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The Corrections Episode
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Rest In Peace, Lylat
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  • Korb Borb The Dream Star

    Sing-Skewer-Sing-Warlock Punch. Yeah, worst character here people

  • hammatron
    hammatron 12 hours ago

    Warlock punch may be a terrible move but it should never be removed, at this point (atleast imo) is part of his identity. Remove volcano kick tho

  • MyNameShrimp
    MyNameShrimp 13 hours ago

    I wonder about zss nspecial. It could allow you to use some moves that are good, but take too long to use. Like donkey kongs fair for instance. Its my opinion. don't hate, just give your thoughts POLITELY please.

  • Chimo
    Chimo 18 hours ago

    time to add Byleth down b

  • nathan haldenby
    nathan haldenby 18 hours ago

    No game’n watch hammer 9

  • Joan Aguayo Planell
    Joan Aguayo Planell 20 hours ago

    As a Greninja main, I say his best change was, no doubts, his Fair, FSmash, and to a lesser degree DSmash. Yeah it's three moves but Fair and FSmash are exactly equal in animation, and DSmash is essentially the exact same thing but on both sides, and most importantly, all three had the same infuriating problem: A stupid close-range blindspot that has caused more SDs than I can count across all us Greninja mains (and to add insult to injury, even if they DON'T miss their knockback was pretty mediocre) and that was THANKFULLY fixed in Ultimate. Yeah Dash Attack is nice, but it was already good in Smash 4 even before the 1.1.5 buff, and making a move go from 9/10 to 10/10 does not compare to making those things go from little short of a suicide button into ACTUAL reliable options. Substitute is a close second, it also now FUNCTIONS properly unlike in Smash 4, a the extended intangibility and slowdown effect means you no longer insta-loose to multi-hit attacks, it can no longer be shielded on reaction, anihilates any character reliant on a recovery with a hitbox, and still kills at disturbinly low percents if you link it with the appropiate combo or you use it near the blast zones, I guess it no longer being a stronger spike than Ganondorf's Dair and DownB capable of one-shotting anyone stupid enough to try to recover low technically makes it worse, and yeah, usually you can just finish off your victims with Dair, but if you miss you won't make it back instead of being able to just spike them on the spot and immediately Hydro Pump back to the ledge.

  • Samuel Beale
    Samuel Beale 21 hour ago

    Your intro is so cathartic.

  • Jake Henri
    Jake Henri Day ago

    primrose the dancer seriously be indistinguishable from sayaka's theme

  • Hellish Fatman

    Jigglypuffs forward tilt is the best move in the game

  • Night niro
    Night niro Day ago

    The jump art makes Shulk's recovery move go farther but not every charecter has his recovery move so does this break the rules?

  • Albert Wang
    Albert Wang Day ago

    I like how MackRock showed a snake clip in which the snake lost 2 to 0

  • The Elevated One

    I like how he says that bowser jr is playable but I have never once seen anyone play him but I have seen the koopalings

  • Zachary Cepulis
    Zachary Cepulis 2 days ago

    Not sure about the frame data but lucas dair seems pretty much the same to snake dair to me

  • Alex Tolleson
    Alex Tolleson 2 days ago

    My heart cant take it

  • movezig5
    movezig5 2 days ago

    Zed? _ZED?!_ You don't sound British, so what the fuck are you doing pronouncing Z wrong? I'll pronounce Z "zed" when everyone agrees to call B, C, D, E, G, P, T, and V "bed," "ced," "ded," "ed," "ged," "ped," "ted," and "ved."

  • jason sabbadini
    jason sabbadini 2 days ago

    What about Judge?

  • Lalfred
    Lalfred 2 days ago

    11:21 your typing language sounds like a teacher's

  • Jordan Ahmadu
    Jordan Ahmadu 2 days ago

    Kirby has the best neutral b because he can inhale shulk’s neutral b SO YOU WRONG!

