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  • Maram Rohan
    Maram Rohan Hour ago

    Linus' is a blind hater of Apple. He does anything at his disposal to rant about it. Linus' apple reviews are exactly similar to arguments made by feminists (The illogical ones). RU-clip's egoistic bastard!

  • Rui
    Rui Hour ago

    they should switch the apple pen and camera positions. It seems more intuitive to have the landscape camera since the distance from side to side is less, so in portrait or landscape, you should have a better experience. Then in portrait, you'd charge the pen on top, or in landscape charge from the side.

  • Travis Van Couvering

    Why not a connector that doesn’t plug in, just snaps into place snugly against the edge of the device? There are dongles like that for phones and laptops already, why not just build the phone like that in the first place?

  • Pat Fraser
    Pat Fraser 2 hours ago

    What the heck is going on with Siri? It hardly works anymore. Hey Siri doesn’t work at all. It’s going backward instead of forward

  • Dennis Wagner
    Dennis Wagner 2 hours ago

    Until CarPlay is standard wireless on all cars for 3-4 years I don’t see how they can lose the lightning port. Unless of course they make a wireless dongle to plug in.

  • Tristan Hobson
    Tristan Hobson 2 hours ago

    Get rid of the screen with the new iphone shuffle.

  • Charles Jacques
    Charles Jacques 2 hours ago

    Does screen size matter? 🦖 And if so to whom?

  • Jeff Terrell
    Jeff Terrell 2 hours ago

    Some people will not move to wireless headsets.

  • Mac Gamer
    Mac Gamer 2 hours ago

    Apple killing everything. Tim Cook couldn’t wait for Steve Jobs to die, Apple isn’t a unique computer company anymore. Apple is a joke of company now

  • Rajesh Mutyala
    Rajesh Mutyala 3 hours ago

    Great review

  • Marlon Simons
    Marlon Simons 3 hours ago

    Great work Rene. To anyone else I wonder how you would act in Tim Cook’s place. Walk a mile in his shoes and really think about the messiness of real life and then cast a stone.

  • LeeTronix
    LeeTronix 3 hours ago

    A bit of a fake title really. Lots of blah blah blah then nearly 10 mins a little about the lightening port then your usual sponsor add which I never listen too. IMO being over cocky and confident is when people lose interest. Might be good if you try going back to your humble beginnings where you were more focused on your content and less arrogant, as you are consistently coming out with more stupid things, click bait titles like this one and cheesy sound bites/comment slang...Sad really, as I use really enjoy you at first.

  • TheShaolin015
    TheShaolin015 3 hours ago

    I want the pro but I don’t want a giant phone. 4 new phones and yet they are getting rid of my market

  • Vinod Krishnan
    Vinod Krishnan 3 hours ago

    It’s getting a bit redundant with most youtubers as they spectacularly keep speculating without any insights or information regarding the phones.....

  • Furiosa
    Furiosa 3 hours ago

    I recently got the ipad pro and it's the best thing I have ever gotten. I am also a gamer, so I have had some powerful PCs but, even this is better. I have never been so impressed by something, and I plan on getting the iphone 11 soon too. But, I only want to upgrade ever 4 yrs or so yeah.

  • Arnav Kathuria
    Arnav Kathuria 3 hours ago

    Thankfully you changed the title because the other tilte would have made you click bait creator

  • Arthur Mathews
    Arthur Mathews 3 hours ago

    Didn’t wireless charging cost 20% more energy for something?

  • Michael Barry
    Michael Barry 4 hours ago

    The Mac can do internet recovery, so I guess the iPhone/iPad could too...but CarPlay. Most CarPlay systems have not implemented wireless CarPlay, which means you need the port. For example, the newly released 2020 Corolla - the world's best-selling car - has regular wired CarPlay. This will be the greatest challenge for a portless iPhone.

  • leonard morris
    leonard morris 4 hours ago

    I am a totally blind person inMy iPad 11 inch pro was sitting on my bed and I just happen to just turn around and I set down on it so just imagine the panic I felt after hearing all those been iPad horror stories. My iPad was in perfectly good condition no issues of course I don’t want to do that again mind you.😂

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya 4 hours ago

    "accuracy of information" sure thing, apple picker.

