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We are the NRA !
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Steve Lee - I Like Guns
Views 1.4K3 years ago
100 mm T12 Anti-Tank Gun
Views 316K3 years ago
Pak 40 Germany Artillery
Views 2.4K3 years ago
USS Iowa (BB-61) Battleship
Views 2.4K4 years ago
Iraqi IRAM launcher
Views 1.7K4 years ago
Large IRAM Launcher
Views 49K4 years ago
10 Barrel IRAM Launcher
Views 21K4 years ago
300mm Mortar in Aleppo
Views 6K4 years ago
300mm Double Barrel Cannon
Views 12K4 years ago
300mm Propane Cannon
Views 3.1M4 years ago
300mm Propane Mortar
Views 41K4 years ago
RAE Russia Arms Expo 2011
Views 7594 years ago
RAE Russia Arms Expo 2015
Views 1.4K4 years ago
Puch - Haflinger
Views 13K4 years ago
Steyr/Puch - Pinzgauer
Views 22K4 years ago
Raytheon M982 Excalibur .
Views 622K5 years ago
Raytheon AMRAAM Missile
Views 137K5 years ago
Raytheon HYDRA
Views 2.2K5 years ago
Raytheon GBU-53 SDB II
Views 35K5 years ago
RAE Russia Arms Expo 2013
Views 2.3K5 years ago
Mercedes-Benz ZETROS 2733
Views 35K5 years ago
Rheinmetall MBT Revolution
Views 20K5 years ago
Rheinmetall Boxer Lance
Views 9545 years ago
Rheinmetall BOXER
Views 2495 years ago
Rheinmetall AMPV
Views 3.9K5 years ago
UVZ BMPT Terminator
Views 10K5 years ago
Views 12K5 years ago
Kamaz 63986 MRAP
Views 66K5 years ago
155mm M114A1 Towed Howitzer
Views 1.8K5 years ago
Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle
Views 4205 years ago


  • Sam
    Sam 4 hours ago

    AFG is gonna turn to ruins soon, sponsored by PAK coz they can't control their own border.

  • Sky long Skylong
    Sky long Skylong 8 hours ago

    I think the Royal Navy needs 50 to patrol our Coastline after Brexit. How many crew do the need ?

  • Amar Ramdial
    Amar Ramdial 12 hours ago


    Al BAYBARS 2 days ago

    USA is terrorist country

  • Jack Harrison
    Jack Harrison 3 days ago

    I can't understand which kind of idiot would call them "a waste of money", as the nartor says. They have more interesting roles as well as just sinking other subs and surface ships.

  • 三马哥
    三马哥 3 days ago

    Very sad. It took 20 years for those trees to grow up.

    CMLAFLAMME 4 days ago

    2020.. the United States is having direct negotiations with the Taliban. Hope we learn something from history this time.

  • Mindaugas MM
    Mindaugas MM 4 days ago

    Crazy times i still have no idea how 9/11 was even possible to happen..and Iraq,Afghanistan invasions were as bad as Russian invasions

  • BungyStudios
    BungyStudios 4 days ago

    Taiwan number 1

  • DonutTheTrap
    DonutTheTrap 4 days ago

    How the hell did they get metal tubes that size, what was it made from?

  • minhazul Islam
    minhazul Islam 4 days ago

    I am a muslim. So l want peace

  • L1011250
    L1011250 5 days ago

    Would like to see them keep building them. They must be starting to wind down on the long lead items by now.

  • DezzarTac
    DezzarTac 6 days ago

    Although fascinating, this was not (in fact) what I had searched for RU-clip. Fucking stupid algorithm.

  • keithadams812
    keithadams812 6 days ago

    what a beast

  • bigboy235able
    bigboy235able 7 days ago

    This ambassador think it was a bad idea to turn down the “truce “ ? Is he dumb , these mf wouldn’t stop ?

