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  • Sai Srikar
    Sai Srikar Hour ago

    This Rene guy is very biased.

  • Tamara Mckenzie
    Tamara Mckenzie Hour ago

    Amazing, Picked my ⌚️ ystrdy 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Tim
    Tim 2 hours ago

    I have p30 pro and i dont even use night mode lol this shit is fake

  • Denice Coppedge
    Denice Coppedge 2 hours ago

    This video is bad 🌥️🌥️🌥️ I don't know u

  • But We
    But We 3 hours ago

    Awesome video, as always. Many thanks

  • Sage has a tarantula

    Just ordered mine to celebrate going back to college. I’m so excited

  • Calvin Ho
    Calvin Ho 3 hours ago

    Is there still the iTunes mode where the view in Playlist where they have album cover next to the list on the left side? I believe its the option to list as songs and album artwork in 3 size options

  • Nigel Uno
    Nigel Uno 3 hours ago

    Are you sure the pictures from the third guy are correctly labeled? It shows pixel google 3 twice at 8:09 and they look different from each other

  • VJL
    VJL 3 hours ago

    thank you for the vid

  • 79bnice
    79bnice 3 hours ago

    But the pixel uses one camera, just something to think about.

  • Garret141076
    Garret141076 4 hours ago

    To be honest, as an S10 user, I like the way how Apple implemented night mode. But I think Google or Samsung will optimize night mode too.

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh 4 hours ago

    I jumped from 5s to 11 coz in prebooking i got 40% off through my bank and god damn its the same price at which i bought brand new 5s 6 yeare back 😂

  • Aziz Rahman
    Aziz Rahman 4 hours ago

    I wouldn't say it's the best watch - until battery life matches other watches, it hasn't earned that title - but it's certainly a lot better

  • FrootLoop
    FrootLoop 5 hours ago

    run club app is pointless on the watch because it doesnt support coaching

  • aldeen1982
    aldeen1982 5 hours ago

    Really good one. I would just slow down a bit and make a pause from now to then. You speak almost 35 minutes without a stop.

  • Artem Panfilov
    Artem Panfilov 5 hours ago

    He really trying to justify that Apple made him leave. Tim was focused on making money, there are no new designs from apple. Obviously Jony left because he wants to design and be creative and not to be blamed for doing nothing. Nice try Rene, but I am not buying this bad apple.

  • MEME Vine
    MEME Vine 6 hours ago


  • Naif Mansury
    Naif Mansury 7 hours ago

    At least the iPhone saves the photos you take 😂

  • alex greg
    alex greg 8 hours ago

    awesome review. thanks! a review on series 3 would be great. im considering getting watch for one of my parents who is old and living alone...especially cos of the SOS and fall alarm.

  • Felipe Dzib
    Felipe Dzib 8 hours ago

    So in the end, no. It is a good one, but no by any means the best as expected 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Big Wavy Kane
    Big Wavy Kane 8 hours ago

    Can I still use Apple series 4 , 44mm dome screen protection on the series 5, 44mm?

  • Marty Galison
    Marty Galison 9 hours ago

    I currently have a fitbit charge 3. When it dies, I will consider an apple watch. It would be a waste to let my perfectly working fitbit to sit in a drawer

  • Nícollas Dias
    Nícollas Dias 9 hours ago

    Series 3 vs Series 5 vs Used Series 4

  • Leveraged
    Leveraged 9 hours ago

    Who gives a sh@t how it looks. Like complaining about how refrigerators look the same every year.

  • BigLama
    BigLama 10 hours ago

    Rene, like most have said, I’d be super interested in seeing a comparison iPhone to Pixel 4 once the pixel 4 comes out. All i can say is, this is good for consumers.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie 9 hours ago

      It’s amazing for customers.It’s why we have night mode on the iPhone now. I want them to keep pushing each other hard.

  • manjdhariwal
    manjdhariwal 10 hours ago

    Rene is a apple licker

  • Joe Medina
    Joe Medina 10 hours ago

    720p in 2019?!? iPhone 7 Plus (a 3 year old phone) has a 1080p display.