  • Nagisa shingetsu
    Nagisa shingetsu 2 days ago

    My vote for down special would of been deep breathing

  • Asger rasmussen
    Asger rasmussen 3 days ago

    as always, super slick and nice intro dude.

  • _AppleBomb _
    _AppleBomb _ 3 days ago

    No, jigglypuff best neutral b.

  • 4nt
    4nt 3 days ago

    DK overall is just a solid high-mid tier character. I'm amazed how well he plays in this game for being such a big boy.

  • IamNinjaDodo
    IamNinjaDodo 4 days ago

    see this is exactly the kind of tierlist we need as mainstream. How good characters are when played at the highest possible level makes it fair for all the characters. Remember when people thought pt couldnt win a major?

  • Tetzy28 - Brawl Stars

    Beginning of video: Let’s see which big move is the most useful End of video: Will ganondorf ever have is own identity, being part of one of the most influential games in history?

  • Kienamaru
    Kienamaru 4 days ago

    Link losing his Zair was probably THE biggest nerf he got.

  • Athingamagoo Thingy

    Falcon Punch is worse Warlock Punch tho

  • Ruisu07
    Ruisu07 4 days ago

    Ez sleep into skewer into warlock punch 10/10 insane combo

  • Pedro Planas
    Pedro Planas 4 days ago

    This thing:

  • Pedro Planas
    Pedro Planas 4 days ago

    this thing

  • Pedro Planas
    Pedro Planas 4 days ago

    this thing

  • AppoCraft Productions

    What about Jigglypuff’s Rollout

  • Dadude2020 Gaming
    Dadude2020 Gaming 5 days ago

    11:24 All that for a drop of blood

  • Ponker •
    Ponker • 5 days ago

    Just saying sonic fsmash has more range than MewTwo getup attack but I know it’s not the best Edit: it can be safe on bowser and maybe G&W up b out of shield (sonic won’t be hit by them if spaced decently well)

  • Danny Hayek
    Danny Hayek 5 days ago

    How can you even make a case against Monado Arts? A move that gets you out of combos and can literally save your life or win you the game due to sheer versatility can't even be argued with.

  • Cheese Man KG
    Cheese Man KG 5 days ago

    This is a old video but what about Sonics neutral special homing attack

  • Sander123
    Sander123 5 days ago

    Where is diddy

  • Furjaden
    Furjaden 5 days ago

    Runs into heavy as Jiggs* Jiggypuff: I've been looking forward to this

  • Quinn Hait
    Quinn Hait 5 days ago

    I feel like metaknights jab should be the worst

  • AJ Lemus
    AJ Lemus 5 days ago

    Wow! Bayonetta appears a lot of this list! Almost like... she needs buffs! Seriously though, #BuffBayo

  • dad?
    dad? 5 days ago

    Why am I watching this for the 10th time

  • sofa king happy
    sofa king happy 5 days ago

    Why Ganondorf Captain Falcon Falcon Punch what what is just warlock punch without super armor

  • Beast Down
    Beast Down 5 days ago

    i would actually say link side-b also deserves atleast an honourable mention for its combo starting potential, save hits throughout the match, its option of recovering back to u to potentially break combos and to protect yourself from some edgeguards

  • LittleBird
    LittleBird 5 days ago

    This character but with Sonic's dash speed, Bowser's weight, Limit Cloud's air speed, and six jumps How good would it be?

  • LittleBird
    LittleBird 5 days ago

    I would argue that Sonic's dair is not the worst. It ends faster than other stall-and-falls, allowing for recovery after being used offstage (even when used at ledge height). ZSS and Shiek's both last too long to act before dying.

  • Lvl5Kobold
    Lvl5Kobold 5 days ago

    i still think sonic should have a slimier down b to greninja. not only would it be cooler, it would also make more since as he has a move similar to in in sonic adventure 2

  • Eak 2552
    Eak 2552 5 days ago

    Puff has the worst neutral special

  • Lucina Main
    Lucina Main 5 days ago

    I think Link's worst change is that his Up B doesn't drift as far nor go as high and the removal of his clawshot, his recover is MUCH worse in Ultimate than in Sm4sh

  • Blake Riel
    Blake Riel 5 days ago

    Bowser is my main

  • Indigo Boi
    Indigo Boi 6 days ago

    I main Toon Link and I can’t begin to talk about the amount of times I’ve daired into an SD.