  • Gautham Raj
    Gautham Raj 9 days ago

    BBC's Afghanistan War Without End (2004)

  • Đấu Chiến Thắng Phật

    Made in china ?

  • Jack Pinnick
    Jack Pinnick 10 days ago

    propane and propane accessory

  • Hamza Farooq
    Hamza Farooq 10 days ago

    waaooo Osm

  • Ranjit Kumar
    Ranjit Kumar 10 days ago

    Watched it before my physics examination

  • Abdmalek Osman
    Abdmalek Osman 10 days ago

    too slow

  • Elijah Miguel Ibasan Pacada

    omg very good

  • juke box hero
    juke box hero 11 days ago

    Is that thing pretty good?

  • joe
    joe 11 days ago

    Bye bye terrorists.🤷‍♂️🖕

  • Sana
    Sana 12 days ago

    People are also ignoring the fact that women's rights have been taken away it's just disgusting I pray everyday for an end to this war for my country

  • James Lee
    James Lee 13 days ago

    Tolibon lol

  • أحمد المنصور

    shoot this at abrams tank, it will split in half

  • Simon Roh
    Simon Roh 15 days ago

    How come the coalition use the same tactics for isis against the taliban

  • Thomas Daily
    Thomas Daily 16 days ago

    Ok, her coveralls may not be flattering, as she puts it, but she is still the cutest shipyard electrician I have ever seen!!

  • bounchofbeaners
    bounchofbeaners 17 days ago

    Whats so special?dosent everyone have a howitzer?.. i conceal carry it on me for self defeanse like every day....

  • Dawoud Sharifi
    Dawoud Sharifi 18 days ago

    USA is the biggest terrorist in the World that destroyed so many countries and took so many lives of innocent people. We dont want u in our countries. You saying that u wanna bring "peace" to our country but look at your country first, Your White People are against your black people, look how many are drug addicted, look how many poor people u have in your country that need help? Use your budget on your own People and dont use it to kill my country and my People. Start with your country first than to come to us. Its enough now. And everyone knows that US are looking for the resurs (oil) in the middle east. We dont need your peace in our country.

  • raneesh Raj
    raneesh Raj 18 days ago

    Watching in 2020

  • Alex Zetsu
    Alex Zetsu 18 days ago

    Does any military use 37 mm shells for anything anymore? I get they wouldn't work as anti-tank weapons without HEAT warheads (the German WWII experience with their inadequate 37 mm AP shells show this... they were basically solid shot with a tiny non-shaped explosive). But like the autocannons used for anti-aircraft in the Vietnam War era were usually 20 mm (when they used AA shells at all instead of using missiles). And the AC-130 I believe ahs a 20 mm gun. Why not a 37 mm gun?

  • Leonardo Miranda
    Leonardo Miranda 18 days ago

    Un invento Argentino creado en uno o dos días. Se usó en Malvinas y despues los ingleses lo patentaron.

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo 19 days ago

    A gift to CHWAINA™

  • Internet Entity
    Internet Entity 21 day ago


  • yogesh mishra
    yogesh mishra 22 days ago

    Just look at guns in their hand, Which countries are making them ?

  • Logan Francel
    Logan Francel 24 days ago

    So they cant fill an hour for the 18 year afghanistan war but fill over 3 hours for the 3 day gulf war...

  • Aesthetic Athlete
    Aesthetic Athlete 24 days ago

    Why isn’t it made of titanium?

  • Sl4yerkid
    Sl4yerkid 25 days ago

    so... Where did it land...? Uh oh... we didn't think about that part.

