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We are the NRA !
Views 2.4K2 years ago
Steve Lee - I Like Guns
Views 1.2K2 years ago
100 mm T12 Anti-Tank Gun
Views 314K3 years ago
Pak 40 Germany Artillery
Views 2.2K3 years ago
USS Iowa (BB-61) Battleship
Views 2.4K3 years ago
Iraqi IRAM launcher
Views 1.7K3 years ago
Large IRAM Launcher
Views 49K3 years ago
10 Barrel IRAM Launcher
Views 20K3 years ago
300mm Mortar in Aleppo
Views 6K3 years ago
300mm Double Barrel Cannon
Views 12K3 years ago
300mm Propane Cannon
Views 3.1M3 years ago
300mm Propane Mortar
Views 41K3 years ago
RAE Russia Arms Expo 2011
Views 7384 years ago
RAE Russia Arms Expo 2015
Views 1.3K4 years ago
Puch - Haflinger
Views 12K4 years ago
Steyr/Puch - Pinzgauer
Views 21K4 years ago
Raytheon M982 Excalibur .
Views 617K5 years ago
Raytheon AMRAAM Missile
Views 133K5 years ago
Raytheon HYDRA
Views 2.2K5 years ago
Raytheon GBU-53 SDB II
Views 35K5 years ago
RAE Russia Arms Expo 2013
Views 2.2K5 years ago
Mercedes-Benz ZETROS 2733
Views 35K5 years ago
Rheinmetall MBT Revolution
Views 20K5 years ago
Rheinmetall Boxer Lance
Views 9445 years ago
Rheinmetall BOXER
Views 2355 years ago
Rheinmetall AMPV
Views 3.8K5 years ago
UVZ BMPT Terminator
Views 9K5 years ago
Views 12K5 years ago
Kamaz 63986 MRAP
Views 66K5 years ago
155mm M114A1 Towed Howitzer
Views 1.5K5 years ago
Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle
Views 4085 years ago


  • Ralph Sendur
    Ralph Sendur 5 hours ago

    While I was an in military service in Turkey we were practicing with 8" in Kirklareli, Turkey I was a translator between my Turkish commander & American commander while they were positioned in Corlu , Turkey Nato base.

  • agentolshki seven
    agentolshki seven 6 hours ago

    Followed everywhere by council road resurfacing tarmac crew...

  • soid drone slayer
    soid drone slayer 22 hours ago

    This is very disheartening to see and why I will continue to say that its due time for the War in Afghanistan to end, this so called "War On terror" which has now spanned 3 US presidents and cost the US $1 trillion with nothing of significance that has been achieved in nearly 20 years time. The US have absolutely nothing to gain by fighting in Afghanistan the only thing that was gained was an extremely high body count, long lasting combat injuries, severe PTSD and Americas prestige severely weakened. Why must America learn the hard lesson the Mongols, British and Russians had to learn? These people will never ever surrender they will honor no peace treaty or truce they will not stop until they drive those who they see as occupiers/invaders out of their country. Thats why its time for America to count our losses and pullout nothing short of a complete withdrawal not one more drop of American blood should be spilled to fight this war. Let the Afghani military continue to fight the ground war for control of their country because our soldiers have sacrificed enough the best America can do is provide air support by way of targeted specific air strikes. Thats it, thats all enough is enough

  • Saaee's Gaming

    why did it sound like a plazma cannon when it fired, i know its the audio quality but ey

  • GREG Roberts
    GREG Roberts Day ago


  • Блядь дерьмо

    Damn modern warfares graphics are hella nice👍

  • joy ali
    joy ali 9 days ago

    This is the biggest mistake of usa history.They will regret it till eternity.ther generation will ask them for sure why we invaded afgansitan.jews got sucessful in fooling americans.First mossad did 9/11 and then blamed it on muslims,Remember the first to name an individual after 911 was yahud barak former isreali prime minister.He said first that 911 happened and there is bin laden sitting in his interview. american will be destroyed in afgansitan after usa pull of afgansitan ww3 will start mark my words jews will start ww3.

