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  • Mary Edwards
    Mary Edwards 4 hours ago

    Omg fantastic reading I’m soo happy thank you soo much and God-bless....xxxxx🙏🙏💝💝🌈🌈

  • Cee Moon
    Cee Moon 4 hours ago

    ♈️ here for an ♒️

  • With My Angels 11
    With My Angels 11 4 hours ago

    Thank you number 2👍

  • Nana Charles
    Nana Charles 4 hours ago

    Great read

  • AM Kosha
    AM Kosha 4 hours ago

    The problem with the gradual increase is that you are hit with high interest until you get to the point of return on investment. Not to mention the stress of paying your bills until you get there.

  • monica4141
    monica4141 5 hours ago

    Have seen 4 of your readings today and I feel blessed. Your readings resonate 100%. Picked house 1, you talked about Pisces, amazingly correct. Thank you, feeling very happy.

  • monica4141
    monica4141 5 hours ago

    Pile 2, I am a cancerian, hot and cold is spot on.

  • adrianna mendez
    adrianna mendez 5 hours ago

    Hi there! PICK ME!!! I subscribed to your channel and Would love a FREE private reading! ❤️🙏🏻✨

  • Soso Lydia
    Soso Lydia 6 hours ago

    I Picked Two ... Sage Is My Favorite.. & That’s Why I Picked It. Wow..

  • macti
    macti 6 hours ago

    Thank you, I will not give up. Working more on myself too.

  • migl3 31673
    migl3 31673 6 hours ago

    I feel extremely exhausted of waiting for somebody who doesn't give a sh*t about me. He's moved on. But I still cannot stop watching tarot reading videos haha thanks !

  • Areli
    Areli 6 hours ago

    #3 We are getting there!

  • Deborah Kenswil
    Deborah Kenswil 6 hours ago

    Thank you so much! I receive and claim this Reading 🙌🏽💛🙌🏽 New Sub!!

  • Samreen
    Samreen 6 hours ago


  • Rita Vesce
    Rita Vesce 6 hours ago

    When you "plan" about maybe try to date again, but you learn there will be a mercury retrograde 😂😂

    • Rita Vesce
      Rita Vesce 6 hours ago

      Aaand get well soon! If you just don't feel like doing videos, take a rest. Your voice is lovely as always tho, thx for the reading 🌹

  • Josephine Burke
    Josephine Burke 6 hours ago

    Exactly what I needed to hear. I’m Capricorn Sun. My dream man is Scorpio.. we have been doing good, work on things. All of sudden he needs space to himself to work on his man stuff. It would be while. It is good time for me to really step up and focus to complete what I meant to do for while now. Self-love!!! Thanks!

  • SourceWithin Change
    SourceWithin Change 7 hours ago

    LOVE this reading , new to your channel, you got it sooo right and accepting what the universe is bringing and will bring , thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maria Dean
    Maria Dean 7 hours ago

    Thank you for these readings.... these readings always resonate with my current situations. Keep doing such a great job.

  • Taina Luke
    Taina Luke 7 hours ago

    Can you do a reading for singles plz on is new love coming in?

  • PaBitra Gurung
    PaBitra Gurung 7 hours ago

    Picked pile 2 for fun and I hope I do not meet that person ever 😂😂😂🥺

  • Katherine Lloyd
    Katherine Lloyd 7 hours ago

    What an awesome reading!! Sounds great!! 😀👍🏼😻💜

  • Kerisha Chanderdeo
    Kerisha Chanderdeo 7 hours ago

    Resonated to the T. Are the tarot cards spying on me lol.

  • Savannah Swan
    Savannah Swan 7 hours ago

    Love your readings! Would love to get one from you 😊❤️ Watching on January 22nd!

  • LJL 87
    LJL 87 7 hours ago


  • ray matthews
    ray matthews 7 hours ago

    How long does this takes? This like all the others Promised like three years ago and we are sill waiting. Fluidity How long is that window?

