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Sheeran Guitars by Lowden
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  • ミート&みっぽえぐちやま


  • nex __
    nex __ 14 minutes ago

    Producer: how much green screen do you guys want? Ed and Justin: yes

  • maulidyaiva
    maulidyaiva 16 minutes ago


  • Football Galacticoz
    Football Galacticoz 20 minutes ago

    Anyone in September ,2057 ?

  • Drashti Patel
    Drashti Patel 22 minutes ago

    Backpack kid Vs Justin Bieber who is the bigger meme Lazarbeam: Am I a joke to u!?!?

  • Didier Mooh
    Didier Mooh 24 minutes ago

    Magnifique 👍

  • Venom Gaming
    Venom Gaming 29 minutes ago

    I really love this song and i can't explain it words lots of loves from India 🇮🇳

  • paѕтel princess
    paѕтel princess 29 minutes ago

    For a minute I thought that's what Ed Sheeran would look like if he had become anorexic...just saying no hate trying to imply....and please no hate;-;

  • Piash Khan
    Piash Khan 29 minutes ago

    Any one 24 September i am love you buddy

  • johnpaolo poblete
    johnpaolo poblete 31 minute ago

    3:11 justin voice is so good!!!

  • Anushriya Pathak
    Anushriya Pathak 31 minute ago

    Aitch’s part so lliiitt👌🏽👌🏽🔥

  • LiaNroger Laurez
    LiaNroger Laurez 33 minutes ago

    Oh oh Marvin Gaye rolling in his grave 😂

  • Jade Smith
    Jade Smith 34 minutes ago

    Yes Ed give me a packet of crispnd a pint all of them smashed this song

  • Bivi Talks
    Bivi Talks 35 minutes ago

    Who just randomly came back to the song... 😍Meeeeee❤️

  • Am Stranger
    Am Stranger 38 minutes ago

    ru-clip.net/video/PWJ7655G20Y/video.html. Please support my first song please share and subscribe

  • Nym Ka
    Nym Ka 40 minutes ago

    Still better than Despacito

  • Rithwik
    Rithwik 42 minutes ago

    Who else didn't understand the lyrics ?

  • X Storm Shadow X
    X Storm Shadow X 44 minutes ago

    What? 3:14

  • Grace Thanasongtrakul
    Grace Thanasongtrakul 48 minutes ago

    I don't know why I started crying

  • Pleum TV
    Pleum TV 48 minutes ago

    This is a song that is perfect

  • Shawn McAllan
    Shawn McAllan 51 minute ago

    I dunno when i will meet my friends in the future

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M 52 minutes ago

    Ed Sheeran | Eraser (Live) [Extended F64 Version]: #SBTV10 ru-clip.net/video/pb2fwx4O_Ks/video.html more verses

  • 岩本昌宗
    岩本昌宗 56 minutes ago


  • Edong Gwapito
    Edong Gwapito 56 minutes ago

    Eeeh. Porque naloongkot que eeyek ke ne. Akala mo hindi tagalog. Hahaha. Philippines <3 Ed Sheeran

  • Diego Alexander Muñoz Campos

    wena el mike towers

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown Hour ago

    He's such an inspiration for me dude i swear. Music in itself is powerful but eds is different. You cant deny how genuine his songs feel. There's not a single one that doesn't put a smile on my face or hit home for me...

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M Hour ago

    Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Music Video] ru-clip.net/video/y83x7MgzWOA/video.html

  • صيدلانية ايات

    عراقيه اسمعها ب٢٠١٩ منو عربي لايك

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M Hour ago

    Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Lyric Video] ru-clip.net/video/CCSGelSCPGE/video.html


    Uk Song without English comments


    Drive a Rolls Royce like a Hilux( Copied to add more English comments)


    Sub to pewdiepie


    Sub to Angelic Star

  • João Ribeiro
    João Ribeiro Hour ago

    Quem deixou o Travis Scott editar o vídeo?


