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  • Leonidas
    Leonidas 55 minutes ago

    Bro ur voice i heared it first time lol

  • Neurotic
    Neurotic 57 minutes ago

    SHODAN: "There is no evil here, only change." The Many("System Shock 2"): "We do not know death, only change."

  • terry wiles
    terry wiles 2 hours ago

    I love your videos interested what will come next

  • Precious Princess
    Precious Princess 3 hours ago

    Tons of great games. RU-clip comment section filled with anti-chinese hate. Maybe one day Chinese game developers will get the same respect that is given to.... well all the other game developers in the world. Guess we can at least be glad it isn't all hate like it used to be only a year or two ago.

  • Ferenc Fajkusz
    Ferenc Fajkusz 3 hours ago

    Good luck with the New Format!

  • Jonathan Sakks
    Jonathan Sakks 3 hours ago


  • W Alan
    W Alan 4 hours ago

    no,thank to you brother

  • Rookie_Agent 47
    Rookie_Agent 47 4 hours ago

    Thank you DT sorry RU-clip are making things so difficult for you these days. it's starting to feel like their target audience are 10-

  • Pete Corkey
    Pete Corkey 4 hours ago

    I hope the guests standing up while they sleep is only temporary :0

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan 4 hours ago

    I am not sure why anyone would copyright claim your videos. It makes no sense. I use your channel as a way to see the games that are coming out. If I don't know about the games, how can I buy the games? You are actually doing these developers and publishers a service. By copyright claiming you they are hurting themselves. This is pure masochism on the part of the game makers.

  • freefire Mclin
    freefire Mclin 4 hours ago

    *reads title* Nani?!

  • JinHan Juhn
    JinHan Juhn 4 hours ago

    No, thank you man for always providing content to us. I totally don't mind the changes (in fact they feel like good changes), and am looking forward to the future videos!

  • Avolation Industries

    Been watching this channel for ages, one of the most reliable sources for whats what in gaming. I think these changes will only help you make better videos. Keep up the great work!

  • will R
    will R 5 hours ago

    Thank you for your channel this is my number one place to look for gaming news/ strategy gaming. You do an amazing job there. Their is more information and substance then most. I normal don't comment on any videos. I am excited to see the new content. Thank you for your work.

  • Izanagi Nookami
    Izanagi Nookami 6 hours ago

    Awesome voice, now I can study while know new game. nice

  • Grey Mouser
    Grey Mouser 6 hours ago

    Huge thanks for all your efforts m8....appreciated by all.

  • Hai Chu
    Hai Chu 6 hours ago

    I wait for Tropico 6 DLC

  • Stijn Settleman
    Stijn Settleman 7 hours ago

    Voice over, knew it! Are you Dutch perhaps? Klinkt als een sterk accentje daar 🤔😅

  • DerFreiegedanke
    DerFreiegedanke 7 hours ago

    The main part i'm here is that you collect all the trailers and news of ALL videogames that are out there.

  • samuils
    samuils 7 hours ago

    The the biggest and the only feature is the wind machine, I dont know. I guess I will have to wait and see if there is much more to this than just wind machines, as awesome as they are.

  • Jagdpanzer 1944
    Jagdpanzer 1944 8 hours ago

    So much better using your voice mate

  • samuils
    samuils 9 hours ago

    No Man's Sky description is so elaborate, when in reality, everything they have described can be summed up as, if you have done it once you have done it all.

  • Pharos EDM
    Pharos EDM 9 hours ago

    We're here for ya brother, keep up the quality work and we won't be going anywhere. Cheers!

  • Junior
    Junior 10 hours ago

    You keep the content coming we keep supporting. Good work fella keep it up 💯👍🏼

  • SubToJysaiah Encarnacion

    Keep the peace and identity

  • daiichini87
    daiichini87 10 hours ago

    Sorry to hear this mate, RU-clip seems to ruin a lot of channels these days. Your videos were the best! Good luck to you and the rest of your channel!

  • Rolica
    Rolica 11 hours ago

    Good luck with this dude! All the best to you. (p.s. turn your mic up a bit) :D

  • Gaspani Frinzi
    Gaspani Frinzi 11 hours ago

    Holy fuck man, for some days I really thought you were going to close this chanell and I said time ago this is the only chanell I follow to discover new games that aren't show by majors. Glad you keep your working with your voice and I'm still here to follow you! Thanks man!

  • Toshiro Mifune
    Toshiro Mifune 11 hours ago

    that accent, are you greek?

    • DT Gaming
      DT Gaming 6 hours ago

      Oh ja wel maar in mindere mate

    • daiichini87
      daiichini87 9 hours ago

      @DT Gaming Hey landgenoot ;) nogmaals erg klote! Ga je ook geen trailers meer posten of dat nog wel?

    • DT Gaming
      DT Gaming 11 hours ago

      the netherlands

  • DT Gaming
    DT Gaming 11 hours ago

    i really cant explain how much i wanna thank you all for the positive support so fast, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU ALL, because of this you guys are really my motivation to make videos

    • Johnny Magic
      Johnny Magic 4 hours ago


    • Hrolfr
      Hrolfr 11 hours ago

      You do good job man, better than many websites specialised in video games, glad to hear you.

