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  • According Cdn
    According Cdn 2 minutes ago

    Halloween havoc 2 is still my fav

  • Jay Complex Kid Randle
    Jay Complex Kid Randle 4 minutes ago

    "Am I wrooong..."

  • thomas wymer
    thomas wymer 5 minutes ago

    Murder was the case wasn't lyrical? Snoop isn't lyrical now but his first two albums he was very lyrical that song he has with the Dramatics he's lyrical? He's no Lupe Fiasco now but damn.

  • Draft416
    Draft416 6 minutes ago

    Yo this is a straight up comedy podcast n I love it thanks to the crew u guys r fun as hell to kick it with shout out to all the cool fans that can just chill and enjoy fun content

    SPECTRA 6 minutes ago


  • King P
    King P 10 minutes ago

    Mal looks like a full breed English Bulldog.

  • JR Cuevas
    JR Cuevas 14 minutes ago

    What’s good with the Joe and Gary Vee collab

  • Ty Kendrick
    Ty Kendrick 16 minutes ago

    So yall saying Mal is right. I been on hella dates in my life trynna get to know bitches. So I been tricking the whole dam time?

  • Sorryimtruthful
    Sorryimtruthful 19 minutes ago

    People are so confused?.. its very simple about “tricking”.. if the girl you trying to kick-it with would only do so for some kind of financial exchange and you know it? Then its tricking! She is there for the “bag” and “not for you” and you are ok with it.

  • latebluebird
    latebluebird 22 minutes ago

    1:25:24 wasted so much time trying to convince mal on anything. i wish rory would say exactly whats on his mind

  • J-SUN Love
    J-SUN Love 30 minutes ago

    Banks dont wanna deal with 50cent period!

  • J-SUN Love
    J-SUN Love 33 minutes ago

    get banks away from 50 cent, he will be or wouldve been top self! 50cent always been in those guys way! 50 wasnt letting them boys get pass him!

  • Yolo McSwaggins
    Yolo McSwaggins 35 minutes ago

    10 grand worth of head . LMAO JOE YOU WILD!

  • David F
    David F 42 minutes ago

    17:22 and ON Joe sums up everything Mal says

  • Mak Man
    Mak Man 42 minutes ago

    We need a Lloyd Banks/Roc Marciano mixtape completely produced by The Alchemist

  • Eamon Pace
    Eamon Pace 44 minutes ago

    Nicki is talking facts not like some haters i have love u nicki

  • young sinatra
    young sinatra 46 minutes ago

    i thought this stuff was common sense

  • Joseph Hamilton
    Joseph Hamilton 47 minutes ago

    Mal opened up on this one

  • Foua Xiong
    Foua Xiong 47 minutes ago

    Jcole is on another level

  • Ray Evans
    Ray Evans 51 minute ago

    Wasn't a fan of him but dude could rap, he should continue to drop mixtapes he does have fans

  • Michael Antonio Bagley
    Michael Antonio Bagley 55 minutes ago

    I need to be on this show..

  • polo team
    polo team 55 minutes ago

    50 cent told on jarule and all of murder inc,he doing just fine

  • Chandler Meyer
    Chandler Meyer 57 minutes ago

    Bank$ is one of the best lyricist ever 💯

  • Shelby Davis
    Shelby Davis 58 minutes ago

    This episode was great

  • Michael Antonio Bagley
    Michael Antonio Bagley 58 minutes ago

    Takashi is what people knew he was..its nothing more to talk about towards that lame..if he was a boosie and snitched, than itll be a different convo..

  • spoonly
    spoonly 59 minutes ago

    You guys only having these issues cause you’re going after ‘rap scene’ chicks. Where all they want is money or some form of notoriety, the materialism hoes if you will. The saying there’s always more fish in the sea ain’t a lie... just gotta look outside your bubble.

  • DevilishFury
    DevilishFury Hour ago

    Joe that annoying outcast of interscope nobody wanna listen to

  • Jeric Taborn
    Jeric Taborn Hour ago

    Mal is right about tricking😂

  • Lady D
    Lady D Hour ago

    Rory it’s not “weird” to talk about marriage

  • Hayden Eden
    Hayden Eden Hour ago

    Y’all wack y’all ain’t even review the young thug album or the future album but y’all give attention to this shit, lmao this show been going downhill for a while

  • haz tv
    haz tv Hour ago

    What's it gone take for these to be uploaded so I can minimize the app and the video still play in the lil small box (android).... Almost every other video I watch on here allows that tighten up

  • Laflame
    Laflame Hour ago

    I know without watching it’s gonna be all hate. Joe done fell off

  • DevilishFury
    DevilishFury Hour ago

    Joe stfu

  • MikeAveli
    MikeAveli Hour ago

    I want another banks project every year fuck it.

  • LegallyLia
    LegallyLia Hour ago


  • United Greatness

    Mal is right about tricking. It doesn't matter how much money you have, tricking is tricking.