    BOHRA SHREYA 7 hours ago

    #2:- 👌👌

  • angjul 99
    angjul 99 8 hours ago

    I hope so #3

  • Mardi
    Mardi 8 hours ago

    okay I'm ready for 2020!🦂

  • James Cook Iii
    James Cook Iii 8 hours ago

    What if we’re already together? Also him and I always get the four of wands as the outcome. Happy marriage and reunion?

  • Shybaby
    Shybaby 8 hours ago

    I feel this is on point ❤️

  • betty magnusson
    betty magnusson 8 hours ago


  • Ev Figs
    Ev Figs 9 hours ago

    Love it. I claim it!!!

  • AC Music Entertainment

    Hiya Sweetie, I resonated with this on a different level. not so much as Love and Single but more General Work etc. Progression has come hugely for me. Recently i've started DJing more and my followers just jumped. A lot of people like it and i'm hitting the charts with what i do. I've offered my services to others with DJing and rejected. and i said it's okay i know that wasn't for me. Yes i was hurt badly last year in june july time. Healing is still on going. I'm waiting for that person and socialising is on the agenda in Feb already booked :) Thought i would share that with you for a little bit of a twist. Much much love xx

  • Luisa Pelaez
    Luisa Pelaez 9 hours ago

    Picked pile 2. Crossing my fingers for that progression. And lol yes I'm constantly wondering how is this gonna happen and when. Idk it's like sometimes I want to know all the details and other times I'm like it should be a surprise but then I start analyzing and thinking logistically how in the world is this gonna play out cuz now I just dont see it. Lol its soo frustrating😔

  • Hiqs029
    Hiqs029 9 hours ago

    Time stamps Dice 1 2:13 Dice 2 8:30 Dice 3 13:54

  • Bob Pliskin
    Bob Pliskin 9 hours ago

    Wow this really resonated

  • angie lee
    angie lee 9 hours ago

    Thank u

  • Jazz' N Tarot
    Jazz' N Tarot 9 hours ago


  • Luisa Pelaez
    Luisa Pelaez 9 hours ago

    Aww moonlight don't feel bad for your voice. Actually my first thought was oh no she's sick, hope she's ok, why is she working she should rest and drink honey lemon tea... lol bless you. Hope you feel better and again admire how hardworking you are. If I felt ill in any way, nobody could pull me out of the covers haha😄

  • RLV
    RLV 9 hours ago

    Thankyou. This so resonates!! Very grateful for this reading🙏🌟

  • curious kat
    curious kat 9 hours ago

    I will be as patient as I need to be for him. I dont want any exes back and i do know who you are talking about.

  • Dominique Cantin
    Dominique Cantin 9 hours ago

    Thanks for your bubbly personality it cheers me up. Pile three

  • precious oluwole
    precious oluwole 9 hours ago

    Picked pile 3, I have been confused because different readers have been saying different things . So now I have clarity and can work on raising my vibration and working on myself .

  • Kiem 208
    Kiem 208 9 hours ago

    Thank you! so beautiful 😍 #1

  • Kit Kath
    Kit Kath 10 hours ago

    I think you'ree always so on point, even with these pick a card readings. I really ressonate with most of your readings, I think it's amazing!

  • Stardust
    Stardust 10 hours ago

    Wow! We both are Gemini going thru exact things you mentioned on here! Incredibly accurate. You are the best❤️

  • kriti Mishra
    kriti Mishra 10 hours ago


  • Reaper Gaming
    Reaper Gaming 10 hours ago

    100% accurate! I'm crosswatcher virgo. These days, I'm having really hard time with my life. i know she crushing on me, i love her too. But i need time before a new relationship. i wanna earn some money and fix everything. i hope she will understand that.

  • Janelle Renee Chew
    Janelle Renee Chew 10 hours ago

    2. Thank you

  • C M N
    C M N 10 hours ago

    Thank you so much it help me a lot . 😊

  • Rosanna Cox
    Rosanna Cox 10 hours ago

    Number 2 ..feeling positive 9 weeks I hope so ..thank you x

  • Valerie Feltman
    Valerie Feltman 10 hours ago

    This fit my person to a tee! He's my Aries, Leo moon. I am the wind beneath his wings! It took almost a year for him to tell me he loved me but I felt it much sooner. He's put me smack in a third party situation and trying hard to let go of his karmic but having a tough time. I told him I met someone else recently that I am spending time with, and my Aries Twin Flame is freaking out! He's been asking me out every other night. I see him trying to fill my dance card so I don't have time to date others! You are one of the best, most intuitive readers on RU-clip! Thank you!❤

  • April Campbell
    April Campbell 10 hours ago

    I think it's great you do a free private reading every month. I'd love to be considered.

