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  • Josie Cordova
    Josie Cordova 12 minutes ago


  • lukngud
    lukngud 2 hours ago

    I wouldn't touch these if I were Drunk!

  • tartanbasketball
    tartanbasketball 3 hours ago

    I will be attempting this for dinner this weeks sans onions. Allergic. but it looks good

  • Sonia S. Muniz
    Sonia S. Muniz 4 hours ago

    I got drunk just watching!! Great recipe.. thanks for sharing....

  • Tasty
    Tasty 4 hours ago

    Great 😍

  • BeepBeepImASheep237 BeepBeepImASheep237

    wait a second, this isnt good. this reminds me of minecraft story mode...

  • Sean O Huiginn
    Sean O Huiginn 5 hours ago

    Thank you, made for a 6 year old bday cake, the most decadent Choco cake. Best choc cake iv made yet.

  • lola1491
    lola1491 5 hours ago

    This recipe is for two loaves of bread, correct?

  • Precious 9 Lucky
    Precious 9 Lucky 5 hours ago

    can this be done without using vodka? gr8 idea for children

  • Dwayne Koblitz
    Dwayne Koblitz 5 hours ago

    Interestingly different take on tomato soup. But probably would never make it this way.

  • Alisa Wooten
    Alisa Wooten 7 hours ago

    Cute 😍

  • Sandra Grant
    Sandra Grant 7 hours ago

    I adore him! He makes me laugh, and I love his recipes.

  • Kyle Hewitt
    Kyle Hewitt 7 hours ago

    So you can drink your crayon candy, instead of just eat it? Lol

  • evergreen high
    evergreen high 7 hours ago

    My kids will love this <3

  • Geneva K
    Geneva K 8 hours ago

    Nice but!!! No garlic on tooth picks. Simply make garic olive oil to top the cheese. Or chop it and mix it in with the chopped dried tomatoes. Roasted garlic would be mellowed.

  • Nishi’s kitchen
    Nishi’s kitchen 8 hours ago

    Thanks for making and sharing this wonderful video

  • Gita Dasgupta
    Gita Dasgupta 8 hours ago

    Easily the best madeleine recipe out there ☺️ Thanks so much for sharing it

  • trash
    trash 8 hours ago

    so it doesn't taste like candy corn? >:(

  • Unique Kreations
    Unique Kreations 9 hours ago

    Omg!!! I want some

  • Secrets In The Oven - Food Channel

    Wow! I was thinking about a Halloween recipe and boom! I received the notification from your channel! Great job! 😍

  • Cooking with Tovia
    Cooking with Tovia 9 hours ago

    Thank you for not putting candy corn in this because it's gross.

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody 9 hours ago

    Way to much salt!!!

  • Lady of The woods
    Lady of The woods 14 hours ago

    Wouldn’t putting a hot Pyrex dish directly in the freezer make it crack?

  • ready 2fly
    ready 2fly 23 hours ago

    You should rename this vid to oven dried tomatoes....

  • Lil 002
    Lil 002 23 hours ago

    Her voice sounds depressing... :(

  • cartman4885
    cartman4885 Day ago

    That's what I am talking about goods eats right there..............

  • Alex Templeton

    I started getting fat just watching this video

  • Ana Tucker
    Ana Tucker Day ago

    This is a horrible recipe

  • Luz Rowshandel

    Can I substitute the garlic and the ketchup for other ingredients

  • Echelon
    Echelon Day ago

    Can I do this with a pork tenderloin?

  • ACE Social
    ACE Social Day ago

    Would not recommend

  • Zul Naim
    Zul Naim Day ago

    Description: PLEASE NOTE put 2 teaspoon of baking powder not tablespoon Me : *Already follow the video* im screwed....

    SWIRLY4LIFE Day ago

    Club penguin fishing music

  • Joseph Flaherty

    Chef “groupies”. Go figure.

  • Joseph Flaherty

    Captain of football team.

  • Amy Fredericksen

    I don't make that many steaks at once. Can I freeze the batter?

  • Laken Smith
    Laken Smith Day ago

    who’s here in 2019?

  • Sammy M
    Sammy M Day ago

    Don't use a teaspoon of salt. You've been warned. I suggest 1/2

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith Day ago

    Slow cookers. More properly “mush cookers”. Never had a decent tasting dish from a slow cooker. Gadgets are no substitute for good cooking.

