Bargain Bethany
Bargain Bethany
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  • Wanda Lorenz
    Wanda Lorenz 34 minutes ago

    I love it low cost DIYs are great DT is not always the cheapest, so thanks for the other options.

  • Ana Hyde
    Ana Hyde 39 minutes ago

    You have such awesome idea it’s so cool. Tfs❤️

  • Ruth Traynor
    Ruth Traynor 49 minutes ago

    Wonderful job on the ladder, Bethany!! It looks great with the other decor you have set up.❤️🌹

  • Kim Loyer
    Kim Loyer Hour ago

    Dollar Tree, Home Depot, I don't care as long as I get to see your wonderful talent and free tutorials! Thank you.

  • pnky2006
    pnky2006 Hour ago

    Love this

  • Mila Lyam
    Mila Lyam Hour ago

    Very cute diy ladder and seems like it’s easy to make. Thanks for great idea.

  • Nancy Dunaway
    Nancy Dunaway Hour ago

    I love all your diy videos. This ladder is great but I love, love, love the rolling pin ladder! I keep telling myself Dollar Tree will get them in again someday. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • sandy hester
    sandy hester Hour ago

    Hi Bethany! Looks good. I may try one but the I might turn the pieces that go left to right. Where they'd be like a shelf or actually it'd be like a step ladder. Just thinking outside of the box. Lol. I've been looking for greenery. I love your wreath but I just don't have the funds. That and the green and white that you have in the baskets. I don't know if you have Big Lots there or not but they have Autumn and Christmas out. Lots of the truck, buffalo check, succulents...maybe go to Big Lots on line. God Bless.

  • Daniel Stone
    Daniel Stone Hour ago

    you should have primed them black then dry brushed on the metallic paint, you did it backwards, but great idea

  • ahub87
    ahub87 2 hours ago

    Wow, you outdo yourself every time.

  • Dea Gerth
    Dea Gerth 2 hours ago

    Another amazing diy!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    MARIA ALEXANDER 2 hours ago

    Love your creations Bethany BUT... Can you create styles OTHER THAN farmhouse everything? Thanks!

  • dalila salas
    dalila salas 2 hours ago

    Bethany this turned out really nice. I 💌 it. I love your creativity. Great job!🏆

  • Dianne Wyman
    Dianne Wyman 2 hours ago

    This is excellent! I love the step-above from Dollar Tree (yet still incorporating DT items when you can), especially when you want something long lasting. Great job!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Tam N
    Tam N 2 hours ago

    Omg so beautiful 😍 you are amazing

  • rose gionomo
    rose gionomo 2 hours ago

    Hi Bethany, l am from Canada, so a lot of dallor tree items are a little different, so l don't mind if you get your supplies at another store,

  • Ann Ford
    Ann Ford 2 hours ago

    I love the ladder video! It doesn't have to be all Dollar Tree DIYS. I just love all your videos. 💕

  • Stephen Moesbauer
    Stephen Moesbauer 2 hours ago

    Absolutely want to see things that aren't DT, I'm in the UK

  • Teri Ratterman
    Teri Ratterman 2 hours ago

    👍💟Looks better than some of the expensive items! 🥰

  • Terry Campbell
    Terry Campbell 2 hours ago

    We ❤️ Bargain Bethany!

  • Patricia Ann
    Patricia Ann 3 hours ago

    I love the non-Dollar Tree videos, please keep them up! Love the ladder! ❤

  • Marsha Cherry
    Marsha Cherry 3 hours ago

    Know do everything do all kinds of stuff not just DT

  • Irene Simpson
    Irene Simpson 3 hours ago

    Just awesome

  • Living Weird Esther C

    I love the black and white theme you use.

  • Laurie Balderas
    Laurie Balderas 3 hours ago

    Love this!!!

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson 3 hours ago

    I love it when you make reasonably priced non- Dollar Tree items.

  • Shelly Hurt
    Shelly Hurt 3 hours ago

    Love love love it great job

  • Sheryl Kirksey
    Sheryl Kirksey 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much. I’m really enjoying your videos

  • La Familia Rosa
    La Familia Rosa 4 hours ago

    I have a few pieces of molding that i would love to use for diy decoration. I am thinking maybe i can use it for this since is already white

  • Kimberly Hagins
    Kimberly Hagins 4 hours ago

    This is awesome 👏 my Dollar tree doesn't have any of the items you used. Our Dollar tree is pitful.

  • Monelle Barredo
    Monelle Barredo 4 hours ago

    Wish my dollar tree is as clean and organize as yours 😔

  • Tiffany Brent
    Tiffany Brent 4 hours ago

    This would make a good drink storage station! Great for clearing up counter space!

  • Little Ways, Little Things Jenni Finch

    Sometimes you can even find cheaper at Walmart so I’m good with wherever!!!!

  • Brent and Christina Kirkpatrick

    inexpensive is the best!!

