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Sonic looks EPIC now!
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Kids are dumb.
Views 7M21 day ago
Am I a Boomer?
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This has to end..
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You Haha, You Lose!
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I vlogged the Honeymoon..
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Adressing the Rumours..
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  • mo cas
    mo cas 53 minutes ago

    He probably fed the pufferfish a carrot coz his a chef and when he cooks the fish it will be served with carrots inside

  • Shivraj Sinh
    Shivraj Sinh 53 minutes ago

    Phuk ,

  • Zacharias Low
    Zacharias Low 53 minutes ago

    Can't wait for new toilet reveal

  • cameron bishop
    cameron bishop 53 minutes ago

    When they were playing with the air Zooka IT reminded me of the video of those 2 kids slamming their heads on the bin

  • Mission
    Mission 53 minutes ago

    I'm not even upset that Game Freak reused animations and models. I'm upset that they blatantly lied about it.

  • Crabby’s Aviation
    Crabby’s Aviation 53 minutes ago

    All the dislike are morgz fans

  • Manju Mani
    Manju Mani 54 minutes ago


  • Kiwi Kassie
    Kiwi Kassie 54 minutes ago

    10:53” please like the video please I’m just joe”

  • Dexter RM4 L0L
    Dexter RM4 L0L 54 minutes ago

    F 😒

  • Eyad Negm
    Eyad Negm 54 minutes ago


  • melody apple
    melody apple 54 minutes ago

    F for pufferfish

  • Parinazu Draws
    Parinazu Draws 54 minutes ago

    It’s black and red like darkness of red blood 🩸... *im weird*

  • hi
    hi 54 minutes ago

    "This comment section so is horrible" Everyone: mhmmmmmmmhmm

  • Meme Commenter
    Meme Commenter 54 minutes ago

    Pewdiepie: the pufferfish meme should be illegal Also pewdiepie: gives 10/10

  • Syah Zihan Khairi
    Syah Zihan Khairi 54 minutes ago

    Dillon: *GONE CRAZY* Pewdiepie: touches his hair thats on his chest*

  • Ang Keito
    Ang Keito 54 minutes ago


    M-ATX_HARD- PRO 54 minutes ago

    You speaking portuguΓͺs?

  • Swety
    Swety 54 minutes ago

    videophone huh

  • human from mars
    human from mars 54 minutes ago

    Can anyone tell me what pew die pie actually do on RU-clip

  • L3G3NDQPC 7
    L3G3NDQPC 7 55 minutes ago


  • Micah Wages
    Micah Wages 55 minutes ago


  • JJYシャドー

    morgan really trash

  • Matt potter
    Matt potter 55 minutes ago


  • TheEpicsniper34
    TheEpicsniper34 55 minutes ago


  • Lars Bussieck
    Lars Bussieck 55 minutes ago


  • Lemon juice
    Lemon juice 56 minutes ago

    Trademark it bro

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh 56 minutes ago

    Legendary LWIAY intro never gonna get old ❀️

  • Damien Bryan
    Damien Bryan 56 minutes ago

    5:30... Not Mr. Popo

  • PHOENIX The one
    PHOENIX The one 56 minutes ago


  • Eric Lizotte
    Eric Lizotte 56 minutes ago

    20-20,000 hz

  • Its_Just_Me
    Its_Just_Me 56 minutes ago

    is there someone who commended: "sleep tight pupper"

  • Daniel  Burgos
    Daniel Burgos 57 minutes ago

    I don't know what it is not even memeing but the audio always sounds really good but doesn't he look slightly out of focus? It makes the image look really soft

  • The Vikyes
    The Vikyes 57 minutes ago

    The new room looks cozy

  • Demon_dog _revived
    Demon_dog _revived 57 minutes ago

    Technically baby yoda is 50

  • Frosted Citrus
    Frosted Citrus 57 minutes ago


  • BlackTearDrop
    BlackTearDrop 57 minutes ago

    Suffocating pufferfish is a meme now. Great.

  • Julia Wawrzyniak
    Julia Wawrzyniak 57 minutes ago


  • Van73137
    Van73137 57 minutes ago

    2:00 Π°Π²Ρ‚ΠΎΡ€ русских субтитров, НЕВУ Π‘Π›ΠžΠ’Π "ИΠ₯ΠΠ˜Π•" !!!!

  • jason jonatan
    jason jonatan 57 minutes ago


  • Sans Cross
    Sans Cross 57 minutes ago

    Cake Ladders Cake Ladders Cake Ladders

  • Peatro Maximas btw
    Peatro Maximas btw 57 minutes ago


  • joona metsΓ€aho
    joona metsΓ€aho 58 minutes ago

    0:02 most annoying sound in the worldπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • AlexFairOff
    AlexFairOff 58 minutes ago

    НичСго Π½Π΅ понял Π½ΠΎ досмотрСл Π΄ΠΎ ΠΊΠΎΠ½Ρ†Π°

  • Keso Chikhradze
    Keso Chikhradze 58 minutes ago

    identity theft is not a joke Felix, millions of families suffer every year

  • Angelina Mendonca
    Angelina Mendonca 58 minutes ago

    Wow he looks really disciplined and clean in this video

  • samuel kota
    samuel kota 58 minutes ago

    Felix change home πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • UwU __Girl
    UwU __Girl 58 minutes ago

    Idk why but this made me cry🀧πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­