  • sydsmylove
    sydsmylove Day ago

    Such a fun video and gal!!! Allergic to raw eggs 😫... but may have to risk it 🤔 looks yummy!

  • arlene hueholt

    Very enjoyable! I fell bad for interviewer , everybody is making negative comments about him, seems overboard to attack him

  • Ana
    Ana Day ago

    I just made this and it was great. :) Thank you.

  • Joyce Eleanor
    Joyce Eleanor Day ago

    Mine didn't set

  • MustacheSaddle

    2oz ???? that was like 6oz of burbon

  • Kid fun TV
    Kid fun TV Day ago

    i made it but it taste horrible

  • matthis toles
    matthis toles Day ago

    I love the music

  • Lichiz
    Lichiz Day ago

    How long should I leave a 2lb chuck roast in the crockpot?

  • Lisa Warsh-Chartier

    The best part is the oats. Where are your oats????

  • Barber Mom
    Barber Mom 2 days ago

    This is not sangria! This is Ronron juice!

  • Eros Delorenzi
    Eros Delorenzi 2 days ago

    No such thing is American Lasagna

  • Millie Martinez
    Millie Martinez 2 days ago

    I just made them and used organic peanut butter and a no...too soft. I made them last year with Skippy and they were good. I'll go back to Skippy

  • John Krakovsky
    John Krakovsky 2 days ago

    French Dressing? I just made the most freaking delicious taco salad you could ever eat. Left over pulled rotisserie chicken from few days ago. It's everything, white dark, thigh, breast, wing, into a pan with veg oil. Heat it up. 1 pouch of Selections Fajita Seasoning (I happened to have it), water, cook it down until reduced. On a baking sheet, Doritos Jalepeno Cheddar, just a small amount, a layer, maybe 1/4 of a large bag just me, shredded cheddar cheese, and the chicken on top, into the oven (preheated so they don't burn or darken much) melt the cheese warm everything up, 5 minutes. Out of the oven, onto a plate, not even neatly, slide it right off onto the plate. I diced up a tomato on the vine "cluster tomato" from a cluster I bought the other day (sweet), literally took a knife to a head of iceberg lettuce I had cut a few pieces off, shredded and ripped that all on there, then sour cream in a sandwich bag, corner cut, zig zag. That was 100x better than a Wendy's taco salad which I haven't had in years.

  • Lexi, lyah Francheska

    I’ve tried making these and my cookie isn’t spreading. It’s stays in and ball shape. Help!

  • Frank Faz
    Frank Faz 2 days ago

    Been looking for some good Tex-Mex sauce and Ima give this one a go. Do yourself a favor and fry the corn tortillas in oil for 30 seconds before you make your enchiladas. It adds a ton of flavor and that’s how most restaurants do it.

    YAHNWAESUHNMUN 2 days ago

    Ok minus the conola oil my gosh your crazy!

  • Просто о Фантастическом

    Who else is here just to see how Chef John looks like? I love his channel and his recipies! So entertaining yet informative.

  • Aisha Hale
    Aisha Hale 2 days ago

    But when do u add the gravy? After the 2 hour simmer?

  • Ella Lol
    Ella Lol 2 days ago

    This recipe made horribly runny pancakes...

  • Tae Kook
    Tae Kook 2 days ago

    So .....I made this using 2 TABLESPOONS of baking powder...turned out good 🙃

  • Mohd Salem
    Mohd Salem 2 days ago


  • Rosmariini Sydänmaa

    I just aggressively punch it with my fists with all of my might and then I turn it around. Sometimes I twist it by my hands. I just do it by my intuition. I often knead in 15 minutes.

  • Juliët Hopman
    Juliët Hopman 2 days ago

    Use butter instead of oil

  • FJ Lizama
    FJ Lizama 2 days ago

    Who the hell down votes Chef John from ?

  • Sara Almansori
    Sara Almansori 2 days ago


  • shell bell
    shell bell 2 days ago

    The worst recipe I ever tried. Very wet from the mushrooms I think. Burns in slow cooker at the bottom! Never again!

  • Q Co
    Q Co 2 days ago

    Sopranos. The

  • Q Co
    Q Co 2 days ago

    Van de Carr. Alan, Stuart Norton. San Jose.

  • ProGummybears 80
    ProGummybears 80 2 days ago

    Can you use molasses in this recipe

  • Unicorn Rainbow Slimes

    I tried to do this pancake but it tasted like chemicals DO NOT TRY THIS

  • Paula Noe
    Paula Noe 2 days ago

    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to use room temperature butter or cold butter Help!

