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  • stella
    stella 57 minutes ago

    wait so what do you use instead of the usb to print things out if it doesn’t have a usb port???

  • Emily Ann Africa

    Looking forward to moving on from my G a l a x y S 6 ...

  • EleKKtriK _03
    EleKKtriK _03 Hour ago

    It'll be even better with the included drift!!!!!!!

  • Bogdan Cretu
    Bogdan Cretu Hour ago

    "Only Apple can get away with it". Because Apple products are for pretentious douches.

  • DaviL
    DaviL Hour ago

    I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the width of the regular switch

  • Anthony Barbera
    Anthony Barbera Hour ago

    I'm not the first to say it, but if real women are threatened by these, it says a lot more about females than it does about men.

  • PotatO_Official
    PotatO_Official 2 hours ago

    me: thinking I might get this *it doesn't work well with games* me: qwq

  • Lyam Lexa
    Lyam Lexa 3 hours ago

    Ps vita is totally dead!

  • GlennJJ1993
    GlennJJ1993 3 hours ago

    Switch and lite both runs same type of games?

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre 3 hours ago

    can we get that wallpaper you’re using though?

  • Naughtystimpy
    Naughtystimpy 3 hours ago

    Whenever I see this woman, I keep thinking she's gonna do porn. I can't take her seriously.

  • Kenny Michael Alanya

    Couldn't even buy em in stores....out of stock 😭

  • MzGraceful
    MzGraceful 4 hours ago

    Is it worth it if you have an iPhone X?

  • Fernando Gutierrez
    Fernando Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    Should I upgrade if I have an iphone 10 ?

  • AJA 63
    AJA 63 4 hours ago

    I need this guy at the apple store

  • Karennn
    Karennn 4 hours ago

    Can I use them on a Nova 3?

  • Bei Wright
    Bei Wright 4 hours ago

    i noticed ultra wide camera is actually blurry on my iPhone 11 pro max. I hope i didn't receive a defected phone...

  • mx1701
    mx1701 4 hours ago


  • RaCsO
    RaCsO 4 hours ago

    Pro stand $999 no screws included no pro stand included

  • Angus Wang
    Angus Wang 4 hours ago

    Most people will not need the cpu/battery life/camera life improvements for their phones. You probably will not notice the performance changes on some most-used apps like social media (Facebook, Instagram, messenger), weather app, mobile banking, news, watching RU-clip and Netflix, etc. If you have an iPhone 8 and above, you probably will not notice too much change for speed and performance even when playing games. One disappointing thing this year is the phone is getting a bit thicker and heavier and overall bulkier. Most people should hold on to their phones a bit longer.

  • A•chik Cultural Television Photography

    woww so great ummm lenovo luk like advance technology,

  • Jeff Cao
    Jeff Cao 5 hours ago

    News flash: an iPhone camera compared to even an entry level DSLR is like comparing an electric smartcar to a Tesla Model 3, except the prices are reversed, the photos from an iPhone are great but still a joke compared to a professional camera. Yes an actual camera is big and heavy but in my opinion, if I really want such amazing photos, I'd just buy a $300 DSLR that's going to be relevant for 10 years instead of a $1,000+ phone that will be obsolete in 2 years.

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 5 hours ago

    I preferred it when these corporate zombies wore suits.

  • No_Minds_Land
    No_Minds_Land 5 hours ago

    Nice review , thank you

  • k. T. momoktm
    k. T. momoktm 5 hours ago

    Thank you for the review. I'm using the Galaxy Tab S3 but I'm having a small problem with the settings. I can't find multiplwindows and also there is only one pane when open application, it used to be two. Please somebody help.

  • Capt Danvers
    Capt Danvers 5 hours ago

    Yes, you can switch the FN and CTR keys in the bios, but considering the cost of this laptop. You shouldn't be doing shit like that to fix Lenovo's dumb mistake. It's annoying.