  • X Sonique X
    X Sonique X 6 days ago

    9:54 Plant isn't the only character who can't FF B-Air off stage. I'm pretty sure Meta Knight also dies, and probably some others.

  • It's No Longer November

    That ending hitting deep tho

  • Connor Terrill
    Connor Terrill 6 days ago

    Honorable mentions to snake

  • Poyo
    Poyo 6 days ago

    (note this is my opinion) I think Kirby have the best neutral special cause he can get any body neutral special

  • Ruby Patterson
    Ruby Patterson 6 days ago

    Dude, Clone Wars Darth Maul is one of the best villains ever.

  • Yuichi Kita
    Yuichi Kita 6 days ago

    I do agree that little mac needs a redesign. So that's why I thought of one. DISCLAIMER: this will be long and probably super boring, so I advise that if you are not interested or don't really care, don't read anything I write next. (Also, i'm no game desiner, so this may just be a waste of time.) First, I want to point out that i'm trying to be as realistic as posible with this, so i restricted my self to only change some numbers (damage, frame data, knockback, etc.), and only a move. This is because if you change too much, Mac would end up being too unfamiliar for a lot of players, and that Mr. sakurai and his team wouldn't have time for a big redesing. Ok, What's wrong with litte mac? -He gets camp, and it's frustrating for little mac, the opponent and everyone watching. So that's priority number 1. -Cannot Deal with camping. -Even though he is in the bottom-est of the tier list, his ground game is still scary, so players don't want to approach him, being camping the best option. SOLUTIONS(Or at least mine): The only move I want to change is his neutral special. Instead of being a charge move, it should be an instant move that use all the ko meter he have, being stronger the more meter he have when used. Basically, like Hero's Magic burst. This means that his ko meter should be more expendable, so I want to change the way he gets meter too. (For now on, I will reference his meter as POINTS, being 100 points full meter). Right now, Mac get approximately 0.3 points/% when he hits and 1 point/% when he gets hit. I would change that to 2 points/% when he hits, but lose points when he gets hit. The way he loses points could be by simple substraction (like 1 point/%) or could be proportional to the ammount of point he has (the more points he has, the more he loses when getting hit). But he will only lose points if he is hit by a move that cause tumbling. (Even though Ridley skewer does 60% damage, he wont lose points since it does not cause tumbling.) These changes, will solve two things: -he neutral special will no longer be useless. -he will have an extra recovery move, not a good one, but it's something. -it's more accurate to the source material. But there are still some problems: 1-little mac will get full meter really fast since his moves does so much damage. 2-this still doesn't solve any problems I said earlier. So, let's solve these problems too. 1- I would nerf some of his normal move damage-wise and some in kill potential, so that he won't be able to gain a lot of points really fast, and players won't be that afraid of comfronting him. 2- And, to deal with camping, i will buff one thing... His Taunt. Referencing Giga Mac Taunt, little mac will get a little bit of points when he taunts (without cancel). Of course it won't be for much, some thing around 5 points per taunt. (It will take 15 to 20 seconds to fully charge.) It may sound stupid, but this solve some things: -little mac will have something to do when he launches someone off-stage, or KO someone. -And the opponent won't be able to camp him because he will get his KO punch if he isn't interrupted. With all this changes, his disadvantage state would still be tremendously bad, but his advantage stage will be extremelly good. His game plan, instead of mindlessly punching people, would revolve around his KO meter. Punching when he can, taunting if possible, and don't get hit at all cost. I think it's pretty accurate to how he plays in punch out. SUMMARY: -I would change how his neutral special and his meter works, something like hero's magic burst. -he will gain points when he hits or taunts, but will lose points when he gets hit. -nerf damage-wise so that he won't get his KO punch that fast and people don't camp him as much. -i think it's more accurate to the source material. This was long, pointless, and probably boring, but I think I gave my idea of how to redesign little mac. if you desagree with some thing (or maybe everything) please fell free share your opinion.