  • Jeff Parker
    Jeff Parker 4 hours ago

    Im still waiting for iphone 20

  • Jay T
    Jay T 5 hours ago

    PWM is real. I had to go with the iPhone 11 because the OLED of the Pro models caused eye strain.

  • franzb69
    franzb69 5 hours ago

    all i'm' hearing is apple shilling

  • Arnav Kathuria
    Arnav Kathuria 5 hours ago

    I am going to love the new iphones

  • franzb69
    franzb69 5 hours ago

    it's not 5g, it's just 4g with a 5g name. don't gimme that bullshit.

  • franzb69
    franzb69 5 hours ago

    apple 12 no ports, no holes, just a screen and all cameras on the back

  • D-Squared
    D-Squared 5 hours ago

    everyone: Ming Chi Kuo Rene: woah meng chee

  • Ronaldo Fernandes
    Ronaldo Fernandes 6 hours ago

    Wireless charging wastes a lot of energy creating heat. Waste doesn’t seem to be something Apple would like to associate with. I almost moved to Android because of the removal of the audio jack and this is the feature I hate my iPhone for lacking it. I don’t want to buy Bluetooth earbuds every other year - their tiny unreplaceable batteries are not suitable to my heavy use - and, thus I will have yet another opportunity to consider a new telephone maker. As much as I like Apple products, I am feeling increasingly uneasy with the choices Apple is taking, specially because they tend to remove user’s options.

  • Will Newcomb
    Will Newcomb 6 hours ago

    5G. Thanks for more info about longer wave band 5G. I knew the mm wave band was going to be too unreliable for the reasons you gave, even in a big city (or even especially in the big city!!!). But I didn't realise longer wave bands gave much better connections and over a bigger distance. Is that why T-Mobile already has an extensive 5G network in the USA? (But the people marketing 5G are focusing on the mm wave band variety for its high speeds and new uses).

  • Will Newcomb
    Will Newcomb 6 hours ago

    Portless? I don't see Apple including a wireless charger in the box! Yes in the long term but I'm not sure wireless is quite good enough yet.

  • Will Newcomb
    Will Newcomb 6 hours ago

    2 launches a year? Nah! I don't see Apple launching an SE every year and I don't see enough differentiation between the rest of the line-up, even if there's a price difference and Pros have an extra camera.

  • Mozef Jos Kaddas
    Mozef Jos Kaddas 6 hours ago

    I really appreciate how special Rene's videos. Thank you for enlightening us. No one (ever-ever-ever) does it better than you.

  • OBK
    OBK 6 hours ago

    I just bought it I’m surprised I found the battery underwhelming or I’m just enjoying it too much

  • Samier S.
    Samier S. 6 hours ago

    no physical port = no connection for a mobile Audio DAC ... yes there are people still using wired headphone' bluetooth audio codec allow's the streaming of uncompressed audio.. not to mention the low volume on bluettoth on a lot of phone's

  • Jerel McCollum
    Jerel McCollum 7 hours ago

    Excellent video with so much great simplicity.

  • Tony Nettleton
    Tony Nettleton 8 hours ago

    Completely agree with your millimeter wave take. I have a hard time believing any sort of large scale millimeter wave network can take off when a leaf can block the signal. I’m skeptical it’ll ever be practical unless they can circumvent physics.

  • Timothy Stidham
    Timothy Stidham 8 hours ago

    Bigger pro phone will keep me away. It’s the main reason I have one now. 5.8 is the largest I want unless they fit it in same size and weight.

  • Chris Watts
    Chris Watts 8 hours ago

    sod the iPhone,what rumours are there concerning the iMac and iPad Pro

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 9 hours ago

    They need more colors

  • Norma Luevano Meza
    Norma Luevano Meza 9 hours ago

    Hey FAKER it didnt come rout so dont put that stupid copy in ur dam hands

  • Sacto1654
    Sacto1654 9 hours ago

    I think Apple may *NOT* abandon the Lightning port altogether because of its proven track record and the fact you can (in theory) transfer data at USB 3.0 speeds. Indeed, the 2020 iPhones--especially the rumored 6.1" and 6.7" _Pro_ models, may even come with 27 W USB-C chargers, while the "regular" models come with 18 W USB-C chargers.

