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  • Sergii Khalepa
    Sergii Khalepa Hour ago

    Man, you are the best!

  • AJ
    AJ Hour ago


  • Uziel Madera
    Uziel Madera Hour ago

    You’re the Man Vitaly hahah truely one of a Kind I’m a Big Fan Bro keep doing what you doing I thought I had subscribed to you years ago smh can’t believe I wasn’t lol but yeah bro I just subscribed Peace

  • lar sky
    lar sky Hour ago

    Welp....i feel like there are tons of people of that are still believing this kind of pranks on the street.... Like the people in these videos seem natural

    MATEO GAMING Hour ago


  • Mito Mito
    Mito Mito Hour ago

    Can this guy not hear?

  • Adam A.
    Adam A. Hour ago

    Bruh, Fame has not done this guy any good.

  • ike9
    ike9 Hour ago

    hahahahahaha this sounds like a bad russian porn.

  • George
    George Hour ago

    This is so messed up

  • Chucklez
    Chucklez Hour ago

    Bro extend these vids man... and have more people’s reaction when u tell them that “its a prank”.

  • New Noise
    New Noise 2 hours ago

    I would mind my business 🚶

  • Onyx Gucci
    Onyx Gucci 2 hours ago

    The cop made you look like you're a stupid idiot.

  • Mr. Wonderful
    Mr. Wonderful 2 hours ago

    He’s so unoriginal just copying other people’s shit..

  • Kebron My
    Kebron My 2 hours ago

    The problem is now she is not only yours

    ZAHAR REC 2 hours ago

    1:26 Ivar Boneless on bike lol

  • Raspberry Barong
    Raspberry Barong 2 hours ago

    This us the vitaly i know 😂😂😂 nice one! By the way wear shorts next time 😂😂😂 you cant barely run 😂

  • Jeff21killer Sep
    Jeff21killer Sep 2 hours ago

    Lol most of his content doesn’t even get over a million views

    PPツ DUREX 2 hours ago

    Ебать Виталя разкабанел

  • Jamal Williams
    Jamal Williams 2 hours ago

    I’m fromRussia and I don’t wanna get deported I know you know all about that shit 😂😂😂😂

  • Stephen Van Zant
    Stephen Van Zant 2 hours ago

    Omg I was dying when he kept saying “what” to the homeboy eating on the bench

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 2 hours ago

    Why did you even act up to Bradley Martin you lunatic

  • Meme Loaded
    Meme Loaded 2 hours ago

    Lmaooo. You know the first guy was his friend and wanted to make him look good

  • rdbetta
    rdbetta 3 hours ago

    If a girl do it to a guy people would be la laughing at the guy

  • Marin Sakic
    Marin Sakic 3 hours ago

    Like who would fuck this girl

  • jamesinkeys
    jamesinkeys 3 hours ago

    Momma Vitaly deserves an Oscar for that performance, really convincing...Gotta love Vitaly, but momma should know him by now... : )

  • Ryan Swindlehurst
    Ryan Swindlehurst 3 hours ago

    that was messed up how he put that spider in there

  • An Alcoholic Clown
    An Alcoholic Clown 3 hours ago

    She should have thrown herself at the Ground to make it look even more real 😄

  • WarFreakBruh
    WarFreakBruh 3 hours ago

    Vitaly turns that girl on while watching porn🤣

  • NikoNiko Nee
    NikoNiko Nee 3 hours ago

    Nelk and vitaly are the best pranksters

  • admon almarghy
    admon almarghy 3 hours ago

    Damn that ass 🔥

  • samuel mendes
    samuel mendes 3 hours ago

    Gostosa essa mina, hein.

  • Fortnite OG
    Fortnite OG 3 hours ago

    “What i can’t hear you”- Vitaly

  • Nex Ferocious
    Nex Ferocious 3 hours ago

    he did it too all black people

  • Asdollah Mirza
    Asdollah Mirza 3 hours ago

    “feed him your titties, feed him your milk” he says to his mother regarding the elephant. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • NineTailsGaming
    NineTailsGaming 3 hours ago

    Not a funny prank just wasting the police’s time.