    • Yuichi Kita
      Yuichi Kita 6 days ago

      Please understand that English isn't my first language, so there may be some grammatical or orthographic errors.

  • Dank Scrote
    Dank Scrote 6 days ago

    Damn Samus isn’t getting any love

  • Anna Nimmous
    Anna Nimmous 6 days ago

    No one: MR: Folco

  • Anthony Le
    Anthony Le 6 days ago

    Bro I'd be scared af if somebody modded this.

  • Jumphawk88
    Jumphawk88 6 days ago

    Dedede/bowser/donkey Kong

  • Rodri G
    Rodri G 7 days ago

    So this guy fights with arms and legs, uses explosives/explosions to move and attack, and has the range of the Belmont Chain... I’m thinking either Bakugo from BNHA or Genos from One Punch Man

  • Someone404
    Someone404 7 days ago

    Mr G&W’s D-Air basically removes his disadvantage

  • Mebo
    Mebo 7 days ago

    inTRO? T I E R Z O O ! ?

  • movezig5
    movezig5 7 days ago

    I find the warlock punch *can* have its uses, but I don't think I would ever be able to hit a good player with it. Ganondorf's up-tilt though? I don't think I've *ever* used it intentionally.

  • Green Beans
    Green Beans 7 days ago

    2:33 *cries in incineroar*

  • TheTrueBrawler
    TheTrueBrawler 7 days ago

    I know you were quick to select Warlock Punch because of it being a big move and it was a nice transition from his up tilt, which is also abysmally terrible, and while I still agree that it's bad, I would like to bring some other Neutral Specials into question because there are some big moves you may have overlooked. I'm talking about other and arguably worse big moves like Jigglypuff's Rollout, Roy and Chrom's Flare Blade, Ike's Eruption, and Little Mac's Straight Lunge (definitely not this one if you bundle it with KO Uppercut).

  • A roof because why not ?

    What about king k. rools dsmash?

  • Daniel Smythe
    Daniel Smythe 7 days ago

    I think corrin should at least have an honourable mention for her neutral B.

  • ZeXy_PlAyS69
    ZeXy_PlAyS69 7 days ago

    The thumbnail said worst down air but this is worst moves

  • Jack Rutledge
    Jack Rutledge 7 days ago

    Jigglypuff nb, at least warlock punch does SOMETHING other than guaranteeing death for the user

  • Marshall
    Marshall 8 days ago

    Liked for the office clips

  • That’s how Mafia works

    But doesn’t warios woft require him to eat stuff. In competitive it doesn’t have healing items so it would take ages to become actually viable.

    • Tim Kim
      Tim Kim 4 days ago

      Nope. Waft is based on time; eating things shortens said time

  • the Ghost with the most

    3:13 THAT is defently NOT Radioactive-Man

  • BobaTea14 H
    BobaTea14 H 8 days ago

    Forgets about flip-kick from zss -ZSS main btw

  • William Lacy
    William Lacy 8 days ago

    Warlock punch has super armor why u forget falcon punch

  • Shieldlesscap
    Shieldlesscap 8 days ago

    Little Mac’s Fair and Bair actually would be low key good combo aerials if they weren’t on a character with such a high fall speed. They’re 2 and 3 frames away from autocanceling in a shorthop for Mac, and both lead to tech situations while not being too awful beyond that. If you need any convincing, in my balance mod I lowered Mac’s fall speed and gravity to where they were in Smash 4, and if I were to give DTilt its old FAF on top of this change, DTilt > Fair would combo into itself Snake Fair < Mac Fair

  • Genjy Smith
    Genjy Smith 8 days ago

    Kind of suprised the rodents' B-airs didn't get any mention

  • Marcus Lai
    Marcus Lai 8 days ago

    nah nah nah, falcon punch, because it’s warlock but worse

  • Willylarry 123
    Willylarry 123 8 days ago

    Bair should’ve been g&w (I’m a g&w main)

  • Armando Arroyo
    Armando Arroyo 8 days ago

    The worst aereal is not piranha plant,s is from little mac the back aereal of the plant can kill or stagespike very easly if it fails you can easly recover

  • Rulx
    Rulx 8 days ago

    I completely disagree with Warlock Punch TBH. I would honestly prefer a free kill whenever you shield break/stun someone than having rollout.

