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  • Lil Zitty
    Lil Zitty 5 hours ago

    He about to blow 🤩

  • ツpie579
    ツpie579 5 hours ago

    This is a rip-off of Pete and Bas

  • kimmiepooh Me
    kimmiepooh Me 5 hours ago

    I love ❤️ that fact the he his brains but, he actually use his brain 🧠.. I don’t give a damn what this man is into I loovvveee my spirit #farther. I look out for is people on GOD THIS MAN IS SPECIAL PEOPLE (wake up)...

  • Pharow Smith
    Pharow Smith 5 hours ago

    Aye bro you can’t say nigga

  • JoNnyThroX
    JoNnyThroX 5 hours ago

    If u think u had a bad day, just remember that this girl had to dance half naked in a musicvideo from a 14 year old rapper..

  • Kaitlyn Lassiter
    Kaitlyn Lassiter 5 hours ago

    Definitely Speaker Knockerz and Roddy zRicch💰

    ZzMR_STRETCHzZ 5 hours ago

    the fact that the music that actually bangs on this garbage ass music channel gets the most dislikes is fuckin stupid

  • ask for the name
    ask for the name 5 hours ago

    Who are these new racist dudes ? What did Eminem do to you ? He doesn't even know you . You 're shit compared to him . Just keep doing clips in your hood and stay where you at bcz Eminem doesn't have time to lose talking trash about you . Bye!!!

    ISAIAH C 5 hours ago

    Just hearing this wouldnt listen to any earlier this bum has ordasity to come out with rap

  • royal.light_
    royal.light_ 5 hours ago


  • Ant Money
    Ant Money 5 hours ago


  • TAZ0902 Clips
    TAZ0902 Clips 5 hours ago

    whos here after music to be murdered by

  • Priyanshu Raj
    Priyanshu Raj 5 hours ago

    He ain't got time for a diss He's alone in the darkness

  • Quind Tamoshunas
    Quind Tamoshunas 5 hours ago

    He going to blow confirmed!

    PANZER PARADISE 5 hours ago

    okay stephen your fish sticks are done stop playing in the basement

  • Thierry Lokrou
    Thierry Lokrou 5 hours ago

    Bet you nobody here in 2020

  • chowder beats
    chowder beats 5 hours ago

    thats tay k in 50 yrs time

  • King GoldYT
    King GoldYT 5 hours ago

    El vídeo fue en República Dominicana en las parte que el esta dando el dinero?

  • Kamil Bakuła
    Kamil Bakuła 5 hours ago

    Fajne to jest

  • Ace
    Ace 5 hours ago

    Sounding like Biggie & Shyne had a love child out here

    NHNYOUNGRECKLESS 5 hours ago

    I was scared I was going to witness a heart attack

  • Grey Randomness
    Grey Randomness 5 hours ago

    E bla ko bah no seh eebar do kie hick blivky bar not on seh la vee gee from u sok mye da deek gt seh song good from Haiti

  • Joshua Offord
    Joshua Offord 5 hours ago

    Bruh dis dude n BLAKE need to drop a mixtape

    DROP THAT 5 hours ago

    Real Kodak Fans Only !

  • King Kidd
    King Kidd 5 hours ago

    Kid: wondering why he's dad ain't around. "Why'd you leave?"? Dad: Cause bitch I'm not from 63rd. (

  • Paul C
    Paul C 5 hours ago


  • Joshua Offord
    Joshua Offord 5 hours ago

    Hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • Thatshqiptar
    Thatshqiptar 5 hours ago

    Me and my boys chasing Iran niqqas through the dessert in WWIII

    GOOD DOG 5 hours ago


  • Elkady music
    Elkady music 5 hours ago

    The number of dislikes lol

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers 5 hours ago

    Is this a batang pasaway rip off?? Same beat that’s fersure

  • Fiercely Humble
    Fiercely Humble 5 hours ago

    Me: Last week I told Uncle Frank he ain't cool... (big mistake!)... ... This is what he sent me today!... Never tell a old man he ain't cool.... Also Me: *ok Uncle Frankie, point taken!