  • Reuel Blackwell
    Reuel Blackwell 10 hours ago

    You can’t tell me that the always on is a hardware change but a software change that they could put into all the version of Apple Watch

  • Nalayak Ojas
    Nalayak Ojas 10 hours ago

    Android was created for cameras like dslr slr then the creators changed their mind and switched to phone .... so computational photography was just in “ gene” of android!!😂😅

  • Kevin
    Kevin 11 hours ago

    Very well thought out video that answered more than a few questions, thank you.

  • Markell s TV
    Markell s TV 11 hours ago

    No the ipad pro is alot of fun and easy to carry around but no there are still certain sites and software needs the ipad is not capable of doing for now

  • Canis Di Bellum
    Canis Di Bellum 11 hours ago

    God this guy sucks up to Apple HARD He makes a couple good points that even Linus acknowledged but for the most part he just seems to be whinging about "muh Apple!!" You do you, top dollar for the most overpriced devices on the market that you can only use exactly how they want you to use it (unless you jailbreak, which they actually tried to sue people over until they lost in court) that they will slow down when the next one comes out so they can force you to "upgrade"

  • cedric1997
    cedric1997 12 hours ago

    Not looking in buying one, but the two colors you don't like are the one I would look for. It looks amazing. And the camera square looks way better on the 11 than the 11 Pro. Those things are really subjective.

  • unicamentejean182
    unicamentejean182 12 hours ago

    Rene, I really like your videos but 30 min?! ... that’s too much No mames

  • Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman

    P30 pro still the king at night, this photo samples are too little , the whole video is devoid of a real comparison, P30 pro can go up to longer exposures in nightmode you can even choose the time in the mode, can use it in the ultra wide (while iphone 11 ultrawide photos at night are a complete mess) and the telephoto lenses even up to 10 x zoom, Automode in the P30 pro is far better at night than the iPhone 11 nightmode,select color profiles, you can do "astrophotography" with the p30 pro in automode(youre able to see alot of star with it), the dimmer the bigger the gap between P30 pro and iPhone 11 and Pixel 3 Nightmode, Textures? you mean like the ones the iPhone 11 lack in some areas where it doesnt get enough data and just gives a crushed black (and yes i have both devices to compare), i do like consistency in iPhone colors but night king? thats a big No, they catched up but far from the shoot and forget that huawei does at night.

    • RagingTiger
      RagingTiger 2 hours ago

      Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman STFU

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie 10 hours ago

      They have great hardware, but they need better color science and better software. The great hardware is almost wasted at this point. But it could be phenomenal if they figure it all out.

  • Sacto1654
    Sacto1654 12 hours ago

    It will be *VERY* interesting to see what the Pixel 4 (with its rumored dual-sensor rear camera) does with night photography. Maybe more natural looking because with dual sensors, the computation needed to improve night photos is a lot less?

  • Living The Dash - 27 Years Ago

    Error! P30 Pro says S10. S10 says P30 Pro. Fail.

    • RagingTiger
      RagingTiger 2 hours ago

      Living The Dash - 27 Years Ago STFU

  • cedric1997
    cedric1997 13 hours ago

    That video in the start showing 200 Mbit/s... I can do more than that on my iPhone XS in LTE...

  • José Juan Terrasa
    José Juan Terrasa 13 hours ago

    Which ones have Ion-X glass and which ones have sapphire glass?

  • Gabriel Zeus Guiritan
    Gabriel Zeus Guiritan 13 hours ago

    Hello! I'm a grade 11 student from the Philippines and I'm planning to buy the Iphone 11 this coming semestral break. I'm really confused if I would buy this year's gen bc I'm a part of those people who value the resolution of the phone. It all started with the Iphone Xr, the phone has some alike attributes w/ the flagship phones in low price that's why it attracted so much peeps to buy it and it enticed me also to buy. I hold it back bc of the low resolution so I waited for this year. Now, the phones are officially here and the r model has the same resolution. But bc of this video, I'm thinking of waiting for the next year? I'm not sure tho huhu, the pro is very expensive for me. I want an oled screen or a 401ppi not a 326 ppi for the next r model.

