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Let’s Talk 3!
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In my car let’s talk
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Let’s Talk!
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Let’s talk 2! Sorry..
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Learn Korean With BTS: Vowels
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away,,. (Vertical Video)
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  • Teddy
    Teddy Minute ago


  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 8 minutes ago

    Ok to the ring finger is also on the right hand in Korea, that changes everything.

  • Jenny Williams
    Jenny Williams 22 minutes ago

    I’m a jikooker. I support them fully. Both assumptions do make a lot of sense. What if the j on his fourth finger is cause therre are four j’s. Jungkook. Jimin. Jin. Jhope. Just another thought. Whatever is though I’m glad he’s doing what he wants.

  • Susana Kirk
    Susana Kirk Hour ago

    Ahhh I have been waiting to watch this all day. Thank you 💜

  • Jitendra Dubey
    Jitendra Dubey Hour ago

    Jimin is a angel send by god for BTS one more time he proved why he called big brother of jungkookie he is precious human on earth 💜

  • هاله محمد

    I’M ALL OF THEM 😳😳😳

  • Mykai
    Mykai 2 hours ago

    What if there is no ship in bts and they are all just actually brothers secretly dating female idols that nobody knows about and all these ‘fan services’ are just here to distract us from their secret real relationships? Why else would they make love songs without any experience. Especially about girls. Idk y’all

  • Maria J W
    Maria J W 2 hours ago

    But what if... J stands for.. .. Jeonssy 😆

  • Maria J W
    Maria J W 2 hours ago

    One thing I know is that Jungkook put a lot of thoughts in everything he does. He is very sincere in that way. I see that many people are blinded of his beauty and his cute facial expressions like jungshookface and judge him like that is all he is. But he is a deep thinker and very intelligent when it comes to arts. Just look at his gfcs and magic shop.

  • Angelica Corsaro
    Angelica Corsaro 2 hours ago

    I could be delulu or whatever but until jungkook speaks up on the matter, I'm going with assumption number 2 because honestly like you said the first things you see when watching them are ARMY and JM. And the A/upside V could be just a fancy A.

  • Olga Vasquez
    Olga Vasquez 2 hours ago

    The first thing that stood out to me was ARMY JM. All the assumptions of the members name seem plausible but seems overly complicated too, especially because for some members it's their stage name and for others their real name? In the end that seems like the best explanation to keep everyone at peace. If it's temporary or not I don't care, he can do whatever he wants. With this new imagine JK honestly looks so done with the idol style so why would he keep "feeding" the fan service/shipping with one member or the other. I think they all are tired of that. The same thought came to mind when JM went to Paris to enjoy his vacation, he sent the birthday message and that could have been it, but then the guy posted a photo of JK. That's obviously not fan service, he genuinely wanted to be with him on his birthday but at the same time why share that with us if it's going to cause more conflict/drama? They both must have wanted us to know they were together that day. These guys confuse me so much.

  • Kara Ramirez
    Kara Ramirez 3 hours ago

    The FBI should start employing ARMY

  • B. L.
    B. L. 3 hours ago

    Definitely, I'm the tinfoil theorist and cusher. Futher, I'll add the chill one as you added in your pinned comment.

  • Felicia A
    Felicia A 3 hours ago

    Honestly, if ARMYs who where supportive of Jungkook dating would've just ignored the toxic ones, the rumor wouldn't have been as big as it is now and only a few people would know about it. I know people are just trying to protect him but tbh I think it's making it worse

  • garbage bin
    garbage bin 3 hours ago

    the main reason i lean more towards taekook is because of the way their best moments are always when they are unaware of the cameras. it kind of seems like less of a deal for jikook to have public moments together, but when taekook interact it’s like everyone kind of scrambles and doesn’t know what to do. the fact that bighit cuts off many of these moments is what makes them feel like there is a deeper meaning to them. i would really love to hear about what jikook fans have to say about this, as well as any other important points anyone feels i should be aware of. whoever has something to say, please do! i’m extremely interested in this!

  • 리나Rena
    리나Rena 3 hours ago

    Honestly I am both the Experienced Supporter, & The Gusher lol.