  • Rameez Iqbal
    Rameez Iqbal 5 hours ago

    Everyone who liked this video is an asshole

  • Noname
    Noname 5 hours ago

    gotta see the doc after this crap. hurting my ears

  • Sondre Flatland
    Sondre Flatland 5 hours ago

    2pac turns in grave... can’t wait for Eminem to respond👌🏻💯 buuuuut he won anyway

  • Saige Ktz
    Saige Ktz 5 hours ago

    Lil Grand is spittin facts dawg..

  • 40Sauce
    40Sauce 5 hours ago

    This what happened when you got good freestylin ideas on discord

  • keegan pearl
    keegan pearl 5 hours ago

    you cant lie 69 was a big change in hip hop hes out here getting over 200 mil views when most rappers now that hes in jail only get 1 to 10 mil views

  • Papii Uno
    Papii Uno 5 hours ago

    All small and up coming youtubers supprt my channel subscribe comment done on a video and receive 2 subs from me

  • gino emanuele
    gino emanuele 5 hours ago

    I mean after hearing nick cannons diss I really respect this diss👌👌 Em Still won but Kelly put up a good fight 👌🔥

  • Lodi JUST Lodi
    Lodi JUST Lodi 5 hours ago


  • patrick christie
    patrick christie 5 hours ago kinda dollar store track did I just listen too?....

  • Murilo Martinez
    Murilo Martinez 5 hours ago

    This nigga really think he did something cool. This is embarassing as fuck.

  • Ck Gball
    Ck Gball 5 hours ago


  • chukudi ubani
    chukudi ubani 5 hours ago


  • Tekno jeddah
    Tekno jeddah 5 hours ago

    اشبو يحتك فينا 😂😂😂

  • Will L'H
    Will L'H 5 hours ago

    Actually not bad

  • Gene Gardner
    Gene Gardner 5 hours ago

    They going hard af...who needs law..why not war?🤔I definitely like the song tho😎

  • Kengozin - Ken goes in

    Im done. Nas was right. Hip hop BEEN dead.

  • kEmP Official
    kEmP Official 5 hours ago

    Completely copied Pete n bas FUCK AMERICA

  • sleeper zide
    sleeper zide 5 hours ago

    Feel sorry for the guy bugger just defending his wife Dick move Everyone who disliked it :|

  • C Clayton
    C Clayton 5 hours ago

    Sorry paap I tried too but should just retire from rap this not bumping time to let Remy try should have let her go to Miami I watch the show damn. And we want the old Remy Back not the one where she started to be all sexy just good bars good flow

  • Nick Odorisio
    Nick Odorisio 5 hours ago

    They obviously didn’t record this

  • Suite James II
    Suite James II 5 hours ago

    This shit slaps fr... The video is hilarious but I would bang this shit in my whip

  • Iflal Imamdeen
    Iflal Imamdeen 5 hours ago

    Man this sucks

  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music 5 hours ago

    Frank and Murray are the old new wave.

  • Myneighbah
    Myneighbah 5 hours ago

    Me: Grandpa you're not cool 2 weeks later

    BIKASH KUMAR DAS 5 hours ago

    Blah mumble

  • Nick Odorisio
    Nick Odorisio 5 hours ago

    This shit can pop off but rappers striving and working their ass off get no support 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Iflal Imamdeen
    Iflal Imamdeen 5 hours ago

    Maan both nick and his ghost writer sucks Watch godzilla or rapdog and take some notes 😂😂😂

  • GoMonstor
    GoMonstor 5 hours ago

    Yea we needed subtitles

  • Ervin Wells
    Ervin Wells 5 hours ago

    new rapper joins the scene. genuinely enjoy this 🔥

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 5 hours ago

    This has to be *fake.*

  • BOB TV
    BOB TV 5 hours ago

    former Mob hitmens from queens turned rappers

  • Morgan Tadman
    Morgan Tadman 5 hours ago

    is he the invitation cuz cannon just got cancelled

  • HazelSparks
    HazelSparks 5 hours ago

    That haircut is when your barber hates your existence...