  • Hyde Luo
    Hyde Luo 6 hours ago

    I call it True Teal

  • Rashy Piney
    Rashy Piney 6 hours ago

    once i grow up ill just buy the iphone 11 in 2037

  • WowsomeHD
    WowsomeHD 6 hours ago

    My Samsung galaxy s8 does the same things at the same or better quality as this, all the while being cheaper... 😐

  • Best._Friend_Millie _.

    I’m upgrading from the iPhone XR to iPhone 11

  • Braylen Chafen
    Braylen Chafen 7 hours ago

    all that phone has is camera updates

  • Tiffany Cole
    Tiffany Cole 7 hours ago

    iPhone 11 will be my first iphone

  • Mahesh Kumar
    Mahesh Kumar 7 hours ago

    I miss PSP

  • david black
    david black 7 hours ago

    What’s the difference between iPhone 11 to the pro and pro max and the headphones how much battery life do they have and would you be able to charge them up with a case on the phone

  • Travis Mills
    Travis Mills 7 hours ago

    why there no trackpad for Tab S5e.

  • Brian Gonzalez
    Brian Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and wanna get the iPhone 11 Pro Max, should I?

  • kjaime C
    kjaime C 7 hours ago

    In the Philippines, real 5G will be continue to be suppressed by the controlle 2d telcos for DECADES STILL USING Fake SPEED AND UNREASONABLE CHARGES FOR DECADES BEC OF CORRUPTION here.. Hope the 3rd New Telco MISLATEL approved by President Rodrigo Duterte WILL BRING CHANGE AND RELIEF FROM THE THE DUOPOLY ABUSIVE OWNERS..

  • -C Y B E R -
    -C Y B E R - 7 hours ago

    Should I upgrade from my iPhone 8 to the 11 pro?

    • Jamell Caver
      Jamell Caver 56 minutes ago

      -C Y B E R - I’m was asking the same thing!!!😩😩😩🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • aibel99
    aibel99 7 hours ago

    Dudes a knob

  • Brandon WRUPTZ97
    Brandon WRUPTZ97 8 hours ago

    Give it till 2040 and most phones will have batteries over 10000 mAh mark my words

  • Hobbes
    Hobbes 8 hours ago

    sorry this guy looks like a 70 year old man had a baby with a hipster and Im not joking

    • Nicholas Abbott
      Nicholas Abbott 3 hours ago

      Hobbes And I’m sure you think you look better lol

    • No_Minds_Land
      No_Minds_Land 5 hours ago

      Be nice man , I'm pretty sure your not a model too ...

  • kiyo skywalker
    kiyo skywalker 8 hours ago

    I wonder the jobdesk of Quality Assurance/Inspection dept.

  • Sambo kheth
    Sambo kheth 8 hours ago

    Omg it's not even as expensive as my bad Google pixel XL phone :0

  • Stiqqs
    Stiqqs 8 hours ago

    I get one in November Im so inpacent

  • coolasslarry
    coolasslarry 9 hours ago

    Can you do an episode about how they slow down the phones when a new one comes out.

  • Karen Dalton
    Karen Dalton 9 hours ago

    I’m waiting for 2020 5g.

  • ashli prescott
    ashli prescott 9 hours ago

    The iOS looks the same? How absolutely disappointing I’m sick of it

  • Richard Atkins
    Richard Atkins 9 hours ago

    LCD, LCD are you kidding me ,and if your.goong to get apple isn't it because you want to look good ,so why would you want to be caught with the cheap one.Comon just get a s8 from 5 years ago ,still has a better screen than the 11pro

  • Van Dai Tran
    Van Dai Tran 9 hours ago

    I plan to buy my first switch should I buy switch lite before switch full?

  • I. George
    I. George 9 hours ago

    been buying grados for over 10 years now. once you go grado you cannot go backo

  • Hobo Photos
    Hobo Photos 10 hours ago

    You cucks crack me up, take the L cop a chromebook, drop out, or stop bitching about it. We get it, your a broke college kid. Start wagecucking like the rest of us or shut ya trap.

  • Bennie
    Bennie 10 hours ago

    Is the 11 pro mac 2 heavy?