  • Lucy Gamer
    Lucy Gamer 58 minutes ago

    You can name Sven with a name tag and anvil

  • ABOR_skenny
    ABOR_skenny 58 minutes ago

    We’re waiting lord

  • Lord Bunt
    Lord Bunt 58 minutes ago


  • Banty Planty
    Banty Planty 58 minutes ago


  • Andrzej Jochem
    Andrzej Jochem 58 minutes ago


  • Dominick Boren
    Dominick Boren 59 minutes ago

    "This comment section is horrible" Me: Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Ant
    Ant 59 minutes ago

    wasting 3 minutes suffer autism

  • prao2tapper
    prao2tapper 59 minutes ago

    Replay buttons for convenience 13:17 13:17 13:17 13:17 13:17 13:17

  • ben31uk
    ben31uk 59 minutes ago


  • Ryan Morris
    Ryan Morris 59 minutes ago


  • Ghost
    Ghost 59 minutes ago

    Felix is re "doing" his bathroom 😏

  • brenda sue
    brenda sue 59 minutes ago

    Best best RU-clipr in the whole world you are my hero

  • Madagasher
    Madagasher Hour ago


  • Liam Payne Is Everything

    Pewds: what's up my 19 year old Me an actual 19 year old : *inserts spidey and joker dance meme*

  • Giovanni Rustici


  • Fine China
    Fine China Hour ago

    Half of me is like poor fish and the other half is like ewwwwww

  • chirag varshney
    chirag varshney Hour ago

    This new set up reminds me of 2013 pewdiepie

  • The Disturbing Panda

    When I was a kid I believed that any toy could come to life, and I just sat in a room with toys begging for them to talk. I was watching too much Toy Story, lol

  • Omar Flix
    Omar Flix Hour ago


  • brenda sue
    brenda sue Hour ago

    Love you pew die pie love your game but my is always glitching you best RU-clipd in the world way better than tseries

  • Chicken Noodle Soup With Soda on the Side

    β€œThis comment section is so horrible” Everyone:mmmmmhhhhmmmmmnnn

  • embrace the autism in you

    "this comment section is horrible" Everyone : MmmmmmHmmmmmnn

  • Kaper Juice
    Kaper Juice Hour ago

    Idk what y’all talking about, RU-clip whores is a god tier song

  • Eve_ studio
    Eve_ studio Hour ago

    "This comment section is so horrible" Everyone: Mmmhmmmm

  • Marcos Phillips
    Marcos Phillips Hour ago

    Pewdiepie: I will kill Herobrine Everyone: panic attacks and sleep tremors

  • bryce the hedgehog

    100% percent of the comments mmmmmmmmmmm

    • Eve_ studio
      Eve_ studio Hour ago

      No... YOU are a tottaly different comment...

  • xPentu
    xPentu Hour ago

    "This comment section is so horrible" Everyone : mmmMmmmMmm

  • CoolGirl987 Yi
    CoolGirl987 Yi Hour ago

    Felix:"stop calling me a boomer!" Me: *Okay bromer*

  • Big Crazy Charlie

    Sike! I’m Canadian

  • Sweet Jejoo
    Sweet Jejoo Hour ago

    5:51 for the first time....when PEWDZ hits Sven there is not a sound effect....”NO GOD PLEASE NO”

  • bean
    bean Hour ago

    Me: I welcome the edgy, swearing pewdiepie back. Also me: yey I can now smoke and drink legally! I'm now a 19-yo!

  • DocterProfessor
    DocterProfessor Hour ago


  • BK Playz
    BK Playz Hour ago

    3:09 Bro what 😐

  • CΙΈΙΈkie MΙΈnsTer

    β€œThis comment section is so horrible” Everyone: Hmmmmmm...

  • FallenAngel
    FallenAngel Hour ago

    If you seee this..... You have eyes!

  • Cringy Pickle
    Cringy Pickle Hour ago


  • Scarlxrd 707
    Scarlxrd 707 Hour ago

    The best

  • Zelvage
    Zelvage Hour ago

    this must be a war remnant rn

  • Michael
    Michael Hour ago

    omg they fed the puffer carrots to have the flavor inside when they cook him..dude grabs a knife right after

  • fbindakheel
    fbindakheel Hour ago

    2020 anyone? well its about to be 2020 haha fuck me times flying fast!

  • BK Playz
    BK Playz Hour ago


  • Wheeler SC
    Wheeler SC Hour ago


  • EEhunter 123
    EEhunter 123 Hour ago


  • Josie Granger
    Josie Granger Hour ago

    Felix: 4:58 β€œno I wouldn’t fall for it I’m not a stupid child” Also Felix: believes his mum when she tells him everything is chicken

  • Monique Shelton
    Monique Shelton Hour ago

    I watched this at 1 o'clock in the morning and I had to stifle my hysterical laughter so I wouldn't wake the rest of the house. My brother soon came in and asked why I was crying, we then both watched this and long story short my whole family is awake now, watching dancing horses. At 2 o'clock in the morning.

  • pew vlogs
    pew vlogs Hour ago

    0:32 he likes it

  • kachow King
    kachow King Hour ago

    3:09 β€œ I would eat baby yoda”

  • JrY Eliazzz
    JrY Eliazzz Hour ago

    4:47 pewds: I'm telling my kids that this was Apollo 1 crew

  • Filip Lederud Fredin

    du Γ€r onskeful

  • imL
    imL Hour ago

    I just love gaming week