  • Dyllan Satori
    Dyllan Satori 5 hours ago

    Stupid Gen Z: Ok Boomers Frank & Maury: Music Video

  • Leandro Bernard
    Leandro Bernard 5 hours ago

    ......... lol

  • Jay Way Or No Way
    Jay Way Or No Way 5 hours ago

    This is sooo asss

  • True22 United 4 everything

    That boy peso going off one of my favorite now definitely

  • Morgan Tadman
    Morgan Tadman 5 hours ago

    he cancelled him self

  • E k
    E k 5 hours ago

    Why would Nick Cannon fight some random rapper in the ring. Really weird promo plan.

  • PirateWorldTV Fresh
    PirateWorldTV Fresh 5 hours ago

    Not as good as Pete & Bas tbh

  • Red Eyes
    Red Eyes 5 hours ago

    hes gonna be like 69, blow up then snitch on the boys

  • Joe C
    Joe C 5 hours ago

    This is bad

  • Redda Ali
    Redda Ali 5 hours ago

    Who gave him the N-word pass ?

  • D Rodriguez 13
    D Rodriguez 13 5 hours ago

    Yeh :v

  • vvRyan
    vvRyan 5 hours ago

    They are no Pete and Bas

  • Dan Tyrell
    Dan Tyrell 5 hours ago

    Who's the girl in red??

  • Treyy P
    Treyy P 5 hours ago

    Easy to rap bout sum every mf rap bout ... Lame af

  • iiheartAshNicole
    iiheartAshNicole 5 hours ago


  • Yung Kisuke
    Yung Kisuke 5 hours ago


  • Ty Ozi
    Ty Ozi 5 hours ago

    Lowkey fire

  • Goeral Ramirez
    Goeral Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Dope as fuck

  • King of Mecca Khan Solomon

    You’re soft, I’ll stuff you like a cigarette

  • sciencefre
    sciencefre 5 hours ago

    Thumbnail...then mute. 💯

  • King of Mecca Khan Solomon

    You’re soft, I’ll stuff you like a cigarette

  • Michele Parlato
    Michele Parlato 5 hours ago

    I fw the new wave

  • Chad Black
    Chad Black 5 hours ago

    Haven't seen anything good on this channel in a yr just click to laugh

  • Berb Merley
    Berb Merley 5 hours ago

    Copying Pete and bas can't the British keep anything before Americans try and steal it

    SUPER REAPER 5 hours ago


  • Icy Bryce
    Icy Bryce 5 hours ago

    This must be a publicity stunt or sumn cuz he gon get pressed for sayin nigga

    • Icy Bryce
      Icy Bryce 5 hours ago

      Not tah mention the song shitty

  • Mahad Mahamud
    Mahad Mahamud 5 hours ago

    I love ❤ this song

  • tai. McDonald
    tai. McDonald 5 hours ago

    Sauce be telling stories 💪🏾💯😤

  • Luke Nevarez
    Luke Nevarez 5 hours ago

    “GARBAGE “ should be the song title.I’m embarrassed for Nick Cannon.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mateus Floriano
    Mateus Floriano 6 hours ago

    *Algum BR*


    Automatically dislike the video cause he was white

    • Ty Ozi
      Ty Ozi 5 hours ago

      He’s Hispanic

  • noplay1065
    noplay1065 6 hours ago

    🔥 Sauce🔥

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 6 hours ago

    Beat is sick......idk bout this dude though lol SMH TF 😂

  • Serenity
    Serenity 6 hours ago

    Kinda fye 🔥🔥