  • Allison Mudliar
    Allison Mudliar 10 hours ago

    Group 2🙌🏼 - I loved this!! And it resonates perfectly with my situation. Thank you! (and an extra-enthusiastic thank you for 9 WEEKS instead of 9 MONTHS!🤣).

  • Vee Aimee Rodriguez
    Vee Aimee Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    Pile 2 I seen my card the chariot I’m a cancer ♋️

  • ElectroCutie Witchpyre

    Picked #2 I'm glad to hear that more is coming in February. Wish come true. I'm so very happy

  • Daniel kozasky
    Daniel kozasky 10 hours ago

    Resonated with me. Loved the reading today.

  • Krystel Kaith
    Krystel Kaith 10 hours ago

    ill come back 🥺💗 chose #2

  • Rhonda P3ac3Lov3happin3ss

    Thank u ma'am. You always know how to put it together. I see why now I want to be more spiritual. Idk where the universe is taking me. But I'm going to be patient this time and really focus on my happiness.

  • Rhonda P3ac3Lov3happin3ss

    That's exactly what I've been doing. Learning to love myself. Becoming more aware of MY life. Getting my mental together, mediating, trying to quit smoking cigs and weed. But I lost my job and I'm still searching for my purpose but I am also taking this time to spend with my daughter, and with family and a really get in tune with myself

  • 100 Job Challenge
    100 Job Challenge 11 hours ago

    Really resonates, would love to win a reading for further clarity ♥️🙌🏼🌈

  • Kal Kal
    Kal Kal 11 hours ago

    Pile 2.. Thank you.😘

  • violet xo
    violet xo 11 hours ago

    On point as always! I absolutely love your readings❤️❤️

  • Addy Barda
    Addy Barda 11 hours ago

    Pile 2 9 weeks 😍💕 Thankyou ❤️

  • Missy G Please
    Missy G Please 11 hours ago

    That blue nail polish is cosmic, maybe its the color of a deep blue sky, or a planetary color. The reading was true-decided to not think of and wait for a relationship. Just focusing on my well being and getting goals. The strength card next to the Emperor and what you said has me thinking that I need to be strong in my good lifestyle without regressing, and then the Emperor will be able to come in. Will be listening to this reading more than once.

  • Crystal
    Crystal 11 hours ago

    pile 2 💜

  • Nv3 Grand rising
    Nv3 Grand rising 11 hours ago

    Thank you, get well.

  • M 2020
    M 2020 11 hours ago

    Can you do pick a card reading: what will spring 2020 bring in love for single people?💖😁

  • Jessica Calderon
    Jessica Calderon 12 hours ago

    I have no idea who this person could be hahaha

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 12 hours ago

    I chose pile 1. This reading it spot on. This is the 4th reading that told me to not to sweat it and think about it and just focus on me and he’ll come around. Will do 👌🏽

  • Roxana Alecu
    Roxana Alecu 12 hours ago

    n2.9 weeks,9months.september the ninth month.will see

  • Uma Ghate
    Uma Ghate 12 hours ago

    #3 Thank you

  • Roberta Hernandez
    Roberta Hernandez 12 hours ago

    Pile # 3 😬😬 me right now 🤞🏽❤️😊

  • Nemesis Athena
    Nemesis Athena 12 hours ago

    I needed this message today🙏thank you !

