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The King of Random
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Making Upgraded Magic Mud!
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Your DRYER Can Cook Steak!
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How to Clone your FACE
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Six-foot Tall Pixie Stix!
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Making a 100LB Snow Cone!
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Instant Canoe in a CAN!
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Making Microscopic Popcorn
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Flavor Swap??
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Can You Deep Fry Bubble Gum?
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Don't Mess With Calli
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Running a Tumbler for 1 WEEK
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Making Our Skin Hydrophobic
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Testing Fire Resistant Safes
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Music Straight To The Brain?
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500 Packs of Fun (Dip)
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To Grant, Love The TKOR Team
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Thank you, Grant.
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4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!
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HUMONGOUS Wax Bottle Drink!
Views 4.1M5 months ago


  • Hoovy_Tankr 303
    Hoovy_Tankr 303 3 minutes ago

    Can melted deodorant or candle wax put out a fire? Pls do it

  • JRR31984
    JRR31984 4 minutes ago

    My stomach wants to turn just thinking about it.

  • YH Vazii
    YH Vazii 5 minutes ago

    6:16 shoot it

  • xxx Ssakcaj the plasmanoid xxx

    i have the same minion

  • Mayor Sabi
    Mayor Sabi 7 minutes ago

    Hair gel is potato chip bags reinvented

  • Kelvin Bautista
    Kelvin Bautista 8 minutes ago

    Where can I buy those popcorn buckets?

  • The Truth
    The Truth 11 minutes ago

    Frees dry jolly ranchers see what happens

  • Dru Tube
    Dru Tube 15 minutes ago

    i have onelife hack step 1-burn the cat step 2-eat the cat step 3-the cat is dead

  • Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones 15 minutes ago

    Make glue mozzarella sticks

  • Molly Clarke
    Molly Clarke 16 minutes ago

    You should see if a jaw breaker will turn into Cotten candy

  • Kuzizira
    Kuzizira 17 minutes ago

    hey haven't waatched the video but uhhhhhhhhh i think the candy go cold idk though it could get warmer

  • Red Soof
    Red Soof 19 minutes ago

    try a watermelon!!

  • Parker Rice
    Parker Rice 20 minutes ago

    I was not prepared for that intro

  • Eugene Mack
    Eugene Mack 20 minutes ago

    Well she is sexy

  • memelord 2.0
    memelord 2.0 22 minutes ago

    U cant u silly

  • EggHeadGaming roblox and more


  • Aminah
    Aminah 25 minutes ago

    My man is a whole artist with that Bob Ross painting

  • Jazmin Shepherd
    Jazmin Shepherd 27 minutes ago

    Try dehydrating jellybeans

  • Piekarnik
    Piekarnik 27 minutes ago

    What would happen if You microwaved ferrofluid?

  • Just a random cat With internet access


  • Wilson Ward
    Wilson Ward 33 minutes ago

    You guys should make a video on how to build an electric bike

  • Just a random cat With internet access

    Those robots can fight

  • GrayCha07
    GrayCha07 33 minutes ago

    next time you should try cookie dough if you already haven't

  • SCP372PJ - The Gamer SCP
    SCP372PJ - The Gamer SCP 33 minutes ago

    Ties in paper shredder: Mr. Jenkins: *SILENCED CRYING*

  • Tom Boltwood
    Tom Boltwood 38 minutes ago

    Can you do everything it says not to do on a deodorant bottle

  • Fluvf
    Fluvf 40 minutes ago


  • Loreto Ramos
    Loreto Ramos 42 minutes ago

    😢😭 may you rest in peace and be known as a big inspiration to all

  • Skilla Deez
    Skilla Deez 43 minutes ago

    Rip bro

  • Matthew Daltrey
    Matthew Daltrey 44 minutes ago

    You should have added in more gelatin to make the candy a little stiffer

  • Zebra101
    Zebra101 45 minutes ago

    Can you please put dry ice in a microwave.

  • Someone You don’t know
    Someone You don’t know 45 minutes ago

    Wtf why Logan Paul

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 48 minutes ago

    bruh you have a mic, turn it on.

