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  • Mario in MCU
    Mario in MCU 4 hours ago

    At first,when i saw the thumbnail,i thought it was urgot levitating in the air.

  • Krysteqq
    Krysteqq 4 hours ago

    0:11 default dance...

  • 10,000 Subscriber with no videos

    *Daisy me rollin*

  • Не СвЯтОша*

    :0 BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • Magnus Theli
    Magnus Theli 4 hours ago

    just played a galio game (the real galio) and i played a couple of games of old galio before long time ago, and to be honest they both feel/felt totally different, old galio made me hate life because they could kite you away so easily and u always needed flash available, without flash basically your ult was going to hit only the front line and die by the adc, also i remember hoping and wishing that they would make his Q a proyectile when you used it on the stream of wind the E leaves like cannon shooter, otherwise his kit had.... no synergy at all with his other skills... and new and actually thought-out galio is lots of fun, just play it and tell if his ult is not fun and cool to use

  • Russel Kun
    Russel Kun 4 hours ago

    Just here because of sawano xd

  • András Tóth
    András Tóth 4 hours ago

    River Shen is one of the longes living meme you have to take care of.

  • Bi Tran
    Bi Tran 4 hours ago

    Can you do League of legends on Mobile please i want to play with my friends

  • MarelWhite
    MarelWhite 4 hours ago

    League was fun back then, when champs weren't completely overloaded with dashes, cc, sustain etc.

  • Mauricio Niz
    Mauricio Niz 4 hours ago

    The PraY arrow 🖤

  • Tom de Bruijn
    Tom de Bruijn 4 hours ago

    none of these gamemodes are really that fun, because if they were people would stop playing normal games and riot would just permanently remove them. *looks at OG urf*

  • CICADA 3301の偽物-

    日本人の数 ↓

  • Jesús Rivera
    Jesús Rivera 5 hours ago

    What happened with Sara Skinner's Social Media?

  • Salzmann
    Salzmann 5 hours ago

    Once I discovered it I've listened to it more than 10 times a day.

  • DedomaxYT
    DedomaxYT 5 hours ago

    I love this animation! Hahaha.

  • Intan Azza
    Intan Azza 5 hours ago

    Does anyone know how can I buy SKT1 EKKO skin???

  • Eleven El
    Eleven El 5 hours ago

    Hahaha I love this

  • Darth VeZZ
    Darth VeZZ 5 hours ago

    But this game has all kind of microtransaction and money stealing tactics

  • GokuKOG
    GokuKOG 5 hours ago

    No Teemo statue = FAIL

  • fazoy hidayat
    fazoy hidayat 5 hours ago

    Skill To Win SKT hmm...(っ ॑꒳ ॑c)

  • Mastur Bait
    Mastur Bait 5 hours ago

    Gragas Ulti: 1 Second ''F A I R'' Aurelion Sol AP: 1 ''F A I R'' Master Yi Died From a Riven Ulti ''F A I R''

  • Mr. Cyan Cube
    Mr. Cyan Cube 5 hours ago

    Is that the upcoming champ at 3:11 in the left?

  • Ильшат Сагъдиев

    Ааа Зои, мой любимый чемпион.

  • Mr. Cyan Cube
    Mr. Cyan Cube 5 hours ago

    Anybody else noticed F on the icy defeat guys ? and cat with rengar paint in the end?

  • EngieBot V.1
    EngieBot V.1 5 hours ago

    kappa on the door noice

  • Lunatic Charm
    Lunatic Charm 5 hours ago

    What's with the 79k dislikes? They really must have bad hearing sense.

    CAPTAIN FALCON 5 hours ago

    😭😭😭😭my Baker

  • BRuv
    BRuv 5 hours ago

    Teemo going dark

  • Tom Socha
    Tom Socha 5 hours ago

    Do you take the red pill or the blue pill?