    • Gabriel Zeus Guiritan
      Gabriel Zeus Guiritan 13 hours ago

      Can u enlighten me w/ the apple trade pls.? I'm so desperate, lol. I can't wait another one year just to have a new Iphone huhu

  • Mackenzy Murray
    Mackenzy Murray 13 hours ago

    Oof can’t resell a cracked iPhone SE it’s barely worth anything

  • Manny S.
    Manny S. 14 hours ago

    6:52 the fuck! Handsdown the winner is.....

  • oneinfniteloop
    oneinfniteloop 14 hours ago

    Excellent video. Loved the collaboration

  • FutureMedia
    FutureMedia 14 hours ago

    Thank you for telling us the Cellular version is necessary for the Fall Detection and SOS call to 911. I couldn’t get any Apple Customer Service people to tell me that. Was going to buy the GPS only version ‘til you said this in the review. I thought it might work via its connection to the nearby iPhone. You saved me a lot of disappointment even though you cost me an extra $100. 🥰

  • Teo o
    Teo o 14 hours ago

    No 5G in the US and China. 5G apps not available. Wait until next year maybe.

  • victorsz
    victorsz 15 hours ago

    all those cameras can't even compare to the 11 pro's camera 💀

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 13 hours ago

      victorsz how?! Last year the pixel crushed the iPhone using only one lense , this year iphone is back , but lets wait for google again

  • earlbee31
    earlbee31 15 hours ago

    ⌚️ Best review thus far

  • Iamsteezze
    Iamsteezze 15 hours ago

    I hope this night king don’t get killed my Google’s Pixel Arya 4

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 13 hours ago

      Iamsteezze the pixel looks very amazing the fact that it does all that with only one lense

  • nuyou21
    nuyou21 15 hours ago

    Yep, it’s iPhone 11’s season and Android haters are gonna hate that Apple just made it rain. 💰😂🎤

    • nuyou21
      nuyou21 13 hours ago

      @Le Chat Botté 😳😆🤣 Yeeaaahhhhhhhh… Oh Sure. 🤦‍♂️😂💯

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 13 hours ago

      nuyou21 yeah as always every time android and ios makes it rain as usual

  • Soso Jana
    Soso Jana 15 hours ago

    why a Pro doesn't including bokeh effect in video recording

  • steven Papus
    steven Papus 16 hours ago

    Hi Rene great video and have very much enjoyed it. Can you please assist there is an inconsistency in drop test by EveryThingApplePro , CNET and PhoneBuff

  • George James
    George James 16 hours ago

    Wait for the Pixel 4 this should be interesting.

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens 17 hours ago

    It better 11 phone then Samsung

  • 11I1I11I
    11I1I11I 17 hours ago

    As a long time Samsung phone user, Samsung never ever amazes me in the software department. They make their version of everything (Bixby, Mail, etc), which are always subpar (the browser is good though).

  • Black Mario
    Black Mario 17 hours ago

    Love your videos Rene but why most ‘tech’ youtuber have to to reiterate “apple wasn’t the first...” etc when talking about apple? what’s the gain from it?

  • What the fuck are you doing reading my username?

    There are no real competitors to Apple's A series SoCs. Haven't been since the A4. Right now high end Snapdragons are playing catch up with the A11.

  • Maria Elena Cabrera
    Maria Elena Cabrera 17 hours ago

    Great video!👏

  • Kyle Heiser
    Kyle Heiser 17 hours ago

    Beta 13.1 4 allows manual control over the night mode

    • Kyle Heiser
      Kyle Heiser 13 hours ago

      @Le Chat Botté Ah i think you're misunderstanding what was said - He said he would like it where you could activate it manually - The other complaint with one of the other phones (can't remember which) was in regards to the interface not the option for manual activation of night mode. Rene Ritchie makes fantastic reviews especially if you're one for well-placed words.