  • tom hughes
    tom hughes 26 days ago

    sad and heartbreaking,you are pulling for a great ending and bang,its all over

  • 09F430_19Grndsprt_09s/cViper_17stg3ecobst_imbroke

    Some of thr most wicked deafening gun battles i ever been in was 02-04 you operated purely on sight because your hearing was null in void. I mean 60-80 rifles going hot around you it was surreal we straight fucked them up but yet again blame the punk ass politicians with theyre roe stipulations becAuse the longer it takes to kill them all the more money the Military industrial complex makes billions we could of wiped out al qaeda in 2005 but no they wanted to drag it in on for a decade more for money and oil and thats the fuckin truth i became disenchanted when i learned its all about MONEY blood money these fucking pukes make who never picked up a gun and fought in shit like bushs punk ass Im 34 now and even went back as a PMC bc if i was gonna risk my life i dont want 5k a month i wanted to make 25k a month killing for nothing

  • Zalland Kasi
    Zalland Kasi 28 days ago

    Watching this after Washington post exposed the documents is outstanding... "We didn't knew who the bad guys were..." -Donald Rumsfeld

  • PoloniumGaming
    PoloniumGaming 28 days ago

    Crusaders: Did you say holy war?

    • Aamir Sohail
      Aamir Sohail 20 days ago

      Greater Israel never built

    • Aamir Sohail
      Aamir Sohail 20 days ago

      Armageddon Jews finished. The third temple never built.

  • Andrew Zuo
    Andrew Zuo 28 days ago

    If there's more capital,the Royal Navy will be much stronger!!!!!

  • WhupTheeDoo
    WhupTheeDoo 29 days ago

    and then in some videos you see some advanced expensive mortar system on an apc. i dont get it. isnt it the purpose of a mortar to give fast and heavy infantry support? a mortar like this would probably dispense more damage then such expensive mortar does. no need to over engineer a mortar.

  • Febrian Ramadani
    Febrian Ramadani 29 days ago

    This cannon is very suitable for dealing with snow avalanches in America and several countries in Europe that have problems with the level of snow volume which is a threat to the transportation routes in the area

  • SirensC3
    SirensC3 Month ago

    Saw an amazing and sickening video by SGTReport posted on 9/10/17 about the 911 attacks. Everyone should watch it and decide for themselves if we have been lied too about the whole damn thing.

  • Martin arguelles
    Martin arguelles Month ago

    Afghanistan showed the US that their arrogance has limits.

  • Linamar
    Linamar Month ago


  • Afghan khan
    Afghan khan Month ago

    Musharaf called Taliban terorrists...but later he called them is his heros..what a man..

  • GreenShamrock92
    GreenShamrock92 Month ago

    We all know the US government is responsible for 911.

  • Destrie Shroyer
    Destrie Shroyer Month ago

    Fucking towels

  • Miming PanAm
    Miming PanAm Month ago

    US isn't intelligent enough. If they want to stop Islamic terrorism, then they have to annihilate Allah by eradicating the Islamic religion worldwide. If they can't do so, then they should stop complaining.

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox Month ago

    Use artillery silencer!

  • True Light
    True Light Month ago

    We want to see 🇸🇦🇹🇷 together from 🇧🇩

  • future millionaire

    If your into toruture watch ur back you’ll die faster then u can blink guantanamo china Palestine Any where from ALASKA To ZANZIBAR where ever it may be , the angle of death InshALLAH will legit snatch your soul slowly inch by tiny inch as of this second in space and time in ever dimension let it be known ya ALLAH before they lift another finger hear this OH YOU TYRANT let it be KNOWN YA ALLAH and its their funeral they wanna gamble snake eyes with others lives ok tables have turned now make ur move , before u blink u will taste instant obliteration from east to west south to north planet to planet crevasse to cracks villages to gated communities those cowards in tanks boats and in pillars and on war planes death to will eat u alive ALL evil doers TRY ME better yet TRY ALLAH ya ALLAH no more mr nice guy NEW ISLAMIC WORLD ORDER not my ORDERS you HAVE A PROBLEM Bring your false gods and armies and wealth see if it will avail u any TAQBIR ALLAHU AQBAR

  • future millionaire

    Lies lies lies 911 was a false flag ritual

  • gamers Kamote89
    gamers Kamote89 Month ago

    Naval gun still powerful in the modern warfare

  • Toast
    Toast Month ago

    Colourised footage of Sturmpanzer testing 1939

  • Anirban Kar
    Anirban Kar Month ago

    ‘You have the watch, we have time.’

