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  • Mayank Chaubey
    Mayank Chaubey 11 days ago

    Can yoy put the scripts also...

  • Christian Obereder
    Christian Obereder 20 days ago

    Very good video, thanks a lot. For future videos try to put the code you are actively writing in the middle of the screen, as having it at the very bottom is harder to read / interferes with the RU-clip player

  • Kyatt Byrd
    Kyatt Byrd Month ago

    My excel restarts every time I enter the url when im recording the macro

  • Jïgñësh Räthöd

    My Friend, great video.... ecellent. really appreciate for uploaidng it.

  • Compscript
    Compscript Month ago

    I just upgraded my Excel because the web query no longer works very well on the 2010 version.

  • John G
    John G Month ago

    Prof. Allen, you nailed it! You really have an inventive mind. This is learning by doing at its best . It is written that "A student is not better than the teacher, but the student who has been fully trained will be like the teacher"(Bible Luke 6:40). Thanks for training me how to generate an automatic vba code for web query. And, now I fill like I can code like my teacher--like you. "Great teachers are hard to find." How many more tricks you got? What's the best macro vba book for beginners that you might recommend me to buy?

  • Ganesh Mohite
    Ganesh Mohite 2 months ago

    Gove Allen it is very well to understand..Thanks. Request you to upload split videos to understand.

  • mohamed tantawy
    mohamed tantawy 2 months ago

    please, give me the source.

  • George Michael
    George Michael 2 months ago

    Excellent explanation. you sir are amazing

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 3 months ago

    Hey mr. Gove where i you.. r you holidaying. . Its been a while i haven't heard you on youtube.

  • George Michael
    George Michael 3 months ago

    can't thank you enough. it will be very helpful if can we have the xl files.

  • George Michael
    George Michael 3 months ago

    What an amazing teacher you are . Thanks a lot

  • Khoa Cao
    Khoa Cao 3 months ago

    I am new to excel What do I need to learn on this video for fully understand?

  • Angelo Pinelli M. Samia

    Thanks for sharing this, the part on how to adapt the string element into a general case (cell value) saved my day

  • Verky
    Verky 4 months ago

    Does the website have to be publicly accessible for me to accomplish this. What if I need a log in?

    • Gove Allen
      Gove Allen 3 months ago

      This video shows you how to login

  • Nguyễn Anh scofield
    Nguyễn Anh scofield 4 months ago

    That's sound great!. But i have just only question how to fill data into factTable and dimTime? Thank you!

  • 25 Gokul
    25 Gokul 4 months ago

    Hi Allen, My Name is Gokul, i have some Query like i can't access the above web site how to get the most current data??? Plz give me a solution.

    SHIVANI SHARMA 4 months ago

    could you please share excel sheet for viewing the codes

  • Anupam Mandal
    Anupam Mandal 4 months ago

    Very helpful..can u share the import files as well?

  • Rajat solanki
    Rajat solanki 5 months ago

    Sir, I wanted to ask I wanted to use google excel as a database for acting as a license management system for an excel worksheet so that it can be used in one computer which he had first installed

  • Gove Allen
    Gove Allen 5 months ago

    Unfortunately, it looks like we lose audio about 17 minutes in.

  • Jong Min Lim
    Jong Min Lim 5 months ago

    oh the mic's dead

  • Eric Noels
    Eric Noels 5 months ago

    Dear Allen, This is really a very good explanation of pushing data to google sheets from vba ! I add your first subroutine "CreateWebQuery", which was partly hidden on your screen. Greetings from Eric Noels - Belgium Public Sub CreateWebQuery(Destination As Range, url As String, Optional WebselectionType As XlWebSelectionType = xlEntirePage, Optional SaveQuery As Boolean, Optional PlainText As Boolean = True) With Destination.Parent.QueryTables.Add(Connection:="URL;" & url, Destination:=Destination) .Name = "Webquery" .RefreshStyle = xlOverwriteCells .WebselectionType = WebselectionType .PreserveFormatting = PlainText .BackgroundQuery = False .Refresh If Not SaveQuery Then .Delete End With End Sub

  • thy ngo
    thy ngo 5 months ago

    hi Allen, I just want to say thank you for the vidoes on etl and datawarehouse..I have not yet come across one that is so direct and easy to understand like yours for a novice who knows a little but really want to get a introduction into guidelines and practice exposure to sssis. so again, thank you so much.