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 13 hours ago

      Kyle Heiser this review is really stupid, they complain about phones having to switch manually to night mode but they also want the iphone 📱 to do the same?! Wtf

  • Charleone
    Charleone 17 hours ago

    Really curious to know what Vector is 🤔

  • Rico 205
    Rico 205 17 hours ago

    Let's see what Google do with the pixel 4!

    • Rico 205
      Rico 205 7 hours ago

      @Mike Wong Hong Kee 😂😂 Point being the pixel 3 is nearly a year old!

    • Mike Wong Hong Kee
      Mike Wong Hong Kee 9 hours ago

      Rico 205 let see what 12ProMax can do next🤣

  • Clinton Lewis
    Clinton Lewis 17 hours ago

    You guys look SOOOO different. Mr. Mobile = Mr. GQ Rene Ritchie = The dad that somehow wandered into a nerd box Houseman = Skater Dude looking for a ride and a spliffy.

  • Keith Nagaoka
    Keith Nagaoka 18 hours ago

    so Apple gave up making phones and released cameras with phone chips? my iphone 7+ still works

  • Caleb Kan
    Caleb Kan 18 hours ago

    Great job Apple for keeping up with Google. I'm still personally inclined to the Pixel's color science but the dynamic range is really good on the iPhone, managing to keep lightbulbs from blowing out too much. Now let's wait and see what Pixel 4 has to offer.

  • iciconnect
    iciconnect 18 hours ago

    Collaboration regardless to personal preferences! Amazing!

  • Bruno Azevedo
    Bruno Azevedo 18 hours ago

    this is the best iphone11 review til now. you spoke only the truth about apple, and i love that.

  • You Know-Me
    You Know-Me 18 hours ago

    What app did shortcuts replace?

  • MycketKar
    MycketKar 18 hours ago

    I think 11 pros dynamic range is not as good as pixel 3 but it has more detail. When it comes to color Apple usually wins.

  • Royal Howard
    Royal Howard 18 hours ago

    What a cute tiny little watch with a whopping 18 hours of battery life. Um, that said I'll definitely be sticking with my 46mm SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH. Nice video review though loaded with hyperbole.

  • Abdul Wahab
    Abdul Wahab 18 hours ago

    How can u guys compare iPhone 11 Pro with a one year old Pixel. At least wait for the Pixel 4 launch and then declare a true winner.

    • redead80
      redead80 4 hours ago

      As was stated in another comment, no one complains when people compare new android phones to an iPhone that came out the year before. There’s no need to get overly upset at it. He mentioned he’ll update the review when it comes out. It’s a perfectly valid comparison as it’s done literally all the time. The pixel 4 is going to be very interesting to see in comparison. Can’t wait to see it personally though.

    • Kevin Walker
      Kevin Walker 11 hours ago

      @Gabriel Cilighidrian Still a scumbag move to rush this comparisons

    • Gabriel Cilighidrian
      Gabriel Cilighidrian 13 hours ago

      Abdul Wahab lmao because almost nobody waits for pixel phones. Most people wait for iPhone and samsung. The pixel is a niche

  • Rohit Rana
    Rohit Rana 19 hours ago

    Review watch series 3 in 2019(GPS VS CELLULAR).

  • andrew jackson
    andrew jackson 19 hours ago

    Well I just don't know what you are all seeing, but I wouldn't have kept any of those shots from any of the cameras...well the shots of the buildings were ok. They were all noisy, or out of focus, or soft...basically just bad. That one of Rene shot on the S10...what happened to his, you know, human teeth?

  • 11I1I11I
    11I1I11I 19 hours ago

    Initially, did Pixel 3 render Night Sight shots in the cloud?

    • Andreas Proschofsky
      Andreas Proschofsky 19 hours ago

      No. It always was done on device. Rendering photos in real time in the cloud just isn't feasible.