  • Cibo F
    Cibo F Hour ago


  • Daddyphatpockets 1

    Joe Budden is a Mickey Mouse wanna be rapper character. Lmao

  • The Best Clips !


  • Marvin Worthy
    Marvin Worthy Hour ago

    I spent the entire summer with two of my best women friends a few years ago. Just being there day after day seeing dudes bring em rellos, dinner, bottles, ect in the hopes of getting time. Shit dudes was tricking tricking giving me free alcohol. I can’t be that dude.

  • Jamilah Hardiman

    It was really nice to see Mal finally peel back a few layers and be a little vulnerable. Idk who that girl was but she really hurt him.

  • Heaven&Elijah AnythingCanHappenHere

    Looking like nutty professor with skinny Jeans

  • Heaven&Elijah AnythingCanHappenHere

    Never trust a Man's opinion that wears skinny Jeans showing off his knees

  • hezekiah johnson

    I’m 100% behind mal 😂💀

  • Tazo
    Tazo Hour ago

    king of punchlines. real hip hop fans know whats good

  • Tony Swag
    Tony Swag Hour ago

    Bro joe scared of Nikki

  • Kj’s’ Family Larkins

    Joe” which bridge “Parks some shit in Dallas” Joe oh they Got Nice Bridges 🌉 damn lol savage

  • SeaTheGod Gold
    SeaTheGod Gold Hour ago


  • KingPharaoh TV
    KingPharaoh TV Hour ago

    Snitchy keep snitching ugh 1 year later he switching ugh

  • Wesley Montgomery

    so this show WASN’T titled 2500 come on .,, shit was 😂😂😂😂😂

  • A Dunn
    A Dunn 2 hours ago

    Joe you gotta put that ending slogan on a T shirt 🔥

  • Rich
    Rich 2 hours ago

    I 100% feel mal. Bitches will convince you for months and years they aint like the rest and then you find out some shit, youll forever be jaded after that. Cant trust em

  • Tray b
    Tray b 2 hours ago

    Why is Mal talking? And Joe🤔

  • Nija Deans
    Nija Deans 2 hours ago

    Gotta respect Mal's honest tho

  • Mohamed Salah
    Mohamed Salah 2 hours ago

    1:11:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG this one of the funniest moments on the podcast ever 😂 Joe is NASTY

  • Cousy Warhol
    Cousy Warhol 2 hours ago

    Damn, Thought Mal Was In His Late 20’s.. Makes Sense..

  • real80able
    real80able 2 hours ago

    Mal was talking for close to 40 minutes and didn't actually say anything. He straight refuses to open up about anything concerning himself

  • tha kidd
    tha kidd 2 hours ago

    Yeah ti and snoop did and it was said that they snitched so why cant he do same

  • blahblahblah mememe
    blahblahblah mememe 2 hours ago

    Just because why he say how name. He said the cloutchasers name. Unless he just was like fuck it ppl prolly going to figure out who he is anyways.

  • Ayoo Des!
    Ayoo Des! 2 hours ago

    I fucks with Mal on this. He made great points and he is right.

  • blahblahblah mememe
    blahblahblah mememe 2 hours ago

    Think it was staged

  • Nija Deans
    Nija Deans 2 hours ago

    Totally agree abt broken ppl trying to fixed broken ppl!

  • Dj Genius
    Dj Genius 2 hours ago

    Always find it crazy how when rappers kill someone, we feel sad for the rappers... Change that plz

  • FrankBJr
    FrankBJr 2 hours ago

    I swear taking shots at Cleveland is a taught thing. The disrespect has been running deep for a long time. Niggas show so much to all the other poor Crusty ass Midwest cities but somehow it’s Cleveland that always gets shitted on. Why is that?

  • Castles
    Castles 2 hours ago

    Aside from whether or not he can still make music, if he does, what music can he make? Can't stay on the shit he been making. Nobody ever gonna wanna hear that from that guy again.

  • DwightUIgnorantSlut1

    Nicki from 2008-2017, when there were literally no other mainstream female rappers: "I'm the best female rapper out, nobody can compare to me!" Nicki in 2019, when Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion, Lizzo are mainstream: *Ight imma head out*

  • C G
    C G 2 hours ago

    joe you gotta get the roller, do it for hip hop.

  • Travis Saltus
    Travis Saltus 2 hours ago


  • Troy C
    Troy C 2 hours ago

    My longest relationships were diff not trying random as hell

  • Silhouette
    Silhouette 2 hours ago

    There’s no such thing as relationships in today’s era. I don’t care what anyone says. I suggest all men to not fall in love with anyone but with your self and your purpose in life. Chase the success never chase women and they’ll chase you

  • Troy C
    Troy C 2 hours ago

    Real relationships are nothing like on social media been with my girl 8 years and we never on social media acting like the perfect couple. We've been together long than most people who post each other everyday.

  • Carlos Medrano
    Carlos Medrano 2 hours ago

    Post Malone is like Kris Kross or TLC. He's not really hip-hop but he's touching on it and combining it with more pop.