  • Spiritually Fit
    Spiritually Fit 9 hours ago

    I’m not ready for a portless iPhone. I like being able to charge my phone and still use it. Also, doesn’t wireless charging heat up the battery and depletes the life of it over time faster than wired charging? And lastly I like being able to plug my iPhone into my Mac to update, restore, etc...if I have issues. I don’t want to have to reply on doing something remotely or going to an Apple store for something I could’ve fixed myself via my computer.

  • DaLatte God
    DaLatte God 9 hours ago

    C L I C K B A I T !

  • Justin
    Justin 10 hours ago

    Honestly, I would like it if they did a flush port (back or bottom) with a magnetized bottom edge of the body for docking. Let that be the final evolution of wired connections. Wireless is ideal, but the interface and experience needs to be as good as physical as well as an open standard all OEMs participate in. I can't only interact with Apple products and those who use them.

  • Diabbblo72
    Diabbblo72 10 hours ago

    All that technology that each platform has, but none have yet to advance in battery technology. Still the same battery technology nothing has changed. Why pay a lot of money for the latest Apple or Android phone. What about battery? Anyone!!!!!!

  • Mark Kowalski
    Mark Kowalski 10 hours ago

    Mr mcinotos you talk to much

  • Mark Kowalski
    Mark Kowalski 10 hours ago

    Really really

  • PurushaDesa
    PurushaDesa 10 hours ago

    Great. More _courage_ . Just what we needed.

  • Ehpic Nibah
    Ehpic Nibah 10 hours ago

    This man needs to stop talking so damn much like the teacher made a 30,000 word limit

  • Mark Kowalski
    Mark Kowalski 10 hours ago

    Fake news

  • Alexis Zee
    Alexis Zee 10 hours ago

    Apple needs to slow down the release of new flag ship phones perhaps take longer to release and make it mind blowing when released

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 10 hours ago

    Hmmm....personally I would love to see a port less phone. Perhaps on the Pro models. I am so tired of wires and cables and dongles etc.....I just want to get into my cute car...have my phone automatically sync to my dash system, automatically charge and have Siri actually get the responses to my questions correct the first time.

  • GlobalGaming101
    GlobalGaming101 11 hours ago

    If they do that - they'll have to bundle in wireless chargers in the box. Knowing Apple - they'll give you the slowest and cheapest charger possible 😂

  • Mike Stoy
    Mike Stoy 11 hours ago

    Great content. Too. Many. Words!!!!

  • MatrixRoland
    MatrixRoland 11 hours ago

    No ports would be a bad thing since many CarPlay compatible cars, including my newly purchased car, only work with a hardwire connection. I would not buy one for that reason. How will it sync with Your computer if it hasn’t been synced to your Mac or PC? How will you be able to keep using your iPhone while charging it. Games can run the battery fairly quick if you don’t keep it plugged in while playing. Prediction for the iPhone if the rumor is true...worst sales ever.

  • Brad James
    Brad James 11 hours ago

    Love the way you just slide into the Brilliant sponsor. Prefect

  • Mike Ruiz Esparza
    Mike Ruiz Esparza 12 hours ago

    I’d love to have a SE-like full screen model!

  • pointedspider
    pointedspider 12 hours ago

    I stopped at 2:45. I hate apple products!

  • Steve Kelly
    Steve Kelly 12 hours ago

    Fantastic breakdown. Thank you :)

  • Ken Ostrander
    Ken Ostrander 12 hours ago

    As usual, a great video. Thank you.

  • RichardTDM
    RichardTDM 12 hours ago

    "You can get foreheads!" lmfao

  • Jay Bugatti
    Jay Bugatti 12 hours ago

    Imagine having a MacBook or iPad that is portless and only has wireless charging. I don't know if this is the way that it should be, unless they have data connection points for power and data transfer just in case something doesn't go right through whatever wireless options they will have. They probably already have a solution for it. I just find it scary. This might lock Apple users in even more.

