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  • sara m
    sara m 6 days ago

    Amazing it really works

  • Noreen Ruth Bagsic
    Noreen Ruth Bagsic 20 days ago

    Is this real?

  • King Moron Productions


  • alankrita tiwari
    alankrita tiwari Month ago

    Thank you sir very useful video, please upload a video on navdata via portable data link PDL

    • AeroArduino
      AeroArduino Month ago

      You are welcome. I'm glad you liked it. I'll work on a new video with PDL ASP.

  • Matt Seals
    Matt Seals Month ago

    I like this video content - its so usefull and helpfull.

    • AeroArduino
      AeroArduino Month ago

      Thank you very much. I'll do my best to be more helpful.

  • Kodjovi Lotchi
    Kodjovi Lotchi 2 months ago

    Hi. Thanks for a good video. A question though. When I simulate the light in ON all the time and does not goes OFF. Please could you show clearly how you made the connection from the the (-) pole of the Voltmetre to the Relay and the Bulb

  • Aditya Bhalerao
    Aditya Bhalerao 2 months ago

    From where i can download this software? Can you provide me the link? It will be very helpful

  • Abdelghany Ebied
    Abdelghany Ebied 2 months ago

    الله ينور

  • احمد بورش
    احمد بورش 3 months ago

    Very good bro

  • Invent Simple
    Invent Simple 3 months ago

    I subscribed to help you grow! If you would return the favor that would be so helpful!!

  • Юрий Рыжков
    Юрий Рыжков 7 months ago

    Долбоёб-ты где здесь увидел гироскоп???

  • Viktor Qark
    Viktor Qark 8 months ago

    Найди этому применение . Morze отправлять ?

  • rodrigogs500
    rodrigogs500 9 months ago

    Necesitas usar el Giroscopo, con el acelerómetro en vuelo obtendrás lo mismo que si estuvieses quieto en tierra.

  • Josephkit Marciano
    Josephkit Marciano 2 years ago

    how many kmph is in a 20 volts?

  • AeroArduino
    AeroArduino 2 years ago


  • Zik Zak
    Zik Zak 2 years ago

    Brilliant recycling!

  • AeroArduino
    AeroArduino 2 years ago

    I used the mobile charger in between. So the phone is getting its normal voltage. Completely safe.

    • Prød. Tøxic
      Prød. Tøxic 8 months ago

      Also, do you know what wattage the dynamo produces when it is being turned?

  • Sheetal BM
    Sheetal BM 2 years ago

    is it good for mobile charging i had seen in some videos that microwave motor is harmful to phone

    • Prød. Tøxic
      Prød. Tøxic 8 months ago

      It's okay, Those other people probably used a different schematic that required a transistor to regulate the voltage, but this one doesn't

  • M E
    M E 3 years ago

  • CarstenGroen
    CarstenGroen 3 years ago

    Are you only using an accellerometer for this ? If so I'm afraid it wont work in practice. (think about what will happen in a turn, you will pull G's and the calculation will be way off)

  • Galal Atef
    Galal Atef 8 years ago

    ممتاز جدا و مبروك الكيت :)