    I'm a badass


    My Name is Starangel734 😈


    Some people are so uneducated that they can't talk English we must respect them



  • Arthur Graf
    Arthur Graf Hour ago

    04:05 the reaction is awesome. ;)


    I'm placing some English comments


    I'm placing some English comments


    I'm placing some English comments


    I'm placing some English comments

  • Floor
    Floor Hour ago

    Wait.. how is this already 2 years old??

  • Man Eighties
    Man Eighties Hour ago

    Please push up this MV quickly, we cannot wait to see the Next Champion of the Single Chart!

  • Michael Wangkhem


  • Veronica M
    Veronica M Hour ago

    Ed Sheeran - Cross Me (feat. Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock) [Official Lyric Video] ru-clip.net/video/aKo4x2gjJPw/video.html

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M Hour ago

    Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott - Antisocial [Official Lyric Video] ru-clip.net/video/s6qzA0gyrh8/video.html

    PANDA FAN Hour ago

    no YOU ARE DUMB .....Your voice is like gays ashh hole

  • Masa Kondakji
    Masa Kondakji Hour ago

    i love this song

  • Ashok Mangla
    Ashok Mangla Hour ago

    I don't understand but love it a lot😚😚

  • Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt Hour ago

    cool guys,

  • 最強妹ローリーストロード


  • Nur Shazreen Muhammad Rosli


  • Eman Almahmoudi
    Eman Almahmoudi Hour ago


  • Mint มิ้นต์

    Love Nothing no you

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M Hour ago

    SPOTIFY- Take Me Back To London (Remix) [feat. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch] by Ed Sheeran, Jaykae, Aitch open.spotify.com/album/71znMnnyOF4NIe4UpTYbw7?si=ZVA0-1ARTamuoPwAho11gQ

  • Veronica M
    Veronica M Hour ago

    Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (feat. Stormzy) [Official Lyric Video] ru-clip.net/video/ehQcuKhO5n0/video.html

  • Kiara’s gacha Studio

    Don’t know why, but when I listen to this song I think of my sister... she died 6 months ago... damn I miss her😢

  • Mint มิ้นต์

    2 0 1 9 ??

  • Sarina Mcdermid
    Sarina Mcdermid Hour ago

    I’m obsessed

  • Charlotte Shumate

    Such a beautiful meshing of vocals chill bumps everywhere! More please. ♥️🙏🏼🎶

  • MiKE
    MiKE Hour ago

    Every women would fall in love if u could play this song and sing

  • Josh Kay
    Josh Kay Hour ago

    This is fucking terrible

  • belizeanboii .c
    belizeanboii .c Hour ago

    I thought about this song this morning & it’s still great 2019 Anyone ????

  • Kendra Passmore
    Kendra Passmore Hour ago

    This is the best frikin song

  • monu kumar
    monu kumar Hour ago

    you hurt my heart and heart my broken. I used to love on Earth you n you only one .. you got my feelings lost Even so you r my ever beat.. you r up to much Kohinoor diamond I m of easy coast..😥😥😫😫

  • Cassandra Parsons

    Best song ever

  • スチールベント


  • Aisyah Aisyah
    Aisyah Aisyah 2 hours ago


  • KENNETH John 2
    KENNETH John 2 2 hours ago

    Wow Dis Song My Favorite

  • Am Stranger
    Am Stranger 2 hours ago

    ED Sheeran sir please watch my first song on "chaar Yaar production"

  • KENNETH John 2
    KENNETH John 2 2 hours ago

    ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║0 0║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩SEPT2019

  • Am Stranger
    Am Stranger 2 hours ago

    Guys please check my first song on "chaar Yaar productions"

  • Richard Löwenherz
    Richard Löwenherz 2 hours ago

    Sheeran raps better than drake lol

  • Charlotte Garland
    Charlotte Garland 2 hours ago

    He is good at singing 😮🙊

  • pollly_chitos chitos

    Alguém 2019?