  • Little Euphorian
    Little Euphorian 3 hours ago

    yall could be detectives

  • sugar gay
    sugar gay 3 hours ago

    Ugh imagine jk with a sleeve tattoo 🤤🤤

  • StassieBaby
    StassieBaby 3 hours ago

    what are they so cute for😭

  • lynlovescake
    lynlovescake 3 hours ago

    SIS YOU JUST DID A HOBI @4:59 Also idk what jikooker i am but i’ll prolly say a chill one that just enjoys them for what they are. I used to be into the theories (i liked reading them) but i got bored after a while so i just chilled out basically

  • Cassy b
    Cassy b 3 hours ago

    I’m the gusher and I’m too much 😂😂😂Plus the supporter cause they are the cutest 💖

  • afsnisa
    afsnisa 3 hours ago

    what do u think abt Jungkook's dating rumor? i need more explains 😭

  • Mochi Ballz
    Mochi Ballz 3 hours ago

    I felt attacked the moment I saw the gusher 😂

  • snuggykitten
    snuggykitten 4 hours ago

    I think these boys are not stupid. In fact, I think they are VERY intelligent. Having said that, I am assuming they KNOW the kind of controversy and speculation this kind of thing would, and has, caused. I do think that they are skirting on the very real relationship that is, and has been, happening in BTS, between JK and JM. And I think they are still playing around with it, as far as testing how this will go over with the rest of their fans/people/management/etc. I'm hoping they've made enough money that they don't really have to care about shit like this. But I am also aware of how things are in S. Korea as far as LSBTQ. I'm here, waiting with baited breath, to see how they will play this out. Knowing that this is the group that has pushed the boundaries SO HARD with these kinds of things. I will support them NO MATTER WHAT.

  • Tae qnique
    Tae qnique 4 hours ago

    Lmao i’m in confusion is this a taekook or a vkook thing??💀💀 Either way Taekook and Jikook looks like brothers to me 🙈🙈 it’s so cute.

  • lizzy yoongi Suga
    lizzy yoongi Suga 4 hours ago

    How did you reach lagoona beach😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmine C.
    Jasmine C. 4 hours ago


  • OT7Jimine -
    OT7Jimine - 5 hours ago

    Hmm... I don't know where exactly to place myself. I love Jikook, but at the same time I enjoy other ships as well. I am happy when I see something with them, but some people "push" the shipping agenda when it's not needed. I would support them rather they are dating or not. They are real people and they deserve to live their life how they want. Either way their friendship is amazing. And beautiful.

  • Alison Ross
    Alison Ross 5 hours ago

    "No you freaking donut"😂

  • i like you
    i like you 5 hours ago

    I think the tattoo doesn't mean anything.. Just a word army n j for jungkook and he added ❤️ Thats all..

  • Ann Lives Life
    Ann Lives Life 5 hours ago

    I'm the chill one😁 whatever they are or are not, being happy comes first

  • Pamela Batchelor
    Pamela Batchelor 5 hours ago

    Thanks another get together to discuss Jikook you know us too well. I absolutely Love the new intro.

  • NotURJiminJams ._.
    NotURJiminJams ._. 5 hours ago

    This rumor reminds me of Jimin’s “dating” rumors

  • Sophia Williamson
    Sophia Williamson 6 hours ago

    ARE THESE REAL?!??!? why won’t anyone answer me?

  • ortize
    ortize 6 hours ago

    Your wig game is real. 👌🏽

  • the none sense sisters

    Can I be all of em?

  • Persona Wings
    Persona Wings 6 hours ago

    2:10 no “J?”

  • Jikook and Vmin Together

    I was early but now I'm a gusher😂😂😂 *cough cough.....* jikook...😞I CANT HELP IT💜💜💜!!

  • Grape Space
    Grape Space 6 hours ago

    Jungkook really got a TATTOO of ARMY, and we respond back by invading his privacy, harassing his friends and starting insane rumors.. proud of yourself?

  • Vợ của Min Yoongi

    Jungkook knows what is he doing 😊 By world 😑👋 I am going to be ready for the biggest wedding in century 👨‍❤️‍👨 🐰💜🐥

  • Lindsay Leonard
    Lindsay Leonard 7 hours ago

    Lesson to be learned: If your real ARMY keep your mouth shut unless you got all the facts! PERIOD.

  • Kool aid Chan
    Kool aid Chan 7 hours ago

    Did you know jungguk used to have girlfriend *shook*

  • suga's serendipity
    suga's serendipity 7 hours ago

    Just a chill gusher here. I enjoy and support Jikook, but I don't ship Jikook (or anyone else for that matter). I want them to be happy however they find their happiness and it's not contingent upon them actually being a couple.