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith 8 days ago

    I want to say that Dr. Mario's up special is worse than Jigglypuff's because Jigglypuff's sing can put them to sleep and is quite strong with a few good moves or even strong moves like Falcon or Warlock punch. Dr Mario's up special goes pretty much nowhere and it is basically uselss in a vacuum because Dr Mario himself has a down special which can help him recover

  • BlueCassio
    BlueCassio 8 days ago

    I would say ganondorf or falcon has the best up air.

  • Sonja Williams
    Sonja Williams 8 days ago

    Wario down air is funny 📺

  • BlueCassio
    BlueCassio 8 days ago

    I still miss old ganon’s up smash. I know he wasn’t on the list, but that move was so fucking powerful that approaching him from above was basically suicide.

  • Tice Waardenburg
    Tice Waardenburg 9 days ago

    You forgot King k rule up smash end lag ):

  • Doctor X Awesome Stop-Motion

    I’m kinda disappointed that Mii Swordfighter neutral special didn’t get an honourable mention, but good work nonetheless

  • ShadowLucario7
    ShadowLucario7 9 days ago

    Let's be honest the reward for these moves isn't taking the stock... the reward is the hype of landing them. Moves that are hard to land makes it so much better when you finally do.

  • Shadow Snake
    Shadow Snake 9 days ago

    So, where don't the mod come out? And where can I get a modded switch?

  • Seek Thuth
    Seek Thuth 9 days ago

    I have no real interest in the smash scene, so I don't know if this'd help or not, but what I really want them to do is keep warlock punch since it's so cool and iconic to his smash character buff the hell out of reverse warlock punch. Make it kill at stupid low percentage and make the rest of his moveset super useful.

  • Tony Nes'
    Tony Nes' 9 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that even Sheik's Up Air got better knockback... What kind of Up Air don't kill at 257 PERCENT ?!?

  • milan gupta
    milan gupta 9 days ago


  • BlueCassio
    BlueCassio 9 days ago

    The worst down air is without a shadow of a doubt, pac man.

  • AofCastle
    AofCastle 9 days ago

    In the ZSS section I expected a mention of her Down-B end lag. Which is a lot, a whole fucking lot of end lag

  • Brandon Tackett
    Brandon Tackett 9 days ago

    Also I hate how King DDD's back air and down tilt are no longer kicks! His back air was awesome, kind of like Kirby's, and his down tilt was a great quick move that just popped out. Now they both feel so awkward to me....

  • Brandon Tackett
    Brandon Tackett 9 days ago

    Yes Ikes forward air got nerfed so bad

  • CaTastrophy427
    CaTastrophy427 9 days ago

    The year is 20XX, and everyone in the smash community mains Suck-urai, the character with the worst of every moveslot added in as a joke. For some reason, Sakurai gave his joke character immunity to every move in the game besides the worst one in a given character's moveset, as well as all of those in his own moveset.

  • Giovanni Nicolas
    Giovanni Nicolas 9 days ago

    this custom character would actually have a worst recovery than Little Mac

  • battlecatsandMSMfan forever AUTTP

    If a mr Game and watch player or main like me chooses the white skin,burn the switch,you are done knowing this player

  • Majora's Wrath
    Majora's Wrath 9 days ago

    Shulk terrifies me. Since he was first introduced, I was like "holy shit, a character who can completely change their stats, mid battle"

  • Atreyu Johnson
    Atreyu Johnson 9 days ago

    I'm not a mouth breather