  • SD
    SD 9 days ago

    Pakistan is the main problem behind terrorism... We should stop paying them billions and aid....

  • Brady Fries
    Brady Fries 9 days ago

    Looks like a ww2 howitzer

  • fanatamon
    fanatamon 10 days ago


  • Chase Rose
    Chase Rose 10 days ago

    If you ain’t ordnance you ain’t shit

  • Josip Broz Tito
    Josip Broz Tito 10 days ago

    Its not 9 bombs

  • TheBest Excuse
    TheBest Excuse 10 days ago

    they lighting it with lighter?

  • TheBest Excuse
    TheBest Excuse 10 days ago

    looks like caveman machine

  • Humble Hero
    Humble Hero 11 days ago

    22:11 I didn’t know Stew was a historian

  • Tom
    Tom 12 days ago

    Not only a tank destroyer but a road destroyer too.

  • Rony Khboz
    Rony Khboz 12 days ago

    How you are a world power and can’t even defeat a group of people who are poor as fuck with no technology

  • Illyrian Gamer
    Illyrian Gamer 14 days ago

    God has cursed britain for the incents they bombed in those poor villages

  • Nabil Akhtar
    Nabil Akhtar 14 days ago

    The British empire was the main root cause of all this look at africa, middle east and even some parts of south east asia they divided all the communities so there would be racial tensions war and civil unrest until today

  • ToP TeN {LisT}
    ToP TeN {LisT} 14 days ago

    americans go to hell

  • Richard Sheetz
    Richard Sheetz 14 days ago

    My butthole just clenched when I saw that propane tank used like a mortar round. I have shrapnel scars from Afghanistan from terrorist using propane tanks like IEDS

  • Noel Naturel
    Noel Naturel 14 days ago

    I don't want to be in the recieving end of em beauties!!!! ;3

  • aperson123 456
    aperson123 456 15 days ago

    It’s in the mw campaign

  • Unorganised Expendables

    Nice, I love it.....

  • ron krill
    ron krill 16 days ago

    wonder if WALMART sells these?

  • coolman9i6
    coolman9i6 16 days ago

    These Middle Easterners will never stop. As soon we we leave they will become organized again and try the same thing. Happened in 93 then it happened again in 2001. We can’t leave. They won’t let us

  • christine black
    christine black 17 days ago

    Are the US troops still taking PEP PILLS??

  • Shalamar Parrish
    Shalamar Parrish 17 days ago

    God Bless America. My home sweet home. Rip to all our 911 victims.

    • Mutahir Shah
      Mutahir Shah 15 days ago

      Your government has done this just bcz jews has defeat you in economics and now usa belongs to jews and America wI'll paying for this

  • Quinton Neal
    Quinton Neal 17 days ago

    Hank Hill approves

  • røgue_dj
    røgue_dj 18 days ago

    T92 Hmc gun

  • Sugewin
    Sugewin 20 days ago

    One of these bad boys shows up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I remember thinking "what the fuck is that a _propane tank?_" Imagine my shock finding out it's a real thing.

  • Red27 Doomhammer
    Red27 Doomhammer 20 days ago

    damn... those are 240mm shells from world war 2!!! china better disable these guns as it could reach the main land....

  • J
    J 20 days ago

    I wish there was more information about these cuz I sure can't speak German

  • bakhtiyar Tarin
    bakhtiyar Tarin 22 days ago


  • MRZsiir
    MRZsiir 22 days ago

    There will be no peace over there. People live like animals in the middle age. Simply, Pres. Bush did not have much choice. He had to invade Afghanistan after that attack.

  • Patrol Pilot
    Patrol Pilot 23 days ago

    Pentagon, "We need something REALLY big." Air Force Research Laboratory, "Hold my beer. I'm Firecracker Jim Damnit!"

  • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    Christians defending the West by foreign policy...damned if you do, damned if you don't. Might as well DO.

  • VengefulBatz
    VengefulBatz 23 days ago

    Send one to the U.S. so we can deal with heavy duty Midwest Winters!