  • dafishey gaming
    dafishey gaming 50 minutes ago

    Freeze dry Doritos

  • Erin Connelly
    Erin Connelly 52 minutes ago

    How can we identify the right type of grain?

  • Lazari Swan
    Lazari Swan 53 minutes ago

    cotton candy I think you should see what store-bought and then homemade card and candy does in the fridge dryer and then maybe Laffey taffy and then possibly a piece of cake

  • DatKittenCat
    DatKittenCat 54 minutes ago

    Could you try making indestructable headphones??I already broke a few.. two to be exact

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson 55 minutes ago

    Oh I Saul the set sea crab

  • Lucas Reimer
    Lucas Reimer 55 minutes ago

    Or you could try putting a water balloon out in cold weather

  • Analiz Garza
    Analiz Garza 57 minutes ago

    Wait did you just touch dry ice without gloves???????

  • sniper 39
    sniper 39 57 minutes ago

    12:37 my cat did the exact same thing

  • Sgt_Assassin 123
    Sgt_Assassin 123 58 minutes ago

    Now to make CORN CHIPS and salsa

  • sniper 39
    sniper 39 59 minutes ago

    We need a second part to this video pleeeease❤️

  • DONI R.
    DONI R. Hour ago

    *I did a thing*

  • Lucas Reimer
    Lucas Reimer Hour ago

    I already solved it, if you live in most places in Canada, just put a cup of clear water outside during winter and boom! Clear ice.

  • Zameena Zahir
    Zameena Zahir Hour ago

    Thats the last straw

  • Deema helptheworld

    2:10 Nate: "I don't think we can put an uncut pineapple on top of the steak" Me: "yes you can"

  • Pablo Alaman
    Pablo Alaman Hour ago

    In Mexico it is not wired to buy or have blue, pink nor yellow corn or tortillas

  • EldaCZE
    EldaCZE Hour ago

    It's been few months and I can't still believe he's not here anymore

  • 많이Kim jennie

    5:13 thats not calli 5:24 wait what???

  • LoneBranch Art
    LoneBranch Art Hour ago

    Prismacolours arent "low professional, high hobby" Prismacolour premier is the expensive professional stuff. Prismacolour scholar is student grade, however. But prismacolour premier is NOT. Its professional grade. Faber Castells are water soluble also, if that makes anything make sense during experimenting.

  • Broken Kandi
    Broken Kandi Hour ago

    Y do u have pull-ups? (3:05)

  • Sarah Howard
    Sarah Howard Hour ago

    Too bad all corn on the planet is genetically modified now. Thanks Monsanto!

  • How to fashion
    How to fashion Hour ago

    Every time he gets a different sponsor, he says “My favorite game”

  • Tony and Jojo Unicorn Friends


  • Christian Rossman


  • Joshie
    Joshie Hour ago

    liked for the Portal reference

  • gameris 376
    gameris 376 Hour ago

    can you guys the kingof random glass off candy or gamy

  • U Lagarde
    U Lagarde Hour ago

    What happens if you pour hot aluminum on super glue can you make a video

  • Lynette Lamb
    Lynette Lamb Hour ago

    You get electrocuted Video oven Edit:over

  • 516 Craigy
    516 Craigy Hour ago

    See what happens when you put liquid flex in vacuum, boil it, freeze dry it, and try putting it in acid (any of your choice)

  • Jakob Dalbjerg Sørensen


  •  Hour ago

    0:00 - 0:04

  • Pepperoni Dog Fart

    Do you eat your skittles with or without the shell?

  • Famlit4life 07
    Famlit4life 07 Hour ago

    What happens if you throw candy into a fire like in “Charlie and the chocolate factory” will the fire turn blue?

  • Cassidy Kragt
    Cassidy Kragt Hour ago

    Dep fry jawbreaker

  • Mac Abdul
    Mac Abdul Hour ago

    Can you make a giant copper penny

  • Hayden Roof
    Hayden Roof Hour ago


  • Timothy Osborn
    Timothy Osborn Hour ago

    Blow bubbles outside at 0 degrees f. It's very cool

  • Javierpal Fordring

    I I'm Mexican and so been eating blue tortillas like all my life and Never heard about making blue tortillas with sea shells, never! I don't know from where is he getting that ingredients, that's weird.