    • Jay Bugatti
      Jay Bugatti 12 hours ago

      If they go wireless they'll need something similar to their magsafe charger. Just put that pin connection and it'll technically be portless.

  • Tim Possible
    Tim Possible 13 hours ago

    Naming scheme: iPhones "base" & "base" Plus iPhones Pro & Pro Max

  • Niklavs
    Niklavs 13 hours ago

    Stop throwing your hands around

  • Chris Skowron
    Chris Skowron 13 hours ago

    Ok Doomer, lol. Rene is real, game on. 🙏🏻👏🏻☕️☕️☕️

  • GroovyVideo2
    GroovyVideo2 13 hours ago


  • Sloppy Toons
    Sloppy Toons 13 hours ago

    I just think there are too many rumours about this. All tech youtubers are talking about these big changes this year for the, but I seriously doubt it. I don’t see how it won’t be an S year this year. Maybe because I got the iPhone pro and these videos make it sound old already :p I’m still only expecting a lot of performance bumps, and nothing to the design. I can imagine a pixel bump to the camera. 2 extra gigs of RAM. 1 TB of storage option, and some whacky speeds to the A14. With a crazier A14 X for the next iPad. I can imagine a spring for regular phone releases and a fall for the pro lines if they do go releasing 4-5 phones a year.

  • Dan Mills
    Dan Mills 14 hours ago

    I'll be very disappointed if Apple removes any option of getting a Pro phone in the smaller size. NOT EVERYONE WANTS A GIGANTIC PHONE! Oh well...

  • Travis Craven
    Travis Craven 14 hours ago

    How many wireless CarPlay vehicles exist now? I was only aware of bmw a year ago.

  • Casper S�
    Casper S� 14 hours ago

    A theoretical solution to remote recovery and other cable required features, is having the charger that comes with the iPhone include special wireless connection to a chip in the device running locked down firmware so even if the phone it otherwise bunkers this chip will function independently with write capabilities to the main system volume, and being able to plug the charger into a laptop, and have it send data to said chip inside the device. - Not necessarily a cheap solution, but one I could see Apple use.

  • Zak Boxer
    Zak Boxer 14 hours ago

    0:05 I can’t figure out why you say his name backwards all the time. Other than that another great video!

  • Axxess Mundi
    Axxess Mundi 14 hours ago


  • iPhotolife101
    iPhotolife101 14 hours ago

    Apple use to always add thing I wanted now they are always taking away things I like. No charging port will mean still carrying a wire but now with a big coil at the end.

  • Yokkabai
    Yokkabai 14 hours ago

    I’m so looking forward to an SE refresh. Ever since the SE came out.(a few months after I reluctantly bought the 6s, hoping for a smaller phone) Talk about a moment I really would have appreciated a heads up from Apple. I then convinced myself that 3D Touch and the bigger screen outweighed the cost to switch. So I stuck with my 6s. But really truly I wanted a smaller phone - not in screen size but in body size. Now with FaceID they have the technology to do that. So it disappoints me every time I hear the rumor that the refresh will be the same body size as the iPhone 8. Please Apple, keep the 4.7 inch screen and just decrease the body size. You have the technology. You can do it. I do not want to buy an IPhone that is more or less simply an 8 with an 11’s chip.

  • DuhAverageJoe
    DuhAverageJoe 14 hours ago

    CarPlay is the one feature I have questions about it it goes portless

  • magrudergrinder23
    magrudergrinder23 14 hours ago

    I wonder if this is a manufactured freak out about Apple getting rid of all ports, so when they do switch to USB-C this year, people will be relieved. If they’re putting USB-C on there, I’d expect them to keep it around for a while.

  • N Patrick
    N Patrick 14 hours ago

    2024: Screenless iPhones.