  • DwightUIgnorantSlut1

    "Honesty is a gift we can give to others." -Sam Harris, "Lying"

  • Carol Strickland
    Carol Strickland 2 hours ago

    They not hearing Mal at all. I feel him on another level! Mal on his grown man right now. Whoever gets him after this will be GOOD!!!

  • GG SupaFee
    GG SupaFee 2 hours ago

    Banks My Fav Rapper Ever And Cant Be Topped But I Kno Why He Aint Releasing New Shyt

  • Dkmo94
    Dkmo94 2 hours ago

    I find myself moving like Mal; you can't be happy with someone else if you can't be happy with yourself. it takes time to heal and learn yourself; hopping to another relationship as soon as one ends is a fat set up (Ladies)

  • AJ M.
    AJ M. 2 hours ago

    Mal Right plain and simple. & the fact that yall are making up all these excuses and scenarios to not be called a trick. Shows that Y'all are Trickin off on the hoes out here. Especially Joe cause he was hurt by the whole convo. 💀😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wiz Khalifa
    Wiz Khalifa 2 hours ago

    He probably could. These kids don't care no more. They defending him saying his own ppl put a hit out on him so I would've snitched too. Which they do have a point cuz the problem is almost ALL these gang out here nowadays gone fold on each other when they throw life at yo ass! That's FACTS but at the end of the day this dude gonna get VIEWS if he drops a record. The fans that fw him are gonna watch & all his haters gonna watch too. All publicity is good publicity nowadays. Rather he's respected or not people WILL WATCH! He better have hella bodyguards at all times tho if he does. He was already a big target. Imagine how much a target he's gonna be when he gets out🎯💯 There's also a good chance he does go into protective custody & is never able to rap again. They gonna have a hell of a time trying to hide this nigga tho 😂😂😂

  • Art by Robina
    Art by Robina 3 hours ago

    I learned so much about Mal in the episode. This was great!

  • CDub
    CDub 3 hours ago

    It's tricking if you spend money on someone that is not your girl.

  • GerryManning1
    GerryManning1 3 hours ago

    You can give a woman the whole world 🌍 and she STILL wont be satisfied

  • Arie Smith
    Arie Smith 3 hours ago

    Who ever keep burping down the mic that's nasty

  • Jalen Fitzgerald
    Jalen Fitzgerald 3 hours ago

    Parks was biased asf from the jump and he didn’t understand that when you compare talent you’re not comparing discography you’re supposed to compare ability

  • Lady D
    Lady D 3 hours ago

    Live life, and see how shit goes. -Mal1K

  • dayle. Johnson
    dayle. Johnson 3 hours ago

    Therapy time on the job podcast.

  • Funky Gomez
    Funky Gomez 3 hours ago

    There is two side to story. Always! We don't know his position, and plus them nighas he was fucking with him weren't loyal so it ain't really snitching....

  • Devin mccampbell
    Devin mccampbell 3 hours ago

    He should definitely ghost write

  • HipHop PhD
    HipHop PhD 3 hours ago

    the tricking conversation exposes why Mal will remain single.

  • Frank Sanchez
    Frank Sanchez 3 hours ago

    Rory and Mal act like Joe isn't even an artist lmaoo. Joe is obviously in his feelings about not making music himself and he's making excuses for himself when he talks about the "veterans." Somehow Mal is clueless.

  • peep tbgod
    peep tbgod 3 hours ago

    I seriously think he will make spanish music when he gets out. he was making it before he got locked up. In another country he will be fine. Time stamp this comment cause I bet im right.

  • Jaleel D Taylor
    Jaleel D Taylor 3 hours ago

    Parks had to step in because Mal was repeating himself for the last 15 mintues 😅.

  • William Betts
    William Betts 3 hours ago

    If Takashi starts a snitch nigga summer next year I'm converting to rock music LOL

  • Cool Crush Ice Killa

    I sniff around, like i sniff ASS....Bum bum bum

  • Nino Cee
    Nino Cee 3 hours ago

    Confidence will always make the bastards in the room squirm.

  • Elvis Gonzalez
    Elvis Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    People don’t care about feelings anymore.

  • superstar2983
    superstar2983 3 hours ago

    Yeah he can keep making Rat music 🎤🐁🎧

  • Nino Cee
    Nino Cee 3 hours ago

    Mal: Cause that same head you got somebody got that for free. Joe: Good for him. What does that have to do with me Mal: It just means that youre the trick and the other guy isnt. Check muthafuckin mate!

  • joseph lule-musoke
    joseph lule-musoke 3 hours ago

    It’s nasty to pay for a woman’s time just so she can like you lol have more respect For yourself😂

  • Five O Dodger
    Five O Dodger 3 hours ago

    This kid is going overseas.

  • Josh S Lemos
    Josh S Lemos 3 hours ago

    You heard they were losing? It was the middle of the first fuckin thumb head