  • Jagoan Indonesia

    Nate's mic kind of "dull" in the beginning and also... where is Calli?? I miss her unnecessary smile 😂

  • Kaloyan Kalinin
    Kaloyan Kalinin Hour ago

    Eh the sexy crab strange moves

  • Akabara Akaji
    Akabara Akaji Hour ago

    Senku Cola, Come on! tsk tsk.. hehehe

  • _ Dacazy _
    _ Dacazy _ Hour ago

    Wish he were here today

  • Vilfranc Enide
    Vilfranc Enide Hour ago

    Drink it Drink it 🤪🤪🙏🙏

  • mason gaming _ vlogging

    Catch it on fire let it get down to the waxy type stuff and then try to reuse it

  • Vilfranc Enide
    Vilfranc Enide Hour ago

    Why r u shooting kittens into space👿😱😱

  • Merijane Jamison

    You should blend lollipops and try making Cotton candy

  • Gerry Johnson
    Gerry Johnson Hour ago


  • Merijane Jamison

    You should Freeze dry some fruits and try Cotten candy with it

  • PowahKordz
    PowahKordz Hour ago

    "The same people who invented corn about 8000 years ago, also figured out about 6000 years ago, that if you boil it in that..." It does what? Cure their immortality?

  • bruce sanborn
    bruce sanborn Hour ago

    Freeze dry water

  • Lukey
    Lukey Hour ago

    Let the guy hit it you hit like a girl

  • Frostwing Gaming

    Make blue popcorn

  • iulian
    iulian Hour ago

    6:18 I see you have some exercise :>

  • TwIsTeD CoOkIe
    TwIsTeD CoOkIe Hour ago

    No popcorn were harmed in the naking of this video.

  • HittinTheTrails
    HittinTheTrails 2 hours ago

    Him now juice Wrld rip

  • Katelyn Cuties
    Katelyn Cuties 2 hours ago

    When I had a topic dermititis I scratched it so much that I can't even walk

  • Julia Benincosa
    Julia Benincosa 2 hours ago


  • omegaroblox gamer
    omegaroblox gamer 2 hours ago

    I double dog dare you to make the same with deoderant spray

  • Fer Ramírez
    Fer Ramírez 2 hours ago

    What a corny video....

  • Gamesmanship B
    Gamesmanship B 2 hours ago

    Freeze dry cheese

  • spjunkies
    spjunkies 2 hours ago


  • Liquid Quanito
    Liquid Quanito 2 hours ago

    Ksi should see the intro

  • Saayan Rao
    Saayan Rao 2 hours ago

    Poor C3PO

  • Michal Golonka
    Michal Golonka 2 hours ago


  • Clankbot
    Clankbot 2 hours ago

    Do life hacks for dogs next

  • Saayan Rao
    Saayan Rao 2 hours ago

    The reason the gallium isn’t melting that quickly is because it’s reflecting most of the light.

  • Scott Viola
    Scott Viola 2 hours ago

    I’m making these down in Panama. It doesn’t cost as much as a comment below lays out. I got 2kg of magnesium carbonate and 2kg of lactose for a total of $36, a 25kg sack of potassium chlorate for $110 (I couldn’t get it in smaller quantities), and 0.5kg of dye for $10. This puts me at an effective $54 for 8kg of white mix, ignoring the smidgen of baking soda. About a third of the total mix is dye, so, at the rate of $10 per 0.5kg, that puts 12kg of smoke composition at $130, or only $5 per pound. I got my stuff at an industrial supply store, Max E. Jimenez, not Amazon. I saw exceedingly high prices there, like $15 for 100g of potassium chlorate. Happy colored smoke!

  • keemstar564
    keemstar564 2 hours ago

    Plz freeze dry chicken or some meat

  • Billie eyelash
    Billie eyelash 2 hours ago

    Try a new born baby