  • Zsófia Kertész
    Zsófia Kertész 5 hours ago

    Xayah: Rep supp for feed

  • BRuv
    BRuv 5 hours ago


  • Rosen Rusev
    Rosen Rusev 5 hours ago

    when start worlds?

  • JavierOmar Pacheco
    JavierOmar Pacheco 5 hours ago

    Ni los campeones de lol se lograron salvar del pos apocalíptico de DR STONE y se convirtieron en piedra iwal :c, Senku has lo tuyo

  • Sockona's Corp.
    Sockona's Corp. 5 hours ago

    I was crying over a girl I love... Thank you to boost that empty feeling :'(

  • 재넌파
    재넌파 5 hours ago

    사랑해 제드야

  • TheNiShow
    TheNiShow 5 hours ago

    White and Gold 😍😍

  • 재넌파
    재넌파 5 hours ago

    LOL is so fun.

  • Emilia Anazava
    Emilia Anazava 5 hours ago

    League Legends One love ❤❤❤❤

  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 hours ago

    Again why dont we get this now????? WTF riot!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 hours ago

    why dont we get stuff like this now? So epic so LoL wtf riot!

  • Теfik Yumer
    Теfik Yumer 6 hours ago

    League of legend is best game riot ♥♥♥

  • Twilight Flux
    Twilight Flux 6 hours ago

    I'm experiencing lag

  • Cody
    Cody 6 hours ago

    The thing that gets me is the eyes. She’s constantly scanning and looking for the threat, where she can attack, what’s happening. Very intense-looking, really drives home the predator look. Then her in-game looks ok I guess.

  • Florian ewers
    Florian ewers 6 hours ago

    did u see the meme?

  • RedPanda
    RedPanda 6 hours ago

    The teams who made this are all Challengers. Meanwhile, the balancing team are in Plastic Division IV.

  • Виктор Козак

    Fup time XD

  • some guy
    some guy 6 hours ago

    This makes you want to charge towards and army of thousands of bad guys with a group of friends with sword. Medieval style

  • OMGAhri QB
    OMGAhri QB 6 hours ago


  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil

    a huevo que el nombre de ekko no me gusta parece ekkografias para damas enbarasadas que pesado esta ma chido berstein o algo asi silver

  • Trọng Tín Âu
    Trọng Tín Âu 6 hours ago

    9/2019 ?

  • Luis Gustavo Acosta Ruiz

    Wtf is this, xd

  • Flying Ostrich
    Flying Ostrich 6 hours ago

    "What can't I do?" Carry your teammates lol

  • Nathan
    Nathan 6 hours ago

    I like how much they actually explained and talked about updates back in the good old days of league, I like hearing about statistics, feedback, and how they were fixing and balancing everything for us. It used to be so much better.

  • mug-o-tea
    mug-o-tea 6 hours ago

    3game mods? What about twisted treeline? Ow ya it has not been supported for 6 years and is getting removed

  • Kurakka™
    Kurakka™ 6 hours ago

    Video without music Riot: Maybe put some emotional rising anime music on it. Producer: So what do u got in mind? Riot: Maybe just translate the Attack on Titan music from german to english.

  • Uncapitalistic Doodaks

    * _Song Ends_ * Also Song: *You could go another round*

  • Tình Nguyễn hữu

    Vcs never die.:))

  • Lava Moonster
    Lava Moonster 7 hours ago

    " We would have more gamemodes buuuuut nooooo you wanted autochess... freaking... autochess

  • phanTomtilt Lira
    phanTomtilt Lira 7 hours ago

    Shaco please REWORK Rito Thanks <3

  • Rallow Speaks
    Rallow Speaks 7 hours ago


  • Lava Moonster
    Lava Moonster 7 hours ago

    Sooo y'all just forgot Twisted Treeline or...

