

    • Gee
      Gee 15 hours ago

      @aravind r I agree. HTC One M8, Xperia Z3, and LG G3 were my choices that time.

    • aravind r
      aravind r 15 hours ago

      @Gee Htc m8 was the best looking smartphone at that time

    • Gee
      Gee Day ago

      Ikr. From being the maker of the ugliest phone (Galaxy S5) to the most beautiful phone, it's crazy.

  • Josip T1000
    Josip T1000 Day ago

    Samsung's software is so slow, and no smooth. MIUI, EMUI and Oxygen are so much better.

    • Chris Bartlett
      Chris Bartlett 7 hours ago


    • Josip T1000
      Josip T1000 Day ago

      @Sebastian Lejon but EMUI is way faster than One UI, and also smooth, smoother than One UI.

    • Sebastian Lejon
      Sebastian Lejon Day ago

      Disagree about EMUI, agree about the other two though.

  • Global Citizen

    I hate when you i watch videos full screen it cuts a lot of content in the video its like zooming what's the point if i watch a half video

  • Savio Falcao
    Savio Falcao Day ago

    How's build quality compared to 1+7pro?

  • datitanblade2005

    Hey great video. Can you talk about the headphone experience since Samsung opted to remove the headphone jack? That would be really helpful to me. Thanks.

    • datitanblade2005
      datitanblade2005 8 hours ago

      I know. I want to get an idea of what that experience is like on this phone from someone who uses a lot of headphones. That's what I was asking. Not just with headphones provided.

    • aravind r
      aravind r 15 hours ago

      @datitanblade2005 they provide usb c headphones

    • datitanblade2005
      datitanblade2005 22 hours ago

      @Morgan Wallace Yup

    • Morgan Wallace
      Morgan Wallace Day ago

      datitanblade2005 that depends what headphones you use though doesn’t it

  • TheAaronmcmahon11

    Your voice and accent is on point bro. Great vid

  • Ayan Barat
    Ayan Barat Day ago

    Nice review...#salute from india..can you review the usb c AKG headphones that comes within the box.I am unable to find any sort of bass.....its really annoying... thanks

      SALIN KHAN Day ago

      @Ayan Barat either u can tune manually for some songs which is created with low bass so adjust manually, in other cases choose the given one

    • Ayan Barat
      Ayan Barat Day ago

      @SALIN KHAN did you manually tune the equalizer or did u select one of the given modes like rock, pop etc.....

      SALIN KHAN Day ago

      @Ayan Barat bass mode on music app settings choose equalizer dude 😊

    • Ayan Barat
      Ayan Barat Day ago

      @SALIN KHAN thanks man for the reply...dolby atmos switched to voice mode....but where is this "bass mode"....i am using Samsung Music app....

      SALIN KHAN Day ago


  • wolf hunter
    wolf hunter Day ago

    Could you please try the galaxy play link on the note 10+

    • Day ago

      will do. once it comes out of beta or actually works. been having issues with it

  • Big Cat
    Big Cat Day ago

    where did you the wallpapers?

  • wolf hunter
    wolf hunter Day ago

    Please do a battery drain and speaker test of the note 10+ against 11 pro max when u get your hands on it

    • wolf hunter
      wolf hunter Day ago yeah but apple again improved the speakers

    • Day ago

      already have a speaker-test

  • z1r76
    z1r76 Day ago

    Thank you! Great video. I get tired of people trying to compare a phone to a professional camera or an actual computer! I bought a phone that does cool things! Yes it is a phone!

  • calical26
    calical26 Day ago

    if you want a pro cam get a real cam its only phone lmao

  • harsh
    harsh Day ago

    Sharingan wallpaper at the beginning tho 😍 amazing video as always.

  • ZAK talks TECH

    I'm so happy with mine. The camera is absolutely awesome this year!

    • andyH_England
      andyH_England Day ago

      ZAK talks TECH For most of us the cameras are great and no complaints. Could it be better hardware and software wise, yes, and the Pixel 4, Mate 30Pro and iPhone 11P will confirm that? But I know Samsung has a lot in the pipeline re the camera and the Note was just too early to benefit from these. 2020 is when Samsung steps up their camera game and if you are in the small percentile that want the best camera then the Note will fall short of the best with the N10. Wait til next year for that.

    • harsh
      harsh Day ago

      I guess, pixel 4 will dethrone note series and iPhone 11 series with their camera.

    • Day ago

      Yeah, they have done a solid job this year

  • Hakeem Adjei
    Hakeem Adjei Day ago

    Your wallpaperS are outstanding.

  • i khan
    i khan Day ago

    👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻

  • Gaurav cyf
    Gaurav cyf Day ago

    Your Thumbnails are🔥🔥🔥

  • Max
    Max Day ago

    I like the Note 10 plus 3D Scanner feature -

  • Its13reezy
    Its13reezy Day ago

    🙄wallpapers bleeding my eyes

  • Ameenul Hassan

    Overall note 10+ is still better than the other fruit in the market