  • Mzwandile Harmans
    Mzwandile Harmans 19 hours ago

    I feel sorry for Samsung 👁. iPhone you my number 1

    • Mzwandile Harmans
      Mzwandile Harmans 8 hours ago

      Note10Plus IsBoss well we have more clue than you think. iPhones are software innovated mostly than android. We always buy different content in familiar boxes 📦, and others keep changing boxes to make things like are completely different. Tell me what is an innovation from note8 , 9 and 10 other than changing the boxes ? Stupid innovations under screen fingerprint scanner that’s not even secure, I can get in while you sleeping, With all due respect old man, have some respect

    • Mzwandile Harmans
      Mzwandile Harmans 9 hours ago

      Well am not expecting you to choose iphone, everyone has different views 🤣🤣 hahaha, I can sense the hate and denial though

    • K. D.
      K. D. 12 hours ago

      @Le Chat Botté THIS is the most impressive part. Had the OG Pixel when the new ones got night mode. Was super impressed I got it too. I suspect, considering the iPhone always gloats about their chips, that older phones COULD do it too hardware wise--but it wouldn't be very Apple of them to give people an update with REAL, NEW features. If other phones don't get it Apple needs to explain why.

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 13 hours ago

      The google pixel remains n 1 like it or not, but google has been using only one lense instead of two or three like the iPhones or galaxy does, plus nightmode is compatible with older pixels

    • Note10Plus IsBoss
      Note10Plus IsBoss 13 hours ago

      Gotta laugh at Apple the users keep buying the same phone over and over because apple knows it's users are pretty clueless.

  • João
    João 19 hours ago

    Usa o Note 10

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia 19 hours ago

    Always logical, in depth solid review!

  • Seth Hendrick
    Seth Hendrick 19 hours ago

    It’s a low blow for Apple to develop night mode only for the new iPhones, when its completely possible for the older devices. Kudos for Google optimizing and implementing their new software features like night mode for older devices.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie 19 hours ago

      They’re doing it optically, not just computationally.

  • claudio villavicencio
    claudio villavicencio 19 hours ago

    Bought mine yesterday,I love it.selling my series 4 on offer up,and waiting for the iPhone 12,I still love my XR,although the cámara on the 11 is noticeably better after I compared them side by side.

  • Conte
    Conte 19 hours ago

    Night king and no night mode on Ultra wide. ok... jesus.

  • Tech Addict
    Tech Addict 20 hours ago

    Can't wait to get my Mate 30 Pro... best design... Bestest Stills... Super awesome video... Unbelievable slow-mos...Gorgeous display... Mate 30 Pro kills the boring old iPhone 11 Pro.. iPhone 11 is a good value for money though..

  • Ross MK
    Ross MK 20 hours ago

    And we still have to wait for Apple’s deep fusion photo stuff photos should get even better

  • Edward Crow
    Edward Crow 20 hours ago

    Wow... That sounds very much like an Apple sales video..... I hope you got your paycheck on time.

  • Elisabeth
    Elisabeth 20 hours ago

    The 44mm is HUGE. But easier to use. So what do I do?

  • Billy Sanders
    Billy Sanders 20 hours ago

    So basically we can say GOOGLE is being innovative now and apple is copying

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 13 hours ago

      Yes and google is definitely doing it with less lenses

    • Billy Sanders
      Billy Sanders 19 hours ago

      @Chamara Silva lol I mean hardware Google steals that for sure lol

    • Chamara Silva
      Chamara Silva 19 hours ago

      Hard to say that when we see the leeks of the new camera bump on upcoming pixel 4

  • duleprof
    duleprof 20 hours ago

    Because they are shity company

  • Shawn Carlson
    Shawn Carlson 20 hours ago

    Thanks for an honest review! Jam packed with information that I had no idea about. Love watching and learning!!!