  • diana meza
    diana meza 4 hours ago


  • Klaudya83
    Klaudya83 4 hours ago

    Yes love, love inexpensive diys from anywhere!! Thank you for sharing them with us, Much love and Blessings❤️😊!!

  • Chris Garvey
    Chris Garvey 4 hours ago

    LOVE this!!!!!! You did a great job on this one. Thank you for sharing. This will be great in a child's room for their little things with baskets on it. I am going to be making a few of these!!!!!

  • JoAnn Gilbertson
    JoAnn Gilbertson 4 hours ago

    Just beautiful thank you so much for sharing

  • melinda martinez
    melinda martinez 4 hours ago

    Really cute. I love your DIYs

  • Kara Ryan
    Kara Ryan 4 hours ago

    I wish mine would do this but they don't really have anything in ours

  • Catherine Sierra
    Catherine Sierra 4 hours ago

    I would watch a video of you playing with pepper if you uploaded it! Make whatever kinda videos you want! I am here for it!!

  • Luxbz23
    Luxbz23 4 hours ago

    What 32 assholes put thumbs down ?! Love you Bethany ❤️

  • Corinna Akin
    Corinna Akin 4 hours ago

    Great job girl! And yes this is a bit out of Dollar tree but really if its cheaper and sturdier why not! Thanks your house is gorgeous

  • C.C. Kennedy
    C.C. Kennedy 4 hours ago

    Girl, you are my favorite! I look forward to your posts because you are funny and genuine and always make me smile. Love little Miss Pepper! The world needs more Bethanys.

  • Lisa Schlotthauer
    Lisa Schlotthauer 4 hours ago

    I'd like to see other inexpensive ideas...but this really gave me some ideas...I honestly couldn't see me makibg one if these...but I could see making one and using it with some of my seasonal Halloween...this could be fun! Thx!

  • Alice Mescher
    Alice Mescher 4 hours ago

    Exactly what we are going through. Everything looked great until we pulled up the carpet. Our smell is from dogs, poor things were left in here for days alone. Good luck on your renovations.

  • Renee Biggs-Parker
    Renee Biggs-Parker 4 hours ago

    Way to go Bethany! You have amazed me again! Girl you have such a mind...should be an interior designer. Keep them coming are awesome! Much love, Renee'

  • Betty Adorno
    Betty Adorno 4 hours ago

    Great job as usual !

  • Corinna Akin
    Corinna Akin 5 hours ago

    Yes! Dollar tree stepping up! Can't wait to see some of this stuff!!!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Crystal Simpson
    Crystal Simpson 5 hours ago

    Girl you rock. I have been on the hunt since you showed those rugs in your haul and I cant find one anywhere 😢

  • Life of Michael Gaming

    I’m Michael Gamings mama

  • Life of Michael Gaming

    I love ❤️ ladder and what you put on it. I enjoyed the video

  • Shirley Hinton
    Shirley Hinton 5 hours ago

    They were all great. Will be doing them with 15 year old granddaughter. Will leave out peppermint ornament. Thanks a lot

  • Cindi Estess
    Cindi Estess 5 hours ago

    I enjoy your DIYs when you use products from various sources.

  • Tonya Mcclure
    Tonya Mcclure 5 hours ago

    Any cheap diy is great. I’d almost rather it not be dollar tree

  • Amy Bond
    Amy Bond 5 hours ago

    Uh WOW!!!!!😳😳😳

  • Mrs Arrington
    Mrs Arrington 5 hours ago

    More DIY Home Depot vids please. ❤️

  • Kimberly Wilson
    Kimberly Wilson 5 hours ago

    Your Dollar Tree is so organized. Mine is a mess... I have to hunt and peck for stuff. I am learning where to find it but there are still things from DIY projects mine does not carry. Big thumbs up!!!!

  • Cristy Smiley
    Cristy Smiley 5 hours ago

    I'm all for less expensive DIYs no matter the store.

  • Taylor F
    Taylor F 5 hours ago

    No need to be dollar tree exclusive! Love ur vids!

  • mary padilla
    mary padilla 5 hours ago

    It’s Beautiful 😍 Thank you for sharing

  • alma berry
    alma berry 5 hours ago

    Is it me or this literally looks like the new naked honey palette 😍 i been watching your videos for 4 hours straight

  • naerainbow1
    naerainbow1 5 hours ago

    Definitely other things for low price as well. I appreciate you showing my cost efficient way

  • Tina Kloepfer
    Tina Kloepfer 5 hours ago

    I say yes to you to keep doing affordable DIY. Please don’t feel bad because it’s not all Dollar Tree (DT). Saving money is always a good thing.

  • Mabell 1980
    Mabell 1980 5 hours ago

    Yes, I love seeing less expensive stuff, ibstead of dollar tree only.

    MICHELLE ANGELLO 5 hours ago

    Bethany, this is so cute. I love what you added to it! Still a great buy because these ladders are expensive in some stores and catalogs. You go girl!!!! It doesn't have to be all from $ tree. Your a pretty thrifty shopper!!! TFS 💗

  • Pearl Matthias
    Pearl Matthias 5 hours ago

    Great job!! Any inexpensive tips and projects are appreciated. I enjoy the variety.