  • dilon carnie
    dilon carnie 5 months ago


  • Nathan Lively
    Nathan Lively 5 months ago

    Hmmm, VBA is telling me that CreateWebQuery is not a command it understands.

  • Wasim Shaikh
    Wasim Shaikh 5 months ago

    Hi Goven, Can you please give us the GoogleSheet.xlsm files so that we can practice on it

  • chiran D
    chiran D 5 months ago

    Thank you a lot... It's really helpful

    ABDULFATTAH ALHAZMI 6 months ago

    Thank you professor. Very useful tutorial. To solve 1004 ERROR do the following: 1- Remove ActiveSheet.Cells.Clear 2- Add Sheets("WebQuery").Range("A:B").Clear before the first line of the code. Hope this helps.

  • Christian Muntean
    Christian Muntean 6 months ago

    Really helful Gove! Thanks a lot!

  • Bil dal
    Bil dal 6 months ago

    Is there any way to get the sample file?

  • Michael Howard Wolf
    Michael Howard Wolf 6 months ago

    Don't stop doing you! always on your side.

  • bondniko
    bondniko 6 months ago

    Mr. Allen, thank you. You explain vba in a very clear and understandable way. I have learned a lot.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 7 months ago

    Thank you

  • bondniko
    bondniko 7 months ago

    Lucky you, he did not pull his gun and shoot. What's the matter?

  • Ted Krapf
    Ted Krapf 7 months ago

    Thank you! Great video! Very helpful

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 7 months ago

    Hi sir,, thanks for the tutorial.. I have a query ..when I get all the file name using 'do loop' and lets say a variable called filename captures the all the file name and within loop statement I write filename = dir() .. it captures all the file name as long as I press f5 key.. but when I debug it using f8 key it gives an error the code reaches to dir() line..

  • ajjappa.s ajay
    ajjappa.s ajay 7 months ago

    Hi Allen, This is my VBA code, but i am getting a error "run time error '1004' "paste method of worksheet class failed" can you help me on this Sub Stockinfo() ' ' Stockinfo Macro ' Get all info ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S ' Selection.Copy Sheets("WebQuery").Select ActiveSheet.Cells.Clear Range("C1").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Application.CutCopyMode = False ActiveWorkbook.Queries.Add Name:="Table 1", Formula:= _ "let" & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & " Source = Web.Page(Web.Contents(""" & Range("c1").Value & """))," & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & " Data1 = Source{1}[Data]," & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & " #""Changed Type"" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Data1,{{""Column1"", type text}, {""Column2"", type text}})" & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & "in" & Chr(13) & "" & Chr(10) & " #""Changed Type""" 'ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Add With ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(SourceType:=0, Source:= _ "OLEDB;Provider=Microsoft.Mashup.OleDb.1;Data Source=$Workbook$;Location=""Table 1"";Extended Properties=""""" _ , Destination:=Range("$A$1")).QueryTable .CommandType = xlCmdSql .CommandText = Array("SELECT * FROM [Table 1]") .RowNumbers = False .FillAdjacentFormulas = False .PreserveFormatting = True .RefreshOnFileOpen = False .BackgroundQuery = True .RefreshStyle = xlInsertDeleteCells .SavePassword = False .SaveData = True .AdjustColumnWidth = True .RefreshPeriod = 0 .PreserveColumnInfo = True .ListObject.DisplayName = "Table_1" .Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False End With ActiveWorkbook.Queries("Table 1").Delete ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table_1").Unlist End Sub

  • ajjappa.s ajay
    ajjappa.s ajay 7 months ago

    hello Allen i am stuck in "run time error '1004' paste method of worksheet class failed" do you have any idea how to solve it?

  • cheggy weggy
    cheggy weggy 7 months ago

    one hour and 3 minutes of total shit...

  • cheggy weggy
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  • Aleksandrs Bebrišs
    Aleksandrs Bebrišs 8 months ago

    Thanks! I like Your videos. Keep upload.

  • Ruben Villanueva
    Ruben Villanueva 9 months ago

    The first part on the data warehouse was clearer than the end. So, I have a question the DW is not Necessarily created in the SQL server management studio you build it from data coming from there in the Business intelligence studio, right? Was this vidio part of a larger list?