  • Sarang Park
    Sarang Park 7 hours ago

    What really surprises me at this point is BH, when the dating rumor about Jungkook came out they immediately interfere and threatened to sue anyone who will spread false rumor, while when Jimin was under fire because of a video of him having a good time in a club/bar in Paris did come out BH acted nothing is happening, they just let those lowlives antis slandered Jimin, I don't want to think that BH is playing favorites, I will just hope for the well being of them especially Jimin

    • Josue Arica
      Josue Arica 6 hours ago

      tamyvette Carcer yeah i wonder what the rumor was about?

  • Jhope
    Jhope 7 hours ago

    What was the song called that they were singing during the time when jungkook raised his eyebrow at jimin?

  • Blue Stars
    Blue Stars 7 hours ago

    I think the meaning can actually be both of the assumptions together, it's Army and the members together, yet he also put the J above the M also to highlight JM. Personally I don't even think the tattoo is real, if it is then great, and I also don't know if it's really related to Jimin but it really bothered me when people didn't think it's a combination of both assumptions cause that's what I have done if (let's assume Jikook is real for this, which they probably are lol) I had a soulmate, and had a fandom and group I loved and wanted to make a piece that will fit all.

  • YuhiPink TV
    YuhiPink TV 8 hours ago

    The last one is me 😭😂😂😂

  • Park Aya
    Park Aya 8 hours ago

    I agree with u

  • SueJin
    SueJin 8 hours ago

    No one: Not a soul: Jungkook: Watch me break the internet and freak everybody out....lmao! 😂😂 *Imo, non permanent. Cute concept.* ARMY - fans A (V) - Tae RM - Joon MY - Min Yoongi J - Jin, JHope, Jungkook JM - of his life Crown - Kings of Kpop Heart - Love of fans and his group. Reason on right hand is most people read left to right so the concept of it would not work perfectly on the left hand. Maybe he will tell us soon. Maybe not. 💁💜

  • jikook is life
    jikook is life 8 hours ago


  • BigFood Style
    BigFood Style 8 hours ago

    I really think it’s for JM. Why would he put the J over the M when it’s meant for all three members? He should’ve put that somewhere else unless he wanted people to start looking and speculating. And knowing my mind it automatically went to the Jikook theory of when Jikook says “Army” they are referring to one another. 😭 I’m delusional OKAY. Leave me alone

  • an intellect
    an intellect 8 hours ago

    the weirdest part is how he added the J later. after that churro pic was taken. idk if that’s weird or not but for a simple one dimensional tattoo 1 session is all that is required.

  • Awimbaweh Jeon
    Awimbaweh Jeon 8 hours ago

    Nobody: Jm&Jk: touch each other's thighs

  • ary j
    ary j 8 hours ago

    I think "army" corresponds With all the members ( upstide down v, rm, and y for yoongi) then j on the 4th finger indicates "jimin, jhope, jin and jungkook" since there are 4 j's. Then all of that adds up to the word "ARMY" except for the J's. I think its a coincidence that the j happened to be ontop of the m making the initial "JM" on his ring finger or maybe not... who knows... but i dont think he would relentlessly make it seem like his tattoo relates to his relationship status. Again it was/would be a heck of a coincidence of the intial JM on his ring finger. But of course us jikookers can make this an inside joke or conspiracy i dont mind tho lol

  • Ellie Sculley
    Ellie Sculley 8 hours ago

    That’s the tea

  • hapacalgirl
    hapacalgirl 8 hours ago

    Your pinky is technically your 5th finger. the ring finger is your 4th finger on your left hand. There are also 4 members with J names. He also has an emoji on his middle finger and crown already on his 2nd finger. Yeah it could mean Jimin but it's equally possible that it doesn't. Also with the exception of the J, the rest of the tattoos have been there since at least his birthday if you closely look at the picture Jimin posted so I am more leaning on these being real tattoos especially when I remember that he stated back when he was a teen that he would like to get a tattoo maybe on his arm or hand when he was an adult.