  • Marcos Murad
    Marcos Murad 11 hours ago

    I thought you didn't talk in any video because your voice was bad, I was wrong, it's great! I like your videos because they are straightforward: show trailers and gameplays fast and direct, no fuss I confess that I didn't even read the subtitles, because I focused more on the trailers, but I think it will be very nice to have your narration of some characteristics and particularities of the games. Looking forward to the next videos, your channel is the best! Thank you very much!

    • DT Gaming
      DT Gaming 11 hours ago

      and thank you very much for being positve Marcos i really appreciated it

  • Twisited
    Twisited 11 hours ago

    Try using audacity for audio and compressor function as mic was a bit low and great to see u adapting to the YT hell were going through

  • Jack_Sparrow95
    Jack_Sparrow95 11 hours ago

    i was scared for a moment thinking you are leaving/closing the chanel

    PLAYER1 11 hours ago

    I think you voicing your videos from now on is the next logical step and evolution for your channel? Sure, everybody does it, but they do it for a reason. As you said, you can say so much more in a limited amount of time rather than trying to print it on screen. Also, the more you do it, the more you will be comfortable doing it. Before long, it will be like you're having a conversation with a friend... Even if English is not your native language. Just a tip: Invest in a better microphone, and look into audio levels/mixing tutorials because it's one area of video production many don't pay enough attention to. Best of luck to future endeavors, and I'll be right here watching as things evolve! Keep up the great work!

  • DDG 28
    DDG 28 11 hours ago


  • Priest
    Priest 11 hours ago

    1:19 "Aw shit, here we go again"

  • ElGranFoca
    ElGranFoca 11 hours ago

    No thanks to us, thanks to you, who inform us and entertain us with your videos. Keep going!!!

    • DT Gaming
      DT Gaming 11 hours ago

      yes, i will keep on going !! thank you for the support :)

  • Slavjan
    Slavjan 11 hours ago

    Will miss upcoming releases tho, can't wait for new content... hope you do a lot of builders too

    • DT Gaming
      DT Gaming 11 hours ago

      Yes will cover simulation as usually

  • Priest
    Priest 11 hours ago

    I hate games and shows that glorify cartels.....they murder innocent people and make their own countries absolute HELL.....

  • Alakshendra Joshi
    Alakshendra Joshi 11 hours ago

    This looks great man. I’ve been a subscriber for years now and this is a good change. It sucks that your top ten videos won’t be coming but hey it’s all for the better. Good luck dude.

    • DT Gaming
      DT Gaming 11 hours ago

      appreciated Joshi thank you like always for your support

  • Slavjan
    Slavjan 11 hours ago

    Do not have to alt tab at work if you voice it! Perfect

  • hami
    hami 11 hours ago


  • Shahan Exclusive
    Shahan Exclusive 11 hours ago

    Looks like a gud game

    • Shahan Exclusive
      Shahan Exclusive 10 hours ago

      Dt gaming ur awsome my 10 yr old has his own channel pls give us a helping hand if u can. Much appreciated

  • MeSoYou
    MeSoYou 11 hours ago

    ❤❤ love the voiceover!

  • shenryu
    shenryu 12 hours ago

    o top GG je like

  • Operator 9
    Operator 9 14 hours ago

    dear 2019 game devs: you all suck at life and I hope your kids get cancer. seriously, this is the best the industry can do? why bother? farking pathetic.

    XYUNG_SAVAGE YY 14 hours ago

    Most of these look like phone games

  • f0nZzy
    f0nZzy 14 hours ago

    как им только не стыдно в 2019 году создавать подобный шлак ? это позор !

    XYUNG_SAVAGE YY 14 hours ago

    It’s basically a gta that players design

  • kaputmonkey
    kaputmonkey 14 hours ago

    Core gameplay seems good, need to smooth out animations and framerate a little more though.

    • TheChico868
      TheChico868 4 hours ago

      Yeh this game is a work in progress.

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan 15 hours ago

    I wanted this to come to PC on its original release. Now I don't care. Game is irrelevant now. I already moved on.

  • Andin. Armenian Journey Chronicles

    Nothing new since 1998. We need something revolutionary new.

  • Martins Bucis
    Martins Bucis 18 hours ago

    It kinda looks like disappointment ,somehow i was thinking it will be something different but its another bs survival game....

  • Roberto
    Roberto 18 hours ago

    Polania stronk

  • *Mike Stephano*
    *Mike Stephano* 19 hours ago

    most views are from [PROROTYPE] (By Radical Ent. & Activision) fans, gotta admit is our fault for thinking these goofy looking dolls were related to [PROTOTYPE] but the tittle literally screams CLICK ME is PROTOTYPE.. guess it was just a prototype of some game and not actual PROTOTYPE :( ... gotta nuke em japs again

  • Adrienne Parrish
    Adrienne Parrish 20 hours ago

    Using Mom's account RU-clip account is Brandon Parrish love you videos and I can't wait 🔥☝🏿💯

  • Jeret Jei
    Jeret Jei 22 hours ago

    Raft 2.0?

