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my response to the hate...
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why i hate loren gray...
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Disney Couples Age Difference
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just a thought...
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  • WhyDon’tWe _FanForever

    I like Zach and Corbyn. I can’t choose who I like more! I’m out of my mind

  • Amy Bowey
    Amy Bowey 59 minutes ago

    the boy is William something, he is on chicken girls season 4 and spring break

  • Abdullah Kannemeyer

    And lea has a boyfriend.... Sorry to say

  • Sinahi Calderon
    Sinahi Calderon 3 hours ago

    Lea hace que se vea tan sencillo pero están malditamente difícil😐

  • Dianna Karamaena
    Dianna Karamaena 4 hours ago

    I'm meet she is following me on tik tok and she said she loves me and my bally danceing

  • Dianna Karamaena
    Dianna Karamaena 4 hours ago

    She's my siter

  • Unicorn squad
    Unicorn squad 7 hours ago

    Zoe is my everything and she was 17 in those

  • Queen Selena
    Queen Selena 7 hours ago

    The girl 4:00 Ik her

  • Aleva Covers
    Aleva Covers 9 hours ago

    Danna Paola has a role in Elite !! Elite is a Serie

  • Eilish :3
    Eilish :3 9 hours ago

    Kenzie have a amazing voice i love her😍🤩

  • Addy Myers
    Addy Myers 11 hours ago

    I liked and subscribed and turned on notifications 😁 you are so funny

  • rezoug maroua
    rezoug maroua 11 hours ago

    I love you

  • Manaia Brown
    Manaia Brown 12 hours ago

    i think LEA ELUI won the shes better

  • kylie sheri
    kylie sheri 15 hours ago

    My eyes are green

  • Maisie Lowndes
    Maisie Lowndes 15 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • _Princess- Bae_
    _Princess- Bae_ 17 hours ago

    I think lea and patrick would make a cute af couple who agrees??

  • Seif Mordaa
    Seif Mordaa 19 hours ago

    Look I’m 10well sorry for watching but I’m subbed bell on an liked for nothing

  • Pie Garcia
    Pie Garcia 19 hours ago

    Makenzie jojo Madie nia kalani brin

  • Maria Hliopoulou
    Maria Hliopoulou 19 hours ago


  • Maria Hliopoulou
    Maria Hliopoulou 19 hours ago


  • Maria Hliopoulou
    Maria Hliopoulou 19 hours ago


  • Maria Hliopoulou
    Maria Hliopoulou 19 hours ago


  • May Khat Htan
    May Khat Htan 19 hours ago

    I love your video...😗

  • Mila Miljevic
    Mila Miljevic 23 hours ago

    I think he doesn’t like Lea anymore!😓🥺But for me Lea forever!♾💓

  • Samaira K
    Samaira K Day ago

    Please react to ashannie

  • Coolene Rosero

    I thought you did some research?


    Guys don't react again

  • annita 13
    annita 13 Day ago

    Español encanto su reacción😍😍😍😍😍 te amo

  • Alexis Amirault

    Anyone else watching this in 2019 and seeing how much she has grown and changed

  • E-L-Gaming
    E-L-Gaming Day ago

    i ave reen eyes

  • Emily Reed
    Emily Reed Day ago

    You should react to jesy nelson odd one out it’s her documentary about online trolling u gotta react to it because it actually helped a lot of people

  • Nawel Blnwr
    Nawel Blnwr Day ago

    It seem like Patrick have a crush 😏

  • Gavrill karimova

    seems like this isn't the first time this channel is reacting to Kpop.. so its not ignorance but intentional racism.. and i am shocked to find these youngsters with this mentality in this day and age.. you don't have to like it but u don't need to be abusive and judgmental..

  • Lisa Vong
    Lisa Vong Day ago

    have respect is much more famous than you 😠😤

  • BTS Crack
    BTS Crack Day ago

    I love her fashion sense like I need to know where she gets her clothes from

  • ղҽƘօ Zoldyck

    Dude their bts oh mah gawd

  • Dayang Sophia
    Dayang Sophia Day ago

    3:04 is not Maddie but mackkenzie

  • Rth Sdgh
    Rth Sdgh Day ago


  • Danielle Adri
    Danielle Adri 2 days ago

    rip cam

  • Anna
    Anna 2 days ago

    My eyes are hazel but in extreme light they are red

  • Those two stisters Farrah. Lily

    Can u recreated Annie tictokc

  • Anna
    Anna 2 days ago

    You know who got a new subscriber, read the first word

  • Anna
    Anna 2 days ago

    Watch caleb Finn

  • Anna
    Anna 2 days ago

    The floating screen thing is an app called Thyng

  • Anna
    Anna 2 days ago

    The floating screen thing is an app called Thyng

  • Terry Masoner
    Terry Masoner 2 days ago

    I love your videos I am a big fan

  • cory springer
    cory springer 2 days ago

    U should watch my tiktoks: itsyogurl_erica

  • gacha lovestar
    gacha lovestar 2 days ago

    You better stop hating on bts or armies are going to come to you including me

  • gacha lovestar
    gacha lovestar 2 days ago

    I have never seen such racist people in my life

  • gacha lovestar
    gacha lovestar 2 days ago

    I really hate these two people there annoying me 😠😠

  • Dany Fanton
    Dany Fanton 2 days ago

    Alguien entiende lo que dice

  • bibi laszlo
    bibi laszlo 2 days ago

    love love love love

  • Carl  Leeder
    Carl Leeder 2 days ago

    Love your vids I liked and subed and turned the bell on

  • Patatozz_gacha101
    Patatozz_gacha101 2 days ago

    I just want to say it's pronounced Zoey but spelled like zoe

  • Addison Parent
    Addison Parent 2 days ago

    Daniel is my favorite! React to What Am I, it is there newest song! #limelight 🍋💡

  • Aysha Fadi
    Aysha Fadi 2 days ago

    My eyes colour is blue and Green👁❤

  • Blueberry pancakes
    Blueberry pancakes 2 days ago

    2019:Now Zoe is 18!