  • BLT
    BLT 9 hours ago

    “His booty cheeks” 😂🤣😆😏 back to the serious discussion here. if we are assuming it’s a real tat, the J is placed there deliberately, you just don’t randomly just place a letter somewhere without thinking about it. We all know JK is very aware of things from his music choice to the way he presents his GCF’s. He probably thought long and hard and had a few drafts of the tat before he did it. As an artist myself, I think the J would be more balanced if he placed it over the middle finger but he choose the ring finger.

  • Eden güt
    Eden güt 9 hours ago

    All these moments make me really sad, it feels like jk and jm relationship now has changed, idk I just see everything different now, the atmosphere, their news, feels like JM wasn't ok, like he struggling with his feelings, and need to refresh a lot. He went to many countries on his vacation, like it's really an escape, healing time. He loves jungkook so much, but I feel like, jungkook is done. He distance himself from jm, more closer to hoseok, and yesterday's news really shocked me. Jungkook datings rumors. Jikook has never been the same as last year

  • Ryah Salangsang
    Ryah Salangsang 9 hours ago

    or his booty😂🤭❤️

  • Emiliano&Helen Torres

    Jungkook is not a stupid man, he knows what everyone is and has been saying about Jikook. With that being said... He has to know weather it's true or false,there would be an immediate connection to Jimin=JM .... And he does not care! So what does that tell you? Idk... The way Jungkook looks at Jimin, that can't be faked. He looks at him like he is the Sun, Moon and the stars 💜

  • puma spirt
    puma spirt 9 hours ago

    What dating rumors

  • Helen K
    Helen K 9 hours ago

    ahh this is so cuttteee :')) I just did a cover of Euphoria, it would mean a lot if you could check it out! Thank you 💜

  • Abigail Maria
    Abigail Maria 9 hours ago

    She ships Jikook? Well time to subscribe

  • Kenyap
    Kenyap 9 hours ago

    I’m def the gusher

  • TheLoneWolf17
    TheLoneWolf17 9 hours ago

    I wont forget 💕

  • Hopeness 23
    Hopeness 23 9 hours ago

    somehow I feel broken heart. the side of my heart says that they are indeed dating,and the other side of my heart denying.and jungkook is not an easy person to hug others. if he hugs someone it means they are really close. especially if it's a woman, skinship culture in Korea of ​​the same gnder is normal, but not vice versa. I feel right now Jimin is very sad, omg I am really crying. And that woman has a tattoo in the same place as Jungkook.. jimin_ahh.. 😭😭 sorry for my bad English.. just hope the best for them.. Jimin_ah.. 😭😭😭😭

    • JiMin KooK
      JiMin KooK 9 hours ago

      Until now, we don't know who the hugging man is.... I'm sure it's not JK because the clothes the woman wear are different when their photo is eating together... so did JK go to the tattoo shop twice? Or maybe she changed clothes the same day when JK went there and then went to eat? let's be wiser in concluding... because many people spread the issue easily.... 😑😑😑

  • A Jinlegendary JamlessMin

    IM LIKE THREE OF THESE ALDOEJAOWLA!!!!! 1. The War is more: I couldn’t say that I’m one of them because the only time I come for other ships is when they say something to me about Jikook. That’s when I teach them a lesson. 2. The Experienced/ supportive: I am DEFINITELY this one. I just love their relationship so much and when I grow older I hope that my relationship or relationships will be this beautiful. 3. The overboarder- I’m like half and half. Sometimes I’m too pushy about the subject but the other times like when someone brings them up, I talk about them for a moment but get back to another subject since not all my friends do not like Kpop. 4. The Doubtful: I can’t compare to this at all. Sometimes, the boys need some time to their selves and as armies, we’re supposed to understand that. If I was stuck to my partner for more than 12 hours, I’d lose my mind😑 5. The gusher- This is the one that I relate to the most. Every time I hear Jikook I literally have a panic attack and start talking about random cute moments. When I see a cute moment on my phone, I immediately freak out. Actually, Jikook is one of the reasons why I cracked my phone screen😭 It was my first time when I saw Jungkook sucking on Jimin’s ear and I freaked out. That’s sort of why I’m a Jikook supporter now... 6. The chill jikook fan: This is the second one that I relate to the most. I don’t really like to make a whole fan account them because I already know deep down that I don’t need a fan account to love them as much as I do now. (Plus I don’t like any other social media besides that even a social media?????) Basically, this video is so relatable and hilarious! I loved when you did an interpretation of how each supporter is. I loved this video so much and you did so good 😊 Just like every other video you’ve ever made!❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰👍👍👍 You Are so pretty btw!!!!! You’re my favorite RU-clipr too!!!! I’m surprised you don’t have a million subscribers already! Keep up the fantastic work and please stay healthy!!! We love you tooooo👏😌😊🥰❤️❤️❤️ P.S. Me and you have the same bts sweater from the Gusher interpretation.