  • D N
    D N 10 hours ago

    This is going to sell alot during Christmas time.

    • Maple Miles
      Maple Miles 7 hours ago

      D N well I'm not going to be surprised in the slightest even with Pokemon around the corner despite the no national pokedex controversy

  • Jason Singh
    Jason Singh 10 hours ago

    I just ordered my 11 Pro! Upgrading from my XS Max!

  • vasjLL64 GM
    vasjLL64 GM 10 hours ago

    Vor einem Monat habe ich ein Unihertz Pro-Telefon bestellt, weil ich ein kleines Telefon haben wollte. Im Prinzip hat mir das Telefon gefallen, aber von Anfang an gab es Probleme mit WLAN 5 Hz, dann passierte nichts. WLAN 5 Hz funktionierte nicht. Ich musste das Telefon zurückgeben. Ich bestellte es Unihertz Atom und dort dass das telefon zuerst versucht, auf wifi 5 Hz umzuschalten dauert es 05-10 minuten, dann verbindet es sich für kurze zeit mit wifi 2.4hz, aber dann wiederholt sich alles. Ich kann nicht nur keine Wi-Fi-Verbindung verwenden - all diese Versuche belasten den Akku, können Programmierer diesen Fehler wirklich nicht beheben? Ich habe acht weitere Telefone von verschiedenen Firmen zu Hause, aber sie funktionieren alle ohne Beschwerden. Ich mag das Telefon. Ich würde es gerne verlassen, aber ich kann ein solches Problem nicht ertragen. zu wichtige Funktion für den normalen Betrieb des Telefons !!! kannst du etwas tun?

  • Awesome Gobblez
    Awesome Gobblez 10 hours ago

    I like the sound of USA teaming up with Russia. Sounds like a pretty good idea.

  • Vanessa Lassy
    Vanessa Lassy 10 hours ago

    How do you add games? Do you download them?

    • Pabzdabz
      Pabzdabz 9 hours ago

      Download and it takes carts

  • Jayant Manwani
    Jayant Manwani 10 hours ago

    Big B at 6:13 ;)

  • arner brane
    arner brane 11 hours ago

    Your voice is great....

  • Gey Merr
    Gey Merr 11 hours ago

    can we run android games on this new portable?

    • Aidan Wright
      Aidan Wright 6 hours ago

      No unfortunately not just Nintendo Switch games from eshop. It has no Android features.

  • Israel Blodgett
    Israel Blodgett 11 hours ago

    My dude smart stiring

  • Derek Faulkner
    Derek Faulkner 11 hours ago

    Huge waste of money! If you like big clean dabs dont waste your money!

  • My Review Room
    My Review Room 11 hours ago

    looks exactly like the Facebook portal !

  • Victor
    Victor 11 hours ago

    Does it support Bluetooth?

    TOTO DILE 11 hours ago

    I don't like your mic.

  • k10414037
    k10414037 11 hours ago

    This guy needs to SWITCH to a different dermatologist

  • The 2 Time
    The 2 Time 11 hours ago

    Was that a clip Of blade runner on the iphones? Hell yes !!

  • KAY
    KAY 11 hours ago

    I wish they would just make ONE good phone and just have different colors , coming out with three different phones is ridiculous

  • Jessica Vazquez
    Jessica Vazquez 11 hours ago

    Is it water proof or water resistant??!!

  • Edward Douaihy
    Edward Douaihy 11 hours ago

    Is this laptop very good for programming and coding( autocad, 3d design)

  • Virus Xtal
    Virus Xtal 12 hours ago

    What’s orange maniac gonna do now...?

