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  • Mirkenson Basáez
    Mirkenson Basáez Minute ago

    Tremendo tema, merecía algo mejor, los videos de Ultra dejan mucho que desear. Grande Boris ❤️🎶👽🇨🇱

  • Petr Průcha
    Petr Průcha 3 minutes ago


  • Marielena Flores
    Marielena Flores 6 minutes ago

    Okay seriously I don’t hate when people say “2019” but when I see 20 comments on it STFUUUUU

  • Jules Windu
    Jules Windu 11 minutes ago

    She completely misses the nail at 0:11

  • Nishant Bandsode
    Nishant Bandsode 11 minutes ago

    This song is the best for late night drives

  • R H
    R H 12 minutes ago

    من شاهد الأغنية في 2020. لابك

  • LZheL art ik
    LZheL art ik 23 minutes ago

    Когда надо делать уроки, я:

  • Carlos Joel Orosco
    Carlos Joel Orosco 26 minutes ago

    Amazing track! This video was recorded in Miami, South Beach. 👌😎

  • алексей заровный

    it is not music af

  • Michał Niemiec
    Michał Niemiec 28 minutes ago


  • Crian Spills
    Crian Spills 30 minutes ago

    Why am I willingly looking at this

  • Tangbaozi
    Tangbaozi 36 minutes ago

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  • infornews e traduBRS
    infornews e traduBRS 36 minutes ago


  • osamigos Maria
    osamigos Maria 41 minute ago

    Nunca mais vejo iso

  • sarah makgotodi kgoale
    sarah makgotodi kgoale 42 minutes ago

    this is a hit...Trevor Noah send me here. South Africa approves

  • Esraa soso
    Esraa soso 50 minutes ago

    It,s love musick

  • Roblox Secrets
    Roblox Secrets 51 minute ago

    kanker lied oortiefus

  • Honza Munt
    Honza Munt 51 minute ago

    I don't know what to think about it. Not bad but.... Boris, you have almost unlimited funds, certainly at least many times more than ordinary people like us. Next time we want to see a great clip! Your music is also some special so why clip that looks so amateur? No big idea and not to mention the cut. You need SHOOT to sit on my ass! So hire a real director and MAKE a real videoclip and not this. Some like this we did for fun, in school years. Capturing on types of phones with the first camera device and then editing in a Windows movie maker. The result was almost the same 😜

  • I am cat of Zhanara
    I am cat of Zhanara 51 minute ago


  • Elana Piranha
    Elana Piranha 52 minutes ago

    Money can buy you a shitty song

  • Saef Saef
    Saef Saef 57 minutes ago

    هههههه 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Leonora Ncube
    Leonora Ncube 59 minutes ago

    Sketchy Bongo one of the best producers in S.A.

  • Darius Grant
    Darius Grant Hour ago

    Probably the worst Deadmau5 song


    I just wanna say that namjoonie hyung is a big lier...

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash Hour ago

    I have a pen I have a pencil Ughhh Penpencil

  • jurgen ingles
    jurgen ingles Hour ago

    Perfect song

  • Amanda Forshort
    Amanda Forshort Hour ago

    i love their bikinis so sexy

  • Gg Tt
    Gg Tt Hour ago


  • Ankit Dabas
    Ankit Dabas Hour ago

    Kon Kon ese 2019 me sun Raya ha 😂😂

  • jurgen ingles
    jurgen ingles Hour ago


  • Thais Duttra
    Thais Duttra Hour ago

    Aaa q nostalgia. 🇧🇷💥

  • Ilgvars Apaļais

    anyone 2019? :) :D

  • Theo Meneveau
    Theo Meneveau Hour ago


  • oktay elagöz
    oktay elagöz Hour ago

    Türkler burada mı 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Indy Klaassen
    Indy Klaassen Hour ago

    I haf e pen l hef e pen✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏

  • Leon lebatard
    Leon lebatard Hour ago

    Venez faites vous plaisir les pédophilies ouaiiiiiii !!!!!

  • 周熠
    周熠 Hour ago

    (=^・^=) 😂

  • الأمير / حاتم الجهني

    Bom bom bom . ..... Hhhaaaaaa Relly allah ...BOM OOOHH

  • الأمير / حاتم الجهني

    انته رجل فقط تستطيع ان ترفع رأسك يارجل لحبك لهذا الكم من البنات واحتوائهن .. شكرا مستر pitbull

  • Molten Mode
    Molten Mode Hour ago

    im not crying youre crying

  • yudiudeng nugraha


    FIGHT PASS Hour ago

    Bonbon means Candy ( 2019 October Who's Here ? )

  • Qawse
    Qawse Hour ago

    This is the next Apple Pencil.

  • Manisha Pandey
    Manisha Pandey Hour ago

    A funny song 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂ᕙ[・۝・]ᕗ

  • Guillermo Mac Rios


  • 옴뇸뇸
    옴뇸뇸 Hour ago

    이거 갑자기 추천영상에 떠서 들어온 사람 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • merouane fitness

    Pure drops baby 💦

  • Use code Shrek
    Use code Shrek 2 hours ago

    Soooo... why are you here?