  • JiMin KooK
    JiMin KooK 9 hours ago

    JM is ARMY.... And JM always said that he is ARMY... and every time JK says for army, he always refers to JM.. it is the code of the both to represent their love for each other!!!! 💜✌

  • Stephanie Figueroa
    Stephanie Figueroa 9 hours ago

    I'm all of them lol 😂 😜 love JIKOOK 😍

  • Hajar with luv
    Hajar with luv 9 hours ago

    I’ve been smiling for 12:11 min and I cannot complain

  • Chimmy
    Chimmy 9 hours ago

    I don’t particularly like jungkook’s long hair, I mean he can do whatever he wants and it looks good but I prefer his shorter hair because it’s not in his handsome face and doesn’t cover up his beautiful features. Tbh I though I was the only one who liked is shorter hair more. I will still support jk on whatever he wants though!!

  • CRAZY adventureZ
    CRAZY adventureZ 9 hours ago

    I heard it’s on the 4th finger for Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook and Jimin ofc bc there are 4 but also I feel like it probably just fit nicely with the letters to be under his fingers and could have no meaning at all but love the analysis as always:)

  • Lindy Barroso
    Lindy Barroso 9 hours ago

    ARMY = JIMIN.... Sometimes I feel like JK does or says somethings for "ARMY" and I really think he talks about JM

  • Victoria
    Victoria 9 hours ago

    I agree with everything you've just said. Either way, he is full of love, and love trumps everything!!!💜💜💜💜

  • BlaDeZ_ Fierce
    BlaDeZ_ Fierce 9 hours ago

    Henna tattoo

  • Samantha LeBlanc
    Samantha LeBlanc 10 hours ago

    Maybe the crown represents txt? Don’t they have a song called crown?

  • Maria Keskinidou
    Maria Keskinidou 10 hours ago

    Definitely 'The chill JiKooker' 😊💜🐰🐤💜

  • Trying To Find My Way In God

    *That Theory* *Kowalski Analysis*

  • Queen S
    Queen S 10 hours ago

    The tattoo could also mean I love Army and Jm like a king. But we all know that Army in Jk language means JM soooo yeah I'm being delulu and I'm living my best life. ❤❤❤

  • Hesi Trescobos
    Hesi Trescobos 10 hours ago

    Hi, I am all pro Jikook, but, can I ask permission to replay at will fron 7:36 through 7:46 to watch the beautifull angel that is Namjoon in the back, the three of them look like a poem.

  • Cassandra Denise
    Cassandra Denise 10 hours ago

    I believe the tattoo is real because if you look closely the upside down A ..R and Y is pretty reddish looking. And also just to make it clear that I Cassandra 🗣🗣 believe that J and M is for Jimin because again why would it be on the ring finger and as Jeonssy said he could of put those letter anywhere else on his fingers but he chooses that particular spot 💍💍🐰💜🐥...... I'm so happy he's deciding To do as he pleases these days and pretty much not giving 100 flying f*cks on what others have to say . He's always wanted to get a tattoo when he older . He's even mentioned it on the show AHL

  • Summer Moorman
    Summer Moorman 10 hours ago

    i love how its a video about jikook and taes song is in the background

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny 10 hours ago

    Jungkook like his fans but fans aren't girlfriends. Remember that.

  • 2222titia
    2222titia 10 hours ago

    Ok let's be real here.... what's the difference between having the tattoo on his left hand or on his right hand? On the right hand j and m would be together on the ring finger not on the left hand (because the M would have been on the third finger). JK knows he is shipped (among others) with Jimin (which he made sure to be with rose bowl), if he didn t want to create any talk/fuss/war/rumour or quiproquo he would have choose to do it on his left hand. But he did it intentionally on the right hand so jm would be on the ring finger.

    • tamyvette Carcer
      tamyvette Carcer 6 hours ago

      Jikook the "rumored couple"that likes controversy;-)sorry!!!