  • Arconus
    Arconus 14 hours ago

    My 12.9in ipadpro is my favourite device of all tme

  • AndrewMuseMan
    AndrewMuseMan 14 hours ago

    Shouting when you speak it hurts

  • Dalton Randall
    Dalton Randall 14 hours ago

    We were supposed to get USB-C in the 11's. Now we're allegedly having to wait until 2021 - and they might delete it altogether? Eff that.

  • Soso 1000
    Soso 1000 15 hours ago

    I’m getting the IPad Pro 11” for Christmas! 💞💞

  • Sparkie G
    Sparkie G 15 hours ago

    I don’t see them going Portless yet, and I sure hope that they don’t. What they ought to do is USB-C if anything else.

  • Zichron Yeeyah
    Zichron Yeeyah 15 hours ago

    There was this Pengu jailbreaker now spending time keeping us from harm.

  • Nick S
    Nick S 15 hours ago

    Because its time for usb C

  • NileshR12
    NileshR12 15 hours ago

    The flagship models should stick to being released in September because of Black Friday & Cyber Mobday deals are beneficial for many people 😂

  • Nate Ford
    Nate Ford 15 hours ago

    I didn’t hear a single good reason to get rid of the port. Convenience for Apple, maybe. But not a single good reason for users. Certainly not convenience. Certainly not any benefit whatsoever for consumers.

    • Nilion Bees
      Nilion Bees 15 hours ago

      Pocket lint build up ? Lol only bad thing about a port .

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_ 15 hours ago

    The real sheep are the people who jump on the bandwagon and think apple is ripping everyone off. The only rip-off I see is storage upgrade and accessories prices. But maybe I’m wrong too. But accessories which do the same thing or often even better are was cheaper on amazon. While having great quality.

  • Howan Cheng
    Howan Cheng 15 hours ago

    I think it’s just switching to USB C

  • Emilio Morales
    Emilio Morales 15 hours ago

    Oh my god, those lights make everything so professional. Love how your videos have gone up in quality as time went by.

    • Dalton Randall
      Dalton Randall 14 hours ago

      Emilio Morales I was just thinking how cheesy and bandwagon it looks. To each their own, I guess.

  • Yuuki 56784
    Yuuki 56784 15 hours ago

    Will the MacBook Air and 14 inch MacBook Pro be released during apples 2020 March event

  • Tommy Scott
    Tommy Scott 16 hours ago

    Definitely Pros in the fall... no one would buy the Pros from sep to mar if the cheap iPhones with a better chip gets announced in sep

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_ 16 hours ago

    Thank you

  • jerry kurata
    jerry kurata 16 hours ago

    Just replace lightning port with USB-C, like other high end phones and iPad Pros.

  • nougatbitz
    nougatbitz 16 hours ago

    38mm Model 0 owner here. Battery still fine for my light usage (checking time, temperature, messages, unlocking my MacBook). Using the torch light (also unexpectedly useful once I found this feature) shows an "imprint" of the modular watch face, which I basically always used - I think it's a wear down where the pixels used most often just don't get as bright anymore. It's not visible in normal usage but makes me wonder how long it takes for an OLED iPhone screen to loose brightness uniformity. The watch face is rarely on, compared to a year phone... and how the hell is an always on OLED of the model 5 going to last?

  • Shazam
    Shazam 16 hours ago

    i just hope that the size rumours are all wrong. i absolutely hate bigger and bigger phones. iPhone 11 pro is max that i can handle. and i see no advantage in being forced to choose lesser phone just because i didn’t grow big enough 😠

  • heehee3121
    heehee3121 16 hours ago

    That argument for ditching the headphonejack is stupid

  • JCM45 -
    JCM45 - 16 hours ago

    JAJJAJAJAJA such a great video! Fort nite fanfic got me dirty

  • labelbassist
    labelbassist 16 hours ago

    Why do you say Ming-Chi Kuo’s name wrong every time? You don’t say Jobs Steve, why say Ming-Chi’s last name first?

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 16 hours ago

    For the love of god don’t kill the port on the phone I’m gonna wireless charge everyday umm no thanks.

  • JC Val
    JC Val 17 hours ago

    Just got my 11” pro and it’s awesome. I upgraded from an iPad Air 2 and I’m blown away so far.