  • Ernesto Torres
    Ernesto Torres 12 hours ago

    Lol budget laptop for students it only cost 1200 though

  • ZeUsOP _
    ZeUsOP _ 12 hours ago

    They now mostly bring the features that we never need

  • Allison Thomas
    Allison Thomas 12 hours ago

    I have a 6 and i cannot wait until I get the 11

  • Luigi 5937
    Luigi 5937 12 hours ago

    I LOVVVEEE the switch lite design! hands down getting the turquoise colour! people nag at me because im trading in my normal switch for the mini and tbh i think it is a good investment. the switch is not powerful enough to be my go-to sit down and play option, nor is it my go-to take out and play option for obvious reasons. anyways this was my first time visiting your channel and i gotta say, i love the video. its snappy and gets to the point, along with being structured greatly, keep up the great work!

  • 邹凯
    邹凯 12 hours ago


  • Ma’am V
    Ma’am V 12 hours ago

    Can you keep your progress on your new one and old one?

  • Eamonn lamite
    Eamonn lamite 12 hours ago

    wait for the 12, it will be the best iphone apple has ever made :-)

  • kris sobotka
    kris sobotka 12 hours ago

    1:20 that won’t be on switch or iphone...yeah because those devices don’t have shitty games that’s why.

  • Sho Brown
    Sho Brown 12 hours ago

    But can you really call it a “switch” though? 🤔

  • kris sobotka
    kris sobotka 12 hours ago

    1:51 their best idea 💡 is coming up with the crank... I’ll be damned if that was their best idea...i don’t even wanna listen what their worst ideas were 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Shocky
    Shocky 12 hours ago

    I assumed it would be something like Shield TV... Not an actual TV...... 🤣

  • Ati Chetsurakyl
    Ati Chetsurakyl 12 hours ago

    But I think spen for camera function is almost useless due to latency

  • RayGun
    RayGun 12 hours ago

    The new super duper ultra turbo retina spectacle high intensity screen.

  • 法隨心轉
    法隨心轉 12 hours ago

    a lot of people are jealous on Huawei 's products, coz known apple's techs down.

  • Sultan Art
    Sultan Art 13 hours ago

    Nintendo is shaking

  • Bernard Wadding
    Bernard Wadding 13 hours ago

    That was an easy watch man, thanks

  • Tri Hua
    Tri Hua 13 hours ago

    Love the black and white screen.

  • Tri Hua
    Tri Hua 13 hours ago

    Nice idea. However the price should be more affordable

  • Fiaz Rahman
    Fiaz Rahman 13 hours ago

    Just got mines yesterday!

  • Rodny ChristuZ
    Rodny ChristuZ 13 hours ago

    might wanna rethink about casting choices

    • Nicholas Abbott
      Nicholas Abbott 3 hours ago

      Rodny ChristuZ And you might wanna rethink your life choices

    • Bernard Wadding
      Bernard Wadding 13 hours ago

      That's not nice man, grow up, and it's easily the best review I've seen of the lite

  • Rodny ChristuZ
    Rodny ChristuZ 13 hours ago

    Grandpa reviewing a gaming device

  • Realist 1801
    Realist 1801 13 hours ago

    Pure portability is.....the 3DS

    • supernes64 eaa
      supernes64 eaa 2 hours ago

      @Crisley Sena you say your garbage🤓

    • Crisley Sena
      Crisley Sena 7 hours ago

      Realist 1801 3ds is pure garbage compared to any Switch...

  • Sapiens Strength
    Sapiens Strength 13 hours ago

    So that’s the guy I hear on my podcast 🤔😬

  • phil1pd
    phil1pd 13 hours ago

    Oh look, another hack review from a worthless media company!

  • Pericles thedamned
    Pericles thedamned 13 hours ago

    ok ive decided my mom gonna buy me one on my birthday yay!

  • J assassin 78
    J assassin 78 13 hours ago

    This is almost convenient me to get a lite instead... No never mind I need a new console

  • aPPy zzz
    aPPy zzz 14 hours ago

    Hey buddy.. Hope u doing good. Could u please tell us how the front cam/selfie cam in low light. For iphone 11 pro n pro max both. Thanks.

  • nishant saloki
    nishant saloki 14 hours ago

    Good video sir

    SEVEN EXPRESS 14 hours ago

    Bad service quality don't buy Nokia phone