  • Slavjan
    Slavjan Day ago

    Can't wait man! Luckily I watched this 15.9. luckily, so I do not need to wait long! I love your channel

  • Zarris
    Zarris Day ago

    This game kinda reminds of Fallout 76 except that it doesn't look like shit.

  • ValtrossXM8
    ValtrossXM8 Day ago

    I was looking forward to this PC release. But then I saw it's coming on the Epic Games Store.

  • ilhan halil seyhan

    RAW is a fake game.

  • Who's got the time?

    I have been waiting for a game like this in my life.

  • Samuel Manalo
    Samuel Manalo Day ago

    I don't believe it. 4X? But with a battle royale mode?

  • Nien Nunb
    Nien Nunb Day ago

    needs tanks and aircraft, thatd be the perfect battlefield replacement

  • Amir Bahrami
    Amir Bahrami Day ago

    This game is sexy. it's old school.

  • Akkran
    Akkran Day ago


  • JinHan Juhn
    JinHan Juhn Day ago

    See you tomorrow! Looking forward to it!!

  • j57Oliver
    j57Oliver Day ago

    Nice to see Malibers animations in an interesting game. His assets are legit! I use them as well.

  • ORCA1911
    ORCA1911 Day ago

    Silent Hunter did it better tho.

  • dogsy77 7
    dogsy77 7 Day ago

    How you didn't die at 6:55 is a little odd

  • Everlasting
    Everlasting Day ago

    can't wait for flotsam!

  • The Outer God
    The Outer God Day ago

    As rest I guess that there will be voiceovers. But perhaps even let's play series? More of them? Or perhaps you will do montages of gameplays. Or something completely different additionally. But I guess that is not happpening, since... there is real life.

  • Eliezer Vargas

    Hermoso el arte del juego

  • AnotherSale
    AnotherSale Day ago

    That music... ouch my ears

  • Bon3 Productions

    too slow

  • Jagdpanzer 1944

    I just want another giveaway lol I need motogp 2019 or F1 2019. Im sure the content will be great. I wish you the best of luck mate.

  • Alakshendra Joshi

    Looking forward to it man

  • Izanagi Nookami

    Cant wait for it, nice

  • Younes Meg
    Younes Meg Day ago

    Captions are unreadable

    • Jagdpanzer 1944
      Jagdpanzer 1944 Day ago

      He's probbaly viewing it on a desktop and not a phone.

    • Milan Stevic
      Milan Stevic Day ago

      I have a feeling he's doing it on purpose. I got used to all the spelling and grammar errors after a while. It's so blatant that it has to be at least partly intentional. Or he's just lucky with the flow idk I have to forgive. "I would really apriciated it, even iff its not your thing" xD

  • blaydemastah
    blaydemastah Day ago

    voice over!!!!!!!!!

  • Nerro HD
    Nerro HD Day ago

    Keep up the good work man.::)

  • CystickTick
    CystickTick Day ago

    It's missing the almighty, vodka-fueled Kurvinator

  • kankan barman
    kankan barman Day ago

    Whats the game?

  • ded mnwlkn
    ded mnwlkn Day ago

    i really kinda appreciate a semi regular mini e3 where i can kinda see whats up in the gaming market and if there are any particularly interesting titles coming. i also like the content diversity as well. something youtube lacks understanding of...

  • Stijn Settleman


  • aenarion WPcl
    aenarion WPcl Day ago

    The second part??

  • TheJakub345
    TheJakub345 Day ago

    its an isometric rpg

  • Wasabi Sushi
    Wasabi Sushi Day ago

    that AI Limit looks like Nier

  • Jack_Sparrow95

    prototype 4 is this you ……… ohh no its not you :'(

    ITALSPLIFF Day ago

    Seems boring! No people, no traffic, lifeless.

    • DDG 28
      DDG 28 11 hours ago

      Early access... Learn before you talk...

  • Andrew Red
    Andrew Red Day ago

    coop campaign please!!!

  • Meu Game B
    Meu Game B 2 days ago

    Incrivel esse jogo!

  • AmirB
    AmirB 2 days ago

    Shiity Cage Movie.

  • Artur Junior
    Artur Junior 2 days ago

    When it will be available on PS4? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Darth Metal Jordan
    Darth Metal Jordan 2 days ago

    Chick sounds like Morrigan...?

  • Xell1987
    Xell1987 2 days ago

    looks interesting

  • Will Vandermark
    Will Vandermark 2 days ago

    You people are tripping. The combat looks tuff. I can see where it could improve, but I’d love to rip arms and heads off like the way it did yo

  • Cyber Flame
    Cyber Flame 2 days ago

    Let’s kill some demons

  • Reee Kid 4 life
    Reee Kid 4 life 2 days ago


  • Alakshendra Joshi
    Alakshendra Joshi 2 days ago

    A really good game