  • theturningpointgaming 3

    She's as flat as a platform

  • kirogaming
    kirogaming 7 hours ago

    And here we go again on the Championship

  • Neil Kenneth Damagen

    Is that a new skinline teaser i see

  • Basel Altows
    Basel Altows 7 hours ago

    Neeko supp 1v2ing lane because her Ezreal adc afk’ed since the Xayah Rakan lane is too strong for him, shri finally roams bot after enemy zoe had been there twice already

  • Daniel Aliff
    Daniel Aliff 7 hours ago

    Song title?

  • angry dogo
    angry dogo 7 hours ago

    it is just me that think shes pregnant

  • Jeff Jose
    Jeff Jose 7 hours ago

    The Rakan feels ...

  • Dear Porcupine
    Dear Porcupine 7 hours ago

    No more. Alt+f4

  • Jon Wells
    Jon Wells 7 hours ago

    “Support” I’m glad I left this game

  • Renzy BiTzy
    Renzy BiTzy 7 hours ago

    C O L O R F U L

  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 7 hours ago


  • Animita Saha
    Animita Saha 7 hours ago

    loved the animation style! 😍

  • Erique John
    Erique John 7 hours ago

    This champion is an absolute monster when used right


    реворк атрокса близок.

  • Setto Arisaki
    Setto Arisaki 7 hours ago

    The song my team mates hear before they go 0/8 on a lane they should have won, blame me as a jungle who ganked 3 times in 5 min and then go afk.

  • Ronen Aprils
    Ronen Aprils 7 hours ago

    aLAN WalkeR.....!!! Hear at a speed of 1.25..... Perfect Alan....👍👍😘

  • 취미맨
    취미맨 7 hours ago


  • 안재식
    안재식 7 hours ago

    좌파친북 대통령~

  • Miłosz Wszelak
    Miłosz Wszelak 7 hours ago

    LOL in 2k19 KEKW

  • Darek
    Darek 7 hours ago

    Song only to start window , nothing special

  • Batu Tsc
    Batu Tsc 7 hours ago

    Yapacağınız heroyu sikim

  • Mustafa'ydı Herhalde

    R.I.P Twisted Treeline :(

  • 이승준
    이승준 7 hours ago

    Go skt... go... rebound the champion.

  • Wilson Alcayaga
    Wilson Alcayaga 7 hours ago

    pedazoooooo de cinematica y es que la musica ........ es iiiiiiimpreeeesionante RIOT te las mandaste!!!!!

  • Lukáš Kývala
    Lukáš Kývala 8 hours ago

    Wow I love this song 👌👌♥️

  • Collin Peters
    Collin Peters 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one waiting for someone to make a male cover and animate

  • CZetka Natt
    CZetka Natt 8 hours ago

    2 0 1 9 ?

  • Max157 Ventura157
    Max157 Ventura157 8 hours ago

    very good

  • SML Khanh
    SML Khanh 8 hours ago

    Very nice, there has style Greek

  • Zm
    Zm 8 hours ago

    wow and omg

  • Jullian TGM
    Jullian TGM 8 hours ago

    Faker Respawning in 239:43:21s

  • Elisea Odra
    Elisea Odra 8 hours ago


  • leprechaunlune
    leprechaunlune 8 hours ago

    One day... I will make a Nuatilus mech suit and go around getting doubloons for the Bearded Lady <3

  • Big Daddy Jaximus
    Big Daddy Jaximus 8 hours ago

    Xayah's b00b$ jiggle at 3:03

  • GaMEs_INsiDe
    GaMEs_INsiDe 8 hours ago

    99% people hearing him saying rise 1% me hearing him saying Ryze

  • Amelyn perez
    Amelyn perez 8 hours ago

    Black rock shooter vibes

  • KEY Ma
    KEY Ma 8 hours ago

    작년엔 비록 연속 한국 우승 기록이 깨졌지만 다시 세울 기록도 시즌3처럼 SKT로부터 시작될거다.

  • Lương Trần
    Lương Trần 8 hours ago

    I’m just here because Hiroyuki Sawano voice :>

  • ectxlar
    ectxlar 8 hours ago

    Still wishing that they changed Ahri’s outfit to this one