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 5 hours ago

    Do you have a video for the crates with the table top? Did you make that?

  • keona3157
    keona3157 5 hours ago

    I would of used grocery bags to fill the bottom and then I use potpourri bags to cover it up

  • Chris Miranda
    Chris Miranda 5 hours ago

    Love it

  • Monica Goughenour
    Monica Goughenour 5 hours ago

    I love this ladder. I believe it is my favorite so far. TFS 😀

  • Christine Doutreligne

    Bonjour cest magnifiqe 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌

  • Jamie Lynn
    Jamie Lynn 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that has non of this stuff at my dollar tree ? 😂

  • Sheila Sparkman
    Sheila Sparkman 5 hours ago

    love it. Very creative

  • Michelle Wright
    Michelle Wright 5 hours ago

    Sooo pretty😍

  • Christina Atkins
    Christina Atkins 5 hours ago

    You are the greatest!

  • Cynthia Stewart
    Cynthia Stewart 5 hours ago

    Great idea!

  • Wendy
    Wendy 5 hours ago

    Girl, I just love you. You’re so creative. You have such a great outlook on life. I’m so happy for your marriage and new home. Enjoy everything! You’ve earned it!

  • Dana Lynge
    Dana Lynge 5 hours ago

    Love this! I am so glad to know there are options!

  • Gail Jernigan
    Gail Jernigan 5 hours ago

    Since you like to do videos on "hauls," try going to Joann's tomorrow. I went today and found their fall and Halloween decor for 70% off including velvet pumpkins of all sizes and colors, buffalo plaid pumpkins, ribbons, wood decor and signs, etc.They also have some of their Christmas decor and tree ornaments for 40% off and their scrapbook paper for 50% off. Sorry about the late notice, but I happened to go to my Joann's today and found out they are having a 2-day sale--today and tomorrow. (Wish they would give us more advance notice, but they don't.). Great job on the ladder! It looks so much better than the Dollar Tree one you did before.

  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter 5 hours ago

    So pretty. Love all the extra decor you put on your ladder. I’m definitely going to try this myself.

  • Lucy Gutierrez
    Lucy Gutierrez 6 hours ago

    Yes on the inexpensive ideas ! Love it great job tfs 😊👍💖🌻💖

  • keona3157
    keona3157 6 hours ago

    I love it great idea that is even cheaper

  • Lisa Harvey
    Lisa Harvey 6 hours ago

    Not all diys need to to be from DT. Like you said. We can’t all get all the items.

  • m kelly
    m kelly 6 hours ago

    Where is this dollar tree?

  • Nancy
    Nancy 6 hours ago

    Yes, I love all budget crafts.

  • maryanne eggers
    maryanne eggers 6 hours ago

    My DT has about 1% of what you showed. IF THAT!! I'd say yeah. Good Job...if EVERY DT had that. Unfortunately in my area, I'm lucky to get the "normal" things!! 🤨🤨😑

  • Q Schwenk
    Q Schwenk 6 hours ago

    Ahhhh now I understand why my dollar tree looked like that!! I gotta go again lol

  • Jennifer Mireles
    Jennifer Mireles 6 hours ago

    Not mad at all that you don't use all Dollar Tree products because I know sometimes you can find things to use from other stores for less. I always love watching your DIY's ❤❤

  • Dolores Bryant
    Dolores Bryant 6 hours ago

    Doesn’t always have to be dt

  • timpett creations
    timpett creations 6 hours ago

    I love your diys. Personally, I don't mind you going other places other then dollar tree. Especially if it comes out cheaper. Great job as always

  • Theresa Rabitsch
    Theresa Rabitsch 6 hours ago


  • Caligirl 07
    Caligirl 07 6 hours ago

    I would like to be see none Dollar Tree diy's. You have great ideas and talent.

  • Moriah Mahan
    Moriah Mahan 6 hours ago

    I like seeing inexpensive DIYs with supplies from other places. The ladder is cute. I think I would have put the hooks on the back though

  • Vicki Gage
    Vicki Gage 6 hours ago

    Fantastic! Very well made and the whole total look is high end.

  • whutzat
    whutzat 6 hours ago

    NO WAY do your DIYs have to be strictly Dollar Tree sourced! I watch them because I like creative ways to make cool stuff....whether the ingredients come from DT, Walmart, Target, Thrift Stores, Hobby Lobby, Michaels....wherever!

  • Carolyn Maves
    Carolyn Maves 6 hours ago

    I think being frugal is more important than using DT products exclusively. Thanks!

  • Kelly Beier
    Kelly Beier 6 hours ago

    I love it.. I love little pepper too

  • Chenell Touchette
    Chenell Touchette 6 hours ago

    What state do you live in because our dollar tree in VA doesn't have any of these items?

  • Jill B
    Jill B 6 hours ago

    You do you!!!!