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  • Joseph
    Joseph 4 hours ago

    How many time do you want to change the thumbnail? Riot: Yes

  • Tunahan Orak
    Tunahan Orak 4 hours ago

    Yasuo yok

  • Wet sama
    Wet sama 4 hours ago

    Me: I guess riot won’t change the picture anymo- Riot: ANOTHER ONE

  • Y J
    Y J 4 hours ago

    3:33 아칼리 빼고 나머지는 자리 맘대로 섰네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • saiko chan
    saiko chan 4 hours ago

    me: describing in crucial detail and fanning to my friends over the character design and animation my friends heads: *i don't have a clue whats going on here but ill act like i do*

  • Dragunnitum
    Dragunnitum 4 hours ago


  • Snowy Collar
    Snowy Collar 4 hours ago

    2:42 the far right ahri fuels my existence

  • Hội những người Thích chơi liên quân

    Yasua is dj for turtle ninja

  • Kẻ nghiện Anime
    Kẻ nghiện Anime 4 hours ago

    Ai như mình xem đi xem lại đéo thấy chán ko

  • Toss The Salad
    Toss The Salad 4 hours ago

    How many times you would change the thumbnail ? Riot : Yes

  • Iliana Dweebury
    Iliana Dweebury 4 hours ago

    God people went crazy lol Wish I was there

  • Joseph Novason
    Joseph Novason 4 hours ago

    When will you guys gonna stop changing thumbnail?

  • Anna B.A.H.R
    Anna B.A.H.R 4 hours ago

    Stop complaining about the thumbnail. It changed, so what? Enjoy the song people

  • NiKoNi NikoNi
    NiKoNi NikoNi 4 hours ago

    Stop changing the thumbnail

  • 퓐쭝
    퓐쭝 4 hours ago


  • John bert Fernandez
    John bert Fernandez 4 hours ago

    Still the best cinematic till now

  • Abdel Maazouz
    Abdel Maazouz 4 hours ago

    The music would be awesome if not for the trash refrain

  • 프로불편러
    프로불편러 4 hours ago

    많이 봤는데 왜 또 보라는거야 유튜브 놈들아

  • OutGamingGian
    OutGamingGian 4 hours ago

    2017: Pentakill 2018:K/DA 2019:True Damage

  • Rocío :3
    Rocío :3 4 hours ago

    Cool song <3

  • Bluehat Gaming NXE
    Bluehat Gaming NXE 4 hours ago

    Another thumbnail change lmao

  • Levani 1738
    Levani 1738 4 hours ago

    Why do they change the thumbnail like every 2 days

  • AliGamerPro
    AliGamerPro 4 hours ago

    Soyeonnnnnn!!!! ❤️❤️

  • Rishi Deorah
    Rishi Deorah 4 hours ago

    Way better than pop/stars, fight me

  • Onur Efe TURGUT
    Onur Efe TURGUT 4 hours ago

    why true damage have no vayne. akali haves not true damage

  • jo jo
    jo jo 5 hours ago

    Classmate at uni introduced this song to me.. We are now best friends

  • Ahihihth Roblox tv
    Ahihihth Roblox tv 5 hours ago

    Samsung is kill facker

  • Jennie Park
    Jennie Park 5 hours ago

    Yasuo's finger at 0:24 IVE BUSTED AN UWU BIJ MY FCKIN HEART

  • kemal taşma
    kemal taşma 5 hours ago

    More lissandra cinematics

  • kemal taşma
    kemal taşma 5 hours ago

    Amazing😍 i loved it

  • Kyryzard
    Kyryzard 5 hours ago

    So close to *4* Million views

  • 카오스토프렌드

    전소연 멋지다 !!

  • Moryas
    Moryas 5 hours ago

    2025 Anyone ?

  • Alek Snow
    Alek Snow 5 hours ago

    I'm generously hyped for this!

  • Tsuneeth !
    Tsuneeth ! 5 hours ago

    Totally gives me the 2NE1 vibes....uhhh I miss 2NE1.

  • 박민규
    박민규 5 hours ago

    KDA가 트루데미지보다 노래 좋응

  • Malarkey
    Malarkey 5 hours ago

    Volvo trash-talk = *swedish screeching*

  • AifosREIGN
    AifosREIGN 5 hours ago

    the shot around 0:51 is amazing(duh).

  • Tor0814562841 Tor
    Tor0814562841 Tor 5 hours ago

    New! Thumnail

  • Le Playz
    Le Playz 5 hours ago

    Did they change the Thumbnail?

  • AifosREIGN
    AifosREIGN 5 hours ago

    tbh Qiyana is the best out of all of them.

  • Mr I Steal ur food
    Mr I Steal ur food 5 hours ago

    1:11 me playing with silvers and enemies have teemo main.DEFEAT

  • Đạt Thế
    Đạt Thế 5 hours ago

    0:37 like end.

  • ᄏ뭐하냐진짜
    ᄏ뭐하냐진짜 5 hours ago

    부두술 레전드

  • Alex Pricefield
    Alex Pricefield 5 hours ago

    Yasou did absolutely nothing for the team gg

  • SpaceNinja00
    SpaceNinja00 5 hours ago

    I just realized that Kakashi Hatake is finally in league. 2:00 Yasuo 2020: Rework, has Sharingan

  • AifosREIGN
    AifosREIGN 5 hours ago

    i feel like some of the lines is to diss kda or something....