  • Krowten networK
    Krowten networK 2 hours ago

    Wow her range is infinite!

  • lili zahran
    lili zahran 2 hours ago

    4:02 hhhhhhhh cool

  • Anton Pujalla
    Anton Pujalla 2 hours ago

    La mejor versión... The best versión.song.. Ohh muy god.!!!!! Is beautifull... Andrea, and. Edd... I love ThE song.!! 😍😍😍😭

  • Sam Arnold
    Sam Arnold 2 hours ago

    my *insert family member* died

  • Kunal Kashyap
    Kunal Kashyap 2 hours ago

    199time I listen

  • Andrea Oraveczné
    Andrea Oraveczné 2 hours ago


  • Vũ Thái Hoàng
    Vũ Thái Hoàng 2 hours ago

    Có ai Việt Nam hôg

  • Vinod Vrv
    Vinod Vrv 2 hours ago

    super song

  • Paneled JDR
    Paneled JDR 2 hours ago


  • Rayanox //
    Rayanox // 2 hours ago

    Si tu a vue le (bon voyage Jerry ) like se com !

  • BrodsterBj
    BrodsterBj 3 hours ago

    Just counting all the Harry Potter related comments, at 53 so far

  • Sam Barham
    Sam Barham 3 hours ago

    This music video is the equivalent of that one guy who didn’t do anything on the holidays but photoshopped himself at other people’s parties and says he totally went there.

  • PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)

    Skrillex and Ed Sheeran. Hum. Never would’ve thunk it.

  • Aquiqur Rahman
    Aquiqur Rahman 3 hours ago

    Leave 2019 i'll be here on 2020 also 😅❤️

  • Dianne Strickler
    Dianne Strickler 3 hours ago

    Pure joy to hear Bocelli and Ed and now we have Matteo ....what your talent bring to us is incredible love Steven Foster..he is a genius at finding talent!

  • 秦艾德
    秦艾德 3 hours ago


  • Anant Agarwal
    Anant Agarwal 3 hours ago

    Ed sheeran & Khalid themselves sitting among THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE !!! They ve earned - RESPECT ❤❤

  • Ayie Xainan
    Ayie Xainan 3 hours ago

    Kick my ass i dont care

  • Dianne Strickler
    Dianne Strickler 3 hours ago

    Fabulous music..this song melts my heart..wishing I was young again..GodBless you and your new wife..have a happy life

  • mnrb91
    mnrb91 3 hours ago

    Plot twist: they own everything, the jets, the yachts, the mansions! But it’s all nothing compared to the simple life they have together.

  • Mohd Asil
    Mohd Asil 3 hours ago


  • Volvo Addiction
    Volvo Addiction 3 hours ago

    Sounds like Big shaq and ed sheeren

    • Veronica M
      Veronica M Hour ago

      Ed knows Bog Shaq, and he covered 'Boa Me' a song by FuseODG and Ed :)

  • Cufito Style
    Cufito Style 3 hours ago

    Walking down 29th and Park I saw you in another's arms Only a month we've been apart You look happier Saw you walk inside a bar He said something to make you laugh I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours Yeah, you look happier, you do Ain't nobody hurt you like I hurt you But ain't nobody love you like I do Promise that I will not take it personal, baby If you're moving on with someone new 'Cause baby you look happier, you do My friends told me one day I'll feel it too And until then I'll smile to hide the truth But I know I was happier with you Sat on the corner of the room Everything's reminding me of you Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you're happier Aren't you? Ain't nobody hurt you like I hurt you But ain't nobody need you like I do I know that there's others that deserve you But my darling, I am still in love with you But I guess you look happier, you do My friends told me one day I'd feel it too I could try to smile to hide the truth I know I was happier with you Baby, you look happier, you do I knew one day you'd fall for someone new But if breaks your heart like lovers do Just know that I'll be waiting here for you </3