  • Jennah Feindell
    Jennah Feindell 12 hours ago

    3! Makes sense, 3 months but he’s coming in March and that’s the 3rd month of the year🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Lea Ritchie
    Lea Ritchie 12 hours ago

    Pile 3..yes..working on raising my vibration.. I just did this for fun😊

  • Lea Ritchie
    Lea Ritchie 12 hours ago

    This is totally I have no Idea who the other is.. Im not even looking.. Its me season💜💜😊

  • Joyce Bledsoe
    Joyce Bledsoe 12 hours ago

    Great read, thank you

    BAMA GIRL 12 hours ago

    Pile 1. Resonates soooo much. He’s an Aquarius & I’m an Cancer so that should explain it all.. 😱😱 but he’s coming around a lot!!! He’s opening up.

  • Coco Coco
    Coco Coco 12 hours ago

    Pile 2

  • Nicole Rose
    Nicole Rose 12 hours ago

    I chose 2 ! and today is my birthday 🥰 what a sweet reading thanks x

    • Love PN
      Love PN 3 hours ago

      Happy birthday 🎂 have wonderful day love 💕

    • Carla B
      Carla B 6 hours ago

      Happy Birthday!

    • Nicole Rose
      Nicole Rose 12 hours ago

      Nemesis Athena thank you so much!! 😘

    • Nemesis Athena
      Nemesis Athena 12 hours ago

      Make a wish darling✨ Happy birthday!!🌹

  • Yolanda White
    Yolanda White 12 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Wendy Lang
    Wendy Lang 12 hours ago

    #2 Cancer❤

  • April Smith
    April Smith 12 hours ago

    Pile #2/3 🦋

  • Maxine Padua
    Maxine Padua 12 hours ago

    Moonlight this is amazing, pile 1 resonated, he did a reading for me once and he was soo focused on the knight of pentacles. we both have anxiety so it takes a toll on us both we overthink and we both have doubts but when we open up, there is good communication and it makes things stronger. its also crazy that when i opened the bible the words "patience and prayers" are the first words I read. I feel this connection feels right and solid and I hope this will be a good one.

  • priscillalo134
    priscillalo134 12 hours ago

    Pile 3

  • April Smith
    April Smith 12 hours ago

    Definitely me right now thank you 🥰🙏💗🤞💗 ( ♑ 🌚 and ♑ rising )

  • Minal Rajshakha
    Minal Rajshakha 12 hours ago

    pick me!! 😭

  • True Cap 111
    True Cap 111 12 hours ago


  • Lady In Black
    Lady In Black 13 hours ago

    Mariah Carey - Obsessed

  • Roberta Hernandez
    Roberta Hernandez 13 hours ago

    Cap rising .. thank you ! Totally reasonates ! I would love to win your free reading 🤞🏽❤️

  • sparkle wonder
    sparkle wonder 13 hours ago

    group 3 and omg I was feeling this so much :) and happy about the self love and all <3

  • Cosmic Reads
    Cosmic Reads 13 hours ago

    I love your readings. You have such a lovely voice ✨thank you for all you are doing here on RU-clip. You have been an inspiration for my own channel.

  • Brittani White
    Brittani White 13 hours ago

    Wow! Can't wait for these things to happen.

  • Dana Sbragia
    Dana Sbragia 13 hours ago

    🤔 I'll be very shocked if he reaches out to communicate. Zero communication last 7 months, getting divorced. Wish him well, and I'm not taking my past back, it stayed in 2019. Great reading!❤

  • Iris Ward
    Iris Ward 13 hours ago

    Omg when u said virgo my heart literally skipped a beat...been seeing him for almost 3 months..he is very very emotional yet my intuition is telling me he feels for me...even after he said "i dont do feelings" for some reason i can see right through it all

  • Kristie Miller
    Kristie Miller 13 hours ago

    Hmmm I wonder who he is?

  • Andersome BS
    Andersome BS 13 hours ago

    Our little worries 😉 How do I come across? And I think it's that insecure part that makes you so loveable ❤ And I like that your voice turns into a musical instrument 😂 or maybe something is off with my ears 😉

  • L S
    L S 14 hours ago

    Great reading 👍 feeling stronger and my dreams have been getting vivid 😀 I would like to win a reading 😁

  • Eshtebahaye Zendegi
    Eshtebahaye Zendegi 14 hours ago

    I think it will true for me , 8 months !