    • Ruben Villanueva
      Ruben Villanueva 9 months ago

      @Gove Allen It really help me also I have been trying to really grasp on the step by step need to create OLAP cube or great report but I have been having problems with finding the right set of videos. I have also tried some book on this I have read the for dummies ones buy they are really short on showing examples, could you recommend some books?

    • Gove Allen
      Gove Allen 9 months ago

      This was a recording of a college class I teach on advanced database management. There are a few other videos on similar topics which you should be able to find on my channel from around the same time. I post these videos for my student's benefit as a review from class.

  • naufal nurfikrialwan
    naufal nurfikrialwan 9 months ago

    sia njing nyusahin aing

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 9 months ago

    Hi how do I get the video on different sub routine uses in this exercise. Like waitfor() , gettagname() n all..

    • Gove Allen
      Gove Allen 9 months ago

      Sorry, no video on that file but I've started a github repository for code samples to go along with the videos I post. The code for that module is in it

  • Aryan Bhatta
    Aryan Bhatta 10 months ago

    could you please tell me how to parse electronic journal file using c sharp programming language

  • SiS' Cee
    SiS' Cee 10 months ago

    Love you So Much!!! this Help My Life

  • LOVE and World PEACE
    LOVE and World PEACE 10 months ago

    Good diagrams but because of restrictions now in Excel 2016, this does not work. It cancels on the long line of code as bad.

  • Yuri Caesar
    Yuri Caesar 10 months ago

    I've been looking for such tool for a while! Thanks!

  • Aleksandrs Bebrišs
    Aleksandrs Bebrišs 11 months ago

    Thank You. Please keep posted. Just please get stable sound. Like! You are gifted teacher.

  • Jo King
    Jo King 11 months ago

    Hi Gove. Thanks for the videos! They're really well done. Curious if you have a link or a video regarding the mod_IE_Tools?

    • Jo King
      Jo King 11 months ago

      just thought I'd ask. they're not vital to the course but definitely useful tools! did you ever think about creating a udemy course? the classes on webscraping are better than any other webscraping courses I've seen on udemy. or even sell your functions through: i'd pay for 'em!

    • Gove Allen
      Gove Allen 11 months ago

      sorry, all files referenced are accessible only to course students of the university course where the video was recorded

  • Vishal Tripathi
    Vishal Tripathi 11 months ago

    Great video, solved the purpose.

  • Tim Melton
    Tim Melton 11 months ago

    why not just specify the full database path all the time and then you don't have to worry about which connection you're using.

    HOC DI MAY 11 months ago

    how to download this file excel? please help me. thank you. i'm learning scheduling.

  • Senthil
    Senthil 11 months ago

    Hi Gove Allen, Excellent video. I have a query. For example say when we import stock price for google in cell B2 and each time when the page is refreshed, instead of the previous stock price getting deleted and updated with the new price, would like the new price to be automatically updated in the next cell B3, B4, B5 .......and so on upon each refresh leaving the previous trail of prices untouched. I did this 10yrs ago by using the "Reset", "Count " and "Iterate"(loop?) option , but couldn't remember it now. Is there a way that this could be done in excel and with VBA if required? Thanks in advance. Regards, Senthil

  • Lance Davis
    Lance Davis 11 months ago

    Thanks for publishing - super helpful! Really appreciate the availability of this information.

  • ntheq ntheq
    ntheq ntheq 11 months ago

    I could NOT find a single site, including FINANCE.YAHOO. that has a selectable web table for the US 10Y Treasure. (Incomplete address: I just want to put the daily rate in an Excel sheet that give the rate number as opposed to dropping a link in the sheet that takes you to the site to see the rate. FINDING SITES WITH DATA IN TABLE IS NOT EASY. Any ideas?

  • Mohammed Esmael
    Mohammed Esmael Year ago

    I understand this function very well, it is a really very good explanation. Thank you.

  • Gove Allen
    Gove Allen Year ago

    File used in video available at:

  • Rarrrrrr
    Rarrrrrr Year ago

    Provo PD is a disaster of a department. They DO NOT respect your inalienable constitutional rights. They will violate them, you must video record them every time you have an encounter with Provo PD.

  • Rarrrrrr
    Rarrrrrr Year ago

    Provo PD is a disaster of a department. They DO NOT respect your inalienable constitutional rights. They will violate them, you must video record them every time you have an encounter with Provo PD.