  • pukpukpuk
    pukpukpuk 24 days ago


  • Secret Agent
    Secret Agent 24 days ago

    ISI is The Father of CIA ISI Agents work for free.

  • Secret Agent
    Secret Agent 24 days ago

    ISI defeat Soviet union and Super power America. and next is little dogy endia.😎 ISI is Number One intelligence Agency in this World with the support of Spiritual intelligence.

  • john jay
    john jay 24 days ago


  • arbilois
    arbilois 25 days ago

    Also the breech closure procedure requires 900 chiropractors present at all time.

  • actech
    actech 25 days ago

    Wow best questing 🎶 music 😂

  • David Keleshian
    David Keleshian 25 days ago

    Bravo Taiwan! You all do what you have to do to stay free!

  • Cucu Ca
    Cucu Ca 25 days ago

    My ass did not take this long to fire its ammunition!

  • activate J
    activate J 27 days ago

    fucing russian they made buffie machine !!!

  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley 27 days ago

    Utube loves isis.

  • somnath chandrasekarappa

    Muslims are highly committed to there religion there is no end until planet earth collapses.

  • Isaac Leillhikar
    Isaac Leillhikar 27 days ago

    The head of education of the region of the Helmand can't read and about a fourth can read. So why are your hoping eyes looking for schools around the world? Is it that hard to teach three people to read? Apparently these people don't care about reading. Maybe what Europ and Us say about schools is the problem with illiteracy.

  • ดอกฝิ่น สีชมพู


  • sakkarep ku
    sakkarep ku 27 days ago

    Are this Cannon have metal metal fragmen

  • atomic space paradox


  • Abdullah Alshehri
    Abdullah Alshehri 28 days ago

    25:58 🇸🇦☠️🇸🇦

  • Luca Passo
    Luca Passo 28 days ago

    O merde umane che centra dio con queste cose che voi fatte morite merde schifose u qifsha rracen

  • Fearlicia F
    Fearlicia F 28 days ago

    Alla huakbar

  • Pashto Islamic Dawah

    Haha.. you nato foolers ,;,,

  • Full Retard Custom Guns

    155, I assume or 8"? Not really gonna matter against NK.

  • Full Retard Custom Guns

    So like most artillery, first round observed on target, fuck it, fire it.

  • mirage 2000 French Air Force Base

    Kkkkkkkkkkk, Saudi Arabia small military parade is so funny. this is Saddam Hussein way , where is Saddam Hussein ??

  • Rob Parsons
    Rob Parsons Month ago

    How did they know bin larden and his men was watching 911 on tv.

    • joy ali
      joy ali 9 days ago

      former isreali prime minister yahud barak had told.he was the first to blame osama bin laden.

  • Catur Iswanto
    Catur Iswanto Month ago

    Stupid Human... wkwwk

  • Tarun Tripathi
    Tarun Tripathi Month ago

    now with indian army

  • Bowtie41
    Bowtie41 Month ago

    Thought it was gonna be about a propane powered cannon.NOT a propane tank as a projectile.Just put punkin' chunkin' to shame.Freakin' Awesome!

  • Vikram George
    Vikram George Month ago

    3:05 The best part.

  • Abdul Ghafar Malikzada

    I am from Afghanistan and we know where Afghanistan was in 2001 and now its end of 2019, Afghanistan is completly changed in a positive way, proud to be afghan, and thanks to NATO forces they always support Afghanistan. it was amazing Documentary.

    • Nasir Khan
      Nasir Khan 16 days ago

      How many of you killed? what is that changing in 19 years with price of millions killings? NATO is just there for their benifits Shame on you 😠😡

  • Vlad Mantai
    Vlad Mantai Month ago

    раша срет кирпичами )

  • Shahab Jamil
    Shahab Jamil Month ago

    long live Usama bin laden the great

    • JustMe UK
      JustMe UK 5 days ago

      @John Kennedy lol exactly he ran and his screaming like a lil girl and this fuckwit is tge only oerson who sont know he got taken out 🙄

    • John Kennedy
      John Kennedy Month ago

      Shahab Jamil that coward is dead in hell

  • Thomas Leffew
    Thomas Leffew Month ago


  • LaDla GuJJaR
    LaDla GuJJaR Month ago

    Anyone who will collide with Muslims will b crushed InshAllah.