  • Mason Lock
    Mason Lock Month ago

    who is still watching in december 2019

    • AP 81Baby
      AP 81Baby 22 days ago

      It's January 1st 2020

    • m Mink
      m Mink 22 days ago

      I’m watching in 2020 I know the future

    • bob
      bob Month ago

      I am

  • Mot Minute
    Mot Minute Month ago

    another idea for home-made bombs in the USA

  • Jordan Seaborn
    Jordan Seaborn Month ago

    White boy at 1:26. It's not just infighting, there are outside agents at play here

  • Toms Bunk
    Toms Bunk Month ago

    The 45++ton giant are really quite until its fire all of its 16inch pounder

  • 蔣爵安
    蔣爵安 Month ago


  • Samuel Morales
    Samuel Morales Month ago

    This is definitely not 100mm. That is a 6 inch gun-howitzer.

  • I'm Not Aving That

    A made up phoney war, that has cost TRILLIONS and countless thousands of lives,, it had NOTHING to do with Bin Laden. Lying cheating governments

  • Buledi Raheem
    Buledi Raheem Month ago

    Long live Mullah Omar

  • Fastfoward prospects

    Puffff aaaaaand its gone

  • Choong Ching Teo
    Choong Ching Teo Month ago

    British lost in the Great Game, they lost it in Tibet too.

  • смиренный

    Courtesy of the U.S. Military

  • Therealdeal
    Therealdeal Month ago

    Only the British have defeated Afghan many time 👍🏻

    • Empire Co
      Empire Co Month ago

      @Therealdeal western propaganda at it's best I hope in British schools they also teach you battle of Jalalabad 1842 :) but I doubt it

    • Therealdeal
      Therealdeal Month ago

      @Empire Co the British did defeat them, and hung over 200 people after defeating them. Learn history my friend

    • Empire Co
      Empire Co Month ago

      Funny how the term "nobody can beat Afghanistan" is said by British historian 😂😂

  • Josh Barnardo
    Josh Barnardo Month ago

    Thicc, sounds like a plane flying over head after they fire it

  • 雷尔夫胡
    雷尔夫胡 Month ago

    准备时间太长了,现役美军M777和M109帕拉丁只需1-2分半就可以布置阵地开火了,而且美军现在也不会把炮兵阵地一字排开很容易被反炮兵一锅端,一字排开的后果就是转移非常缓慢! 只能说现役国军装备老旧了,炮兵阵地不应该聚集在一起,至少要分散开!如果是为了表演就另当别论,实战情况下千万不能把炮兵一字排开!

  • patriot 75
    patriot 75 Month ago


  • johanlloyd aquino

    That artillery can reach china

  • Max Almazov
    Max Almazov Month ago

    If this story seems sad, imagine how sad it would be if the plane took off and caught fire in the air. After 50 years in the Arctic, an airplane needs not only new engines to fly safely.

  • seoulkidd1
    seoulkidd1 Month ago

    Are these the same gun on the T54/55

  • 宗燦李
    宗燦李 Month ago


  • vaxu vax
    vaxu vax Month ago

    I read that there was a song in Victorian england ,,Oh, by Jingo!,, and some lyricks can apply even today for USA- ,,We don't want to fight but by Jingo if we do, We've got the ships, we've got the men, we've got the money too,,

    • Radu Ioan
      Radu Ioan Month ago

      Power is like a drink, the more you have it, the more you want it

  • Tentax X
    Tentax X Month ago

    USA the terrorist

  • 林賢政
    林賢政 Month ago


  • Shinchan Nohara
    Shinchan Nohara Month ago

    Pakistan the global sponsor of al queda & Taliban.