  • FSMZ Clan
    FSMZ Clan 3 hours ago

    "Do you want to go to jail" ive been to jail for very long time "ok well your not going to jail

  • Javier E
    Javier E 3 hours ago

    Such a classic. 💀

  • Mr. Williams
    Mr. Williams 3 hours ago

    He's a genius.

  • Mr. Williams
    Mr. Williams 3 hours ago

    Vital takes it to the next level.

  • Zora Plays
    Zora Plays 3 hours ago

    “We got a permit we got a cop on set, good luck” OWNED

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo 3 hours ago


  • Amxrrr
    Amxrrr 3 hours ago

    Nobody wants to do anything cuz vitaly is huge and everyone is afraid 😂😂😂

  • Tej Gill
    Tej Gill 3 hours ago

    This is what's wrong with these zero celebs.

  • Kanoa Parsons
    Kanoa Parsons 3 hours ago

    The last guy lmao. Vitaly just says "ight we got a cop on set so thank you" lmao 😂

  • YA Buggin
    YA Buggin 3 hours ago

    Yo wtf bro dude dawg bro dude homie dawg bro dude bro

  • ThisIsNotATest ThisIsTheEnd

    Lose the hat and old school nightstick lol

  • Super Nintendo
    Super Nintendo 4 hours ago

    My boi Vitaly with a banger! Never disappoints.

  • D.A.
    D.A. 4 hours ago

    you didn’t wash em today or what?? 😂

  • Booty buttt Cheecks eater

    Black dude that said it’s only motivation you cool breh 💪💪💪

  • Death Ray
    Death Ray 4 hours ago

    dude, do you have some inferiority complex? pranks are what you mainly should do and what we want to see. I mean, most of us really dont give a fuck how you or your mom like to spent private time.

  • Tad Hockstedler
    Tad Hockstedler 4 hours ago

    am i the only one who noticed how fckn cute that was when kinsey kissed his cheek 7:35

  • SeagullG
    SeagullG 4 hours ago

    Why vitaly looking like he 80 years old?

  • Calsar Chandler
    Calsar Chandler 4 hours ago

    Da fuq is funny about this? 🤨

  • mikeizag
    mikeizag 4 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: Vitaly: who the fuck wears a condom it’s 2019.

  • Musa Bamidele
    Musa Bamidele 4 hours ago

    Who else is calling November 2019??

  • Kemal Mohammad Baydar

    I always have a knife... better dont prank me

  • envy a
    envy a 4 hours ago

    Everyone just has to be not white for the prank to be successful or why no drug dealers white? Hmmmm🤨🤨🤨 just another racist ofc

    • envy a
      envy a Hour ago

      @Indie Smoker eat me then 😂

    • Indie Smoker
      Indie Smoker Hour ago

      Shut up before I eat you

  • Weicong Zhang
    Weicong Zhang 4 hours ago

    Should off did this with your own girlfriend

  • V-Way
    V-Way 4 hours ago

    😫First dude did all that yelling and baby pushing to just get out his phone to call 12. But y'all see those whose really to take action tho.........😎😎

  • Johnny Sanchez
    Johnny Sanchez 4 hours ago

    Hell yea vitally this was a good one lol

  • Anzy Cali
    Anzy Cali 5 hours ago

    Lol, The black man saw the camera and ran away.

    ONE AND ONLY 5 hours ago

    Who’s here after Bradley punched vitaly?

    OMAIR ALI 5 hours ago

    This prank should’ve had millions of views. Really bad ass prank in a while by Vitaly. Amazing content bro!