  • Ezra Kinloch
    Ezra Kinloch Month ago

    For something home made its really good.gave America with all its hi tech equipment a run for their money.

  • Pete Sukniga
    Pete Sukniga Month ago

    I loved when we placed 3 charges in the tube. Thanks 0811's

    CUNEYT ERKANOL Month ago

    Probably All birds on the trees are dead afeter that exploision

  • Chi Phan. D
    Chi Phan. D Month ago

    if rebels resistance fight against isis, and if us did support the rebels this close same as us support south Vietnam fight north Vietnam/ Vietcong civil war.

  • Hatem Abdullah
    Hatem Abdullah Month ago

    I N C O M I N G

  • Brian Morrison
    Brian Morrison Month ago

    This is a homemade mortar. Fucking insane.

  • Alexander Kakhadze

  • Tinaydow
    Tinaydow Month ago

    يوم القيامه

  • panzert38 flandre

    Encore des mécréants

  • Marcus Lonyon
    Marcus Lonyon Month ago

    I could increase the BAE Systems Railgun power by 10 times with my magnetic pulse design theory, but who would trust BAE Systems to work with their all thieves they stole my companies stealth technology.

  • Inang Barua
    Inang Barua Month ago

    Improvised damn.

  • MaoDze MaoDze
    MaoDze MaoDze Month ago


  • TheDustysix
    TheDustysix Month ago

    Brian Williams was not maimed filming this.

  • Some random Chinese guy

    That’s the longest reload time I’ve ever seen so far, like they’ll probably get spotted and destroyed before even able to fire a shot.

  • Jenkuk Kim
    Jenkuk Kim Month ago

    역시 시끄럽네 떼놈들

  • WCS123
    WCS123 Month ago


  • Loli4lyf
    Loli4lyf Month ago

    Mini gustav

  • Insalated
    Insalated Month ago

    Real times ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

  • Thomas Hansson
    Thomas Hansson Month ago

    Raytheon used swedish tech to acive this hehehhehehehe ;-)

  • Thomas Hansson
    Thomas Hansson Month ago

    Sweden was the provider of tech to this weapon ;-)

  • Jailine Laboy
    Jailine Laboy Month ago

    Fuckin idiots

    SUNGEAR59 Month ago

    Meanwhile the front moved 5km closer to the guns

  • AQ iB
    AQ iB Month ago

    My cousin died in the shithole USA assholes gay war... usa is gay

  • Bebe Maluco
    Bebe Maluco Month ago

    Ala é meu piru

  • UnderStructureRepair

    The way that the war profiteers work is like this : okay, We are GE and You are Raytheon. We will export 70% of all the weapons we build to other countries and then you make money by protecting us from the shit we put out there. It's so easy , we can supply you everything about the weapon, but you don't have to tell the stupid taxpayers that. Just keep saying "Danger, Terror, terror, and , for good measure , throw in Gay Marriage sometimes too. For some reason, that gets some people pissed and once their pissed, missiles sound like a good thing".

  • G Money
    G Money Month ago

    I think i remember osama here in the us having a meeting. When the towers got hit they let him leave

  • Shajib Kumar Guha

    The evils of the world! Motherfuckers al queda

  • Aslan Galiev
    Aslan Galiev Month ago

    Кто вы такие что бы имя Аллаха говорить , вы мрази, нечего время ещё предет, я ваш галава буду резать !! Вам кидать галава буду вашеже, вашими головами футбол играть буду

  • Gabriele Mander
    Gabriele Mander Month ago

    A.P. OR H.E.

    MUSIC CHANNEL Month ago

    Turkey starts production of Roketsan made Atmaca missile system instead of Harpoon for localization with Turkish made systems. One customer lost.