  • Muggleborn girl
    Muggleborn girl 2 hours ago

    Riiiise and Shineeeeee

  • Jestem Kamil
    Jestem Kamil 2 hours ago

    Kto z Polski?? XD

  • athos biondi
    athos biondi 2 hours ago

    📲*00212645752301* *whatapps*📲 وجــدت💁‍♂️ كــثــيــر مــن الـكـومـنـتـات عـن تـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وضــعــف الانـتـصـاب وسـرعـة الـقـذف وأبـغـى أبــشــركــم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عــلــى مــعــلــومــات مـفـيـدة✅ هــتــنــفــعــكــم كـثـيـر ومـجـربـهـا كـمـان ونـفـعـتـنـي🤩🥳 تــواصــل مــعــي🙋‍♂️ وأنــا بــشــرح لـك سـر الــوصــفــة الـواتـس اب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  • GoChuckUrself
    GoChuckUrself 2 hours ago

    Me listening to this the first time: WTF? What is this?! Me listening to it the 14th time: *COM DEUS ME DEITO COM DEUS ME LEVANTO!!!*

  • Laura Voisin
    Laura Voisin 2 hours ago


  • aiyia youssef
    aiyia youssef 2 hours ago

    réfraction uotytth7tyy276

  • عبدالله صلاح


  • comedy vines
    comedy vines 2 hours ago

    This is how many total words are there 👇👇👇 Edit: Oh thanks..!!! Never got so many likes

  • Nisar Official
    Nisar Official 2 hours ago

    Who came here in 2019 Like here 👇👇

  • marites sison
    marites sison 2 hours ago

    Wonderful beat by bsb❤❤😍👍👌

  • abouzar esmaeili
    abouzar esmaeili 2 hours ago

    پیکان رو ببین

  • Marie Chan
    Marie Chan 2 hours ago

    700mio soon 1b

  • Гулбаршын Жаксыбек


  • Sofia La pro Bv
    Sofia La pro Bv 2 hours ago

    Más inglés que españoles sabiendo que la canción está en castellano:v

  • Armandpierre9 Δ
    Armandpierre9 Δ 2 hours ago


  • Talyat
    Talyat 2 hours ago

    Dame tu cosita from spain language means "Give me your thingy"🔞🔞🔞

  • michał grzelak
    michał grzelak 2 hours ago


  • spooky ghost
    spooky ghost 2 hours ago

    Marshmello is overrated. Deadmau5 is a Titan!

  • eibdalmilik iismaeil


  • lucas charpentier
    lucas charpentier 3 hours ago


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  • Nanda Gaming
    Nanda Gaming 3 hours ago


  • linh dan nguyen pham

    O _ O What the

  • Tshepo Urbanlaser
    Tshepo Urbanlaser 3 hours ago

    Can't believe I almost missed this Thanks Trevor ❤️❤️

  • zara noor abbasi
    zara noor abbasi 3 hours ago

    Sooo funny 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • mishu mihai
    mishu mihai 3 hours ago

    has a bit of alicia keyes-in common

  • pxul
    pxul 3 hours ago

    Nice 👍

  • This is old account Oof

    I have a Hammer I have a sickle uhh I'm communist

  • Simone M.
    Simone M. 3 hours ago

    Listen 1.25x

  • Hari Krishna Khadka
    Hari Krishna Khadka 3 hours ago


  • Ey
    Ey 3 hours ago

    normale 08/15 musik

  • ARMY Jungkook & Jimin Jungkook & Jimin

    Omg 700 milion omggg

  • Luis David Fúnes
    Luis David Fúnes 3 hours ago

    Let's make this song the most popular song of all time, lets hit that like button!

  • Raquel Sobral lima sl

    Dametocoçi rebolando

  • Depash Kumar
    Depash Kumar 3 hours ago

    Style lehenga ke

  • ikzelf100
    ikzelf100 3 hours ago

    Beautiful people are still beautiful.

  • SkidMark212595
    SkidMark212595 3 hours ago

    Killer beat. Weak lyrics. Could of been a real banger if there was some effort put into the lyrics.

  • EuVouComerTeuCu cu
    EuVouComerTeuCu cu 3 hours ago

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥💥💥

  • Aris
    Aris 3 hours ago

    it's been 1 Month .. my gf get married because of me ..cause I want to focus on my courier she called me when her married is was started to fixing I thought she was lying now I'm bagging her to come back I lost my most important person .. pray for me I want her badly 😭😭😭😭😭

  • skipr 8
    skipr 8 3 hours ago

    2020 🌚

  • N14 Pet
    N14 Pet 3 hours ago

    Who's listening this song in October 2019, I'm still listening this song.

  • Aminath Maeysha
    Aminath Maeysha 3 hours ago

    jungkook's voice is so angelic and soothing i just love him soo much

  • N14 Pet
    N14 Pet 3 hours ago

    ¿Quién está escuchando esta canción en octubre de 2019? Todavía estoy escuchando esta canción.

  • Jishnu Pp
    Jishnu Pp 3 hours ago

    ഈ വഴി വന്ന മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോടെ എങ്കിൽ ലൈക്ക് അടിച്ചു പോ 😁😁😁

  • shimezi kun
    shimezi kun 3 hours ago


  • rafael marques
    rafael marques 4 hours ago

    Pabllo linda

  • Iva Pulja
    Iva Pulja 4 hours ago

    Love it!!!!

  • let's buy Taehyung every Gucci store হ্যাঁ??

    That's the sweetest way to ask someone to makeout..

  • TNX B4NB1
    TNX B4NB1 4 hours ago

    I love you Boris♥️♥️😘😘😍😍

  • Hi Amy
    Hi Amy 4 hours ago

    Today October 2019 and then I miss pineapple pen

  • HAje هاجر
    HAje هاجر 4 hours ago