  • Sandra Ramos
    Sandra Ramos 2 days ago

    Great yummy yummy🍸🍸😋😋😋

  • Yeet Gucci
    Yeet Gucci 2 days ago


  • Zamora Blake
    Zamora Blake 3 days ago

    I really like this chic. Pie looks fantastic

  • Abir Chaudhuri
    Abir Chaudhuri 3 days ago

    If that's your interpretation of a "proper English" cottage pie, then I am scared to watch your other videos.

  • anna di muzio
    anna di muzio 3 days ago

    Happy to see this

  • MrsLukeArnold
    MrsLukeArnold 3 days ago

    Ricotta is NOT 4 lasanga but stuffed pasta

  • Estevan Mejorado
    Estevan Mejorado 3 days ago

    Directions wrong i left my dog in a four hundred degrees oven

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 3 days ago

    Just had some buckeyes for the first time couple of weeks ago that my neighbor made for me. I just tried this recipe. Absolutely delicious! I am just trying to figure out why my chocolate seemed so thin. Must have been something I did wrong. Other than that, SOOO GOOOD!

  • teeko train
    teeko train 3 days ago

    Ya lost me at the first olive oil! Use bacon grease. Also garlic burns you should never add them first thing. Also never salt your greens till towards the end because they sheink so much you'll oversalt otherwise.

  • Clara Fierro
    Clara Fierro 3 days ago

    Please, please comeback all recipes doing videos like this one, love the voice and the way how is explained.

  • Shukri Habiba
    Shukri Habiba 3 days ago

    Please let that be cream cheese Please let that be cream cheese not its butter 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Rob G
    Rob G 3 days ago

    This looks like it was cooked for about 60 seconds. Do you always undercook your food?

  • HeY! sToB It!
    HeY! sToB It! 3 days ago


  • Jewelz B
    Jewelz B 3 days ago


  • Tsai Jason
    Tsai Jason 3 days ago

    This lady is funny:) and so fun to watch!

  • Mia B.
    Mia B. 3 days ago

    1 cup flour 2 tbsp sugar 2 tsp baking powder Pinch of salt Blend 1 cup milk 1 egg beaten 2 tbsp oil 1tsp vanilla Mix until smooth 1/4 cup for each pancake

  • Franciosi Funhouse
    Franciosi Funhouse 3 days ago

    I got this video by searching up scariest video in the world that will make u shit ur pants I'm not kidding

  • Teresita Velasco
    Teresita Velasco 3 days ago

    I was born 2010😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😮😮😮😮

  • Parikshit 2
    Parikshit 2 3 days ago

    I am vegetarian and do not consume alcohol. I was happy about the recipe and then it escalated quickly towards the end!

  • Ender Yılmaz
    Ender Yılmaz 3 days ago

    Allah is everywhere aka chALLAH xD

  • unstopable gaming
    unstopable gaming 3 days ago

    All I'm missing is baking soda 😐😐😭😭😪😪

  • ro shif1974
    ro shif1974 3 days ago

    She has to be Matty Matheson's less tattooed twin sister..

  • wildflower434
    wildflower434 3 days ago

    .....I forgot. And cinnamon and nutmeg, along with Vanilla extract.

  • wildflower434
    wildflower434 3 days ago

    The recipe is right, except they left out Vanilla Extract.

  • alie s
    alie s 3 days ago

    Btw. I grew up on raw eggs.. like fully raw!!! lol!!!! Nothing ever happened to me or siblings. And I have 7 siblings!!! Lol!! My mom even still to this day doesn’t fry up or boils eggs fully!! They are healthier that way for you!! Just make sure they are free range organic eggs and wash and dry them good bfore cracking them ... you’ll be fine!!!!!!!!!! 👏🏻😁

  • alie s
    alie s 3 days ago

    Recipie looks awsome... Oreos are delicpuse but I haven’t eaten them in SO SO SO many years!!!! And I don’t let my kids eat them. To many bad crud in them!! Anyways! I’ll try this recipe with a different crust..

  • Gypsy
    Gypsy 3 days ago

    I don't think I can eat anything with raw eggs in it.. but the video is great!! it wss fun watching this.. and ...this girl is very pretty 🤩🤩

  • goosecouple
    goosecouple 3 days ago

    Too much marinade you don't even know what you're eating. That's like rotten food served to sailors in the old days.

  • goosecouple
    goosecouple 3 days ago

    This is steak for girls.