    SPIRIT DOT Month ago


  • Coka O
    Coka O Month ago

    Considering the muddy terain on the beaches this could become an effective weapon to push back enemy troops from shore / Halt the enemy movement, if the fire rate is not as slow as this.

  • Tianyang Sun
    Tianyang Sun Month ago

    Now you know why you do eights on pylons

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix

    I think china is next to fight in Afghanistan after the USA

  • Keln
    Keln Month ago

    Afghanistan: where empires go to die

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 2 months ago

    Oh Lindsey, it's so hard to see you when you still had balls.

  • Shams Eldine
    Shams Eldine 2 months ago

    يا ولاد الهبلة الحرب هتخلص وانتوا لسة بتعمروا المدفع ! 😅

  • Kevin Aguilar
    Kevin Aguilar 2 months ago

    I felt throughout the documentary that ex Pakistan's President was lying and was covering his mistakes. Also, the denial that the Taliban's leader is not in Pakistan is confusing and slightly suspicious.

  • David Liou
    David Liou 2 months ago

    M110A2:1978年開始服役,除了以M107以及M110A1改裝,美國在1978財年另斥資1.093億美元生產209輛新造車,服役總數超過1023輛。 搭載安裝砲口退制器的M201A1式榴彈砲,砲身壽命達1萬發;可使用火箭推進的9號裝藥。因為採用新砲管,使用8號裝藥搭配標準的M106榴彈時射程可達22,900公尺,M650火箭推進榴彈則可達30,000公尺。火砲射速前三分鐘可達每分鐘1.5發,但持續射擊狀態只能維持2分鐘1發的速度。M110A2除了美國陸軍以外有9個海外使用國。 砲彈M106榴彈、M650火箭推進榴彈、 M106練習彈、M404榴彈、M422戰術核砲彈、M426子母彈、M509榴彈、M753戰術核砲彈。 M110服役時,在美軍中是以連級規模編制在師級單位下;或是採獨立營的編組隸屬於砲兵指揮部,其彈藥選項中包含W33核子彈、1981年更換為W79核子彈,作為野戰砲兵核子打擊的主力。

  • sana luxe
    sana luxe 2 months ago

    Just like America invaded Vietnam for their beliefs, they're doing the same to all of Afghanistan even though innocent civilians aren't responsible for the supposed sheltering of Al-Qaeda. Afghanistan does NOT share the same beliefs as Al-Qaeda but America think they're the leaders of the world and destroy the culture and once growing country. Even worse that our fellow Muslim neighbouring countries are not raising awareness for this crisis like they do for Palestine.

  • Usama Rehman
    Usama Rehman 2 months ago

    Welcome to graveyard...

  • Arya Damar
    Arya Damar 2 months ago

    subhnalloh amazing the leader mula umar taliban

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 2 months ago

    These are obsolete with precision bombs, and missiles easily take these fixed guns out. China could just send a missile over from the mainland to do the job. It's probably made sense in the 1960's when China's air power was primitive.

  • Big blue Button man
    Big blue Button man 2 months ago

    Double the barrels, put it on a mobile system and add MRSI capability. Every time you fire at one trajectory, you fire all four, go to the next trajectory and fire another 4. Pre-prepare separate clips for the varied charges to have the bursts land at once. Make a battery of such things. Instant capability to murder fuck targets and skedaddle in around a single minute, lol. Calculated it out. With only 2 trajectories and powder charges, (it's a mortar, the rounds hit sooner), you could land 92 of these mortar shells in a 3 second burst all at once.

  • Ralph Sendur
    Ralph Sendur 2 months ago

    While I was an in military service in Turkey we were practicing with 8" in Kirklareli, Turkey I was a translator between my Turkish commander & American commander while they were positioned in Corlu , Turkey Nato base.

  • agentolshki
    agentolshki 2 months ago

    Followed everywhere by council road resurfacing tarmac crew...