    • an intellect
      an intellect 8 hours ago

      that is an excellent point

    • Inspirinq
      Inspirinq 9 hours ago

      That is true. If he did it on his left hand and had the J and M on the ring finger, everything would be backwards. Just another reason why it may have been intentional 👀

  • Taebae Turnsup
    Taebae Turnsup 10 hours ago

    I am a taekooker but I love looking at all the ships It’s so interesting how the same moments are seen different ways depending on the shipper I guess I am taekook but also look from the perspective of other shippers

  • Chimmy Nie
    Chimmy Nie 10 hours ago

    I am not buying the members name on A.R.M.Y.....i could also make random names out of it just for the sake of. But the only letters i could justify are the ones that are written there..ARMY and JM. Periodt. 💜😊

  • 2cool2bhot
    2cool2bhot 10 hours ago

    I'm the Chill Jikooker X The Gusher I can't get enough but I respect people owo)

  • Hillary Love
    Hillary Love 10 hours ago

    J Army =jm) jimin

  • Dorothy Lowe
    Dorothy Lowe 10 hours ago

    Did you just say booty cheeks!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜I love Jikook so the way you are my favourite RU-clipr.youe videos make me happy because the information about Jikook is so juicy and scream worthy💜🐰🐣💜

  • nekrokat
    nekrokat 11 hours ago

    im the gusher😂

  • Fiction Lover
    Fiction Lover 11 hours ago

    I'm a combination of the Chill Jikooker , the Gusher and the Supportive Jikooker ( I'm not experienced though)!!!

  • Maria Travi
    Maria Travi 11 hours ago

    Mmmm i don't know... The only one who knows Is JK. But.. my sixth Sense know ITS for Mochi💜

  • Pinky7007 RA
    Pinky7007 RA 11 hours ago

    Oh that’s definitely a Tattoo because you can see the redness, inflamed. I’m happy if he wants to tattoo wherever he wants to on himself. Thank you Jeonssy 🙏🏻 I still support JiKook 💯 🐥♥️🐰

  • 지국BTS사랑해
    지국BTS사랑해 11 hours ago

    I think I believe both assumptions- like I believe he wanted to signify all he members and ARMY but that he also wanted to subtly draw EXTRA attention to JM being on his Ring Finger, because yes the J can signify all other members who’s initials weren’t already there but he placed it above the M to draw more attention to Jimin maybe? 🤷🏼‍♀️😅

  • Lou Kitsune
    Lou Kitsune 11 hours ago

    I heard a theorie that the J is on the 4th finger because there are 4 members with a J as first letter in their name. But honestly when I saw the tattoo first, the 1st thing i saw was army and JM and idk it was so obvious for me and I like just all theories about the tattoo, it's fun to see what others think about things like that💜

    • Daphne Holmes
      Daphne Holmes 5 hours ago

      Well if you want some more fun, I saw that the J was for Jhope, Jin & Jimin because JK didn't include himself so he started counting with his index finger which makes the ringer finger represents the 3 members😂🤣. I'm like you ARMY = Jimin, JM equal Jimin😍💙💛🐰🐥

    • JiMin KooK
      JiMin KooK 9 hours ago

      Same with me...

    • Lou Kitsune
      Lou Kitsune 11 hours ago

      @2222titia you are right🙃 I didnt thought so far. Yeah but that makes sense, now is my head smoking again😂😰

    • 2222titia
      2222titia 11 hours ago

      Well if he chose to do his tattoo on his left hand instead he could have put the j on his 4th finger and the m would have been on thethird so no JM and definitely not on the ring finger... choosing the right hand make jm on the ring finger

  • Fiona Goxhai
    Fiona Goxhai 11 hours ago

    What's sleep when jeonssy posts

  • Alison Ross
    Alison Ross 11 hours ago

    Guys imagine that boy with more tattoos 👁👄👁

  • 2222titia
    2222titia 11 hours ago

    Jk is taking (back) the control of his body, his image.... proud of him!

  • Clara Amalia Ferreira da silva

    ㅐ 퍙대 ㅡ먄 ㅣㅐㅜ애 볃 뼈 ㅓㅁ ㅠㅑ😍😍💗

  • Jamilex Gomez
    Jamilex Gomez 11 hours ago

    The crown = Busan's Prince?