    PJ TOOSMOOTH 5 hours ago

    This was a great prank! 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Hasnain I
    Hasnain I 5 hours ago

    The first guy would've been put to bed irl

  • BlazzyBIazzy
    BlazzyBIazzy 5 hours ago

    The black dude literally punch u 🤣🤣 dmnn son

  • Shawn Giddings
    Shawn Giddings 5 hours ago

    So gnarly 😂

  • Bo B
    Bo B 5 hours ago

    Do people still aspire to this? Can't polish a turd

  • Valentina Potapova
    Valentina Potapova 5 hours ago

    Как легко она от страха перешла на русский язык 😆

  • Valentina Potapova
    Valentina Potapova 5 hours ago

    Это его мама или девушка???

  • Jig Vucemilovic
    Jig Vucemilovic 5 hours ago

    he did this entire prank just to 1:41

  • Clifton Brown
    Clifton Brown 5 hours ago

    The last part has me deadddd😂😂😂😂

  • Indian Giver
    Indian Giver 5 hours ago

    Didn’t know steroids grew the nose too! 👃 good lord, his GF must hide under that thing in a rain storm

  • Diyar Abab
    Diyar Abab 5 hours ago

    Lmao you’re doing everything to be on top again to both of you look stupid... and you literally made a porn page for views

  • Ewktv
    Ewktv 6 hours ago

    Girls Name ???

  • Tommy Tommy
    Tommy Tommy 6 hours ago

    That first guy is Wannabe a homie

  • Future gamer
    Future gamer 6 hours ago

    Wow arab speak endlish

  • فيليب البحية

    Is that an app u used to zap people ??

  • Matthew Coronado
    Matthew Coronado 6 hours ago

    i know is good people at there thanks for u pranks

  • justin linnane
    justin linnane 6 hours ago

    this prick is the new dark age !! what a loser

  • Joystickq 64
    Joystickq 64 6 hours ago

    Lmfao he gets rejected 3:10

  • Марко Нейтман

    Вот гад, украл фальшивые деньги

  • Edouardos Polykandriotis

    vitaly its a beast!! he on his best shape

  • Gamer Studio
    Gamer Studio 6 hours ago

    Do the same with opposite side i mean girl will hit the guy then see what people will react!

  • Zayn Shaikh
    Zayn Shaikh 6 hours ago

    Me: mom hurry up tsunami's gonna hit our house. Mom: it's all because of your stupid dumb phone.


    Виталий ты просто тварь😑 🤔

  • Santiago Tellez
    Santiago Tellez 6 hours ago

    I don’t know why but those reactions don’t look real 😂

  • Danielle Nehmani
    Danielle Nehmani 6 hours ago

    Vitaly having roid rages wanting to fight everyone...

  • Rene Hernandez
    Rene Hernandez 6 hours ago

    Dude has the most unathletic run ever

  • waleed Alqaisi
    waleed Alqaisi 6 hours ago

    شكد ملعب

  • Tanvir Ahmed
    Tanvir Ahmed 6 hours ago

    The last one.....!

  • Loco Leiva
    Loco Leiva 6 hours ago

    Exelente marketing

  • sesay umar
    sesay umar 6 hours ago

    not cool .. and funny :( i love your stuff but i think this is too lame ...

  • samentho chery
    samentho chery 6 hours ago

    That s so funny😀😀😀

  • Poor guy
    Poor guy 7 hours ago

    They really respect cops 👍🏻

  • pablo tapia
    pablo tapia 7 hours ago

    “It’s 2019 who wears a fucking condom “😂 facts

  • GOD
    GOD 7 hours ago

    vitaly on steroids, nice bro,we need old vitaly :D

  • Davis Checks
    Davis Checks 7 hours ago

    Opa blyat. Im from latvia and i recently started learning russian in school. Meна zавит давес Im not the best at it but im learning

  • LMP o Adepto
    LMP o Adepto 7 hours ago

    You ate the man.

  • 974 chocolat
    974 chocolat 7 hours ago

    ˙ʞuɐɹd ƃuıʞɔnɟ pooƃ ʇɐǝɹƃ ɐ sı sıɥʇ