  • Ali awad
    Ali awad 2 days ago

    what is her tik tok. The girl doing in the name of love?

  • Lupita Fuentes
    Lupita Fuentes 3 days ago


  • Lupita Fuentes
    Lupita Fuentes 3 days ago

    Her name is brooke butler

  • Bindu Vempati
    Bindu Vempati 3 days ago

    The boy is William Franklin miller Sorry if I spelled the name wrong

  • Natalie_ xD
    Natalie_ xD 3 days ago

    There Korean I’m from Australia mate

  • Mary Joy Cabalit
    Mary Joy Cabalit 3 days ago


  • Keziaclaire Ariola
    Keziaclaire Ariola 3 days ago

    The boy was actually Willam Franklin Millar he's really famous

  • CJ Nye
    CJ Nye 3 days ago

    My fave to! #Austannie

  • Aleka Garcia
    Aleka Garcia 3 days ago

    *Bruh This Is The Most Dumbest Reaction On RU-clip Lol*

  • Breanna Torres
    Breanna Torres 3 days ago

    ShE hAs ReAlLy PrETtY EyEs Boiii you got the same ones and I'm not hating, they are really pretty eyes

  • Aleka Garcia
    Aleka Garcia 3 days ago

    *Worst Bts Reaction Ever Lol* *These guys Have No Idea On What Dudes they are reacting to lmao*

  • Vanessa Cat
    Vanessa Cat 3 days ago

    Me realizing musically was still out in 2018: Also me: *Wow I didn’t know it did that*

  • Gisselle R
    Gisselle R 3 days ago

    Original belly dancing is harder than that but that's still hard tho

  • Leah Francis
    Leah Francis 3 days ago

    Lea definitelyyyy but sophie is ok

  • Kathrine Anderson
    Kathrine Anderson 3 days ago

    She has two new music videos

  • Paula Sprada
    Paula Sprada 3 days ago

    Love you my boy

  • Abbey's Vlogz
    Abbey's Vlogz 3 days ago

    What does lmao mean

  • Kolysha Taylor
    Kolysha Taylor 3 days ago

    They can get that blue 😘👀

  • Kolysha Taylor
    Kolysha Taylor 3 days ago

    Brown eyes but they’re really pretty I like my eyes 👀 My eyes like shine their eyes😇😇👌🥰😘🥺

  • Addison Parent
    Addison Parent 3 days ago

    I have brown eyes but I want blue eyes

  • lorie Beche
    lorie Beche 3 days ago

    I subscribed and liked this video

  • lily crystal
    lily crystal 3 days ago

    12 or 13 I'm pretty sure but idek

  • Andy Ham
    Andy Ham 3 days ago

    So ignorant and undereducated

  • un official nice
    un official nice 3 days ago

    i need more

  • Ahmad Sheta
    Ahmad Sheta 3 days ago

    Heyyou know there is captions right

    KULE KUER 3 days ago


    KULE KUER 3 days ago

    Okay REALY

  • Keira Van Wyk
    Keira Van Wyk 3 days ago


  • Justepourrire77 Rire


  • Enu Chinggis
    Enu Chinggis 3 days ago

    Yo two r kinda insultung BTS in this video. Racist. And also they are the biggest boy band if u dont know

  • Justepourrire77 Rire


  • Sarah Byrne
    Sarah Byrne 3 days ago

    Hannie conformed!

  • Tove ström
    Tove ström 4 days ago

    Omg why is everyone hating one her she is 14 almost everyone i that age do stuff like that its normal

    • Faith Cansli
      Faith Cansli 2 days ago


  • Samantha Washington

    They are Korean...

  • Jennila Rosa
    Jennila Rosa 4 days ago

    Do Blackpink???;!

  • Nia Christian
    Nia Christian 4 days ago

    I have blue eyes

  • anahi Farias
    anahi Farias 4 days ago


  • bloop bloop
    bloop bloop 4 days ago

    Please react to more of CNCO, especially their new song “Ya Tu Sabes”!!!!

  • bloop bloop
    bloop bloop 4 days ago

    They’re from all over the world, Erick is from Cuba, Christopher is from Ecuador, Richard is from Dominican Republic, Joel is from Mexico, and Zabdiel is from Puerto Rico ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tinley Gettings
    Tinley Gettings 4 days ago

    I have the same wireless beats as Kenzie in the last vid

  • Sherif Hanafy
    Sherif Hanafy 4 days ago

    This is a huge frkin butterfly 😂😂

  • Zuza XD
    Zuza XD 4 days ago

    Myślałam, że to Filip Zabielski OMG XDDDD