  • Dragoverse
    Dragoverse 5 hours ago

    when the group is called true damage but vayne isnt in it lmao

  • Sam Quartel
    Sam Quartel 5 hours ago

    That transision tho om 2:40 you van Hear that ekko alt poppig of

  • Loke Gyllebring
    Loke Gyllebring 5 hours ago

    2:01 i whas like HA nice joke

  • Muhammet Buğra
    Muhammet Buğra 5 hours ago

    aradığınız türk burada :)

  • Sponge man
    Sponge man 5 hours ago

    Hentai artist...do your thing now

  • Callen Parker
    Callen Parker 5 hours ago

    If there's a doctor around here, I wanna ask whether having too much goosebumps in 10 minutes is healthy for your body?

  • 8IG0R8
    8IG0R8 5 hours ago

    *points at True Damage* "This is brilliant" *points at K/DA* "But I like this"

  • Hải Hồ
    Hải Hồ 5 hours ago

    Rewatching this and all i can say is that Riot is just flexing they got the money...

  • Thien Minh Nguyen Chi

    That pig is Faker!!

  • Vladimir Semenov
    Vladimir Semenov 5 hours ago

    Senna so powerful 0:48-0:55

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy 5 hours ago

    qiyanna is still dummy thi c

  • Seijuro Akashi
    Seijuro Akashi 5 hours ago

    True damage band - none of them actually deals true damage

  • Fuu Nyuu
    Fuu Nyuu 5 hours ago

    Riot back at it again with the thumbnail change lol.

  • DanBlue
    DanBlue 5 hours ago

    Keke and Becky killed it tho, no cap

  • Patryk Wieczorek
    Patryk Wieczorek 5 hours ago

    plz come back penta kill :C

  • СашаСахарок

    Королева стиральный машинки!!!

  • Smilingkiki `
    Smilingkiki ` 5 hours ago

    ok I don’t play LoL (pls don’t hate) but man is this a dope song or what? absolutely fire

    • Mirano
      Mirano 5 hours ago

      No hate man, their songs are fire 😂

  • 행방불명의갈치345호

    -페이커 IG들어가-

  • _ H
    _ H 5 hours ago

    Queen Soyeon🔥🔥

  • ahmed ali
    ahmed ali 5 hours ago

    league of legends is the best music industry XD

  • Shanne Akirette Katsuki

    I love how they changed the thumbnail 3 times

  • Phil Mayr
    Phil Mayr 5 hours ago

    Splash art changed AGAIN

  • فيصل 0
    فيصل 0 5 hours ago

    الاساطير لا يموتون ابداً ‏♡

    SUPRÊMA KING 5 hours ago

    True Damage album please ☣️☢️

  • Ezequiel García Díaz

    Senna: We're wide awake now, *our eyes are wide open* Akali:ಠ_ಠ

  • Táo Nè
    Táo Nè 5 hours ago

    Có ae nào vietnam kh thế nhỉ?

  • rubyrock555
    rubyrock555 5 hours ago

    why do they keep changing the thumbnail

  • Errogame Kid
    Errogame Kid 5 hours ago


  • Hazreti Yasuo
    Hazreti Yasuo 5 hours ago

    Ekko bozmuş bidaha eklemeyin bi şarkıya

  • Rizky Zikrillah Rais

    they change the thumbnail ~

  • BeLka VO.
    BeLka VO. 5 hours ago


  • Strawberry Chae Stan

    Finally my THICC Qiyana thumbnail ❤️

  • Lawrencia
    Lawrencia 5 hours ago

    The way the boys stood there awkwardly😂😂

  • YOU TUBE베시룬
    YOU TUBE베시룬 5 hours ago

    SKT의 시대는 끝나지 않았습니다. 부진은 있어도 몰락은 없다.

  • ゚Miki
    ゚Miki 5 hours ago

    Qiyanas “sleeping giants sleeping sleeping giants” is the best part i wish it was longer

  • Demitri Tyler
    Demitri Tyler 5 hours ago

    They really changed the thumbnail again?

  • Huy Nutget
    Huy Nutget 5 hours ago

    Ekko rap nhanh vãi =v

  • Purple
    Purple 5 hours ago

    How much time u wnt change the thumbnail? Riot: YES

  • blackoil ED-Gaming
    blackoil ED-Gaming 5 hours ago

    When you can't choose which one is the perfect thumpnail

  • Rage Ragegaming
    Rage Ragegaming 6 hours ago

    so this is where moon ton got granger

  • tinh kk321
    tinh kk321 6 hours ago

    Happy 2020

  • Afnan Abdikarim
    Afnan Abdikarim 6 hours ago

    Soyeon looks so hot in that outfit

  • Lorena
    Lorena 6 hours ago

    Warriors- 230M views Worlds collide- 30M views Ignite- 100M views Legends never die- 150M views Rise- 170M views Kda- 300M views New melody- 28🤔

  • Dragunnitum
    Dragunnitum 6 hours ago

    who's watching in 2020? :D

  • Hiếu nghĩa Trần

    GG EZ

    KXMKD 6 hours ago

    The one time the team actually had ya yasuo carry

  • Stalker Mraka
    Stalker Mraka 6 hours ago

    От России привет и удачи обеим командам)

  • eulin braga
    eulin braga 6 hours ago

    Yasuo figurante kkkkk

  • FssNiGGaTr
    FssNiGGaTr 6 hours ago

    This song like Sicko Mode

  • Red Bee
    Red Bee 6 hours ago

    This music company is great, they should make a game

    • h? h. h. h.
      h? h. h. h. 6 hours ago

      That was real original. Nobody's ever said that before. Take this award declaring you a comedic genius.

  • Thien Ngoc
    Thien Ngoc 6 hours ago

    Vietnam #31 on trending