  • Satisfied
    Satisfied 20 hours ago

    I have a pixel 3a atm. I have an iPhone 11 coming in the mail next week. The might mode on the Pixel is very simple to use, clean, and automatically suggests it on the front and back camera. I think the night mode on the Pixel even the weaker version is better than the Samsung and Apple version. I'm excited to try the 4k 60 on the 11. Those videos on the front and back camera are ASTOUNDING.

  • Jannah J
    Jannah J 20 hours ago

    I will hold on my Apple W4 to they come up with one that I can play RU-clip and Google search 😬😬😖

  • Ryan Botha
    Ryan Botha 21 hour ago

    Always an amazing job. Great video, Rene

  • hipopera
    hipopera 21 hour ago

    Brought here by Mr. Moble. Left after this dude called the note 10 the s10...

    ANSON KIEK 21 hour ago

    iPhone 11 photo burst mode still here ?

  • Galactica727
    Galactica727 21 hour ago

    I have the note 10+ and the night mode doesn’t look anywhere near as blurry and bad as what is shown in this vid. My note 10+ is the Exynos version by the way as i live in Asia.

  • Imsick Iguess
    Imsick Iguess 21 hour ago

    Is the 3 worth 200$ in 2019

  • TrueLojic
    TrueLojic 21 hour ago

    6:45 I’m sorry but that’s horrible lol

  • Ali M Ghazzawi
    Ali M Ghazzawi 21 hour ago

    First 11 pro second p30 third note 10+

  • Ken Matharoo
    Ken Matharoo 21 hour ago

    I'm with MrMobile on this one. The Pixel 3 definitely goes blow-for-blow with the iPhone 11. They're usually so similar in terms of quality that it comes down to preference with the final product. About that Pixel viewfinder, let's hope that Google's live HDR algorithm supposedly being introduced with the Pixel 4 works with Night Sight

  • Pedro Regalla
    Pedro Regalla 21 hour ago

    Very well done! Congratulations.

  • A.G. Sirimanne
    A.G. Sirimanne 21 hour ago

    Let's wait for the Pixel 4 to compare with the iPhone 11. Should be fun.

    • A.G. Sirimanne
      A.G. Sirimanne 4 hours ago

      @Paul Williams Huh? Grow up mate. I'm a tech fanboy.

    • Baby Magnum
      Baby Magnum 21 hour ago

      Paul Williams doesn’t sound like one. You’re imagining things.

    • Paul Williams
      Paul Williams 21 hour ago

      A.G. Sirimanne butthurt andriod fanboy comment

  • Munir Moon
    Munir Moon 22 hours ago

    A little unfair that this is comparing the 2019 iPhone to the 2018 Pixel, with no acknowledgment of an imminent Pixel refresh.

    • bb1111116
      bb1111116 5 hours ago

      Christopher Lewis; I noticed that too. It’s fine for Apple critics to compare a new Android phone with last years iPhone. Rene is doing what others have done. A new phone comes out & he does a comparison with what’s available. And as he said, he will be fair & do the comparison again with the latest Pixel 4 when it comes out.

    • Christopher Lewis
      Christopher Lewis 9 hours ago

      Munir Moon no one seemed to care when they compared the note 10 to last years iPhone

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie 21 hour ago

      We’ll just do it again when the Pixel 4 launches.

  • David
    David 22 hours ago

    Can we all just admit that the new iPhone is turning out to be a lot better of a phone than literally every RU-clipr was predicting?

    • Adrian Kurian
      Adrian Kurian 4 hours ago

      TheBf666, it’s because the apps are not optimized yet.. So wait some months you’ll be surprised

    • Galactica727
      Galactica727 8 hours ago

      TheBf666 Exactly...for a pro phone, I expected better RAM management. My iphone Xs was bad at it, and I was hoping the iphone 11 pro improves upon it, but

    • TheBf666
      TheBf666 9 hours ago

      Cameras are better no doubt, but RAM management is horrendous...

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie 21 hour ago


  • Me Tooo
    Me Tooo 22 hours ago

    I have to add 1 more comment. Cause of that number. Great video