  • Rarrrrrr
    Rarrrrrr Year ago

    Provo PD is a disaster of a department. They DO NOT respect your inalienable constitutional rights. They will violate them, you must video record them every time you have an encounter with Provo PD.

    • Jonathan Laursen
      Jonathan Laursen 6 months ago

      I live in Provo and I know for a fact that it isn’t a disaster. My dad is infact a officer of said department and it is the most respectable department in all the state

  • Stei Nelo
    Stei Nelo Year ago

    amazing tutorial. very detailed and it helped me complete my task good job allen

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    fauzi shari Year ago

    Thx for the video..very useful in cleanup my code 👍

  • Shubham Makharia

    This is great work put together Gove Allen. This is a walk through that I look for in most new concepts, as it helps build a clear image of everything going on and this solid understanding. Much appreciated, looking forward to more.

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    john Cardona Year ago

    shit man you are awsome!!!

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    The Swayly Year ago

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  • Scott Poulton
    Scott Poulton Year ago

    Hi there, Really good video, I've been struggling with this idea for a little while now and nobody really had a good solution. Just wondering how/if this can be done with Google Sheets? I need to both pull and push data back to a Google Sheet through VBA. If you have any advice/help that would be amazing!

  • Cesar Andreotti
    Cesar Andreotti Year ago

    Great!! Where can I get this file used ?

  • Phillip Aguirre
    Phillip Aguirre Year ago

    Can this be tailored to (1) access a website using a username and password, and (2) to pull specific information from the site once logged in?

  • Andy K
    Andy K Year ago

    Can anybody please help - My query tables work just fine when it comes to the process of extracting data from the web but unfortunately it doesn't paste all the data. So for example i have 145 rows in Google Sheets and QueryTables only paste 100. What is wrong ?

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  • Aiden Kashani
    Aiden Kashani Year ago

    Thank you for this great video. I am doing everything steps by steps and it is working nicely however I get "run time error 1004" as soon as I add ActiveSheet.Cells.Clear any idea how to fix that? thanks

  • Harry Schneiderman

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  • Palo P
    Palo P Year ago

    Hi, is there a reason why you'd have to create a new/different connection for creating the violation fact table?

  • Palo P
    Palo P Year ago

    "Microsoft Visual Studio is busy"... Worst message you'll ever read when you're in production, working on an SSRS project.. Great lesson sir.

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    Dan Cacovean Year ago

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    Nice to have a real-world example, complete with real-world issues such as VS crashing and text file imports failing. Thanks Gove Allen.

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  • Gove Allen
    Gove Allen Year ago

    There was a problem with this recording so that the 60 minute demo recorded over only 13 minutes. I've replaced it with the following:

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    Sadhvi Suri Year ago

    amazing man!

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    jaweed ahmed Year ago

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  • Durga Yerramilli

    HI Allen, I am trying to perform web query in Excel 2016 however, i am getting an error " able highlighting is disabled because this uses internet explorer compatibility mode". I am trying to access or get the content from this web: advise I am able to view or access the same web page in IE (i have installed their certificate on local machine too)

    • Gove Allen
      Gove Allen Year ago

      sorry, not sure what that might be

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    A great example of what I have been looking for but, unless I'm missing something, Excel 2016 doesn't have this same feature and it is offered only in the 365 service.

    • einhoerner
      einhoerner Year ago

      Scott K tricky thing is the releative reference thing, it doesn’t exist in exel version for mac, on my windows excel I had 2007 version so need to add this command - it’s on same place where you add developer just on the commend side :)

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    Eric DeBrito Year ago

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    Matan Zilka Year ago

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    • Yiqing Dai
      Yiqing Dai 3 months ago

      @JINGXO Your solution works well for me

    • JINGXO
      JINGXO 7 months ago

      @ajjappa.s ajay Sheets("Web Query").Cells.Clear Selection.Copy Sheets("Web Query").Select Range("C1").Select ActiveSheet.Paste

    • ajjappa.s ajay
      ajjappa.s ajay 7 months ago

      you got the solution for that error??????

    • ajjappa.s ajay
      ajjappa.s ajay 7 months ago

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    • ajjappa.s ajay
      ajjappa.s ajay 7 months ago

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